Begijnhof in Lier, province Antwerp in Belgium. Wikimedia Commons:Tavernsenses

Elaborate churches in Bruges, Belgium. Flickr:Olivier Duquesne
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Brussels to Bruges Bike and Boat Tour

Belgium Bike + Barge Tours

Bike and barge Belgium along the Schelde River

  • Bike and Barge in Belgium, in the heart of Europe! With three official languages (Flemish, French and German), Belgium is a culturally diverse country with a rich and varied history and an understated sophistication which makes it a charming country to visit and the perfect place for a bike and boat tour.

    It boasts a wealth of spectacular architecture, with many of its oldest buildings listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The renowned grand squares of Brussels and Bruges, with hundreds of museums, parks, restaurants, and bars will not fail to impress you.

    Belgium also has a proud tradition of fine art and the works of many well-known artists, from medieval masters such as Van Eyck to modern surrealists like Magritte.
    For lovers of the outdoors, Belgium's beautiful countryside offers a range of things to do.
    Most of all, Belgians know how to enjoy life to the full - their world-famous beers, chocolates, waffles, mussels, fries, and fine cuisine are a testament to this. It's never difficult to find a great place to eat or drink in any Belgian town or city.


    • Enjoy the best of Brussels
    • Vibrant Antwerp
    • Understated Ghent
    • Unesco world heritage listed Bruges
    • Small and picturesque Mechelen

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  • Feniks

    Premium twin cabin $ 2419 £ 1270 $ 2,166 1465 $ 2512 kr 15768 $ 1,656
    Regular twin cabin $ 2064 £ 1083 $ 1,848 1250 $ 2143 kr 13454 $ 1,413
    Single cabin $ 2584 £ 1356 $ 2,314 1565 $ 2683 kr 16845 $ 1,770
    Bunk bed cabin for twin use $ 1759 £ 923 $ 1,574 1065 $ 1826 kr 11463 $ 1,204


    Twin cabin $ 1807 £ 948 $ 1,617 1094 $ 1876 kr 11775 $ 1,237
    Twin cabin for single-use $ 2632 £ 1382 $ 2,356 1594 $ 2733 kr 17157 $ 1,802


    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental
    Feniks: $ 79 £ 42 $ 71 48 $ 82 kr 517 $ 54 Mecklenburg: $ 149 £ 78 $ 133 90 $ 154 kr 969 $ 102

    Beverage package (wine, beer, soda):
    Only available on the Feniks: $ 165 £ 87 $ 148 100 $ 171 kr 1076 $ 113

    Gluten-free or other special dietary requests: surcharge may apply. Please ask

    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Amsterdam or Brussels.

    Local Travel

    If you fly into Amsterdam, you can access the train station on the lower level of the airport. From there you will take a short train ride to Amsterdam Centraal, the main train station in Amsterdam. A train to Brussels Central is about 2 hours and 40 minutes with one transfer in Rotterdam Centraal. A train to Bruges is close to 4 hours with either one or two transfers. If you fly into Brussels, it is just a short train ride to Brussels Central from the airport and then you can take a taxi to the harbor. If your tour is beginning in Bruges, it is about an hour and a half train ride with one transfer in Brussels Midi.


    Please check local conditions before your arrival. Average high/low temperatures (°F) for Brussels: April 55°/40°, May 63°/47°, June 67°/52°, July 72°/56, August 72°/55°, and September 66°/52°.


    Before you travel, please check your country's passport and visa requirements and the passport and visa requirements of the country/countries you plan to visit. For US citizens, the US Department of State website is a good source of information. The Country Information tab in the International Travel section provides details about passport validity, blank passport pages required, etc. For our other international clients, please be sure that you research your own country's travel requirements. It is each traveler's responsibility to ensure proper documentation.

    *Important note: Beginning July 1, 2021, additional documentation from the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) will be required to visit any of the 26 Schengen-member countries for tourism, business, medical, or transit. This is an additional check on security rather than a visa.

