Danube river at sunrise.

Bike rest in Bratislava, Slovakia. Photo via Tour Operator
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Along the Danube - Four Country Tour

Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary Bike + Barge Tours

Cycle the Danube Bike Path – along one of Europe’s most famous rivers

  • This bike and boat tour along the Danube River has proven to be one of our most popular bike tours and with good reason. Between the Austrian and Hungarian alluvial landscape and the Danube River Bend, natural beauty awaits as well as art, culture and history.

    From the charming Bavarian "Three River City" of Passau straight into the heart of the once glorious Imperial and Royal Monarchy, you will bike along the famous Danube Cycle Path through four countries and visit three of the most enchanting European capitals: the lively Vienna, City of Music, the Slovak coronation city of Bratislava, and Budapest, the Hungarian "Danube Queen".


    • Wachau region and landscape
    • Romantic towns and castles
    • Danube National Park
    • Hungarian Danube Bend

    **This Danube bicycle tour is also offered as a guided tour called the Comfort Relax Guided Tour (additional fee) on the MS Carissma in which you cycle along the Danube in a group guided by a local tour guide who is familiar with the region.

    Or watch this client-submitted video!

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  • 2019





    S1:  2-bed cabin-ECO £ 703 $ 1,417 813 NOK 7791 kr 7192 $ 935 £ 815 $ 1,643 943 NOK 9037 kr 8342 $ 1,084  ---
    S1:  2-bed cabin £ 763 $ 1,539 883 NOK 8462 kr 7811 $ 1,015 £ 902 $ 1,817 1043 NOK 9995 kr 9227 $ 1,199 £ 962 $ 1,939 1113 NOK 10666 kr 9846 $ 1,280
    S1:  2-bed single use------
    £ 1447 $ 2,917 1674 NOK 16043 kr 14808 $ 1,925
    S2:  2-bed cabin-ECO £ 789 $ 1,591 913 NOK 8750 kr 8077 $ 1,050 £ 902 $ 1,817 1043 NOK 9995 kr 9227 $ 1,199  ---
    S2:  2-bed cabin £ 850 $ 1,713 983 NOK 9420 kr 8696 $ 1,130 £ 988 $ 1,992 1143 NOK 10954 kr 10111 $ 1,314 £ 1049 $ 2,114 1213 NOK 11625 kr 10730 $ 1,395
    S2:  2-bed single use------ £ 1581 $ 3,187 1829 NOK 17528 kr 16180 $ 2,103
    S3:  2-bed cabin-ECO £ 833 $ 1,678 963 NOK 9229 kr 8519 $ 1,107 £ 945 $ 1,904 1093 NOK 10475 kr 9669 $ 1,257  ---
    S3:  2-bed cabin £ 893 $ 1,800 1033 NOK 9900 kr 9138 $ 1,188 £ 1032 $ 2,079 1193 NOK 11433 kr 10553 $ 1,372 £ 1092 $ 2,201 1263 NOK 12104 kr 11173 $ 1,452
    S3:  2-bed single use------ £ 1648 $ 3,321 1906 NOK 18266 kr 16861 $ 2,192

    ECO cabins are located in the front/rear part of the ship (operating noise possible)

    Season 1 (S1): April / October
    Season 2 (S2): May / August
    Season 3 (S3): June / July / September


    April 29

    May 13 & 27  
    Sept 16 & 30

    All other departures

    Main Deck £ 769 $ 1,549 889 NOK 8520 kr 7864 $ 1,022 £ 838 $ 1,688 969 NOK 9286 kr 8572 $ 1,114 £ 872 $ 1,758 1009 NOK 9670 kr 8926 $ 1,160
    Main deck/astern*   
    Upper Deck £ 890 $ 1,793 1029 NOK 9861 kr 9103 $ 1,183 £ 959 $ 1,932 1109 NOK 10628 kr 9810 $ 1,275 £ 993 $ 2,002 1149 NOK 11011 kr 10164 $ 1,321
    Upper deck/astern* £ 803 $ 1,619 929 NOK 8903 kr 8218 $ 1,068 £ 872 $ 1,758 1009 NOK 9670 kr 8926 $ 1,160 £ 907 $ 1,828 1049 NOK 10053 kr 9280 $ 1,206
    Single Cabin (Upper Deck)  £ 1106 $ 2,229 1279 NOK 12257 kr 11314 $ 1,471 £ 1175 $ 2,368 1359 NOK 13024 kr 12022 $ 1,563 £ 1210 $ 2,438 1399 NOK 13407 kr 12376 $ 1,609

    *Cabins at rear of the ship; perceptive engine and generator noise (when ship is in motion and in locks)

    Twin cabin for single use: 50% supplement of base price

    MS Arlene II

    May 20 and Sept 9All other departures
    Main deck £ 838 $ 1,688 969 NOK 9286 kr 8572 $ 1,114 £ 872 $ 1,758 1009 NOK 9670 kr 8926 $ 1,160
    Upper deck £ 959 $ 1,932 1109 NOK 10628 kr 9810 $ 1,275 £ 993 $ 2,002 1149 NOK 11011 kr 10164 $ 1,321
    Upper deck/astern* £ 872 $ 1,758 1009 NOK 9670 kr 8926 $ 1,160 £ 907 $ 1,828 1049 NOK 10053 kr 9280 $ 1,206
    Upper deck/suite £ 1132 $ 2,281 1309 NOK 12545 kr 11580 $ 1,505 £ 1166 $ 2,351 1349 NOK 12928 kr 11933 $ 1,551
    Upper deck/single £ 1175 $ 2,368 1359 NOK 13024 kr 12022 $ 1,563 £ 1210 $ 2,438 1399 NOK 13407 kr 12376 $ 1,609

    *Cabins at rear of the ship; perceptive engine and generator noise (when ship is in motion and in locks)

    Twin cabin for single use: 50% supplement of base price

    extra options


    Comfort Relax Package: £ 203 $ 409 235 NOK 2252 kr 2079 $ 270 Electric bike: £ 81 $ 164 94 NOK 901 kr 832 $ 108 Discount if bringing own bike: £ 51 $ 103 59 NOK 565 kr 522 $ 68

    Extra nights Passau:
    3 star
    Twin/double: £ 50 $ 101 58 NOK 556 kr 513 $ 67 Single room: £ 72 $ 145 83 NOK 795 kr 734 $ 95 4 star:
    Twin/double: £ 57 $ 115 66 NOK 633 kr 584 $ 76 Single room: £ 80 $ 160 92 NOK 882 kr 814 $ 106 Transfers:
    One-way: £ 60 $ 120 69 NOK 661 kr 610 $ 79 Round-trip: £ 103 $ 207 119 NOK 1140 kr 1053 $ 137 From/to Munich city center/train station to Passau: £ 35 $ 70 40 NOK 383 kr 354 $ 46 /person one-time surcharge (1-8 pers.)

    Child discounts (from basic tour price)*:

    0 – 2,99 years (baby cot) -90%
    3 – 12,99 years* -20%
    *in cabin with min. 1 full paying adult


    Electric bike, bike protection included, limited number, advanced reservation required:  £ 82 $ 166 95 NOK 910 kr 840 $ 109   Helmet purchase (limited number available, payable on board): £ 35 $ 70 40 NOK 383 kr 354 $ 46

    Extra nights Passau:
    3 star
    Twin/double: £ 48 $ 96 55 NOK 527 kr 487 $ 63 Single room: £ 65 $ 131 75 NOK 719 kr 663 $ 86

    4 star:
    Twin/double: £ 54 $ 108 62 NOK 594 kr 548 $ 71 Single room: £ 75 $ 152 87 NOK 834 kr 770 $ 100

    please note

    If you want to reserve a helmet, please inform at time of booking.

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Munich or Salzburg

    Local Travel

    Train to Passau. From Munich airport, ride is approximately 2½ hr. From Salzburg airport, ride is approximately 3½-4 hr.


    Check local weather prior to departure. Average high/low temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit: April 57°/41°, May 67°/49°, June 72°/55°, July 77°/59°, August 77°/59°, September 69°/53°, and October 57°/43°.


    The ships used on this tour have an on board tour director who does not cycle with the group. The tours are generally designed for self-guided cycling. The multi-lingual guide on board is always available in case of break down or emergency. On certain dates aboard the MS Carissima, a fully guided package is available for a supplement. See dates
    Please be aware you will be part of an international group of people, but your tour guide and crew members will always speak English.

Tour Dates


LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Please contact us.

Aboard the MS Carissima
SUNDAYS, from April 28 (first tour)  to October 6, 2019 (last tour)
Comfort Relax Package: May 5, May 19, June 2, June 23, July 14, August 11, September 1, September 15, and September 29 (if you are a group of 8 and above and would like a guided tour on a different date, please ask us! We may be able to confirm!). Maximum of 22 participants.
Aboard the MS Normandie:
MONDAYS: April 29, May 13, May 27, June 10, June 24, July 1, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19, September 2, September 16, and September 30, 2019
Aboard the MS Arlene II
MONDAYS: May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1, July 15, July 29, August 12, August 26, and September 9, 2019

Where You’ll Stay

Aboard the comfort plus boats, MS Carissima or the comfort boats, the MS Normandie or Arlene II

What’s Included


  • 7 nights accommodation in air conditioned cabin with private bathroom
  • Harbor fees
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Gala dinner with farewell cocktail
  • Daily cleaning of cabin
  • Full meals (breakfast, packed lunch, or light lunch on board for non cyclists, dinner)
  • Late night snack
  • Afternoon Coffee break
  • Daily music after dinner
  • Tour guide on board (does not cycle with group)
  • Daily information meeting
  • 21-speed unisex bicycle
  • Information packet with route book (one per room)
  • GPS tracks
  • Also included with the Comfort Relax Package
  • Cycling tour guide
  • 4 Ferry rides (Engelhartszell, Au, Visegrad, and Szob)
  • Cider tasting in the Upper Danube Valley
  • Wine tasting in the Wachau region
  • Guided city tour by bike in Vienna and by bus in Budapest

Normandie and Arlene II

  • 7 nights accommodation in air conditioned cabin with private bathroom
  • Harbor fees
  • Welcome cocktail
  • Gala dinner with farewell cocktails
  • Daily cabin cleaning
  • Change of linens offered
  • Full meals (breakfast, packed lunch, or light lunch on board for non cyclists, dinner)
  • Afternoon coffee break
  • Daily music after dinner
  • Tour guide on board (does not cycle with group)
  • Daily information meeting
  • 7-speed unisex bicycle hand brake and pedal brake or hand brakes only with pannier
  • Bike protection
  • Information packet with route book (one per room)

What’s Not Included

  • All beverages, including extra water, except for those mentioned
  • 3 x Ferry rides (about €2 each), (MS Carissima)
  • Helmets - we recommend bringing your own but adult helmets can be purchased on board - these must be reserved in advance as they only carry a limited number (Carissima €25) Normandie & Arlene II €40)
  • Bicycle Protection aboard the MS Carissima
  • Travel Insurance

Extra Stay

Recommended in Passau, the City of Three Rivers!

Length8 days
From813 Rates
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Skill Level

This is a relatively easy tour following the flow of the Danube. Route is mostly flat with some rolling hills, especially coming out of the Danube valley. It takes place on good, asphalt bike paths very suitable for beginners and children.

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Along the Danube - Four Country Tour Map

Each boat has a different itinerary so be sure to take a look at details below.

*Important Information:

In case of flood or low tide, the shipping company reserves the right to bridge parts of passages with buses. In extreme situations, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the journey on short notice. No legal right shall be constituted of both situations. (Water level is force majeure). The same applies for officially ordered - previously not announced - repair work on locks or bridges or in case of undeserved breakdown of engine or power unit. 

Please be aware that these ships, like all other ships on the Danube, are not just your "floating hotels" but also a machine, running engines,  also during the night. Especially crossing locks and bridges - and the preparation work - may cause noise. If you are sensitive to noises, please bring your own ear plugs.

All our tours have a minimum passenger/departure (please refer to our programs) and we reserve the right to make changes of routing or programs if needed.

Day 1: Sunday, Arrival in Passau
Day 2: Passau - Obernzell - Great Loop - Aschach, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 3: Devin - Bratislava, 27 mi. (43 km)
Day 4: Budapest / Szentendre, 33 mi. (54 km)
Day 5: Danube Bend - Esztergom, 26 mi. (43 km)
Day 6: Vienna (day of rest)
Day 7: Wachau / Krems - Melk, 22 mi. (35 km)
Day 8: Engelhartszell. Shuttle to Passau

Day 1: Board in Passau
Boarding begins at 4:30 PM in Passau in the southeast of Germany, located at the Austrian border. Situated at the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, Passau is known as "The Three Rivers City".  

Day 2: Passau - Obernzell - Great Loop - Aschach, 25 mi. (40 km)
Your first day’s cycling begins with a ride through the classic scenery of the ‘Great Loop’ Donauschlinge, one of the most beautiful sections of the Danube. Along the way you will encounter tiny villages and cozy cider taverns. In Austria’s only Trappist monastery at Engelhartszell, you can taste their delicious liquors and cheese. The famous ‘Schlogener View’ provides a wonderful panorama of the surrounding Austrian countryside. The boat welcomes all cyclists back on board in the charming market town of Aschach.

Day 3: Devin - Bratislava,  27 mi. (43 km)  
You pedal along the former “Iron Curtain”, crossing the green line and reaching the imposing Imperial Palace of Hof with its beautifully terraced gardens and idyllic manor farm. Follow the bike path through Austria’s “vegetable garden” to the coronation city of Bratislava at the slopes of the Little Carpathians and discover the hidden alleyways and sights of Bratislava on an optional city tour.

Day 4: Budapest, roundtrip to Szentendre, 33 mi. (54 km)
The entrance to Budapest, Hungary’s capital is stunning. You can explore the beauty of Budapest by bus or a guided bike tour (optional) to discover many of the highlights of this unique city. The Danube River runs straight through it, splitting the city in two. Budapest is bustling but peaceful, a friendly metropolis and a place where old treasures blend with the modern. Long gone is its communist shadow.  You will get a first-hand experience of Hungarian culture at an option evening show with traditional music and dance.You can also choose to cycle to the charming town of Szentendre with its Mediterranean atmosphere and lively art scene. Experience Hungarian culture up close and personal at an evening show with traditional music and dance (optional).

