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Eric P.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

Excelente cicloviagem, paisagens muito bonitas, vias super seguras e uma ótima organização pela tripsite!

Silvia Susana D.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

The bike trip from Amsterdam to Brujas was excellent! The fisrt day was a little bit difficult to follow the maps and GPS but we made it :), the gps was very usefull , and the maps that they gave us too, using both things was perfect not to get loss. It is only a matter to get use to the signs and maps and GPS, but if you could I suggest to pay a litlle extra money and ask for the gps.
The hotels were beautifull and confortable, the only one I would take out of the route is the one in Papendrecht, not because of the hotel, the hotel was very nice, but the area is not really nice. I suggest that night to stay at a hotel in Dordretch. Dordretch is beautiful :).
The routes were so nice, I really enjoyed the tour, we didn´t have any problems with the bikes. Our luggage was always on time in our next hotel. so everything was perfect!

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