Tour Dates


Comfort Class

Bruges to Brussels: July 11, 2020
Brussels to Bruges: July 18, 2020

Bruges to Brussels: May 16, June 27, July 11, August 8, and August 22, 2020
Brussels to Bruges: May 23, June 6, July 4, July 18, August 15, and August 29, 2020


Where You’ll Stay

Aboard the Comfort class boats, the Feniks or the Mecklenburg

What’s Included

  • Each boat varies slightly. Be sure to see what is included/not included on your boat.
  • Accommodation for 8 days/7 nights
  • Breakfast, packed lunches, and 7 three-course dinners
  • Coffee and tea on board during breakfast and in the afternoon
  • Welcome drink
  • All bed linens and towels
  • Daily cleaning of the cabin
  • 7-speed city touring bike with hand brakes and pedal brakes or hand brakes only (subject to availability, please specify), gel saddle, pannier, and lock
  • Bike protection
  • Daily briefings by multilingual tour leader
  • Fully guided cycling tours
  • Maps and notes for cycling tours (1 set per cabin)
  • GPS tracks
  • Wifi, signal strength and speed cannot be guaranteed and may not be what you are accustomed to
  • Accommodation for 8 days/7 nights
  • Breakfast, packed lunches, and 6 three-course dinners
  • Coffee, tea, and biscuits<
  • Afternoon snacks
  • All bed linens and towels
  • Daily cleaning of the cabin
  • 24-speed city touring bike with rear pannier, water cage and bottle, and frame lock
  • Helmets available
  • Tour guide
  • Laundry service (clothes are returned clean but not dry. Clothes can be hung mid ship)
  • Wifi, signal strength and speed cannot be guaranteed and may not be what you are accustomed to

What’s Not Included

  • Drinks
  • Coffee and tea on board at other hours
  • Helmet (not available on board)
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Entrance fees and excursions
  • Fees for ferries
  • City maps
  • Transfers to/from the docking place
  • Parking fees if applicable
  • Travel Insurance
Length8 days
From1094 Rates
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Skill Level

This is an easy, guided bike and boat tour with average daily distances between 24 and 33 miles (40 and 55 km).

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Brussels to Bruges Bike and Boat Tour Map

Each boat has a slightly different itinerary. Be sure to check your boat/itinerary below. All distances are approximate. The above-planned itinerary is subject to change, even on very short notice,  due to changing wind and weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances having to do with mooring requirements, docking location changes, lock repairs,  etc.

Bruges to Brussels

Day 1: Bruges
Day 2: Bruges, roundtrip to the North Sea, 33 mi. (55 km)
Day 3: Bruges - Moerebrugge | Moerebrugge - Oostende - Merelbeke (Ghent), 24 mi. (40 km)
Day 4: Merelbeke (Ghent) - Dendermonde, 29 mi. (48 km) Dendermonde - St. Amands
Day 5: St. Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 25 mi. (42 km)
Day 6: Antwerp - Lier - Willebroek, 27 mi. (45 km)
Day 7: Willebroek - Mechelen - Vilvoorde, 24 mi. (40 km) Vilvoorde - Brussels
Day 8: Brussels

Day 1: Bruges
Individual arrival in Bruges. The ship awaits you in the Bruges harbor. Embarkation and check-in is from 3 to 5 p.m. Before or after boarding take the opportunity to explore this lovely city of art, widely described as the “Venice of the North”. You can enjoy the ambiance of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historical center during a leisurely walk, take in the hustle and bustle of the Grote Markt square (Great Market square), visit one of Bruges many museums or simply enjoy the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city from the comfort of a sidewalk café.

Day 2: Bruges, roundtrip to North Sea, 33 mi. (55 km)
Your first day of cycling will take you through Damme, the birthplace of the impudent Middle Ages trickster Till Eulenspiegel, to the seaside resort of Blankenberge. Visit any one of numerous cafés and, if you want to cool down, enjoy a swim in the North Sea. After approx. 2 hours you will cycle back to Bruges and the ship.

