Comfort Plus Class Boat

Belgium, Netherlands

*Do note that the Fluvius is being upgraded for 2018 therefore the information below is subject to change.

  • 4 double bed upper deck cabins will be added in 2018 to the Fluvius. More details and pictures will be available soon.
  • There will be no single bed cabins available, only twin bed cabins for single use on both decks on request. The first single request will be booked in the smaller twin cabin which is priced accordingly. This is non negotiable as the larger twin cabins must be kept open for twin bookings.
  • There will be three twin bed cabins/upper deck as well as the four double bed cabins.
  • Twin cabins will be available on lower deck as well. One of the twin cabins is a smaller cabin and priced accordingly. Will be booked as single or small discounted twin cabin.
  • Capacity will be 44
  • There are a few hairdryers available for borrowing.

As soon as they are available we will be posting artist renderings of the updates as well as cabin dimension.

The salon with a bar is a large room for common use and has a semi-separate restaurant area. On the large, and partially roofed sun deck of the 70-meter long ship are comfortable tables and chairs along with a storage room for the bikes. The ship sails under the Dutch flag and has been sailing in Holland and Germany for many years.

The interior of the ship is a no-smoking zone: smoking is only allowed on the sun deck. As a safety measure, a statutory smoking ban applies in all cabins.

Hybrid touring bicycles:

  • Unisex Bikkel touring or trekking bicycles
  • Normal mount (ladies model)
  • 7 gears
  • Hand and pedal brake (some bikes are equipped with only hand brakes)
  • Pannier bag

Electric bikes

  • Bikkel ibee t2 with Nexus 7 gears
  • 3 support levels
  • Hand brakes only

(or a comparable brand/model).

Other bikes, children’s bikes, “slip streamers”, and child seats (rear) are available but only upon prior request. Bike rent is optional. Guests are permitted to bring their own bicycles. Discount will apply. However, the crew or tour operators are not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of such bicycles.

In the Netherlands and Belgium cyclists are not obligated by law to wear a bike helmet. However, you are advised to do so. Helmets are in limited supply, on request only, and will incur a supplement. See pricing on corresponding tour pages and be sure to request upon booking.

​Special dietary needs may be subject to a supplement of €50 depending on request.

Fluvius Photos

restaurant bar area - Fluvius
bar - Fluvius
cabin - Fluvius
bathroom - Fluvius
cabin - Fluvius
dining area - Fluvius

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