Day 5: Danube Bend - Esztergom, 26 mi. (43 km)
The wooded hills of Pilis, Visegrád, and Börzsöny mirrored in the meandering Danube create a wonderful landscape that has become a nature lovers paradise. Amidst the Danube river, the idyllic isle of Szentendre exudes silent Puszta Romance. You cycle via the baroque village of Vác (influenced by the architects of Austria's empress Maria Theresa) to the bishop town of Esztergom with its gorgeous basilica-Hungary's largest Catholic Church. Night cruise to Visegrad.

Day 6: Vienna (day of rest), Sightseeing tour by bike or bus - approx 3.5 hrs.
Discover Vienna's most beautiful attractions. During the bike tour of Vienna you will experience up close the most famous examples of architecture; the imperial Hofburg, St. Stephens Cathedral, the gorgeous boulevard "RingStraβe" with the State Opera House, the Burgtheater and town hall, as well as the colorful "Hunderwasserhaus" and the Ferry wheel, which is situated directly at the Prater. Relaxation can be found at one of the numerous small coffee bars. The evening ends impressively with a Waltz and Opera Concert at the Hofburg(optional), or at a wine tavern.

Day 7: Wachau / Krems - Melk, 22 mi. (37 km)
Small dreamy towns, apricot trees, vineyards, castles, monasteries and ruins along sloping hills await you. This is pure biking bliss! In Spitz, inviting wine taverns beckon along  the bike route. In Dúrstein's narrow alleys, you will have to walk your bike. This town is famous because Richard the Lion-Hearted was imprisoned here in 1193. The ruined castle above the town can be reached by a good hike with great river views. In Weißenkirchen (possibility for a wine-tasting – optional) you will find enticing wine taverns right along the bike path. You owe it to yourself to take a break! After a ceremonial gala dinner, lots of fun and entertainment can be experienced during a crew show.

Day 8: Departure from Engelhartszell/Passau
Disembarkation in Engelhartszell. At 8:30 AM there will be shuttles waiting at the pier to take you to Passau. Travel time is approximately 30 minutes.  

2019 excursions offered on board the MS Carissima:

City tour by old time excursion train and walking tour
Sightseeing tour by bike or bus                                               
Traditional Hungarian folklore show 
City tour by bus
City tour by bike
Waltz and Operetta Concert in one of Vienna's famous palaces.
Wine tasting with a local wine grower 


Day 1: Arrival in Passau, Passau - Engelhartszell
Day 2: Engelhartszell -Great Loop - Brandstatt-Bratislava, 29 mi. (46 km)
Day 3: Bratislava, 34 mi. (54km)
Day 4: Budapest (day of rest) or roundtrip to Szentendre, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 5: Danube Bend | Visegrad- Esztergom, 16 - 37 mi. (25 - 60 km)
Day 6: Vienna - Nussdorf (Korneuburg may also be possible) - Day of rest 
Day 7: Wachau / Rossatz - Melk - Pöchlarn, 26 - 32 mi. (42 - 52 km)
Day 8: Passau

*In 2019, there are slight variations in the itinerary. These are noted after the corresponding day.

Day 1: Passau – Engelhartszell
Individual arrival in the "Three River City". Passau attracts many with the world's greatest church organ at the Stephansdom and it’s charming Old Town. Embarkation will be at 4:00 pm and departure around 7 pm. 

Day 2: Engelhartszell - Brandstatt - Bratislava - Great Loop, 29 mi. (46 km)
The day starts in Engelhartszell with the only Trappist monastery in Austria, towards the "Great Loop" - one of the most beautiful regions of the Danube. The route leads through small villages with typical taverns. The ship awaits in Brandstatt after which an evening sail is enjoyed towards Bratislava. 

Day 3Bratislava, 34 mi. (54 km)
Arrival at Bratislava. You start cycling from Bratislava via Hainburg to the imposing Imperial Palace of Hof beautifully terraced gardens and idyllic manor farm further on to Devin and then back to Bratislava. Tip: discover the hidden alleys of Bratislava, places and all the sights of this ambitious metropolis during a tour by mini train and by foot. In the night shipping to Budapest.

Day 4: Budapest, 25 mi. (40 km) or Day of rest
In the early morning, you enjoy the panoramic view of the Danube's gorgeous landscape on the Sundeck. The gateway to Budapest is overwhelming, as many of the famous tourist features are situated directly next to the river bank. In the afternoon you can explore the numerous attractions of the city. Nearby, you find the Margaretheninsel which is outstandingly qualified for a small bike tour or the charming town of Szentendre withMediterranean atmosphere and lively art life. In the night shipping to Visegrad.

Day 5: Danube Bend | Visegrad - Esztergom, 16 - 37 mi. (25 - 60 km)
The Danube bend is definitely one of most delightful and attractive parts and is called the Hungarian Wachau. Today's bike leg starts at Visegrad with its famous fortress and the ruins of the former palace. You can choose from 2 different routes: the longer one includes a side trip to the island of Szentendre and the baroque village of Vác, which has been influenced by the architects of the Austrian empress Maria Theresia. The other route leads you directly to the bishop-town of Esztergom, with its gorgeous basilica, Hungary's largest Catholic Church, overlooking the village. In the night shipping to Vienna.

Day 6: Vienna - Nussdorf (Korneuburg may also be possible) - Day of rest   
You should be sure to see the most famous places of interest like the St. Stephens Cathedral, the Hofburg, the gorgeous boulevard with the Burgtheater, the State Opera House or the town hall that takes you
back to the past. In the night shipping to Rossatz or Dürnstein (Wachau).

Day 7: Wachau - Melk - Pöchlarn, 26 - 32 mi. (42 - 52 km) 
Your last biking day is a special highlight! Amidst small dreamy villages, apricot trees, vineyards, castles, monasteries, and ruins, this gentle hilly landscape enchants everybody. A powerful ruin looms above the small Baroque town of Dürnstein, while the blue tower of the monastery church is a landmark of Wachau. In Weißenkirchen, you will find comfy wine taverns right along the bike path. You owe it to yourself to take a break! You’ll board again in the small village Pöchlarn. After the farewell gala dinner, you start “sailing” back to Passau

Day 8: Passau
Every journey draws to an end. Once again you enjoy on deck the first sunbeams and the peaceful silence of the Danube Valley. Take a last sight at the Schlögener Schlinge ("Great Loop") before you arrive relaxed at Passau. Arrival is at approximately 10 AM, disembarkation is at 10:30 AM. Due to possible unforeseen mooring delays, it is recommended that you do not make travel arrangements until after 12 PM. 

Excursions offered (optional):

City tour by old time excursion train and walkabout
Sight seeing tour by bike or bus                                                      
Budapest by night 
City tour by bus
City tour by bike
Waltz and Operetta Concert at the historic halls of the Vienna Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Day 1: Passau
Day 2: Passau - Obernzell- Great Loop - Aschach– Devin, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 3: Devin – Bratislava, 34 mi. (54 km)
Day 4: Budapest (day of rest) or roundtrip to Szentendre, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 5: Danube Bend | Visegrad – Esztergom,  16 or 37 mi. (25 or  60 km)
Day 6: Vienna-Nussdorf / (Korneuburg may also be possible) (day of rest)
Day 7: Wachau – Emmersdorf, 22 mi. (35 km) 
Day 8: Departure from Passau

Day 1: Passau – Obernzell
Arrival in the "Three River City". Passau attracts many with the world's greatest church organ at the Stephansdom and it’s charming Old Town. Embarkation will be around 4:00 pm. The ship will remain in Passau overnight.

Day 2: Passau - Obernzell - Great Loop - Aschach – Devin, 25 mi. (40 km)
In the early morning, the ship will sail to Obernzell, the former summer residence of the bishops from Passau and leads you via Engelhartzell (the only Trappist monastery in Austria), towards the Great Loop - one of
the most beautiful and original sectors of the Danube. Your cycling will encounter small villages and cosy must-see taverns. You board again in Aschach. Then, you sail into the night towards Devin.

Day 3: Devin – Bratislava, 34 mi. (54 km)
Arrival at Devin in the morning. The cycle tour takes you to the imposing Imperial Palace of Hof. After crossing the green line you cycle along the former “Iron Curtain” towards the coronation city of Bratislava at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Tip: discover the hidden alleys of Bratislava, places and all the sights of this ambitious metropolis during a tour by mini train and by foot. In the night shipping to Budapest.

Day 4: Budapest (day of rest) or roundtrip to Szentendre, 25 mi. (40 km)
In the early morning, you enjoy the panoramic view of the Danube's gorgeous landscape on the Sundeck. The gateway to Budapest is overwhelming, as many of the famous tourist features are situated directly next to the river bank. In the afternoon you can explore the numerous attractions of the city. Nearby, you find the Margaretheninsel which is outstandingly qualified for a small bike tour or the charming town of Szentendre with Mediterranean atmosphere and lively art life. In the night shipping to Visegrad.

Day 5: Danube Bend | Visegrad – Esztergom,  16 or 37 mi. (25 or  60 km)
The Danube bend is definitely one of most delightful and attractive parts and is called the Hungarian Wachau. Today's bike leg starts at Visegrad with its famous fortress and the ruins of the former palace. You can choose from 2 different routes: the longer one includes a side trip to the island of Szentendre and the baroque village of Vác, which has been influenced by the architects of the Austrian empress Maria Theresia. The other route leads you directly to the bishop-town of Esztergom, with its gorgeous basilica – Hungary's largest Catholic Church – overlooking the village. In the night shipping to Vienna.

Day 6: Vienna-Nussdorf / (Korneuburg may also be possible) (day of rest)
You should be sure to see the most famous places of interest like the St. Stephens Cathedral, the Hofburg, the gorgeous boulevard "Ringstraβe" with the Burgtheater, the State Opera House or the town hall that takes you back to the past. In the night shipping to Krems (Wachau).

Day 7: Wachau – Emmersdorf,  22 mi. (35 km)
Your last biking day is a special highlight! Amidst small dreamy villages, apricot trees, vineyards, castles, monasteries and ruins, this gentle hilly landscape enchants everybody. A powerful ruin looms above the small Baroque town of Dürnstein, while the blue tower of the monastery church is a landmark of Wachau. In the small village of Emmersdorf located just opposite Melk you will board again. After the farewell gala dinner, you start “sailing” back to Passau.

Day 8: Departure from Passau
Every journey draws to an end. Once again you enjoy on deck the first sunbeams and the peaceful silence of the Danube Valley. Take a last sight at the Schlögener Schlinge ("Great Loop") before you arrive relaxed at Passau. Arrival: approx at 10:00 a.m., disembarkation half an hour later. We recommend to arrange connecting trips from noon onwards.

Excursions offered (optional):

City tour by old time excursion train and walkabout
Sight seeing tour by bike or bus                                                      
Budapest by night 
City tour by bus
City tour by bike
Waltz and Operetta Concert at the historic halls of the Vienna Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

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Customer Feedback

  • Johanne P. 2 months ago

    It is difficult to choose the most memorable part of the trip since the staff, food, guide, routes, and activities were without parallel! The Amsterdam /Bruge trip we took several years ago was outstanding and my favorite of all the boat/barge trips we have taken.

  • Petra V. 2 months ago

    The cycling and the amazing scenery. We opted for a local guide and Axel was amazing. We definitely would recommend this tour and already have.

    Boat: MS Carissima

    • Anna bird 1 month ago

      May I ask how you found a local guide? How many days did you use a local guide? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

  • Vera S. 2 months ago

    I love everything... the routes in beautiful places, food, the freedom sensation. I already scheduled another trip for next tear!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Frank V. 2 months ago

    Most Memorable Part: The bike ride every day the sites and beautiful churches

  • Phyllis L. 2 months ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was biking along the Danube River and visiting the small towns. We met many nice people from all over the world.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Patty S. 2 months ago

    What I appreciated was the response from staff when things went wrong. Which happens! It is how it is handled that matters. You will have my participation in any future trips! 100% satisfied with your service!

  • Dean P. 2 months ago

    This was our first bike/barge trip and it opened a whole world of adventure for us. We have introduced this form of travel to many friends.

  • Doug N. 2 months ago

    The accommodation and the bikes were great and the trip was very affordable. Our server for the week was terrific.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Michael D. 2 months ago

    The route was well planned. The views were spectacular. Couldn’t have imagined a better place to have done this (Austria). We biked approximately 50 miles a day. It was exceptional.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Wilma C. 2 months ago

    Most Memorable Part? The bike route and tour help from the staff

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Brian K. 3 months ago

    Wonderful trip with a nicely balanced pace to the days varied activities: tasty breakfast followed by several hours of scenic easy cycling; back to the Carissima for a little deck time, beverage or two; good food, good company at dinner; perhaps up to the lounge for some entertainment or nicely tired back to the cabin to sleep. What’s not to like?

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Walter Z. 3 months ago

    Most Memorable Moment? Late afternoons on the sundeck after the bike ride. Watching the castles and quaint villages on the shore as the boat glided by. Perfect end to a great day.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Eliz P. 3 months ago

    Most memorable was the experience of the bike and barge itself, as well as the scenery, the evening dining, and the fellow bike travelers. One tip would be to do your research ahead of the trip for cities where the boat docks (as in Budapest & Vienna) to be able to make the most of your time there. Overall, great experience; would definitely recommend this bike & boat trip along the Danube...

