Durnstein in the Wachau Valley, Krems-Land, Lower Austria. Danube River bike tour. Photo courtesy of Radundreisen-Eurocycle

Egg painting at the Folk House in Kalocsa, Hungary. Photo via Flickr:Gary Bembridge
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Along the Danube-Iron Gates

Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania Bike + Barge Tours

Six countries, four capitals, and the Iron Gates National Park

  • We are pleased to offer this adventure-packed bike and boat tour through six countries with widely differing cultures that reveal the beauty of the majestic Danube River in all its glory and diversity.

    You will discover the breath-taking natural scenery of the Iron Gates, one of the most spectacular gorges in Europe and the vast expanse of the Pannonian plains. You will cycle through the Danube Bend in Hungary and the breadbaskets of Croatia and Serbia, through idyllic wine-growing regions, and past commanding fortresses, high above the river!

    Belgrade, the “white city”, is on the agenda, as well as bewitching Budapest, the “Paris of the East”. You will marvel at the baroque palaces in the picturesque Old Town of Bratislava and the elegant charm of Vienna, the city of the waltz.

    Scenic and cultural highlights, excellent food and a crew that caters to your every whim, guarantee that your cycling holiday will be a unique and unforgettable experience.


    • The four capital cities along the Danube, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade
    • The mighty canyon of the Iron Gates National Park is the highlight of this cycling holiday
    • Kalocsa, the “Paprika Capital” and center of folk art
    • The commanding citadel Petrovaradin
    • Novi Sad, the magnificent capital of the Vojvodina
    • The basilica in Esztergom, the biggest church in Hungary
    • The Drava-Nemzeti National Park
    • The picturesque countryside of the Danube Bend
    • The fabulous Wachau region with its vineyards and castles
  • 2017

    Theodor Körner

    ECO (Bunk Bed) £ 1080 $ 1,679 1115 NOK 11336 kr 10464 $ 1,360 £ 1367 $ 2,127 1412 NOK 14355 kr 13251 $ 1,723    -------
    2-bed £ 1367 $ 2,127 1412 NOK 14355 kr 13251 $ 1,723 £ 1658 $ 2,579 1712 NOK 17405 kr 16066 $ 2,089 £ 1754 $ 2,729 1812 NOK 18422 kr 17005 $ 2,211
    Junior Suite  ----- £ 2045 $ 3,181 2112 NOK 21472 kr 19820 $ 2,577 £ 2045 $ 3,181 2112 NOK 21472 kr 19820 $ 2,577
    ECO (Bunk Bed) for
    single use
    £ 1563 $ 2,431 1614 NOK 16409 kr 15147 $ 1,969 £ 1995 $ 3,103 2060 NOK 20943 kr 19332 $ 2,513     -------
    2-bed for 
    single use
    £ 2051 $ 3,190 2118 NOK 21533 kr 19877 $ 2,584 £ 2430 $ 3,780 2510 NOK 25518 kr 23555 $ 3,062 £ 2576 $ 4,006 2660 NOK 27043 kr 24963 $ 3,245
    Triple cabin   £ 1754 $ 2,729 1812 NOK 18422 kr 17005 $ 2,211