Day 3: Bruges - Moerebrugge | Moerebrugge - Oostende - Ghent (Merelbeke), 24 mi. (40 km)
While you enjoy breakfast the barge will sail to Moerebrugge, departing at 8 am, where you will start your day’s cycling. With the historical city of Ghent your destination today you will cycle via Oostende along the Ghent-Oostende-canal through the beautiful Flemish landscape. The town center of Ghent features lovely illuminated streets that are a must to explore, while the architectural richness in the historical center of the city has to be seen to be believed. During the Middle Ages, after Paris, Ghent was the 2nd largest European city. The Gandalf will dock for the night at the Merelbeke lock, a suburb of Ghent and approx. 15 cycling minutes to the city center.

Day 4: Ghent (Merelbeke) - Dendermonde, 29 mi. (48 km) Dendermonde - St. Amands
After breakfast, you will cycle through a diverse landscape to Dendermonde which is located at the mouth of the Dender River where it flows into the Schelde River. Here you can enjoy some time off your bicycle with a coffee or a cup of tea at the beautiful Flemish Grote Market square. In the evening shipping to St. Amands one of the most beautiful and winding parts of the route on the river Schelde.

Day 5: St. Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 25 mi. (42 km)
Your cycle route for the day starts in St. Amands and takes you over the Brussels-Rupel canal and on to a historical brick factory situated between Boom and Niel where bricks have been manufactured since the Middle Ages. After cycling through the countryside to Rupelmonde and later Hemiksem you will finally reach Antwerp, your destination for the night. Antwerp is a harbor city situated on the river Schelde famous for handling up to 80% of the world’s rough diamonds. There are many highlights in the city to discover including the City Hall, one of several majestic buildings constructed during the Renaissance period, the historical City Square Grote Market, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral and the medieval Steen Castle.

Day 6: Antwerp - Lier - Willebroek, 27 mi. (45 km)
After breakfast, you will cycle through the leafy suburbs of Antwerp and past typical Belgian villas that feature beautiful trees, manicured gardens and picturesque facades to Lier. From here you cycle along the small river Nete and on to Willebroek where the ship will be waiting for you. When there is enough interest, a beer tasting will be held on board (to be paid on board).

Day 7: Willebroek - Mechelen - Vilvoorde, 24 mi. (40 km) Vilvoorde - Brussels
While the barge sets sail along the Willebroek canal, your final day’s cycling will see you pass through the picturesque countryside via Mechelen to Vilvoorde. Mechelen is a remarkable city that boasts more than 300 buildings that are historically listed. Of these, 8 are churches – all on less than 3 square kilometers! From Vilvoorde you will board the Gandalf for the trip to Brussels, where you can walk through the historical city center, visit the Grote Markt square (Great Market square), arguably Europe’s most beautiful medieval square lined with guild houses or marvel at the Gothic town hall.

Day 8: Disembarkation and departure


Brussels to Bruges

Day 1: Brussels
Day 2: Brussels - Vilvoorde | Vilvoorde - Mechelen - Willebroek, 24 mi. (40 km)
Day 3: Willebroek - Antwerp, 30 mi. (50 km)
Day 4: Antwerp - St. Amands | Dendermonde, 30 mi. (50 km) St. Amands - Dendermonde
Day 5: Dendermonde - Ghent (Merelbeke), 29 mi. (48 km)
Day 6: (Merelbeke) Ghent - Lovendegem - Bruges, 24 mi. (40 km)
Day 7: Tour around Bruges to the North Sea, 33 mi. (55 km)
Day 8: Bruges

Italicized sections reflect itinerary by boat.

Day 1: Brussels - Vilvoorde
Day 2: Vilvoorde - Mechelen - Willebroek
Day 3: Willebroek - Antwerp
Day 4: Antwerp
Day 5: Antwerp - St. Amands - Dendergem
Day 6: Dendergem - Ghent
Day 7: Ghent - Bruges
Day 8: Bruges

Daily distances on the Feniks average 40 - 45 km per day

Day 1: Brussels - Vilvoorde
Boarding between 12 and 2 pm.