  • Edie D. 3 months ago

    I loved riding through the little villages and getting a sense of how people actually live from day to day. All the senses are stimulated- smelling the fruit trees, feeling the wind, hearing the laughter and different languages, touching the handcrafted cloths, and of course experiencing all the sites and lights as you float along at night.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Jacques B. 3 months ago

    Tripsite made our first bike tour so memorable we have booked another one for next year. It was perfect!!!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Vern O. 3 months ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was "The Entire Trip"!!! We met so many wonderful people. Our guide Jürgen Gehrke was "The Best"!! So much fun and really went above and beyond taking our group on special tours and always knowing the best Pubs for "The First of The Day"!!!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Margaret B. 3 months ago

    The scenery along the Danube was beautiful and we had lots of fun. Two things I would mention to people planning to do the trip 1) Realize that there is only time to see 1 or maybe 2 of the many sites listed for any given day. There is a small window of time that the barge will be in dock. We had envisioned having a leisurely ride seeing all these great sites and getting back to the barge by the end of the afternoon but thats not how it works. 2) Pay attention to whether you bought bike insurance through Tripsite b/c the barge staff will also sell it and they don't seem to know whether you have it already. We couldn't remember and the wifi was so bad that we couldn't verify so we ended up double paying for it.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Jane F. 3 months ago

    Every minute of this trip was amazing. Would do it all over again!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Nita W. 3 months ago

    My sister and two friends are not hard core cyclists and found our jaunt down the Danube, from Passau to Budapest just the right degree of difficulty, enjoying the Hospitality aboard the My Story when not exploring by bike. Sufficient time was allotted to get to the next boarding spot and it was wonderful to compare the days adventures with our English speaking table over a tasty dinner. I loved not having to pack and unpack as one does on many tours. Our berth was tiny, but not much time is spent there besides sleeping.
    My low point for the trip was the onboard entertainment. Then again, I’m just not a big ABBA fan or fan of one man band keyboards. Others seemed fine with it. The staff created a fun international atmosphere and pirate night was a blast. We Canadians were largely responsible for that. One of us in particular.
    The additional excursions were worth it. I’ll not forget the schnapps and goulash and wild dulcimer music in Budapest!
    Read more… >I did fine riding Vienna somewhat challenging as I’m not used to city cycling, but it was optional. I loved the hop on hop off in Budapest. Loved the quaint statues and architecture of Bratislava. Loved riding the wine region in Austria.
    We four talk gloat about this trip with such fond memories, it was a truly amazing, friendship time -literally!

  • Deborah A. 3 months ago

    I wanted to see quaint villages and remote hard-to-get-to places. I was able to do that and pleased with our itinerary. Bike was awesome and made me want to change my bike at home. I had non- electric.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Suzanne B. 4 months ago

    The incredible scenery and the wonderful people. We met some incredible new friends on the trip.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Sheri S. 4 months ago

    My most memorable part of the trip was traveling with friends who have different cycling abilities. There was a something for everyone. The staff was helpful and very professional.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Stephen G. 5 months ago

    The food on board the ship was amazing, and at a higher quality more expensive competitors. I would definitely consider Rad und Reisen again.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • William G. 5 months ago

    The Carissima had nice cabins that had ample room. The staff were truly amazing with their customer service. The daily briefings provided us with most of the information that we needed for the ride and Albert was excellent at answering all questions for those of us that needed extra help. We only had a few issues with directions. The bikes were in great condition, shifted easily and not as heavy as I expected, we used regular bikes. The cycling paths were filled with beautiful scenery and easy cycling. Touring in Vienna was much easier than expected. It was unfortunate that the water level was too low to take the boat all the way to Budapest but Rad Reisen did their best to make sure that their customers had a good experience and provided a tour bus to transport the people to Budapest, providing them with a nice lunch of traditional Hungarian food. The food on the Carissima was very well planned, their chef was excellent in his food preparation. I personally would have preferred Read more… a lot more vegetables but overall was very happy with his meal planning. The dining room was a bit noisy with all the people chattering so this made it difficult to converse with some of the other people at our table. The waiters were outstanding in their hard work. We will definitely go on more of these trips as we enjoy being active on vacations. This trip was a wonderful experience and so enjoyable.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Kathryn G. 5 months ago

    This was the 4th of the boat bike trips we had done with Tripsite and I would say the best. Our guide Axel was amazing and being able to visit the many little villages along the Danube was wonderful. We had two rainy days right at the start but we all came prepared so was still great rides. Biking around Vienna was really incredible as there are many good bike paths however one had to watch carefully as there were also many tourists. Our visit to Budapest was also a major highlight. Our guide Axel walked with us up to Buda Hill to visit the Fisherman’s Bastion for the most amazing views of Pest at night. The Bastion was also a beautiful sight at night.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Maria Tereza and Arturo 5 months ago

    This trip was much better than we expected. The service on the boat was one of the best we have experienced. The food was very good. The cabins confortable, very good shower. Good and very well adjusted bicycles. Precise information each day of biking. Scenery gorgeous. Completely safe even for children and older people. The cycling distances were appropriate for all. Very tasteful sandwiches for those who were biking. The cities we visited are amazing. Congratulations to the team working on Carissima.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Estela B. 5 months ago

    This is a great tour, with wonderful cities to visit and scenic bike rides. The barge was perfect, great food and service. We enjoyed the evening music and dancing very much. A heat wave happened while we were there, so we had a great time on the sun deck
    I was not as happy with the bikes. I was in charge of a group of 25 and at least 6 of them had bike issues: brakes that worked only in the front or back, e-bikes that only assisted when pedaling at full throttle, and more. Even though we reported this, and we were told they would fix the bikes, in reality the bikes were not repaired by the next day, and it took time and effort to get them replaced. I expected more from Rad & Reisen, the bike company. Also there was very little instruction on how to use the e-bikes. My suggestion is to have a person at the dock on the first day to give a 10 minute one-on-one instruction on the e-bike and make the person do a little test ride. It was not as intuitive how to use them if Read more… you never have done it.
    Another issue that could have been better is a bigger, clearer map on how to get to the path from the barge location. That part is usually the hardest.
    All that said, it was still a nice, memorable trip.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Valerie P. 5 months ago

    This was a terrific trip. The scenery was outstanding and the bike trails were great fun. More biking would’ve been even better. The MS Arkona was a very nice ship, all recently remodeled and the staff all did a great job. I enjoyed all the breakfast choices. We would make our lunch at breakfast time to take with us for the day. Dinners were good but more salads would be a nice addition.
    Our boat was unable to reach Budapest due to low water levels. We were however taken by bus to Budapest and enjoyed a city bus tour. It made for a long day but at least we were able to see some of the city. This gave us more time in Vienna and an opportunity for a really fun afternoon bike ride there. Our tour director gave us excellent instructions for this ride since it was not part of the original tour itinerary. It offered shorter and longer distances that seemed to meet everyone’s needs.
    The directions in the map and narrative book were often lacking. I Read more… would recommend having turn by turn distances Incorporated. Generally, the morning briefing by the tour director was not much additional help. Questions by us to the tour director were often answered by “it’s in your daily program".
    It would be nice to have newer bikes. They were fine for the flat biking paths but would have been very challenging for anything with hills. They were heavy and some didn’t ride very smoothly.
    The optional Vienna concert was a bit of a disappointment. Although the music was nice I didn’t care for the venue. It was hot inside, the seats were very cramped and this particular theater was not very impressive.
    There is no free Wi-Fi despite an email from Tripsite confirming that there was.
    We were offered beverage packages which included bottled water.
    I drank the tap water on the boat and had no issues. I do feel that on an active trip such as this, unlimited chilled water should be available. We opted to forgo the beverage package and found the beer and wine reasonably priced.
    Laundry service on board would be a nice option.
    Having said all of the above, I would still recommend the trip and I would use Tripsite again.

    Boat: MS Arkona

  • Faith S. 6 months ago

    I was disappointed in this tour, the scenery was mostly uninteresting and much more difficult than expected due to high winds on 2 days. I am short and was given a crappy bike to ride, having been told I could not fit on the e-bike I wanted. However, after 2 days of suffering my tour guide was able to find me a bike that fit (even after the company itself said it could not accommodate). The ship itself was wonderful, with big bright cabins and excellent food. I was on the guided comfort relax package, and the tour guide was way too laid back for my taste. I thought we did not have much time in the big cities to explore.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Laura W. 6 months ago

    The Along the Danube Four-Country tour far surpassed our expectations. The cabins on the MS Carissima are more spacious than large cruise ship cabins I've had in the past. The food was truly amazing, and the chef endeavored to offer the option of a dish native to the country we were in each night. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond for us.

    And then there was the scenery! It was simply breathtaking! The comfort bikes are appropriately named; so much so that I would love to buy one to replace the bike I have at home. Riding along the Danube was such a spectacular way to really get a feel for the country.

    We had two people in our group who elected not to bicycle, for health reasons, and they loved the trip too. Apparently, relaxing with a drink on the sun deck was another very pleasurable way to see things.

    I highly recommend this trip!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Kathryn G. 6 months ago

    We had a great time. The bike rides were so much fun with ferry rides and beautiful scenery. The staff on board were excellent. Food, OMG, it was fabulous and served so elegantly. They very graciously accommodated my gluten sensitivity. And we had two great parties. I have recommended this trip to many friends. What a great way to see the country.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Jennifer G. 6 months ago

    We had a wonderful time on the bike/boat on the Danube.
    The guide Axel was terrific. He took us to some out of the way places. He offered suggestions. The ride was scenic and easy to ride. 90% if the bike paths were paved which made riding easy. The bicycle crew was awesome. The bike were lined up and ready to go each morning.
    The accommodation and food exceeded my expectation. Rooms were clean but walls between rooms are thin.
    We will definitely do another trip with Tripsite.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Anita G. 6 months ago

    The MS Arkona was a lovely ship, very clean and comfortable. Unfortunately The Danube River was low and we were bus to Budapest where we had a nice tour. The biking on the trip was scenic, and a lot of fun. Due to a change in itinerary we were shorted a day of biking but that was out of anyone’s control. The bikes could have been newer because they were not operating at their best.
    My e bike was wonderful but was grinding gears quite often.
    The food on the ship could have been better. Breakfast could have had more fresh fruit, granola, oatmeal with other breakfast specialties. The dinners lacked fresh salads. My favorite meal was when we were on the boat for lunch one day and had a fresh salad bar with soup and pasta.
    The tour guide on the boat could have been more communicative and answered questions more readily. The explanation of the bike riding should have included an overview map of the riding from point A to point B everyday.
    Overall the trip Read more… was good and the weather conditions with the Danube were out of the tour company’s control. The biking that we did do was spectacular!

    Boat: MS Arkona

  • Lisa H. 6 months ago

    The beautiful bike paths along the Danube and the great food on the MS Arkona. Found the unguided bike tour confusing. Comfortable beds but loud vibrating boat motor at night made it impossible to sleep. Yay sleeping pills.

    Boat: MS Arkona

  • Kieron G. 6 months ago

    My wife and I just finished this trip with another couple. First of all, remember that you get what you pay for. This cruise is much cheaper than Viking or Avalon or some of the others so you can't expect as much opulence or fine cuisine. That said, everything was fine. The food was good but not great. The walls to the cabins are thin so if the person in the room next to you is a loud talker, you will hear every word. Also, try to avoid the lowest level of rooms - the windows don't open and are noisier as you are close to the engine. The trip it self was great. The cycling was easy and scenic. We had Axel as our guide, and seriously, he ruins you for any other guide. If we went on another cruise, it would have to be with Axel - any other guide would suffer in comparison I suspect. He is Austrian with a very keen sense of humour (He would have to be as he is an Arsenal fan). He went above and beyond.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Denise G. 6 months ago

    We had a mixed experience on this trip, having completed two other bike and barge trips on smaller boats (and smaller waterways). This is a wonderful region for riding - much of the route follows bike paths that parallel the river and provide gorgeous views of river towns. Unlike our other trips, participants ride on their own without a guide, and this worked well for us. Because the boat travels from Passau to Budapest and back again, there is quite a bit of travel time on the boat. At times, we enjoyed watching the scenery, but this also meant that our time on land was quite limited. Food was decent and several options were available at each meal. The dining room was noisy and it does take quite a bit of time to serve everyone, with the staff clearly working hard! During our tour, there were engine problems which resulted in a change in itinerary. The company struggled to manage this and identify reasonable options. In the end, they have promised us a partial refund, Read more… which seems quite fair. We would have preferred that this offer had come sooner in the process, without the numerous conversations that were needed to help the company understand the concerns of passengers.

    Boat: MS Arkona

    • Carla - Partner at Tripsite 6 months ago

      Hi Denise,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us your feedback.
      It's unfortunate the ship had engine troubles during your tour. These ships are machines and sometimes things can go wrong. I know it is always a very stressful time for everyone involved. Our local partners work hard to make the best of the situation. I'm glad in the end everything worked out fine. Another adventure in the books! I hope you will be back for more....
      Thank you again! ~Carla, Partner at Tripsite

  • Dan C. 6 months ago

    Best part? The cycling along the Wachau valley

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Lori C. 7 months ago

    I adored the trip from start to finish. The scenery, the towns and cities and of course seeing everything by bike. I met wonderful people who share a love of travel and adventure. The only problem with the trip was the tour leader. He was condescending and rude to several guests. The rest of the staff was phenomenal. I would do this trip again tomorrow.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Gail W. 7 months ago

    Bike Boat 4 countries Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary - most memorable part of the trip was experiencing the Danube River up close; boat was comfortable and so smooth sometimes I had to look out the window to see if we were moving

    Boat: MS Arkona

  • Wendy T. 7 months ago

    Most Memorable Part? The beauty & grandeur of the Danube...and the ability to enjoy this while riding a bike!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Susan W. 7 months ago

    I would highly recommend this trip. The food was fantastic. The rooms were of a good size and clean. The staff were friendly and helpful. The cycle route were scenic and enjoyable. I would definitely do another.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Paul H. 8 months ago

    What an unforgettable trip! We were able to take our 75 year old dad and he cycled the whole thing easily. The touring days in the cities were full, overwhelming, and inspiring for someone who's never seen the rich history of Europe. Cruising down the river while eating a 4 course dinner was a perfect finish to cycling though forests and orchards all day. It was a perfect combination of cycling, cruising, relaxing and sight seeing. I would recommend it to anyone!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Paula H. 8 months ago

    This trip provides a chance to explore the rural areas along the Danube by bike and to visit the great cities of Budapest and Vienna. There is a lot packed into this trip.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Sherry D. 8 months ago

    This was a perfect way to spend a holiday. The food was AMAZING! The staff was personable, kind, and so very efficient with all they do. I was pleasantly surprised with all the paved bike paths and the number of cyclists out traveling on vacation. It was inspirational to interact with them along the way. Thank you, Rad und Reisen and staff. We had a fantastic time!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Sandi B. 8 months ago

    Cycling past the remnants of the Iron Curtain. WOW!
    There were so many highlights, but having Axel as our guide certainly added a great deal to our daily rides. Thanks Axel!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Ursula T. 8 months ago

    Biking along the Danube and in the evening sitting watching the sunset on the top deck. I would like more time on the bike, but happy we got to see so much!