    Port charges: £ 96 $ 149 99 NOK 1007 kr 929 $ 121



    Season 1 (S1): September
    Season 2 (S2): June/August

    Theodor Körner

     MainUpper Promenade
    S1: Eco cabin (Bunk bed) £ 1111 $ 1,728 1147 NOK 11661 kr 10764 $ 1,399 £ 1398 $ 2,175 1444 NOK 14681 kr 13551 $ 1,762  ---
    S1: 2-bed cabin £ 1398 $ 2,175 1444 NOK 14681 kr 13551 $ 1,762 £ 1689 $ 2,627 1744 NOK 17731 kr 16367 $ 2,128 £ 1785 $ 2,777 1844 NOK 18747 kr 17305 $ 2,250
    S1: Junior Suite--- £ 2076 $ 3,229 2144 NOK 21797 kr 20121 $ 2,616 £ 2076 $ 3,229 2144 NOK 21797 kr 20121 $ 2,616
    S2: Eco cabin (Bunk bed) £ 1207 $ 1,878 1247 NOK 12678 kr 11703 $ 1,521 £ 1495 $ 2,326 1544 NOK 15697 kr 14490 $ 1,884 ---
    S2: 2 bed cabin £ 1495 $ 2,326 1544 NOK 15697 kr 14490 $ 1,884 £ 1785 $ 2,777 1844 NOK 18747 kr 17305 $ 2,250 £ 1882 $ 2,928 1944 NOK 19764 kr 18244 $ 2,372
    S2: Junior Suite--- £ 2173 $ 3,380 2244 NOK 22814 kr 21059 $ 2,738 £ 2173 $ 3,380 2244 NOK 22814 kr 21059 $ 2,738

    ECO or 2-bed cabin for single use: surcharge applies!

    Port Charges: £ 96 $ 149 99 NOK 1007 kr 929 $ 121 (mandatory from age 12 up)


    Children's discounts available ages 3-12 years. Please ask

    Discount third person in Triple Cabin. Please ask


    extra options

    Extra night in Passau hotel3 star4 star
    Double/twin £ 54 $ 84 56 NOK 569 kr 526 $ 68 £ 62 $ 96 64 NOK 651 kr 601 $ 78
    Single £ 78 $ 122 81 NOK 824 kr 760 $ 99 £ 81 $ 127 84 NOK 854 kr 788 $ 102

    Munich to Passau 

    £ 68 $ 105 70 NOK 712 kr 657 $ 85 £ 115 $ 179 119 NOK 1210 kr 1117 $ 145

    Electric bike: £ 99 $ 154 102 NOK 1037 kr 957 $ 124 Helmet purchase: £ 24 $ 38 25 NOK 254 kr 235 $ 31 (payable on board)



    Extra night in Passau hotel3 star4 star
    Double/twin £ 55 $ 86 57 NOK 580 kr 535 $ 70 £ 63 $ 98 65 NOK 661 kr 610 $ 79
    Single £ 79 $ 124 82 NOK 834 kr 770 $ 100 £ 85 $ 133 88 NOK 895 kr 826 $ 107


    Munich - Passau £ 72 $ 111 74 NOK 752 kr 694 $ 90 £ 115 $ 179 119 NOK 1210 kr 1117 $ 145

    Electric bike: £ 97 $ 151 100 NOK 1017 kr 938 $ 122 Helmet purchase: (payable on board)

    please note

    Children's discounts available.

    Rates are based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    The closest international airport to your tour start and tour end is Munich International Airport

    Local Travel

    Train to Passau or take advantage of the optional airport transfers. For groups of 6, a collective private transfer is very cost effective.


    Don’t forget to request helmets and/or transfers with your booking!

Skill Level

This is an easy to moderate self guided bike and boat tour. The route mainly follows the EuroVelo #6 cycle path. In Austria, Slovakia and Hungary, the path is asphalted and the terrain is flat. In Serbia, the route follows a combination of country roads, with very little traffic, and designated cycle paths, not all of which are asphalted. There are significant hills on one stage of the route (Day 5 Baja-Mohacs) which does warrant a moderate rating. Remember that you can always stay on board!