Day 2: Vilvoorde - Mechelen - Willebroek
Sailing breakfast, then biking along the Zenne River to the historical town Mechelen. St. Rumbold's Tower is Mechelen's centerpiece,  a towering 15th-century cathedral, 318 feet (97 meters) and more than 500 steps high. Climbing to the top will be rewarded with a magnificent view over Mechelen and a glimpse of other cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, and Leuven. The cathedral is also home to some incredible art. In the luminous baroque interior, you'll find The Crucifixion, a marvelous painting by the famous master Anthony Van Dyck, and dozens of other fine artworks. Peter Paul Rubens is considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time. Go to St. John's Church and admire his 17th-century masterpiece 'Adoration of the Magi'. Rubens himself called it one of his best works ever. After the visit of Mechelen, you’ll bike along the tidal river the Dijle to an authentic pub near the lock of Zennegat. It seems as if time stood still here. Then to the (small) rivers Nete and Rupel you will enter the estuary of the river Scheldt, the vein of Belgian wealth, then and now. You will meet the Feniks in Willebroek for the night.

Day 3: Willebroek - Antwerp
You will bike on the meandering dikes along the Rupel and Nete to the picturesque city Lier, with its medieval town center. We will continue our bike tour through Flemish Brabant (a Belgian province) to the well-known harbor city Antwerp. The Feniks will be moored in the old Willemsdok, once the center of naval merchant activities, now still a beautiful place to berth.

Day 4: Antwerp
Today a stopover in Antwerp to give you the opportunity to visit exhibitions of the Flemish Masters such as:
• House of Peter Paul Rubens, the absolute top painter of the late 16th and early 17th century.
• The “Museum aan de Stroom” (MAS), meaning the Museum at the river Scheldt.
• Museum of Contemporary Art; one of the leading Belgian museums for contemporary art.
• Possible excursion by tram or bike to the Coogels-Osy-Lei, a neighborhood with many houses in Art-Deco, Art-Nouveau, ane Jugendstil style.

Day 5: Antwerp - St. Amands - Dendergem
Bike tour through marvelous nature upstream along the river Scheldt. Via Temse to St. Amands where we will visit the Morocco-Stone-Exposition. From St. Amands we will sail on the river to Dendermonde for the night.

Day 6: Dendergem - Ghent
Another beautiful bike ride of 50 Km upstream the Scheldt to Ghent. Visit of the medieval town center including a city walk. The St. Baafs cathedral with the triptique of the Lamb God’s of the brothers Van Eijk is not to be missed.

Day 7: Ghent - Bruges
Bike ride along the canal of Ghent to Ostend through the varied Flemish farmland to the end of this tour: Bruges. The Feniks will moor at the Bargeweg approx. 5 minutes from the medieval town

Day 8: Bruges


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Tour Reviews

  • Robert B. 1 year ago     Verified Reviewer

    Excellent Boat, best cabins, & cheap beer

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Patricia D. 1 year ago     Verified Reviewer

    We really enjoyed the scenery on this trip and not cycling on main roads. Love when we are on cycle paths and not in traffic. The boat was first class and the crew on the Magnifique III went out of their way to accommodate all our needs. The chef made all the meals very unique and we were able to sample the various foods of the region. A wonderful vacation.

    • Karen 5 months ago    

      How many cyclists were on the trip?

  • Lynda B. 1 year ago     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part? The camaraderie, the cuisine, our cabin!