    Boat: MS Arkona

  • Tracy F. 8 months ago

    The entire trip was wonderful! The food was great, accommodations were perfect and the scenery is spectacular.

    Boat: MS Arkona

  • Larry B. 8 months ago

    Biking along river was the greatest. Budapest and Bratislava wonderful. Time in Vienna too rushed. Strongly advise participants to take an extra day or two in Passau before the trip—a lovely small town.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Dean Y. 8 months ago

    Great bike routes. Vast majority on nice bike paths.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Donald V. 9 months ago

    The staff on the boat were wonderful. Very helpful, friendly and hard working. The food on the boat was excellent. They consistently turned out perfectly prepared delicious meals. The bicycles were in excellent condition and performed perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Mary Beth R. 9 months ago

    Scenery was gorgeous, food was superb. Accommodations good.
    If you took Albert out of the equation I would give much higher ratings. He was inadequate with trail details. His info was hard to follow on the maps. Someone described him as a Peacock. Very apt. The rest of the staff was very good although you need another person in the dining room. Way to many people for the amount of people serving.
    Don’t advertise that you have WiFi....you really don’t .....

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Janet H. 9 months ago

    Wonderful time with friends. The maps and route descriptions need to be more exact.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Sandra B. 10 months ago

    Biking through Budapest was most memorable! We were amazed at the fabulous bike paths through the city. The car traffic was courteous to bikers and honored the cross walks. Biking through Vienna was great, too. Not quite as well defined, but it was so different to have the freedom to explore the cities, visit sites and landmarks via bike, and much more efficient than walking.

    Boat: MS Carissima

    • Terri 10 months ago

      Sandra B...Did you take the guide package or tour on your own.

      • Sandra Bersin 9 months ago

        Terri, We toured on our own. We wanted the flexibility of stopping where we wanted, for as long as we wanted. We ran into a festival in Vienna, browsed the booths, watched traditional dancing, had a beer and shared a regional dish. We then visited the Naschmarkt where I was able to find the only store with a full selection of Zotter Chocolates. We also had time to enjoy a slice of Sacher Torte at the Sacher Cafe.
        In Budapest, we pedaled up to Buda Castle, the Royal Palace and stayed for the changing of the guards. It's like a little city up there! After the palace, we visited the Great Market. The guide discouraged guests from riding independently in Budapest because of bike thefts, but we brought an extra lock. It was a busy time and place, so we weren't worried.
        In Budapest, we also visited the Széchenyi Thermal Bath in the evening on our own. The guide/cruise director never mentioned them, but we follow the advise of travel journalist Rick Steves Read more… where ever we go in Europe and he never fails us! It pays to do your own homework before going. Have a great trip!

        • Winifred 6 months ago

          Hello Sandra - your review is very helpful. Our family of 5 (3 adults and 2 teenagers) are planning to take this tour on the Carrissima in 2019. We hope to be able to do the self guided tour for flexibility and to save some $. (1) Did you have difficulty finding the route/signs etc? (2) Would we need to be able to speak local language to ask for direction? (3) Have you kept your travel notes and would you be willing to share them? Thanks much in advance!

  • Thomas A. 10 months ago

    The trip was beyond our expectations. We have taken other bike and boat tours and this was superior to the others. The food on board the boat was wonderful. The cities visited were beautiful and interesting. We took the guided bike tour and the guide, Jurgen Gehrke, was wonderful. I would encourage anyone interested in a bike and boat trip to seriously look into this trip.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Avace W. 10 months ago

    Having a guide who provided all the extra touches for touring for our perfect sized group of 10. Dinners on the boat were very dragged out with no opportunity to change tables and meet other guests. Food was beautifully presented, but the petite portions left me starving after a day of biking. I made sure to stock up on a big breakfast. Director made a big deal of tipping whereas this could have been explained ahead of time, so more time could have been spent on what to see in the quaint, darling villages. More info on what to see along the way would have enhanced the adventure. We did a lot of homework ahead of time on what to look for in each village and that helped us to appreciate the history and stories. Highly recommend a guide, but keep groups small for safety and management purposes.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Barbara C. 10 months ago

    Our private guide, Axel, was excellent. I strongly recommend a guide because it took away all of the worry about maps, directions and getting lost. He was also very knowledgeable about the history and geography of the areas we visited. I would definitely do another bike tour with Axel.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Lou Ann C. 10 months ago

    The scenery was amazing and fortunately, the weather cooperated and made it even more perfect. My only “suggestion” (not complaint) was that coffee was not available in the rooms. Being an early riser, a lot of us “seniors” prefer to have our coffee in the room while getting ready for breakfast! :).

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Beverly B. 10 months ago

    Most memorable part: Being on the water at night and looking out our bedroom window to see the Budapest Parliament bathed in a golden glow against the clear night sky.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Michael K. 1 year ago

    The trip exceeded my expectations. The beautiful country side along the Danube River, the locks and dams, the wine county of Austria and Budapest were the highlights.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Frank M. 1 year ago

    The daily briefing on what to see and do really helped to get the most out of the bike and barge tour.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Isabel V. 1 year ago

    The way the staff looked after us concerning our gluten and lactose free meals. No effort were to big for them!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Charles H. 1 year ago

    Wachau valley was my favorite part...small towns, great shops and wine.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Kathy S. 1 year ago

    We loved our trip on the Danube! From the first day to the last, we enjoyed the food, scenery and new friends. Would definitely recommend.

  • Sylvia G. 1 year ago

    Everything was well organized and the staff very friendly and helpful. We loved the whole trip . The countryside was beautiful.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Heidi S. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part? The excitement of the biking along with the relaxation of being on the boat and our awesome room and room tenant (Rory?) and of course the food!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Edie D. 1 year ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was riding through the small villages and seeing how people really live throughout the country. The shops they buy in, how they farm, the type of housing, some of their recreation. I also loved riding through trees and pathways and having the various scents surround me - it made me feel very close and intimate with the experience.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Don B. 1 year ago

    Trip of a life time! Can’t wait to do another trip.

  • Leslie M. 1 year ago

    The most memorable part of our trip were the friendships we made! The boat, Carissima, was outstanding, the scenery was amazing and the ride was very enjoyable. Most of the staff were exceptional and the food was adequate on board. We are definitely planning another bike trip in the future with Tripsite!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Sherri C. 1 year ago

    Biking is my most memorable experience. Boat and bike trips are beautiful scenic, historical and cultures. Definitely want to do other trip thru Tripsite.

  • Sidney P. 1 year ago

    Best cycling ever. The price was very reasonable, nice boat, great food, and good bikes to ride on. Looking forward to doing another bike trip with this company.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Beverly K. 1 year ago

    Excellent trip, experience, food, accommodations, etc.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Karen K. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: The last day of our trip we cycled through small towns and vineyards. Stopped at a beautiful small church and were able to hear the choir practicing. We (6 of us) will never forget that part of the trip.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Ceri B. 1 year ago

    The barge was wonderful and the staff most helpful and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to go on another biking trip. Thank you for a job well done.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Judith M. 1 year ago

    Loved being in the beautiful countryside and then the relaxing atmosphere of going down the Danube on a river boat. If I did it again I would opt for being guided as the routes and directions were confusing at times.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Bev V. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: The friendly inviting atmosphere created by staff and participants.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Susan M. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: The last biking day on the Danube through the vineyards.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Colin M. 1 year ago

    Every aspect of this trip exceeded our expectations. The boat staff could not have been more friendly and accommodating. The rooms and food were excellent. The bicycles were in top condition, and the cycling director was a wealth of information about each day's itinerary. Our friends are tired of hearing us rave about how wonderful the trip was.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Elizabeth J. 1 year ago

    The boat, the crew, the accommodations, the other cyclists, and the tour itself were all first rate. My own group hired, in addition, a professional bicycle guide (comfort guided option), who rode with us and provided directions, historical information, and additional short trips to fill out the schedule. I would go again with Tripsite in a minute!!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Mary H. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable part? Riding along the Danube!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Pam C. 1 year ago

    5th Bike trip along the Danube and still love it!

  • Tom F. 1 year ago

    We so much enjoyed meeting so many people from all around the world with the same interest and passion for the sport thanks again.

  • Patricia M. 1 year ago

    The staff were wonderful and attentive and the biking equipment was excellent. It was tremendously satisfying to enjoy this beautiful part of the world on bike and then return to the comfort of the boat each evening. Looking forward to the next trip!!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Diane F. 1 year ago

    Our bike barge trip along the Danube in October 2017 was a great experience. Biking was fabulous, the paths we're all very good for the most part. The scenery was beautiful. We were very pleased with the friendliness of the staff and all the accommodations made for us. The food was all nicely presented and abundant. Our group of eight friends definitely would like to do another trip! Great scenery, great exercise, and an overall wonderful experience!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Laurence M. 1 year ago

    The daily rides were the perfect combination of distance and scenery. The ship and staff were excellent as was the food served in the dining room. We would definitely recommend this ride and cruise to our friends.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Shelly F. 1 year ago

    It was our 35th anniversary and we had lots of alone time to tour ourselves but also met the nicest people on the boat

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Barbara M. 1 year ago

    Scenery que sheets needed to be more precise. Several of us got lost on our last day and therefore couldn't tour the Melk Abbey. I was very disappointed we ended up biking 50 miles instead of 26.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Tammy K. 1 year ago

    Visiting the Wachau valley was my favorite part of the trip. Entertainment on the ship was the only down side and that was just a small part of the trip.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Sue H. 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed the first and last days a lot which were in the beautiful countryside along the Danube. It was good to see the cities but the visits too short to really visit anything in depth.
    I recommend the Mozart concert which I really enjoyed.
    I loved meeting people from other countries and wish we could have had meal seating change every couple of days to mix with other people who also were interested in meeting others.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Gary & Anne F. 1 year ago

    The comfort guide was somewhat disappointing and the on ship tour director was disorganized and dismissive. While the comfort guide did give some good suggestions, the bike tour through Vienna would have better been replaced by a bus tour, as the group was very large, traffic was heavy and the whole experience was somewhat dangerous to anyone not a very experienced rider. We were led to believe that the bike tour in Vienna would be easy, on nice paths , not crowded or busy, whereas the opposite was the case. The tour guide through Vienna, a local, did not wear an identifying vest, and travelled too quickly, More instruction for the riders not experienced with electric bikes would have been appreciated. A session especially on the electric bikes while on board the ship would be an improvement. We paid extra for a top level cabin, but it seemed to be nearly exactly the same as the cabins one level down. While the food was good, and the service was excellent, we wearied of the Read more… sauces typical of continental cuisine and the small salads. Bike lunches and water were good. Fresh fruit was available at breakfast.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Christopher 1 year ago

    The experience on the barge far exceeded the expectations for my wife and the other 6 members of the group. The quality of the food, the excellence (and friendliness) of service , and the outstanding visuals of the meal presentations were an absolute delight.
    If I were asked for recommendations (I left these comments on the end of cruise comment card), would be to improve internet service and to make sure there is at least one English speaking television channel available.
    Other than that, everything was wonderful.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Jenny K. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: Waking up each morning at a new port in the middle of no where with castles and beauty all around. Tip: Take all the bottled water you are able to as not freely available (although I drank the ship's water and it was fine). Don't rely on internet.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Joseph D. 1 year ago

    It was a fantastic trip. I will definitely recommend it to friends and family!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Sidney P. 1 year ago

    The whole experience was more than I expected. Just join in and enjoy life.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Elaine D. 1 year ago

    This was our first bike and barge trip. The 4 countries trip was awesome. Albert was an amazing tour guide and was available all the time to ask questions of and chat with. His info sessions were informative, we would have missed a great deal without his tips and suggestions. Amazing food. Friendly staff willing to do anything to make the trip memorable. No hassles ever! Wish coffee during the day was included but no big deal. We were on the top level with big picture windows. Immaculate boat, the Carissma. We booked the spa and enjoyed the expansive area, chilled fruit juices, robes and towels. Nice hot tub for two, romantic. We are already looking for another Tripsite bike and barge next year. This is an amazing way to see cities, get some exercise and fresh air, enjoy the countryside and visit little villages for coffee or drinks. We did city bike tours in Budapest &Vienna (booked on board) and they were well worth the money. Before the trip we had a number Read more… of questions and Mikky at Tripsite was great with answers. I was so happy she answered right away! Thanks for a memorable week.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Linda S. 1 year ago

    This was the second trip on the MS Carissma from Sept 24 - Oct 1- along the Danube. Great scenery- the best of the two trips. The river views of vineyards, historical sites were really beautiful. The staff on the boat were exceptionally customer focused and responsive to needs. The food was very good and well presented with the exception of the fruit plate which needed a little more imagination to meet the standard set by the other menu items. The hired tour guide for our group was not able to answer questions about the history or other information on some of the sites we spent time in or passed along the way. He knew the route well but other information was not forthcoming as he said "it did not interest him" when he did not know. Tips - do some research on some of the stops along the way to determine if the site is worth a stop along the way. Make good use of the extra time in Vienna and Budapest.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Beverly K. 1 year ago

    It was great from beginning to end. The only thing I might suggest would be perhaps a better map on a couple of the days for our biking excursion. We found our way, but got a little confused in a couple of spots. Staff was excellent, tour guide bent over backwards for us, food was delicious, etc. Working with Susanna prior to our trip was so easy and she answered all my questions. I would do it again!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Melinda C. 1 year ago