Where You’ll Stay

On the comfort plus boat, the Theodor Korner

What’s Included

  • 14 nights in an outside air conditioned cabin with private bathroom
  • Captain’s cocktail reception
  • Cabins cleaned daily
  • Towels and bed linen
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch on board or packed lunch for cyclists, afternoon coffee and cake, dinner (choice of 2-3 main dishes), late night snack
  • Gala dinner with farewell cocktail
  • Crew Show
  • Daily live music
  • Tour guide on board (does not cycle with the group)
  • Daily information meeting
  • Detailed route booklet (one per cabin)
  • 21 speed touring bike equipped with pannier

What’s Not Included

  • Optional excursions
  • Drinks on board
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance
TypeSelf Guided
Length15 days
From1115 Rates
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Tour Dates

2017:  August 5, 2017

2018:  June 2, August 4, September 29, 2018

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Along the Danube-Iron Gates Map

Day 1: Passau
Day 2: Schlögen Danube Bend | Engelhartszell – Aschach, 26 mi. (42 km)
Day 3: Devin – Bratislava, 27 mi. (43 km)
Day 4: Budapest | Excursion to Szentendre, 34 mi. (54 km) (or rest day)
Day 5: Baja – Mohacs, 31 mi. (50 km) - (2018 - 37km)
Day 6: Belgrade (rest day)
Day 7: Cataract Canyons /Iron Gates National Park (rest day)
Day 8: Novi Sad – Ilok, 32 mi. (51 km) - (2018 - 48km)
Day 9: Apatin – Bezdan, 34 mi. (54 km) - (2018 Batina - Mohacs, 42km)
Day 10: Kalocsa – Solt, 28 mi. (45 km) - (2018 - 50km)
Day 11: Danube Bend – Esztergom, 27 mi. (43 km)
Day 12: Vienna (Bike excursion to Klosterneuburg, Danube Island…)
Day 13: Vienna (rest day)
Day 14: Wachau | Krems – Melk, 23 mi. (37 km)
Day 15: Passau

*All distances are approximate. The above-planned itinerary is subject to change due to changing wind and weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances having to do with mooring requirements, etc. 

Day 1: Passau
Embarkation is at 4.00 p.m. in Passau. Do note that the boat will depart at 5.00 p.m. so be prompt.  On board, you will enjoy a final view of the beautiful city of Passau as you glide serenely into the sunset, past dark green forests, before entering the lock at the Jochenstein power plant on the border between Germany and Austria.

Day 2: Schlögen Danube Bend | Engelhartszell – Aschach, 26 mi. (42 km)
Enjoy a delightful day’s cycling from Engelhartszell (Austria’s only Trappist monastery) through the ruggedly romantic Danube Bend at Schlögen. It is  one of the most beautiful sections of the river, lined with sleepy farming villages. Along the way, you can drop in at one of the many inviting cider taverns. Rejoin the ship in the idyllic market town of Aschach, with its long tradition of shipbuilding and shipping, before sailing into the night.

Day 3: Devin – Bratislava, 27 mi. (43 km)
A narrow cycle path runs along the Iron Curtain from the castle ruins in Devin to the splendid palace of Schloss Hof, which boasts one of the most magnificent baroque gardens in Europe. There follows a stretch of untouched countryside and a short time later, you arrive in the vibrant city of Bratislava. The miniature train tour of the Slovakian capital in which Hungarian kings were once crowned (optional) begins with a glorious view from the fortress perched on a hill overlooking the city and ends with a walk through the beautifully restored historic city centre.

Day 4: Budapest | Excursion to Szentendre, 34 mi. (54 km) (or rest day)
Savour the entrance to Budapest and the stunning views of the city‘s most famous buildings as this is a site to behold. You will have the option to discover the city that straddles the Danube on a guided tour (optional) or take a detour to the delightful little town of Szentendre with its many artists and galleries. Get a taste of the fiery Hungarian temperament at a Hungarian folklore show with traditional music and folk dance accompanied by wine and hearty local food (optional).

Day 5: Baja – Mohacs, 31 mi. (50 km) - (2018 - 37km)
From the quiet baroque town of Baja that is famous for its fish soup, you’ll cycle along the flood protection dykes in the Gemenc floodplain, through sleepy river landscapes past fields of sunflowers. At the end of today’s stage, you take the ferry to the little town of Mohacs, Hungary’s most southerly town on the Danube and  the site of two battles with the Ottoman Turks. *You will encounter some hilly terrain on today's route so the biking is more moderate in difficulty.

