Gorgeous Bruges (aka Brugge). Photo via Flickr:WolfgangStaudt
Sailing one of Bruges' many canals. Photo via Flickr:WolfgangStaudt

Top of Bruges. Photo via Flickr:Benjamin Rossen
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Brussels To Bruges Bike and Boat Tour

Belgium Bike + Barge Tours

Enjoy the most beautiful cities of Flanders

  • With three official languages (Flemish, French and German) and a perfect location at the heart of Europe, Belgium is a culturally diverse country with a rich and varied history and an understated sophistication which makes it a charming country to visit.

    It boasts a wealth of spectacular architecture, with many of its oldest buildings listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. The renowned grand squares of Brussels and Bruges, with hundreds of museums, parks, restaurants, and bars will not fail to impress you.

    Belgium also has a proud tradition of fine art and the works of many well-known artists, from medieval masters such as Van Eyck to modern surrealists like Magritte.
    For lovers of the outdoors, Belgium's beautiful countryside offers a range of things to do.
    Most of all, Belgians know how to enjoy life to the full - their world-famous beers, chocolates, waffles, mussels, fries, and fine cuisine are a testament to this. It's never difficult to find a great place to eat or drink in any Belgian town or city.

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  • 2017 Prices

    Twin Cabin £ 968 $ 1,671 1089 NOK 10164 kr 9382 $ 1,220
    Premium Twin £ 1146 $ 1,978 1289 NOK 12031 kr 11105 $ 1,444
    Single Cabin £ 1279 $ 2,208 1439 NOK 13431 kr 12398 $ 1,612
    Triple cabin £ 924 $ 1,594 1039 NOK 9697 kr 8951 $ 1,164
    Triple premium cabin £ 1057 $ 1,824 1189 NOK 11097 kr 10244 $ 1,332
    Magnifique II
    Upper deck suite £ 1324 $ 2,284 1489 NOK 13897 kr 12828 $ 1,668
    Premium Twin lower deck £ 1146 $ 1,978 1289 NOK 12031 kr 11105 $ 1,444
    Lower deck twin £ 968 $ 1,671 1089 NOK 10164 kr 9382 $ 1,220
    Lower deck single £ 1279 $ 2,208 1439 NOK 13431 kr 12398 $ 1,612


    Quo Vadis
    Twin cabin £ 902 $ 1,557 1015 NOK 9473 kr 8745 $ 1,137
    Twin cabin for single use £ 1314 $ 2,268 1478 NOK 13795 kr 12734 $ 1,655

    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental
    ​Magnifique, Quo Vadis, and Gandalf: £ 84 $ 146 95 NOK 887 kr 818 $ 106

    Helmets: available on request

    Gluten free or dairy free meals, payable on board: £ 44 $ 77 50 NOK 467 kr 431 $ 56

    please note

    Rates are based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

Tour Dates

2017 Dates

Brussels to Bruges: August 12, 2017

Magnifique II:

Brussels to Bruges:  September 2, 2017

Bruges to Brussels: August 26, 2017

Quo Vadis:

Brussels to Bruges:  May 13, May 27, June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22, August 5, August 19, September 2, 2017

Bruges to Brussels:  May 6, May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1, July 15, July 29, 2017

Where You’ll Stay

Aboard the Comfort class boat, the Gandalf or the Comfort Plus boats, the Magnifique, the Magnifique II, or the Quo Vadis.

What’s Included

  • Accommodations for 7 nights on board
  • Breakfast, picnic lunches during bike tours, and three-course dinners
  • 7-speed hybrid bicycle with pannier bag
  • Daily cleaning of cabins
  • Welcoming drink on first evening
  • Guide support (please see note below)
  • Printed instructions and detailed maps
  • Daily coffee and tea until 4 pm
  • *Please note: these tours are not fully guided bike tours but rather supported by a guide who ensures the safety of riders and takes care of mechanical issues. The guide is cycling the route and can be reached by cell phone for quick assistance

What’s Not Included

  • Transfers to/from docking area
  • 1 x dinner in Antwerp
  • Ferry fares en route
  • Entrance fees for museums/ ferry fees
  • Drinks on board other than mentioned
  • Helmets aboard Magnifique and Magnifique II - available on request, reserve at time of booking
  • Gratuities
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance
Length8 days
From885 Rates
Client Reviews

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Skill Level

This is an easy, guided bike and boat tour with average daily distances between 24 and 33 miles (40 and 55 km).