    The ability to view many little towns throughout the trip along with the amazing historical buildings. The daily bike routes could have been clearer, or at least exact precise maps to follow.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Lou R. 1 year ago

    We participated on this Bike N Barge tour in May of 2017. The Carissima is a former "Viking Cruises" ship which is now doing the bike and barge tours for a year or so and it provides such luxury in accommodations, living quarters, dining rooms, swimming pool and so on that is unlikely to find on any other ship and tour of this type. The bike paths are by most standards quite good and the scenery is simply wonderful. The first day or riding the Engelhartszell - Aschach bike path is majestic and the Great Loop of the Danube unforgettable. The Wachau / Krems - Melk trail on the last riding day is by far the best and most interesting. We also rode our bikes on our own through the city of Bratislava and also through most of Budapest which is by far one of the nicest cities east of the Iron Curtain. We did not take a day of rest in Vienna. We rode our very comfy e-Bikes for 4 hours throughout the city and stopping at the huge number of venues for photos as time in Vienna Read more… is absolutely very limited. If there is something wrong with this trip is the fact that this ship does not stay overnight in any of the main stops on the tour so it lacks the opportunity to explore the city at night and enjoy some of the local events and specialties. The ship leaves almost as soon as your requested time of return from cycling is scheduled and you spend much of the time on the ship deck watching the river go by. The tour guides were outstanding and the directions given are flawless. Having been given the gps routes in advance was immensely helpful. By the way, while e-Bikes are not essential they are good to have if you plan to climb the hills to see the castles and other high up the horizon venues on this tour. If you stay on the assigned paths regular 7-8 gear bikes are just fine. The Hungarian dance evening excursion is quite good and recommended and so is the Vienna Orchestra evening excursion if it is your first ever classical music show. It provides some of the well known classical music by well known music geniuses but leaves a lot to be desired if you are well aware of this musical era. The orchestra is small just 16 or 17 musicians in a small and poorly designed venue for that type of music. 3 out of 5 for this excursion. The overall trip is well designed and gives nice riding opportunities, great views, lots of culture, great comfort and the Danube is a treat. The meals on Carissima are less than good in quality and taste but better than most for showing off. The breakfast are excellent. The rest is average at best. The crews are all top quality for service and attendance. I dislike sitting at the same table with the same 6 persons every days every meal. It supresses the opportunity to meet people and reduces the fun of getting to know others from different countries, cultures, ethnicity and customs. For the reasons of not overnight stops and the food quality and table seating system we rate this at a 7 of 10 stars or 3.5 on this scale.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Mary Lyn H. 1 year ago

    Loved the itinerary and biking routes!
    Barge suggestions:
    Dinner seat assignments-- still place with others of the same language, but not necessarily from the same country.
    The upper outdoor covered lounge allowed smoking which meant the entire area could be filled with smoke! This type of trip is for active, healthy lifestyle people...smoking should be confined to a small area in front of the pilot house (or not at all).

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Colin M. 1 year ago

    The most memorable part of the trip? Everything: the boat, staff, accommodations, food, cycling director, bicycles were far better than I expected. The daily orientations by the cycling director were very informative, not only about cycling conditions, but also about refreshment stops and sightseeing. This trip could not have been better.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Andy R. 2 years ago

    The bike journeys were terrific taking us through beautiful towns and scenery! The last day's trip to Melk was spectacular BUT it was recommended that we take the ferry across too early on the ride. This sadly led to a long and unnecessarily arduous climb to Melk that could have been avoided by staying on the other side of the river and crossing at Melk. That said, we very much enjoyed the trip!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Dale B. 2 years ago

    Best Part: The ride from Vac to Esztergom! Beautiful.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Barbara E. 2 years ago

    This was my first time to cycle by the Danube and it far exceeded my expectations. The whole experience was awesome. I loved to be able to exercise while enjoying the pretty scenery and exploring villages and meeting people from other countries. Such a wealth of history and culture!! Truly amazing!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Byron E. 2 years ago

    I will definitely do another bike and barge, it was terrific. My only complaint would be that the food provided for the vegetarians was not well thought out. It wouldn't take much to make this a fabulous plant-based experience. The staff tried as best they could...but it was lacking. But, overall, the trip was fabulous.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Judee W. 2 years ago

    Riding the Danube was the most memorable part. This trip was trying to do too many things for too many diverse folks at one time. A bike trip and a boat trip are different experiences. For biking, I think a smaller boat with more cycling is important. The staff worked hard with several languages, those who wanted to sun, those who wanted to tour cities, and those of us who wanted to bike: tough job. They did a great job, but for bikers, I think another option should be recommended. There was a great deal of confusion because of the diversity of activities. The cyclists actually lost a full day of cycling due to conflicts/changes/who knows? Descriptions of the next day's activities were very confusing, because they were trying to give instructions for a variety of different folks. We were always wondering, confused about our ride instructions for the next day. Thank goodness for the bike guides who tried their best to keep us Read more… informed!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Deborah M. 2 years ago

    Biking through the wine country around Melk. The villages were amazing and the people were friendly. I'm only 5'2" and the bike's weren't a good fit for me I needed a smaller frame but none were available. The bike I was given for the 1st day of riding was in very poor condition which made the first 27 mile ride rather uncomfortable but several people complained and the staff fixed the bikes. Make sure you get on your bike the 1st day as early as they will let you so there is time for fixes if needed before the boat leaves and you need to ride off on your first journey.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Heather F. 2 years ago

    We really enjoyed the rides through the countryside in this trip. Our cruise director was fun and very helpful. He gave us many tips for the route and how to experience the culture of the places we went.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Ted & Sylvia G. 2 years ago

    The whole trip was great. We thoroughly enjoyed it and didn't want it to come to an end.

  • Karen L. 2 years ago

    The most memorable part of the trip were the people I had the opportunity to meet including the staff who were extremely courteous.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Donna H. 2 years ago

    Everything was great! Even when the ship had a mechanical problem, the staff made sure everyone was happy.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Donna B. 2 years ago

    Best Part: The small towns and villages we biked along the way.

  • Jill S. 2 years ago

    The staff and food were excellent, as well as the ambiance of the river boat, not too crowded, a good mix of nationalities, great info dissemination and communication with passengers. Very relaxed and customer service was wonderful.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Roberto Marcelo B. 2 years ago

    El recorrido fue modificado a los 3 dias por desperfectos en el barco, razon por la que no conocimos Bratislava ni Budapest!! A pesar de ello.. la ruta Lintz Passau con arribo de laas bikes en Viena fue satisfactorio.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Morris T. 2 years ago

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Tripsite Bike and Barge Danube River Tour! The cruise was so relaxing, it was a real vacation! How do I start? The MS Carrisma , what a boat! The Danube River! The food, every meal a delicious event to enjoy! The staff was always cheerful, friendly, helpful and so cosmopolitan! Every one from the Captains, bar crew, boat crew, cruise crew, housekeeping crew, kitchen crew and the waiters. They made our trip experience a very memorable event in our lives, which we will never forget! Too many things to do and see in eight short days. We plan to do this trip again!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Loree K. 2 years ago

    The bikes were in excellent condition The maps were hard to read and did not even show what country we were in on the route, however the route was clearly marked. That saved us many times. The carry out lunch was great. Maybe some variation in granola bars throughout the week. Meals were good. Staff seemed rushed and understaffed at dinner. It was overall a great trip. Suggestions for others: pack light!

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Jeanne S. 2 years ago

    The boat its self is quaint. The cycling was scenic, beautiful and had a variation of easy to moderately challenging rides for an average cyclist, pretty doable for anyone. My only suggestion is to provide more water and provide it daily weather if cycling or not. In saying that, do bring yourselves 4 to 6 large bottles of water.
    Packing -nothing too heavy do plan on layers, it was warmer than expected .
    If you bring alcohol on to the boat you can only drink in your room.
    Crew were great as was the guide and the food prepared by the Cook!!!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Neil M. 2 years ago

    Cycling along the Danube of course was the highlight for sure.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Vitali B. 2 years ago

    I am very glad that I did this trip: the boat, cabin, food, bike, everything was very good. But there were some challenges, which I would like to mention.
    1. The tour guide (Jan, his first name) was not rude, but more like indifferent to your problems. Very often his answer was ""It's up to you. You want this, go this way, you want that, go that way."" Hr didn't try to understand your problem and to find the best solution for your situation.
    2. Bike path pavement sometimes was bad and poorly marked. For people with not good vision (like myself) it was a big problem. European bikers are more aggressive speed wise and more comfortable in the crowded environment. It was a problem to have pedestrians and bikers in both directions at the same time. So, for me it was easy to complete 50-60 kilometers physically, but it was stressful psychologically to be in such crowded place.
    3. Unguided tour is a challenge: you can get lost, Read more… something can happen to you, your bike, and no help is available. One person locked a bike and lost a key. I even do not know how he came back on the boat. I am writing all these problems to give future fellow travelers more real picture before making a decision to take this trip, and moreover how to prepare yourself for the trip. My mistake was that I was thinking that if I can do 40 miles on the bike, I am ready for the trip. Physical part is not enough. You should be ready physically, but also you should be able to function in the crowded city environment at low speed, be able to repair your bike, if needed, to read a map, and not to expect that all people in the world like Americans. Sorry for being so long, but I really wanted to give the most truthful picture of my experience.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Courtney R. 2 years ago

    Touring by bicycle is the best! It's a great way to take in the scenery, small villages, and larger cities while getting a little exercise along the way. It was a very relaxing trip and I was glad to be a part of a larger group on the trip. The food and cycling directions could be improved, but the service and itinerary were great.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Diana W. 2 years ago

    The best combination, boat and bicycle, without packing in every place.
    Every morning a new city to visit and the best way is by bike where you can experience the sound of the win through the forest, the river just by your side and beautiful villages where always will be a huge church and a restaurant to have a beer.
    And unforgettable experience, I just love to do it and would like to experience again.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Andy D. 2 years ago

    The trip was very well organized, the scenery was beautiful, boat staff very helpful. All the meals were great. The packed lunch was a nice feature for the day rides. Rooms were very nice, lounge staff treated us well.
    We liked the City of Budapest very much, glad we had the day to explore.
    Biking through wine country on the last day was a great way to finish the experience.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Beth M. 2 years ago

    The most beautiful part of the bike trip was he Danube Bend, eye candy around every corner! The thermal pools at Szechenyi in Budapest are not to be missed! It is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Plan on spending 3-4 hours there, it is an unbelievable experience. Also, in the Jewish Quarter you can feel & experience Jewish life before WW II inside old shops; the communist period of Hungary at retro restaurants; and contemporary Budapest through street food and street art.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Peter M. 2 years ago

    The most memorable part was our free time in Budapest. What a beautiful city.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Mark L. 2 years ago

    My wife and I enjoyed the variety of the destinations and getting off the boat to explore small villages, ruins and interact with the local people.
    The staff was very friendly and always helpful.
    One tip we would suggest is to make every effort to be on top deck or in the parlor to see the cities we visited during arrival and departure.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Judith M. 2 years ago

    The combination of biking in the beautiful countryside and also being on the water on a boat for my lodging was wonderful and just enough time to enjoy the cultural hubs of the amazingly beautiful cities. I loved it all and for me just the right combination of it all.
    I would suggest that the navigation on the bike routes was confusing at times so the next time to enjoy it more I would opt for being guided on the biking versus self-guided.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Charlene B. 2 years ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was the wonderful friendships made being a part of the guided tour group. There were six English speakers and seven Germans including the guide. Truly a remarkable experience. Budapest was also a memorable location. One tip we could recommend would be a portable hot spot. Wifi was not very good because it is satellite feed. Which caused issues with paying for some trips with a credit card.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Joella D. 2 years ago

    This trip was an excellent opportunity for travel with our mother who could stay on the boat while my sister and I biked through the countryside - meeting back up for meals and comparing experiences. Tripsite was very helpful and we got to know one of our Tripsite staff as she joined our trip to learn more about the tour and help others in the future. She couldn't have been nicer or more helpful.

    Boat: MS Carissima

  • Charles H. 2 years ago

    Biking through the Wachau valley and the small towns was most memorable. Staff/guides could be more customer focused and less argumentative with guest/customers. First day of biking was too rushed to complete prior to boat departure ... ride did not accommodate leisurely stops. Guides did not provide enough information on daily routes to assist with historical sites, lunch/rest stops, places to visit or provide assistance on route to ensure guests made it back to the ship. This trip did not meet the standards that previous (5 trips) Tripsite trips offered in the past that we booked.

  • Clare C. 2 years ago

    I don't know how I could possibly pinpoint one part of the trip as the most memorable as it was all so absolutely fantastic. I was expecting it to be good but is was beyond my wildest expectations.
    Take a day in Passau either before or after the trip to walk around the beautiful historic town. The cathedral is so worth a visit, it's absolutely magnificent with an organ that has more pipes than any other in the world.
    The boat was excellent, accommodations better than expected, the food was amazing and the staff friendly and helpful, nothing was too much trouble. Remember to book your spa time as you will have that privately for an hour. There is nothing quite like sitting in the hottub while cruising down the Danube after a days ride.
    Visit the Trappist monastery before you ride on your first day and see the reliquaries in the church-pretty weird, and don't forget to stop for refreshments before you take your bike across on the ferry at the Danube Read more… bend. The bikes are really comfortable and take your time to enjoy the magnificent scenery on this ride. You will see old castles up on the cliffs and picturesque villages across from the bike path.
    In Bratislava we took our time to walk up to the castle which give great views over the city and looks beautiful when lit up at night. Take a slight detour from the route to ride over the "flying saucer" bridge. When you are riding to Bratislava take your time to look at Prince Eugenes palace with its magnificent Baroque gardens.
    Go up on deck to take full advantage of the cruise into Budapest. To say that every picture I took here was postcard quality is no lie. Rather than do the guided tour we jumped on the hop on hop off bus so we could make it up to the castle and anywhere else you might want to see. This was actually my favorite City as it was so beautiful and it didn't seem as packed with tourists and it's very walkable. The views at night from our cabin were fantastic with the city lights and the view across the river.
    The next day was a beautiful scenic ride by the river with another ferry ride to Esztergom where you really should walk up to the cathedral and the huge statue that overlooks the river.
    Vienna was our next stop and we took a tram and subway up to the city center. Tours were offered but we did this one ourselves, and I think that biking this city would be worth it as it is so set up for cyclists. There was a Jesuit church here that was more magnificent than any other church I saw on the trip. I had never seen rainbow colored corkscrew marble columns before. It was truly spectacular. Visit an art museum too if you get the chance. The architecture here was spectacular and we watched people waltzing in one of the central parks.
    Our final day was riding through the vineyards of Austria and little villages along the river. Stop for some wine tasting but not too much as this is the day you will probably have to ride against the wind on the final part of the ride.
    The rides were so much fun and anyone could do them, electric bikes were available for the less able. There is so much to do and see, and you can make great new friends.
    All I can say is sign me up for next year and while I would do this trip again in a heartbeat, I want to try a new one.