Day 6: Belgrade (rest day)
Explore the fun-loving Serbian capital at the confluence of the Save and the Danube by bike or bus, take a journey in time from the past to the present and learn about the rise and fall of Yugoslavia (optional). In the evening, Belgrade is bathed in a sea of light. Visit a colourful folklore show with traditional dances from all parts of the country, followed by typical regional specialities in the well-known bohemian district of Skadarlija with lively folk music from a Serbian band (optional).

Day 7: Cataract Canyons /Iron Gates National Park (rest day)
Experience the stunning fjord-like landscape at close quarters from the ship’s deck. The river cuts through the Romanian Carpathian mountains and the mighty foothills of the Balkan mountain range. Showcased for you will be a spectacular landscape with steep gorges, dark forests with historic monuments and impregnable fortresses on the shores that are reflected in the blue waters of the river: this miracle of nature will take your breath away!

Day 8: Novi Sad – Ilok, 32 mi. (51 km) - (2018 - 48km)
The imposing Petrovaradin fortress perches high above the provincial capital of the Vojvodina. After cycling upstream along a flat cycle path you take a ferry to reach the gentle foothills of the Fruska Gora, with its orchards, vineyards and idyllic farming villages. Everything in the medieval town of Ilok revolves around wine. During an evening tour of the town, you will have the opportunity to sample some famous Serbian wines at a wine cellar (optional).

Day 9: Apatin – Bezdan, 34 mi. (54 km) 
Apatin beer is well-known throughout the western Balkan region. Cycle along the Danube Canal on idyllic paths lined by meadows and trees, and over country roads through the vast expanse of the Batschka (the area populated by Danube Swabians). Sombor is a small romantic town with buildings dating back to the Habsburg period. In the silk-damask workshop in Bezdan – the only one of its kind in Europe – fabric is still produced on the old looms using original 19th-century techniques.

2018 - DAY 9: Batina - Mohacs, 42km 

Start cycling through the never-ending „Backa“ through the small, idyllic villages and endless canola fields from Croatia to Serbia and Hungary. Farmers stop their work to greet you and now and then you will meet a carriage. You will experience an almost untouched nature at the Nemzeti National Park. After a ferry ride to Mohacs, there is enough time for a visit at the White Stork Museum or the memorial of the Battle of Mohacs.

Day 10: Kalocsa – Solt, 28 mi. (45 km) - (2018 - 50km)
Kalocsa is the “Paprika Capital” of Hungary and the character of the town is strongly influenced by colourful houses with hand-painted, bright floral patterns and the cathedral with its towers that can be seen even from a distance as they rise into the skies from the flat Hungarian plain. Visiting the Paprika Museum you’ll learn all there is to know about Hungary’s favourite spice. Continue your journey on the well-built cycle path along the flood protection dyke through the vast expanse of the puszta, and corn fields and orchards that stretch as far as the eye can see until you reach Solt, birthplace of the famous conductor Sir George Solti. Vecsey Castle and the library with some 34,000 books are especially worth seeing.

Day 11: Danube Bend – Esztergom, 27 mi. (43 km)
The Danube is framed by steep wooded hills as it flows through the picturesque, hilly landscape of the “Hungarian Wachau“. Set in the middle of the Danube, the delightful island of Szentendre radiates real puszta romance. As you continue your journey on idyllic cycle paths through picturesque villages you’ll be able to experience the Hungarian zest for life at first hand. The dome of the imposing basilica in Esztergom that sits high over the Danube can be seen from far and wide. Hungary’s largest church, with its Tuscan-style high altar and a side chapel with red marble walls, is especially worth seeing.