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Brussels To Bruges Bike and Boat Tour Map


Day 1: Arrival in Brussels
Day 2: Brussels - Vilvoorde - Mechelen - Willebroek, 24 miles (40 km)
Day 3: Willebroek - Antwerp, 27 miles (45 km)
Day 4: Antwerp - St Amands/Dendermonde, 30 miles (50 km)
Day 5: Dendermonde - Ghent, 24 miles (40 km)
Day 6: Ghent - Vinderhoute - Bruges, 27 miles (45 km)
Day 7: Bruges and the North Sea, 32 miles (50 km) 
Day 8: Bruges 

Day 1: Arrival Brussels
Check in on board begins at 3 PM but you are free to drop off your luggage beginning at 11 AM. After arrival on board, there will be time to explore this beautiful capital of Belgium. Apart from its famous chocolates and beers, Brussels has many other attractions. It is a center of European culture, officially nicknamed ‘the European Village’, with almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, fascinating walks, and trendy restaurants and bars.

Day 2: Brussels – Vilvoorde – Mechelen – Willebroek, 24 miles (40 km)
During breakfast, the barge will sail to Vilvoord where the bike tour will begin. Along the way, you will visit Mechelen with its remarkable historical buildings; almost 300 of them! Continuing on through the green, softly rolling countryside, picturesque villages and large country estates will pass by. The barge will meet you at the day’s destination of Willebroek.

Day 3: Willebroek – Antwerp, 27 miles (45 km)
From Willebroek, you will head to Antwerp. This harbor city on the river Schelde is one of the world's major diamond towns and has many highlights: the City Hall was one of the several majestic buildings constructed during the Renaissance, the historical City Square, Grote Market, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe cathedral, and the medieval Steen Castle. 

Day 4: Antwerp – Dendermonde, 30 miles (50 km)
Today’s tour leads upstream on the Schelde to Hemiksem and after a short ascent, on to Repelmonde. Here, the Rupel flows into the Schelde and you will follow it for a few miles until the village of Niel, next to the nature reserve of Walenhoek. Between Niel and Boom is a historical area where bricks have been manufactured since the Middle Ages. From here, you will cross the canal Brussels-Rupel to the water tower of St. Amands further along the Schelde, till you reach the beautiful city Dendermonde. After the day’s cycling ends, you will have time to relax and enjoy the bustling Flemish market square of Grote.

Day 5: Dendermonde – Ghent, 29 miles (48 km)
The Magnifique will be moored in Merelbeke, a suburb of the beautiful city of Ghent. The architectural richness in the historical center of the city of Ghent has been maintained well. Under the watchful eye of Gravensteen Castle or Castle of the Counts, the city boasts an Opera House, 18 museums, 100 churches, and over 400 historical buildings. The most visited site in Ghent is the famous painting "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb", painted by the brothers Jan and Hubert van Eyck in 1432. It still hangs in its original location, the St. Bavo Cathedral.

Day 6: Ghent – Vinderhoute – Bruges, 24 miles (40 km)
After breakfast, the cycle will begin to Vinderhoute. Part of today’s tour follows along the Ghent Canal to Oostende through the stretched Flemish landscape until Bruges. Also known as the “Venice of the North”, Bruges is well known for its historical art and museums. The city center, with its winding canals, has been listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site of UNESCO. 

Day 7: Bruges and the North Sea, 32 miles (50 km)
The last bike tour of this vacation takes you first to a quiet canal along which are situated lots of poplars trees, polder landscapes, and quaint farmhouses. Via the small city of Damme, you will enter the fashionable and exclusive seaside resort of Knokke on the North Sea coast. It is home to a 12 km long sandy beach, numerous cafes, and the attractive dune landscape of the nature reserve of Het Zwin. The route continues through Sluis, a small Dutch village and back to Bruges riding along a small canal. 

Day 8: Bruges
Disembarkation after breakfast. 

Bruges to Brussels 
Day 1: Arrival in Bruges
Day 2: Bruges and the North Sea, 32 miles (50 km)
Day 3: Bruges - Moerebrugge - Ghent, 24 miles (40 km)
Day 4: Ghent - Dendermonde, 29 miles (48 km) and perhaps to St. Amands for overnight
Day 5: Dendermonde - St. Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 25 miles (42 km)
Day 6: Antwerp - Lier - Willebroek, 27 miles (45 km)
Day 7: Willebroek - Mechelen - Vilvoorde, 24 miles (40 km)
Day 8: Brussels 


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Customer Feedback

  • Henry S. 8 months ago

    Our guide, Arie, was terrific! The chef, Chris (I think), was fantastic! The whole bike/barge week was a 5 out of 5 experience

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Jeff S. 10 months ago

    The bike and barge trip aboard the Magnifique was amazing. Could not have asked for a better trip! Can't wait to go on another bike and barge trip.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • George Pappas 2 years ago

    We have made two bike and barge tours in the Netherlands and thoroughly enjoyed both trips. We are looking forward to another trip this coming spring on a barge with low beds. (Bunk beds are not as easy to use as we get older.)