  • Beverly C. 2 years ago

    The best part was seeing the countryside by bike.

  • Steve C. 2 years ago

    While the scenery was wonderful, I don't think that I could recommend this type travel to someone who would like to take more time to see the sites. This tour, just in my opinion, is much better suited for someone prioritizing cycling over site seeing. I (and some others in my group) discussed how there was a "rushed" feeling to the trip. That being said, the itinerary is posted online for all to make an informed decision. Lastly, there was almost a sense that we, the customers, were an inconvenience to many of the staff until the second to last day when there was an announcement that a tipping envelope would be left in each cabin. Staff personalities completely changed for the better on the last day and a half. This opinion was quietly shared by most of us who had done this type of tour numerous times before.

  • Frank V. 2 years ago

    The most memorable part was cruising down the river during dinner.

  • Robin T. 2 years ago

    My first Tripsite vacation, first bike/barge trip, first trip to the 4 countries.....loved it. Somewhat poor attitudes of hotel manager, Peter and the guides did not spoil my trip...in fact, became a bit of a joke to us. I would not let it stop from booking another trip.

  • Jennifer Formolo 2 years ago

    The food and scenery were magnificent. The boat was better than I had expected. Don't pay extra for the upper deck cabins on the Normandie because they are identical with the exception of being able to open the window on the upper deck. Our tour guide was rude. He spent a lot of time talking to the Germans and very little time talking in English. He scolded us if we asked questions that could be found in our book or were only relevant to the next day's bike trip. Peter at the front desk was also very rude. He made you feel stupid for asking any questions. He is in the tourist business and should expect questions and answer them gracefully. I wouldn't tell someone to avoid this trip, because of the beauty, but don't expect a lot from the staff. The rest of the staff were quite nice, but there were three men that should not be in this business!!

  • Molly S. 2 years ago

    Having a guide for the biking. He was terrific. We had a route change which led to a boring day biking. They do not give you water at the table. Too many people on the boat. Lining up for things to buy tickets. Did not like having to buy a drink package. Too expensive.
    Staff was very pleasant. Our guide was fabulous.

  • Gordon M. 2 years ago

    The e-bike option really made the trip for me. It allowed me to bicycle each day, get plenty of exercise, and not overdo it. As a result, I was able to enjoy the sites and experience much more.

  • Roger H. 2 years ago

    There were many memorable parts of this trip. The vineyard/bike trails around Melk were very nice.

  • Rollie B. 2 years ago

    The people I was on the trip with we all had a just terrific time. A truly wonderful trip with a great staff great a wonderful trip.

  • Harry L. 2 years ago

    The trip was very nice. Everything was nice. If I can figure a route will do it again next year!

  • Rebecca V. 2 years ago

    Biking thru Wachau valley. Our guide, Hugo, was not real informative. We had to drag info from him. He was better later in the week when we kept asking. Wine tasting was fun. Loved quaint villages.

  • Sandra L. 2 years ago

    Everyone was amazing: Welcoming; friendly; accommodating; delicious food and informative.

  • Mele M. 2 years ago

    I organized a trip with 20 friends and family to take the boat and bike trip up the Danube. I was a bit concerned because my co-travelers varied in age and fitness. I was delighted to find that with the option of the electric bikes and choices of long or short bike paths, everyone was accommodated. The entire group had a magical time. They loved the boat, the staff, the food, and particularly enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment after cycling through gorgeous towns and scenery.
    I have organized many group trips in the past, and this one allowed me to enjoy myself more fully because I knew that the crew was taking care of my friends and family's needs, and I didn't have to be dealing with questions or problems. Because we had such a large group, we could all break up into smaller groups and enjoy the sights, knowing that we would all converge later on the boat and share our stories from the day.
    Even though we already had a large group, we all made new Read more… friends on the boat.
    I take an international adventure trip every year, and I would put this one among the top of my list!

  • Gordon M. 2 years ago

    The e-bike option really made the trip for me. It allowed me to bicycle each day, get plenty of excercise, and not overdo it. As a result, I was able to enjoy the sites and experience much more.

  • Shannon P. 2 years ago

    The incredible countryside through which we traveled both by boat and on bike as well as the wonderfully hard-working, pleasant and attentive staff who made my trip so memorable. Lastly, the food was fantastic!

  • John F. 2 years ago

    The ride through the Wachau valley was by far the most memorable. We were happy with the overall trip. The staff were very helpful and cheerful. The one disappointment was with the info from the cruise director on the trip. At times it was inaccurate. This trip could be improved by updating the notes in the bike route, providing information and maps on side trips to the villages we biked through. Many bikers were concerned to vary from the route to find other attractions for fear of getting lost. One section of the trail was on a small sidewalk yet the cruise director and the printed information did not mention this. A lot of bikers were confused. It seems like the cruise director never biked the route or it has been too long ago.

    • Carla 2 years ago

      Hi John,
      Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm forwarding to the cruise director - it sounds like he needs a refresher on the route. This winter we'll be working on getting these route descriptions updated and improved.
      Thanks again!

  • Ross M. 2 years ago

    Sometimes we were unsure if we were on the route or not. Maybe could have had some additional signage along route.

    Boat: MS Normandie

    • Jehiel 2 years ago

      Hi Ross!
      Thanks for sharing this feedback. Route markers along the route can be a tricky thing because they can be taken down or moved. However, we have shared your feedback with our local partner and work to make the route easier to navigate. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  • Saul L. 2 years ago

    The trip overall was great. The boat is showing its age, and the cabins are adequate but not overly comfortable.
    The route descriptions provided by the cruise director could have been much better. Simply using visuals to indicate map directions would have helped a lot. There was some unnecessary confusion on our trip. A friend who took the trip two weeks earlier on the same boat with the same crew made the same comment.
    Overall the lovely scenery, the interesting people on board and the beautiful cities we visited made this trip very worthwhile.

    Boat: My Story

  • pam 2 years ago

    Two ladies and I ( all in our 60's) just finished this tour on My Story. Having no experience with bike/barge I was not sure what to expect. What we got was a fabulous trip through some of the most scenic and beautiful country I've ever seen. Our tour guide, Stephan, was charming and informative. This tour was run by Rad and Reisen. They did a great job of marking the routes, although a few times we did get a little turned around. The food was top-notch and the staff did an excellent job of entertaining the travelers. I was impressed by the over-all professionalism. The riding was easy and on mostly asphalt with very few inclines. Only draw back was the size of the cabins. The pictures are a little misleading. When the second bed was lowered there was almost no room to walk by each other. You needed to be a contortionist to use the bathroom. But, since you really didn't spend a lot of time in the room it was tolerable. All in all would highly Read more… recommend this trip.

    Boat: My Story

  • Vicki H. 2 years ago

    I loved every moment of the trip. The boat and the meals were far better than I had expected, the staff was super friendly and the fun activities were great. I look forward to booking another trip. I recommend that people read their information prior to daily outings as there is a lot to absorb. Also, take time on the first day to be sure your bicycle is a good fit. It was a magnificent adventure!

    Boat: My Story

  • Pat L. 3 years ago

    The most memorable part was Day 6 Rossatz - Pochlarn was the most scenic part of the trail. Magical small villages - wish the whole route could have been like this. Most of the trail was uneventful, some of the trail was in poor shape and rough riding.
    Unfortunately, there was a language barrier between the Americans and the tour guide, so instructions were not always clear, and we needed to fend for ourselves most of the time. Certain sections of map were confusing and trail was not well marked. We made it though, and enjoyed the adventure!
    Beautiful cities and villages to visit - wish we would have had more time to explore! All in all very good trail ride and good trip!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • M. Linwood 3 years ago

    We found the boat comfortable and the staff really helpful and friendly. The trip was most relaxing and a good insight into the Danube countryside.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • M. Mander 3 years ago

    The most memorable part: The staff on board the ship, our guide, the beautiful sights and most importantly the people we met in the countries we visited. They were warm, welcoming and really made you feel like a special visitor.

    Boat: My Story

  • Mark Mander 3 years ago

    Started our tour July 17th. Things went smoothly after they had gotten the engine fixed which caused a change in our first days agenda. They really came through in making up for the inconvenience. Staff on the ship and Stephan our Rad and Reisen rep were great.

    All in all it was an excellent vacation, very well organized. All the ships staff were friendly and willing to go that extra step to make it a great experience. The food was wonderful, accommodations great.

    I thought our Rad and Reisen biking guide Hugo did an excellent job navigating our group from spot to spot. Despite having quite a large group( English, German and Dutch speaking) he was able to spend time with all of us making sure we had a great experience. He was very personable and got our group from point A to B safely, making sure we had time to see and experience the many special places communities along the Danube.

    He even went above and beyond to make my experience extra special. Having Read more… MS meant that I could not participate in the walking tours. He took it upon himself to make sure I was included by providing me with my own tour using bicycles. This would have been a night off for him and he knew that I would not be able to take part due to my limited ability to walk any distance due to my MS. It was one of my more memorable experiences thanks to Hugo.

    He certainly looked after all of us and was accessible day and night to answer any questions and assist to make our trip an experience of a lifetime.

    Boat: My Story

    Boat: My Story

  • L. Schmidlin 3 years ago

    Was a great trip. Boat and tour guide were outstanding. Some of the staff were a bit stand-offish, but within reason. Just didn't make you feel 100% welcomed all the time (made you feel more of a guest than family) but again, well within reason. Got lost a few times so perhaps the maps could be a bit more directed, but again, not bad. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend it. Thanks - Larry

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • J. Lockwood 3 years ago

    Only bad was some hills and a very long bridge (wife is afraid of heights and had to walk the over mile long bridge).

    Boat: My Story

  • M. Collins 3 years ago

    The boat was not in location we were told it would be. But once there the boat was good. The tour guide didn't seem to know the route as well as he should have. The directions on the maps could have been a lot better But we did have a great time but would recommend a different route next time.

    Tripsite was great. Would highly recommend booking with them.

    Boat: My Story

  • S. Burwell 3 years ago

    The plan changed from recommending biking in Budapest...to it not being recommended - and therefore no briefing/description of the route was provided. While the stickers on signposts helped to guide the way, the book could have been more fully annotated. The boat was too full, there were not enough dishes for all passengers, dinner took 3 hours (2 hours too long). Bikes were generally in good repair and available when promised. Although the food was very good, bottled water was not provided every day as contracted.

    Boat: My Story

  • A. Roebelen 3 years ago

    The bike path signs were sometimes hard to follow and we got off course a few times.
    The staff of the boat, The Normandie, was fabulous. The food was better than we expected and they were very accommodating with our lunches. The wifi was very disappointing.

    Boat: MS Normandie

    • Jehiel 3 years ago

      Hi A. Roebelen,
      Sorry to hear you found the bike route confusing. We have passed your feedback on and are working to make the route more clear. As for wifi, quality and availability can vary from boat to boat. We suggest purchasing portable travel wifi, an affordable and easy way to stay connected while traveling. You can find all the details on our Rad und Reisen.
      Thanks for your feedback!

  • V. Assis 3 years ago

    It was better than I could imagine! Thank you all.

    Boat: My Story

  • K. Thibodeau 3 years ago

    We found this to be one of our best trips ever!

    Boat: My Story

  • S. Garson 3 years ago

    I know that there was a mid cruise change of cruise directors and neither were particularly helpful. We basically did the routes ourselves and there could have been better instructions. We had a wonderful trip though.

    Boat: My Story

  • B. Burwell 3 years ago

    Biking - generally excellent. There is one day - Budapest - that is described as a biking day in most of the material we saw but when we were on the boat the tour director tried to discourage us from biking that day. There was a good reason for that - the route was confusing and included a VERY busy road for a few km. It should be removed from the promotional material as a biking day,

    Boat - another boat broke down and several people were transferred to empty cabins on our boat. I think as a result there was more people on board than could be handled at dinners. Dinners went on for 2-3 hours just because the staff couldn't deal with all the guests. The good itself was fine when it finally arrived.

    Boat: My Story

  • R. Bass 3 years ago

    We had a problem with sewage odor in our room - which they boat crew was unable to fix - Also room was hot and we had to use a fan. When we complained to Rad and Reisen about the temperature they denied that the AC was not working. We complained to Rad and Reisen and they issued us a 10% refund which Tripsite matched. We appreciated your concern attentiveness to these problems and you willingness to offer some compensation.

    Despite these problems, overall the trip was great - good people, great rides and beautiful scenery and points of interest. We would definately book another trip with your company, but not with Rad and Reisen.

    Boat: My Story

  • K. Sattler 3 years ago

    Only thing missing was quality wifi on the boat. The trip more than met our expectations

    Boat: My Story

  • J. Wagemakers 3 years ago

    This adventure was more than we expected. The boat was very well equipped, and our cabin was comfortable and larger than we expected. The staff was very friendly and dealt with all of our needs, and the meals were fabulous. Our bikes were well maintained and were well suited for the route we rode. The scenery was amazing and we come home with a collection of pictures and memories.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • K. Kehrberg 3 years ago

    The itinerary was excellent. A nice blend of bike routes and city site seeing along the way. We spent a couple days in Vienna before the trip and then used our Vienna day to bike on the island. Glad we didn't have to cram Vienna into a few hours. It was our cruise director's first trip and his enthusiasm was greater than his organizational skills in his presentations.