  • Joanne M. 1 year ago     Verified Reviewer

    "Taking a vacation aboard the new Magnifique III is a ""must do"" for cyclists in Europe. We received a warm welcome as soon as we arrived and we were invited to a walking tour of Brussels by our guide on the first day. When we returned to the ship for dinner, we were introduced to an amazing team of individuals who went out of their way to ensure our vacation experience was outstanding. The chef announced the menu enthusiastically each evening which we followed with applause as our palates drooled in anticipation. We were never disappointed as the dinners were fantastic. We even had a barbecue on the deck, one evening, with a tasty selection of chicken, sausage, steak, or shrimp available to us.
    The competent tour guides led us through the sights of Belgium each day and gave us a host of valuable information. We all appreciated the option to join a slower group or a faster group of cyclists each day. The cycling was well paced with appropriate Read more… breaks for beverages, if desired. We liked the format of parking our bicycles in each city and the guide would take us a walking tour pointing out the recommended sights for us to go back and visit at our leisure in the same afternoon. The medieval cities that were spread throughout Belgium awed us and we were fortunate to have ideal weather to spend all day outdoors.
    When we returned to the Magnifique III, there was always a delightful treat awaiting such as an assortment of delicious cheese or decadent squares or baked treats served with ice cold flavoured waters to quench our thirst.
    Our friends couldn't wait to enjoy the outdoor hot tub on the upper deck after a day of cycling and they found it so relaxing. We enjoyed our comfortable cabin to re-group and get ready for dinner and the social evening ahead.
    After dinner, one evening, our guides took us to tour an art gallery in a local town. On another evening, we enjoyed a ""trolley tour"" of Antwerp after dinner.
    Thomas, our guide, also hosted a ""beer tasting"" one evening on board and he dressed in costume which engaged us in the event. One of our cyclists downloaded some chanting music to complete the picture and it was an entertaining evening.
    On day 6, we had a choice to remain on the boat until 11 a.m. while we enjoyed cruising along the canal from Ghent towards Bruges. It was a wonderful experience to be outdoors on deck enjoying the peace of the countryside as we sailed along. This was followed by scenic cycling beside the same canal.
    in the early evening, our guide, Thomas, led us on an informative walking tour of Bruges. This was followed by an opportunity to eat at local restaurant which we enjoyed.
    At dinner and at breakfast, we sat at tables of ten in the sunny dining room which gave us many opportunities to meet and get acquainted with the other guests from other countries and provinces making the whole tour so worthwhile. The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful.
    On our final evening, the dining room was divided into two tables of twenty. One of the guests suggested each cyclist make a statement about what he/she had enjoyed most about the tour. Each person made a brief sincere presentation or a jovial comment and it was so entertaining. The meal was superb! After dinner, we all chatted for a while and the evening concluded with a spontaneous dance. It was a memorable night! Our whole tour was one I'll never forget and I will continue to recommend to everyone."Tourist tip: There is a nice grocery store in the downstairs of building not far from the Cathedral where you can buy necessities including chocolate bars.

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Dorothy M. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Wow, our trip was phenomenal! The barge was excellent, the food was gourmet (seriously) and the riding was great! Although rain was predicted everyday, we never rode in the rain. The weather improved and we saw rain twice while on the barge. The Magnifique II and the crew could not have been better. We are already looking forward to a trip next year!!!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Robert K. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Most memorable part: The small number of passengers and the bonding and friendships which grew. Also, the lovely relaxed biking through the countryside, villages and towns with the guide providing more than adequate explanations when required. Everything worked like clock work and was well organized.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Wendy D. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was a fabulous holiday in every way. Already looking to plan another for next year. Loved every part of it. What a great way to see the country, get some exercise and vacation in style. The crew on the Quo Vadim were wonderful, the food was great and the biking experience fabulous. Well done!

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Wheaton L. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Fabulous holiday in every way and great value. Already looking to book another like this trip next year. Thank you!

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Patricua O. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The tour guide was excellent. Also the Captain and crew were excellent. It was a wonderful way to meet people, get some exercise, sightsee and enjoy lovely food. The Quo Vadis has an excellent chef. All of the crew spoke English, German and I believe also French and Spanish. They looked after the group so well, nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend this tour without hesitation.

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Henry S. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Our guide, Arie, was terrific! The chef, Chris (I think), was fantastic! The whole bike/barge week was a 5 out of 5 experience

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Jeff S. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The bike and barge trip aboard the Magnifique was amazing. Could not have asked for a better trip! Can't wait to go on another bike and barge trip.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • George Pappas 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We have made two bike and barge tours in the Netherlands and thoroughly enjoyed both trips. We are looking forward to another trip this coming spring on a barge with low beds. (Bunk beds are not as easy to use as we get older.)

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Terry Brannigan 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We loved the size of the group. We are now ready for a self guided trip.