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Terry Brannigan 2 years ago

    We loved the size of the group. We are now ready for a self guided trip.

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Maryellen Doyle 2 years ago

    Barge Quo Vadis was intimate and comfortable. Although small, our cabin had sufficient shelving available to store our clothes (we used ebags pouches to keep biking stuff and hanging out later stuff organized). Our very large roller duffels collapsed enough to store under the beds. The bathroom was fine and we eventually realized the shower squeegee was for the floor - to bring the water towards the drain in middle. Wifi was very limited as the captain made his hotspot available to us but that only seemed to work at the end if the dining room closest to his quarters. We would have liked more seating areas as you had a small sofa/ chairs seating area bordering the dining tables but once filled you would have to sit at a dining table to read etc. The outside seating area actually would seat twenty but appeared smaller....would have liked a bigger outside area too. The staff was wonderful. The bikes were great and i loved my ebike (you have to pedal every bit as much as on a regular bike but you are always "assisted" so you never break a sweat or have to huff puff if encountering an incline or a headwind. In truth i probably would have liked some kind of arrangement where we had the option to do a bit more touring on foot/ time in cute little towns, vs all the time on the bike. We did see things I never would have seen on my own and Belgium is fascinating....hence the wish to actually have had a bit more time in towns like Mechelen where we had a one hour lunch stop and then were on our way. For my next trip i would also invest in a pair of rain pants. I did not know about them but all the Swiss ladies jumped into them as well as their rain jackets when clouds opened up three times as we cycled. One other wardrobe tip...we were spending four weeks in Europe and packing was an issue. I did not bring sneakers which i would only have used while biking, then having to lug for three weeks through fashionable France. Instead my black Sketchers, GO WALK line, did the trick for both a great bike shoe and a walking shoe in France.
    We really enjoyed the trip in general and would just search out a barge with a bit more public space were we to do a future trip. "

    Boat: Quo Vadis

  • Archie Benton 2 years ago

    Our Brussels to Brugge trip was an incredible experience. The biking was fantastic, the boat was great, and the staff superb. We even traveled with wonderful fellow travelers on the trip! So many kind people. I had heard great things about this trip too but it turned out even better than my expectations! What can I say? The food was excellent. The service was excellent. The camaraderie was wonderful. We were on the Magnifique and it was magnificent. Thank you!-Archie, Nancy and Zach August 2015

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Larry and Nancy Bern 4 years ago

    We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience on the August 31st Brussels to Bruges Bike and Barge tour. The accommodations, the staff, the food and even the bikes were all top notch. Peter is a wonderful chef, Leah was a great guide, Walter and Carel were great captain, Carel barbecue was over the top!! It took us a few days to adjust to the biking, as most of us have not done much city biking. But by the end of the trip most of us were doing pretty well. Larry and I would recommend this trip to anyone!

    Boat: Magnifique

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Brussels To Bruges Bike and Boat Tour Boats + Barges

Gandalf Photo

Gandalf Netherlands, Belgium Comfort Class Boat The classic MS Gandalf is a comfort class passenger ship that can accommodate 20-22 guests. Almost everything on this barge is on one level, including the comfortable salon which has scenic panoramic windows.

Magnifique Photo

Magnifique Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat The boat is 63 meters long and will be able to accommodate 32 guests. Other features include a beautiful salon with a spacious bar, a sun deck equipped with comfortable chairs, and a small whirlpool to relax in at the end of a long day of cycling. Delicious meals are served daily in the restaurant area.

Magnifique II Photo

Magnifique II Belgium, Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat In 2016, we saw the launch of a new premium barge, the Magnifique II, to wonderful reviews. The ship boasts a classical style with emphasis on superior comfort. Highlights of the barge include 4 upper deck suites, with cozy seating area, and lovely large panoramic windows. This ship has earned the premium designation!

Quo Vadis Photo

Quo Vadis Belgium Comfort Plus Class Boat The beautiful MS Quo Vadis, put into service in April 2006, is comfortably furnished and so cozy you will feel right at home. It is equipped with 12 spacious cabins with private bath, two single beds that can be pushed together, and air conditioning (windows cannot be opened). Each cabin has a safe for valuables. The ship offers a gorgeous open salon with corner seats, a restaurant, a small bar, and a sundeck with umbrellas. With a guitar and piano right on board, you can enjoy regular live music during downtime.