    Boat: My Story

  • R. Hennigan 3 years ago

    Our Normandie trip from Passau to Budapest was spectacular! The weather, the boat, the food, the fellow bikers, the countryside and the bikes were all a delight. We were also pleased to learn that our guide rode each day. He was very knowledgeable; however, under stress was verbally contentious and short with guests. It became almost comical and so we learned to stay out of his way during certain times of the day. Nevertheless, the trip was a dream and we thank-you!!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Vivien Watts 3 years ago

    Overall great trip, really loved it. Did feel the duration and arrival time in Vienna was disappointingly limited - nowhere near long enough to see sufficient in daylight hours.

    Unfortunately one major problem became apparent. The tour director was charming and affable when presenting to an audience, but his manner often vacillated (changed) when talking with individuals. On many occasions he was rude and dismissive, including sometimes making derogattory comments. Due to his public persona (welcoming and friendly), I was really shocked by this. At times he gave the impression that he was putting on an act, that he really did not like or enjoy his job and the guests were an infuriating annoyance to him. Even allowing for tiredness and stress, I do not think there is any excuse for rudeness to friendly (and paying) customers. I was not the only one to observe his changeable attitude or bear the brunt of his dismissive rudeness. As it wasn't possible to pick what his Read more… response would be (ie positive or negative), I only spoke to him when spoken to. I shudder to think of his treatment of the genuinely lovely and diligent cleaners and kitchen staff. Perhaps it's time for Leslie to retire.

    Boat: My Story

  • Judy Lucas 3 years ago

    As this was our 1st bike and boat experience, we did not know what to expect. We are recreational cyclists, not cycling fanatics, and were very happy with this trip and look forward to saving up to do another similar adventure.

    I do have 2 comments. The meal situation. It was disappointing not to have the opportunity to mix with more of the passengers as we were at a table by ourselves and had to stay at this table for every meal - even breakfast - every day. As it was a breakfast buffet and not everyone arrives for breakfast at the same time, being free to sit wherever, would definitely encourage more socializing amongst all passengers. Also, some nights, even though the staff was definitely hustling, it took more than 2 hours to be served our main course. It would seem that a few more staff members could help with this loooong wait after a long tiring day.

    Also, there was a definite, obvious bias each day towards the larger group of German speaking passengers Read more… when it came to the briefing on the bike route. They were always briefed first and always went over the allotted time leaving the briefing for the English speaking passengers a very rushed affair, leaving no time for clarifications and a late start each day. This did result in some people getting lost. Alternating which group was briefed first might alleviate this problem.

    Having said this, it was a tremendous trip and I would definitely recommend it to any recreational cyclist. Wonderful scenery with fantastic suggested rest stops made it an exceptional adventure. Thank you for all your help in making this a superb, memorable experience. Your service was outstanding. Thank you again.

    Boat: My Story

  • Deborah Waldo 3 years ago

    Food was not we are accustomed to on trips of this type.

    Boat: My Story

  • Anna Brasier 3 years ago

    Ship broke down and we were bused to Budapest vs cycling in, that was disappointing, but not to be helped. Jurgen our guide was very good.

    Boat: My Story

  • Susan Oman 3 years ago

    I liked the ease of being in a larger boat vs a small barge. There was plenty of room in the lounge and other public places so we could get some quiet time. Also a little more anonymity on the larger boat and self guiding was fun.

    Boat: My Story

  • Leslie Kerluke 3 years ago

    Enjoyed the trip fully but thought there could have been a little better information on riding and expected timeline for rides, as we often rode faster than necessary and didn't know we could stop along the way for sight seeing etc. Our cycle guide was very nice but did not have all the information to answer our questions or help us to maximize our sight seeing experience.

    Boat: My Story

  • Elise Manners 3 years ago

    The whole trip was fantastic! I have already recommended it to many of my friends and one group have already booked a trip for next year!

    Boat: My Story

  • Susan Martin 3 years ago

    There was a mixup checking in to the cabins on the boat. The boat staff assigned us different rooms than the vouchers from TripSite indicated. Glad I had my voucher, otherwise we wouldn't have been placed in the upper deck room we paid for. I think the mixup affected everyone in our group of 12, and unfortunately some people were not as fortunate as we were and ended up in lower deck cabins when they reserved upper deck ones.

    Boat: My Story

  • Steve VanderWeide 3 years ago

    We did have rain quite a few days on her trip. But we were prepared and so we wore our raingear. Our guide Pieter, was very good at watching the weather and getting us inside or out of the rain if he could

    Boat: My Story

  • Bill Fleshman 3 years ago

    This is the 3rd travel group I've put together through tripsite and each was very enjoyable. My groups ranged in size from 3 to 12. The first was a land bike trip in Provence, France and the next two were bike and boat trips on the Mozel and the Danube. I am not associated with a tour company but found working with Tripsite personnel, Mary, Carla and others, to be easy even for a novice like me to put together such trips. I have worked with other agencies but have found Tripsite to be more "reachable" and available at any time I had questions. I will continue to use them for future group and individual trips.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Patricia Scullin 3 years ago

    There was a chemical odor in the hallway outside our room, and the food was not good.

    Boat: My Story

  • Ronald Allard 3 years ago

    Was not always easy to "stay on course" on the bike tours. Directions and/or course markings could have been better.

    Boat: My Story

  • Carol Reimann 3 years ago

    Awesome experience! Can't wait to plan my next adventure with you.

    Boat: My Story

  • Julie Kummel jkummel@rain.org 3 years ago

    Some of the routes were complicated, but we had good backup from our staff, and possibility of getting lost was reduced considerably. The bikes were in excellent condition, the staff were friendly and very knowledgeable--it was a very enjoyable trip and I would do it again.

    Boat: My Story

  • Doug Okey 3 years ago

    Have recommended the 2 trips we did to all our friends and they are very keen to go.

    Boat: My Story

  • Michael Sudheer 3 years ago

    A wonderful experience made even better by the friendly and so very helpful staff. Thank you!

    Boat: My Story

  • Steve Slinkard 3 years ago

    Guides should have provided a little more detail (distance between turns, landmarks, areas to pay extra attention, etc)

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Art Shotwell 3 years ago

    My wife & I had a wonderful four country bike-boat trip on the Danube. Saw wonderful little towns, met good friends on the trip, and enjoyed good food and wine.

    Boat: My Story

  • Gail Black 3 years ago

    I enjoyed staying put at night better than the barge moving at night. We have done both and I enjoy walking around in the evening.I also would not have so many ferry crossings in the next trip. Puts a time factor in the ride.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Sandra Stocks 3 years ago

    Despite nasty weather conditions, which no one can control, the crew made our trip fun and exciting.

    Boat: My Story

  • Kristi Sinkus 3 years ago

    AC did not work
    BargeBoat needed updating
    Crew was accommodating
    but moody
    Overall my biking experience was terrific!"

    Boat: My Story

  • Rafael Camarota 3 years ago

    My wife and I enjoyed eating off the boat. It was our choice to have more local flare and maximize time off boat. It did feel wasteful. It would be great if there was a reduced meals option or an option to "donate" meals or value of meals to charity.

    Boat: My Story

  • Gary Saelens 3 years ago

    Great bike/boat trip along the Danube!

    Boat: My Story

  • Mary Anne Gilbert 3 years ago

    This trip is for the person who does not want any surprises. There was nothing wrong with the food or the bikes or the staff. However there was also no sense of discovery, as every detail of your day was planned out for you, what to order when you stopped for lunch at the only place recommended, what sights to see in the cities, etc. I personally like to explore along the way and take my time in the countryside. This is the only Tripsite trip I have taken that has left me feeling a bit let down, and I have taken several.

    Boat: My Story

  • Kathleen Josten 3 years ago

    The captain crew and trip leaders all went out of their way to make us feel at home and special. The bikes were ready when they needed to be. The dinners were ready on time. We were prepared for the next day's ride. I could not ask for a better experience! The My Story crew and Lesley as trip leader were the best!

    Boat: My Story

  • Sandra Dusseault 3 years ago

    The guide was awful. We would only stop when he wanted to, and that was on the side of the path so that he could have a cigarette. When we suggested a stop in a small village, or somewhere interesting, he would say no. When I told him that I was going to go ahead on my own, he spoke to me like I was a child, telling me I was to stay with the group. The route descriptions in the evening were excellent...the main guide was fantastic, it was just the guide that we paid extra for that soured our trip.
    The boat was great, the staff was phenomenal. Our rooms were really good, an incredibly clean.

    Boat: My Story

  • Joseph Rine 3 years ago

    Boat and staff were fantastic. Daily rides were good, but routes could have been better. The Devlin loop circled us around several gravel dikes for about 10 miles. Trails were rough and not well marked. But there were miles of great bike paths along the Danube that we motored past on the boat....

    Boat: My Story

  • Kathryn Smith 3 years ago

    The tour guide, Jan (not sure of the spelling) was amazing! He was funny, helpful and friendly. All the logistics with the bike stuff worked very smoothly.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Paul Finger 3 years ago

    We couldn't be happier. Everyone from the trip "arrangers" to all the personnel on the barge could not have been more helpful. This was our first trip like this, everything was superb.

    Boat: My Story

  • Susan Joe 3 years ago

    Would have been nice to have a guide but our trip was the last of the season so no guide was available.

    Boat: My Story

  • Jill Roach 3 years ago

    We loved everything about this trip. The bikes were in excellent condition, the cruise director was very helpful, the boat's staff was super attentive. The boat is definitely older but it was very clean and we loved having drinks on the top deck every night under the stars. My two teens had a great time as well and the staff was wonderful to them. The scenery was incredible and the tour excursions were a great value and well worth it.

    Boat: My Story

  • Diana Collins 3 years ago

    Even with the age of the boat (1970's!!), we totally enjoyed the cruise. The staff was great and the food was wonderful. The bikes were comfortable and in good repair.

    Boat: My Story

  • Maureen Molony 3 years ago

    We had a great time, the staff worked very hard to please, and it was a very good trip.

    Boat: My Story

  • Janet Creighton 3 years ago

    Everything was great. The only thing we didn't like was the guide we had for our guided tour. All other staff were fantastic.

    Boat: My Story

  • Lois Farmer 3 years ago

    At times the trip leading gave incomplete information regarding routes, detours and conditions although the German speaking people received better information - he should use a specific outline when giving such information to be sure it is complete.

    The food was great except for the Wiener Schnitzel which was not interesting at all. A real disappointment in fact. (I have traveled to Austria often and know a less than impressive meal when I receive it.)

    I had booked an extra night in Passau but could not use it due to airline delays. I called Tripsite which could not reimburse me, which I understand. However, I have twice requested a statement from them that I cannot be reimbursed so that I can use it for my trip insurance - I still have not received it.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Don Beck 3 years ago

    Trip of a lifetime! My Story boat a bit dated, but the entire staff was wonderful!

    Boat: My Story

  • Lori Cicero 3 years ago

    We enjoyed our trip immensely and recommend it to everyone! The boat was nice, just vintage. The bike routes were well thought out, relatively easy and well marked. Some meals on the ship were good and a couple were not. We preferred eating out on the sightseeing days anyways. Overall it was a great value for the overall price. Can't wait to do another one in a different country!

    Boat: My Story

  • Don Hyland 3 years ago

    A great way to travel on the Danube from Passau to Budapest and back. Our 4 days of biking were on well marked and scenic trails. Glad to have the opportunity to climb the hill overlooking the Danube Loop. Loved biking through small towns such as Melk, Durnstein and Krems. Would recommend this trip on the MS MY STORY.

  • Kimberley McEwan 3 years ago

    We loved the Along the Danube cycling trip. The entire tour was very well organized and we really had no complaints. It was a great way to travel and sightsee several countries and the Fall was a great time of year. We are planning our next cycling trip already.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Deborah Stone 3 years ago

    Accommodations were too cramped. Our first boat trip had more adequate rooms.
    Breakfast was great but supper was so so. Not good vegetarian options .

    Boat: My Story

  • Alan Robson 3 years ago

    Great tour down the Danube.

    Boat: My Story

  • Ken Scheske 3 years ago

    We have recommended this trip to all of our cycling friends, it was one of the best trips we ever had in Europe - and we have had a lot. So far we have cycled in Scotland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark and Sweden and then of course the barge trip. Keep up the good work, would love to do another one.

    Boat: My Story

  • Sue Ernst 3 years ago

    I've passed your site along to others.

    Boat: My Story

  • Pam Davis 3 years ago

    Great trip!

    Boat: My Story

  • Dennis Marshall 3 years ago

    Great value for money. Barge had broken airconditioning for 24hours+ so was unpleasant for a while. Highly recommend this trip to anyone as a great balance between active and passive holidaying. Stay overnight in key cities for 2 nights would be better, eg> Vienna. Thank you.

    Boat: My Story

  • Janis Benedict 3 years ago

    Wonderful bike trip along the Danube. Have already recommended to several friends. Look forward to doing another trip. Prefer the self-guided, plenty of time to stop and take photos.

    Boat: My Story

  • Carolyn Myers 3 years ago

    This was a wonderful trip - we took our 17 year old grandson and he had a great time with the bicycling and visiting the cities along the route. The staff on the barge was so kind and helpful and the food was outstanding!! The bicycle leader was very well versed in the route and explained the itinerary every evening. We love to take Barge and Bike trips and have taken several Tripsite trips - enjoyed them all.

    Boat: My Story

  • Kathy Showers 3 years ago

    We loved the trip! The route and scenery was amazing and we will cherish the friends we made. This tour wasn't posh - it was an active tour - I'd rather get out and experience the culture from the seat of a bicycle than from the deck of my suite. The staff was first class, food was good and the room adequate. I couldn't ask for more beautiful and safe routes each day but got lost once. My husband, who was a bit hesitant about riding 25 miles each day, did great, and is ready to plan the next trip! Tripsite was very professional and helped with all questions and concerns. We will take our next cycling trip in the next few years and will use Tripsite! Thanks!