Day 12: Vienna (Bike excursion to Klosterneuburg, Danube Island…)
After so many action-packed days of cycling, you deserve some relaxation. Enjoy the breath-taking view of the idyllic floodplain forest of the Donauauen National Park and the impressive skyline as you sail into Vienna. Go for a ride on the Danube Island – Vienna’s favourite recreational area, cycle out to the nearby Klosterneuburg Abbey or wander through the idyllic vineyards on Kahlenberg (with magnificent views over the city and the Danube). The day ends traditionally with a concert of classic waltz and operetta music in a historic Viennese palace (optional).

Day 13: Vienna (rest day)
Discover Vienna: from the saddle on a guided bike tour or on your own with the HOP ON HOP OFF Bus (optional). Ride through the historic city centre at a leisurely pace and see the sights from close up. The magnificent Ringstraße will remind you of times long past and inviting coffee houses will tempt you with delicious Viennese cakes and pastries. Afterwards, there’s enough time to stroll through the quaint lanes or visit the Naschmarkt, a feast for the senses. End your day in Vienna in traditional fashion at a rustic wine tavern.

Day 14: Wachau | Krems – Melk, 23 mi. (37 km)
This final stage of your cycling tour can best be described as magical! The gentle hilly countryside of the Wachau with its picturesque villages, historic castles and palaces surrounded by apricot trees and terraced vineyards, is one of the loveliest stretches of the river. In Weißenkirchen the cycle path is lined with cosy vintner’s taverns and you should definitely treat yourself to a break here (optional wine tasting)!

Day 15: Passau
Enjoy the first rays of the sun and the early-morning tranquillity of the Danube valley one last time. Catch a final view of the Danube Bend at Schlögen – before you reach Passau, your heart bursting with memories and impressions. Disembarkation at approx. 10.00 a.m. Independent homeward travel. We recommend that you do not make any arrangements for onward connections departing before 11.00 a.m. To be on the safe side, later departure times would be even better.


Bratislava: City tour on a miniature train, walk through the historic city center
Budapest: City tour by bike or by HOP ON HOP OFF Bus
Budapest by night and folklore show in a Hungarian Csarda
Belgrade: City tour by bike or bus
Belgrade by night with Folklore Show
Novi Sad: City tour by bike (only 2017)
Ilok: Guided walk with wine-tasting at a wine cellar
Vienna: City tour by bike or bus,  Concert of waltz and operetta music in a historic Viennese palace (2018: Schonbrunn palace)
Wachau: Wine-tasting at a vintner in the Wachau

*Important Information:

In the case of flood or low tide, the shipping company reserves the right to bridge parts of passages with buses. In extreme situations, the shipping company reserves the right to cancel the journey on short notice. No legal right shall be constituted of both situations. (Water level is force majeure). The same applies for officially ordered - previously not announced - repair work on locks or bridges or in the case of undeserved breakdown of engine or power unit.

Please be aware that your ship,  like all other ships on the Danube, is not only your hotel for the tour,  but also a machine, working with engine power also during the night. Especially crossing locks and bridges - and the preparation work - may cause noise. If you are sensitive to noises, please bring your own ear plugs.

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Customer Feedback

  • Jim S. 2 weeks ago

    We traveled aboard the Theodor Korner, a classic river boat with loads of character and an extremely helpful and courteous staff. We enjoyed sharing the experience with fellow travelers we met on board. Dinners were great as were evenings spent on the deck relaxing with a drink and discussing the day's ride and excursions with our new friends. There is no better way to see and experience places - villages, cities, and rural countryside - than by bike and a boat and bike trip can't be beat for convenience and comfort. We also liked that this tour lasted for two weeks, allowing us to feel truly connected to the places we were visiting.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

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Along the Danube-Iron Gates Boats + Barges

Theodor Körner Photo

Theodor Körner Austria, Germany Comfort Plus Class Boat The MS THEODOR KÖRNER is a very spacious ship known for its comfortable and nostalgic atmosphere. The guest is treated like a king with the crew members doing their best to fulfill every wish