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Maryellen Doyle 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Barge Quo Vadis was intimate and comfortable. Although small, our cabin had sufficient shelving available to store our clothes (we used ebags pouches to keep biking stuff and hanging out later stuff organized). Our very large roller duffels collapsed enough to store under the beds. The bathroom was fine and we eventually realized the shower squeegee was for the floor - to bring the water towards the drain in middle. Wifi was very limited as the captain made his hotspot available to us but that only seemed to work at the end if the dining room closest to his quarters. We would have liked more seating areas as you had a small sofa/ chairs seating area bordering the dining tables but once filled you would have to sit at a dining table to read etc. The outside seating area actually would seat twenty but appeared smaller....would have liked a bigger outside area too. The staff was wonderful. The bikes were great and i loved my ebike (you have to pedal every bit as much as on a Read more… regular bike but you are always "assisted" so you never break a sweat or have to huff puff if encountering an incline or a headwind. In truth i probably would have liked some kind of arrangement where we had the option to do a bit more touring on foot/ time in cute little towns, vs all the time on the bike. We did see things I never would have seen on my own and Belgium is fascinating....hence the wish to actually have had a bit more time in towns like Mechelen where we had a one hour lunch stop and then were on our way. For my next trip i would also invest in a pair of rain pants. I did not know about them but all the Swiss ladies jumped into them as well as their rain jackets when clouds opened up three times as we cycled. One other wardrobe tip...we were spending four weeks in Europe and packing was an issue. I did not bring sneakers which i would only have used while biking, then having to lug for three weeks through fashionable France. Instead my black Sketchers, GO WALK line, did the trick for both a great bike shoe and a walking shoe in France.
    We really enjoyed the trip in general and would just search out a barge with a bit more public space were we to do a future trip. "

    Boat: Quo Vadis

    • Wendy 3 years ago    

      Hi Maryellen,

      My husband and I are going on the trip this August. Thank you for your informative review. I just had one question. You mentioned rain pants. What time if year did you go?
      Any other tips as well?

      Thank you so much.

      • Maryellen 2 years ago    

        I think our tour started in Aug 30 or close. Note that we did not have any rain DAYS but several times showers threatened and would hit in early afternoon for a bit - or one time linger for a couple hours but we were mostly touring in a city then so ducked into cathedrals etc but then had athree mile ride back to the barge. Note - I brought my helmet from US and I also had a visor which, if raining, i somehow layered with my helmet, then pulled my rain jacket hiid iver too - the visor kept the rain off my face. Have a great trip,

        Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Archie Benton 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Our Brussels to Brugge trip was an incredible experience. The biking was fantastic, the boat was great, and the staff superb. We even traveled with wonderful fellow travelers on the trip! So many kind people. I had heard great things about this trip too but it turned out even better than my expectations! What can I say? The food was excellent. The service was excellent. The camaraderie was wonderful. We were on the Magnifique and it was magnificent. Thank you!-Archie, Nancy and Zach August 2015

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Larry and Nancy Bern 6 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience on the August 31st Brussels to Bruges Bike and Barge tour. The accommodations, the staff, the food and even the bikes were all top notch. Peter is a wonderful chef, Leah was a great guide, Walter and Carel were great captain, Carel barbecue was over the top!! It took us a few days to adjust to the biking, as most of us have not done much city biking. But by the end of the trip most of us were doing pretty well. Larry and I would recommend this trip to anyone!

    Boat: Magnifique

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Feniks Photo

Feniks Belgium, Netherlands, France Comfort Class Boat Originally, the Feniks was built in 1928 as a freighter on the Dutch, Belgium and French inland waters. In 1992, the Feniks was converted to a hotel passenger ship and put in service for various sailing holidays. Since then, she has undergone several renovations to keep up-to-date with all modern facilities.

Mecklenburg Photo

Mecklenburg Netherlands, Belgium Comfort Class Boat Navigating the rivers and channels of Belgium, the Mecklenburg is a comfortable river boat with an inviting atmosphere. First built in 1957 in Belgium, it was rebuilt in 2000. You can enjoy the passing scenery from the partially shaded sun deck with chairs and tables. The salon, with large panoramic windows and comfortable couches, is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and drink. There are eleven twin cabins on board with friendly staff to cater to your needs.