    Boat: My Story

  • Claudia Bonomi 3 years ago

    The guide Mr. Leslie was extremely eficiente, the routes very thoughtful and well signposted. I considered it a fascinating experience!

    Boat: My Story

  • Joyce Lear 3 years ago

    I thought we would bike every day, not a problem, but it would have been nice to know.

    Boat: My Story

  • Susan Martin 3 years ago

    Upon boarding, there was confusion regarding our room assignments. All 12 of us in our party were assigned different rooms than our vouchers indicated, even on different decks. Fortunately, the cruise director was able to sort everything out, but not without some angst on the part of the hotel manager, who was in the midst of boarding all the passengers at the start of the trip.

    Boat: My Story

  • Kathy Showers 3 years ago

    I felt bad the employees hadn't had a break since the beginning of the season. Leslie the tour director was burnt out. He was a little defensive when we mentioned some of the route was poorly signed. Many people missed some turns. Other than that we loved the tour, food, staff and have recommended this to many friends!

    Boat: My Story

  • Terry Hill 3 years ago

    Excellent trip. Look forward to trying another one.

    Boat: My Story

  • Linda Nicoli 3 years ago

    Only hitch in the whole experience was confusion when we arrived at the boat for check in. In our group of twelve, those who had paid extra for upper deck rooms were assigned lower deck rooms and vice versa, causing a few flared tempers and a less than welcoming start to our excursion. After that was sorted out everything went smoothly. We liked some of the extra excursions more than others but the biking was really the highlight of the trip. Biking through the Wachau Valley with vineyards climbing the mountains on either side, many with castles on top, through charming villages - priceless!

    Boat: My Story

  • Beverly Rudeen 3 years ago

    With 100 passengers & half German speaking/half English speaking I would recommend 2 guides instead of one. At times our guide seemed overwhelmed with questions, assistance, etc....

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Mary Anne Gilbert 3 years ago

    I had a good time on this trip, however, there was not enough time on the bicycle. As well, compared to the other biking trips we have taken, this one was very dependent on time. We did not have all day to get to the next spot. I felt rushed on three of the days, and we only biked on four. Also you lose the sense of discovery when every spot is picked out for you ahead of time, as to where to eat, shop, etc. The cruise staff were wonderful, but it seems to me that they think people only want to see cities, whereas I love the countryside and the villages. I would not do a combined boat and bike again.

    Boat: My Story

  • Susan Viggiano 3 years ago

    Great way to do an active vacation. Will definitely book again!!

    Boat: My Story

  • Kimberley McEwan 3 years ago

    The Bike and Barge cycling trip was a great way to experience new countries. The cycling paths along the Danube are excellent and the riding was very enjoyable. We will be looking at other bike and barge options through Tripsite.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Janet Humphrey 3 years ago

    They need to provide better maps or route sheets. Manager of the boat (Peter) was very unfriendly and sometimes rude.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Brenda Alberico 3 years ago

    Would be helpful if bikes had water cages

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Merle Brinkman 3 years ago

    Thanks for providing us with a lifetime of memories.

    Boat: My Story

  • Jim Watson 3 years ago

    Overall we had an outstanding trip. The boat was a little better than we expected but very well maintained and managed by the staff and crew. Leslie, our cruise director, was fabulous. I think we overwhelmed the boat with our large group and American ways. Leslie did a great job of balancing our fun trip and the ship's need to do their jobs in a certain way. We will definitely look to Tripsite for another boat/bike adventure in the years to come.

    Boat: My Story

  • Marilyn Kerfoot 3 years ago

    Main reasons for not recommending: Too many people. I would prefer a smaller group especially for lunches and stops along the way. Too much time needed for logistics with such a large group. (That being said, Leslie and the crew did a great job being as efficient as possible with this given the numbers involved.) The trip was marketed as meals all included. However, it was clear that we were "expected" to eat lunch at restaurants during our biking days. That would have been okay except we were always at the same place as dozens of other people (mostly people from our own boat who had not elected to take the guided trip option) so that the experience was not at all enjoyable. The restaurant staff were obviously harried at having to deal with such a large group at one time.
    We always seemed to be in a rush to get back to the boat before its departure. I hadn't realized that the boat would have such a tight schedule to get from one docking point to Read more… another. I would have paid slightly more to have better food. There was way too much pork served; I felt starved for good quality, fresh vegetables by the time the tour ended.

    Boat: My Story

  • Don Beck 3 years ago

    The crew on My Story were amazing! Lesley the cruise director did a great job as did the entire staff. Five star service!

    Boat: My Story

  • Robert Vinton 3 years ago

    Food was only average. Breakfast buffet was good, but the dinners were mixed. If you could find a way to upgrade the dinners, that would be great and worth more money. For biking trips, given it is a healthy, active crowd, even more healthy meal preparations would likely be welcomed. We did appreciate the vegetarian options though Vegan would also be nice. Overall a wonderful trip though, we enjoyed it very much.

    Boat: My Story

  • Peter Parnegg 3 years ago

    I know you know this, but the My Story is an old boat. Our bathroom smelled really bad. The food was average. The staff was incredible. The biking was spectacular. Leslie, our tour manager could not have been better. This was an incredible trip and it was a great value because the boat was old it wasn't very expensive. The folks at tripsite we excellent as well.

    Boat: My Story

  • Deborah Stone 3 years ago

    We were to have 1 rest day in Vienna but had 2 rest days. The second being Budapest. We liked the city but would have preferred to see more of Hungary from our bikes. My husband is not an historic buff so was bored with sight seeing.

    Boat: My Story

  • Joseph Hludzenski 3 years ago

    Our group was more than well treated. The staff and officers on the barge went out of their way to help us and make the entire trip one to remember. The tour director really put himself out for everyone on board. He even helped us to solve a problem after we had left the boat at the end of the trip. It was outstanding.

    Boat: My Story

  • Diane Malone 3 years ago

    Yes, yes, I would and have recommended this trip to friends. It was very relaxing, fun, offering beautiful scenery, helpful staff! visiting the small villages was a treat. The route and route guide was user friendly. Hope to bike this way again soon.

    Boat: My Story

  • Howard Christie 3 years ago

    Trip maps were difficult to decipher in some cases and needed more explanation. There were too many questions of ""which way do we go?, we must have missed our turn, where's the ferry?

    Why couldn't we get a cup of coffee or tea before 7am or 4pm? Why couldn't we get a beer in the lounge right after returning from ride? Why couldn't we drop off our panniers before 4 on Friday when the man in charge was sitting at his desk doing nothing? The crew for the most part was accommodating but the Teutonic influence was in evidence too often, and I am 50% German. My grandfather having served for Germany in the First World War.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Patricia Scullin 3 years ago

    The food could be a lot better, and we would even pay more. Other than that the trip was lovely.

    Boat: My Story

  • Joe Rine 3 years ago

    Wow! Last year we did a bike and barge; Koblenz to Saarburg on the Patria and loved it. This tour on the MV Story was even better. Boat was a bit more upscale, food and service was better; and the biking along the Danube was beautiful. The City visits were very good.
    The hotel Manager on the boat, Paval, was tremendous. And under his leadership the rest of the staff was also very, very good.
    My wife rented an E Bike which was well worth the money. The 21 speed I got was also very nice for a comfort bike.
    The other guests were also great!

    Boat: My Story

  • Tess Tholstrup 3 years ago

    What I didn't like was the fact that the ships organisers would have known that the Water levels in the Danube would not be sufficient for the boat to moor in Budapest long before they told us. I feel that we weren't told as it would have put in jeopardy people attending the trip.

    Otherwise everything else exceeded my expectations. The only staff member who could have done better was the guy in charge of the bike courses.

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Margaret Collins 4 years ago

    The four country tour on the My Story was an amazing adventure. From the time we boarded the boat til the last evening it was very well organized. The staff were friendly and fun and helpful. The bikes were comfortable and the staff made sure they fit each person. The bike rides each day were well planned with lots of information on the wonderful stops along the way. The meals were amazing with lots of choices.

    Thank you so much to trip site and the staff on the My Story for making our holiday a very memorable one. We enjoyed out trip so much we are looking forward to doing another one in the near future.

    Boat: My Story

  • Judi 5 years ago

    If you want a great bike-and-barge trip, the My Story "4 Country Tour" should be high on the list for consideration. All of the staff are polite, courteous and helpful, full of energy and enthusiasm to help make your trip a pleasure. We didn't have the best weather, but even so, the rides were beautiful, safe and fun. They were accurately described as easy to moderate and the morning briefings with the maps were most helpful. As an American, I was so impressed with the European bikeways, which are well maintained in all the countries visited. The staff, cruise director and hotel director were terrific and ready to help with any concerns. They saw to it everyone had a great time! The bike tour of Budapest and the music concert in Vienna were our favorite extra tours. I would recommend this trip for anyone who would like a vacation with exercise to work off the great food and who wants to see a lot of country in a short Read more… time.

    Boat: My Story

  • Jose Mª Duque Heras 5 years ago

    * Impresión general: muy buena, satisfechos con la organización

    * el equipo entregado y la infraestructura muy buena

    * personal y atención : buenos

    * régimen de comida muy bien

    * rutas programadas: muy adecuadas, fáciles y atractivas

    * como aspecto negativo: falta de guias en español

    Gracias por todo

    Boat: My Story

  • Wendy Davey 5 years ago

    What a fantastic trip. From the moment we were on board we knew it was going to be well organised and professional. The barge "My Story" was always very clean and the food was fantastic along with the staff very helpful and accommodating. The cycling along the Danube was picture perfect. All the extra tours were well organised. Wonderful memories! Thankyou.

    Boat: My Story

  • Marilyn Kuntze 5 years ago

    I did the four country tour along the Danbue with 11 others. We booked through Tripsite. From the beginning I was impressed with the friendly and professional backup from the staff. The trip was better than expected. The boat "My Story" -friendly staff, delicious Food, nice atmosphere. We had good weather, tours well explained and organized with no time pressure. My husband and I did the trip six years ago and enjoyed it and recommended it to friends and Family in the USA. I believe that all were very pleased with everything, This is ideal for a bike that is doing something like this for the first time.

    Boat: My Story

    • Annette Horner 9 months ago

      Hi, I hope this is the Marilyn (Roos) Kuntze I am looking for! I have tried to contact you for several years through the only email address I had for you. Obviously, it no longer works. Please contact me, I would love to reconnect with you! Annette (Caldwell) Horner

  • Dean Pond 5 years ago

    We have just returned from your four country tour on My Story. We were very satisfied with the accommodation despite a malfunction the last night which resulted in our being moved to another room. Our accommodation was kept extremely clean and the staff were very accommodating. We enjoyed the cycling and found the day to day schedule manageable. Although this was only the second week of operation for the season with a new staff, the meals were well prepared and quite enjoyable. We were seated with other English speaking travellers and it was interesting comparing the day's cycling and sightseeing. We will certainly consider another bike-boat tour.

    Boat: My Story

  • Barb Adams 6 years ago

    Our group had a WONDERFUL time. I am one of six who went to celebrate 20 years of biking together. I loved all the rides, but the ride on the last day Krem-Melk was the best! I liked the fact that the cruise director had everything lined out for the rides and actually went with us. He also pointed out good places to stop along the way for local treats. I loved going to the small villages along the way, especially Vac in Hungary. I also liked all the activiities the boat crew had planned, a music quiz contest, skits and dancing on the last night and Roland on the piano-organ. The food on the boat was so delicious; something to celebrate each country we were in. It waas wonderful touring through Budapest and Vienna. I highly recommend this trip!

    Boat: My Story

  • Paula Wickstrom 6 years ago

    It was a wonderful bike & barge tour- we biked about 168 miles in 6 days; the trails were great and easy to ride with beautiful scenery along the way. We started out with great breakfasts and ended with fabulous dinners. Met many nice people on the "My Story" barge. Great experience all around.

    Boat: My Story

  • Jan Engwer 6 years ago

    This was a fabulous trip - even better than what I expected. We were able to spend a fair amount of time in most of the major cities and the bike trails took us through some gorgeous countryside, and there were many quaint villages along the way where we were able to shop and dine. The bike trails were wide, paved and level, and a couple of the longer routes offered shorter options by taking a ferry to cut off some of the distance. The entire "My Story" experience was delightful. The captain and all the crew members were very accommodating and friendly, the other guests were fun and young-at-heart, the rooms and beds were comfortable and clean, and the food was exquisite!!! The daily biking trips were well-planned and organized, and the extra tours, particularly the biking tours through Vienna and Budapest, were well worth the money. Even the weather cooperated nicely - we had sunshine every day and temperatures in the 70's (Fahrenheit). Perfect weather for Read more… biking.

    Boat: My Story

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Along the Danube - Four Country Tour Boats + Barges

MS Normandie Photo

MS Normandie Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia Comfort Class Boat New bicycles for the 2019 season Last refurbished in 2011, the MS Normandie has a total of forty-nine 2-bed cabins and two single cabins with one bed. The cabins are equipped with two lower beds, shower / toilet, shampoo and soap, TV, safe, hairdryer, central air conditioning and panoramic windows. The windows on the upper deck can be opened. The beds during the day turn into sofas. The 1-bed cabins have a lower bed. On the upper deck you will find the cozy Panorama Lounge with bar and on the main deck, a lovely restaurant.

MS Carissima Photo

MS Carissima Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary Comfort Plus Class Boat A deluxe vessel for touring along the Danube, the Carissima offers an inviting and comfortable atmosphere on board that will make your journey unforgettable!

MS Arlene II Photo

MS Arlene II France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary Comfort Plus Class Boat The MS Arlene II, formerly the Arlene, was upgraded before the 2018 season. All cabins on the vessel are outside featuring en-suite facilities with shower and hair dryer, TV, safe, and individually controlled air-conditioning.