Biking through Nyhavn or "New Harbor" in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo via Flickr:John Anes
Fredensborg Castle lies on Lake Esrum in Fredensborg, Denmark. Photo via Flickr:Giam

Boat sailing in Hornbaek on the island of Sjælland, Denmark. Photo via Flickr:Giam
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Best of Northern Zealand

Denmark, Sweden Bike Tours

Castles, fairytales, and beautiful beaches!

  • This cycling tour in Denmark and Sweden is a cyclist's dream come true. The cycling culture that exists in Copenhagen is the inspiration for cities throughout the world trying to create their own cycling culture. The wonderful cycling paths and bike friendly roads lead through picturesque villages, a varied countryside, well-preserved castles and manor houses, pristine beaches, and clear, fresh air.

    The safe and easy routes are suitable for both enthusiasts and beginners alike. Whether riding along the coastline, lakes, in the forests, through the green fields, or through busier towns, you will find peaceful lanes and specially designed bike paths. In Denmark, there is a strong tradition for people of all ages and all walks of life to cycle. You will be welcomed here! Highlights include but are not limited to Copenhagen, Helsingør and Kronborg (Hamlet’s castle from Shakespeare), and Hillerød with Fredensborg Castle.


    • Wonderful Copenhagen, capital and best bike city in the world
    • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
    • Rungstedlund-the house/museum of the famous Danish author Karen blixen
    • Helsingør and Kronborg (the castles from Shapespear's play "Hamlet"
    • Danish Maritime Museum, Helsingør
    • Visit to Sweden
    • Hillerød and Frederiksborg Castle
    • Fredensborg Castle
    • The Danish Riviera and fishing villages of Northern Zealand

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  • 7 day Option

     Category CCategory BCategory A
    Twin/double £ 827 $ 1,318 868 NOK 8680 kr 8012 $ 1,042 £ 874 $ 1,394 918 NOK 9180 kr 8474 $ 1,102 £ 970 $ 1,546 1018 NOK 10180 kr 9397 $ 1,222
    Single  £ 1112 $ 1,774 1168 NOK 11680 kr 10782 $ 1,402 £ 1160 $ 1,850 1218 NOK 12180 kr 11243 $ 1,462 £ 1379 $ 2,199 1448 NOK 14480 kr 13366 $ 1,738

    8 day Option

     Category CCategory BCategory A
    Twin/double £ 950 $ 1,516 998 NOK 9980 kr 9212 $ 1,198 £ 989 $ 1,577 1038 NOK 10380 kr 9582 $ 1,246 £ 1084 $ 1,729 1138 NOK 11380 kr 10505 $ 1,366
    Single  £ 1370 $ 2,184 1438 NOK 14380 kr 13274 $ 1,726 £ 1446 $ 2,306 1518 NOK 15180 kr 14012 $ 1,822 £ 1608 $ 2,564 1688 NOK 16880 kr 15582 $ 2,026

    Supplement for single traveler, before July 3 and after August 21: £ 95 $ 152 100 NOK 1000 kr 923 $ 120

    Family rooms and children's discounts available

    extra options

    Electric bicycle rental: £ 252 $ 403 265 NOK 2650 kr 2446 $ 318

    Extra day bike rental: £ 24 $ 38 25 NOK 250 kr 231 $ 30

    Children's bike: £ 71 $ 114 75 NOK 750 kr 692 $ 90

    Child seat: £ 38 $ 61 40 NOK 400 kr 369 $ 48

    Children's trailer (Bruley for 1 or 2 children or follow me tag along): £ 76 $ 122 80 NOK 800 kr 738 $ 96

    Supplement for tandem bicycle rental: on request

    Helmet rental: £ 10 $ 15 10 NOK 100 kr 92 $ 12

    Extra night in Copenhagen

     Category CCategory BCategory A
    Twin/double £ 86 $ 137 90 NOK 900 kr 831 $ 108 £ 95 $ 152 100 NOK 1000 kr 923 $ 120 £ 110 $ 175 115 NOK 1150 kr 1062 $ 138
    Single  £ 129 $ 205 135 NOK 1350 kr 1246 $ 162 £ 143 $ 228 150 NOK 1500 kr 1385 $ 180 £ 171 $ 273 180 NOK 1800 kr 1662 $ 216


    please note

    Rates are based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Copenhagen Airport.

    Local Travel

    Metro, bus, or taxi to the hotel.


    Check local conditions prior to arrival. Average high/low temperature for the area in degrees Fahrenheit: May 60º/45º, June 66º/52º, July 69º/55º, August 69º/54º, and September 61º/50º.


    Detailed maps and route descriptions are provided. It is possible to download the route to a GPS on your smartphone.

Skill Level

This is an easy, self-guided bike tour suited for families and cyclists in average physical condition. The route consists of bike paths and minor roads that are mostly flat with occasional small hills. You will encounter some traffic in Copenhagen, but there are plenty of bike lanes. Motorists are very accustomed and accommodating to cyclists.

Where You’ll Stay

Category C, 3 and 4 star hotels: Good and comfortable hotels on the route and close to the center of Copenhagen.
Category B, 4 star hotels: Best hotels on the route and in the center of Copenhagen
Category A, 4 star plus: upgraded rooms often with balcony/sea views at the best hotels along the route.

What’s Included

  • Accommodations for 6 or 7 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • 21 speed hybrid bicycle equipped with panniers, map holder, spare tube, repair kit, pump, lock, and trip indicator (on per room)
  • Luggage transfer
  • Route descriptions and maps
  • GPS tracks
  • Highlights and sightseeing information
  • 24 hour service hotline

What’s Not Included

  • Remaining meals
  • Train ticket (day 7)
  • Ferry ride (day 4)
  • Helmet rental
  • Trip insurance
  • Bicycle protection
TypeSelf Guided
Length7–8 days
From868 Rates
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Tour Dates

Departure possible Sundays from May 21st to September 17th (last departure), 2017
*Departures are available on other dates for parties of five or more, upon request. Supplement may apply

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Best of Northern Zealand Map


Day 1: Arrival Copenhagen
Day 2: Copenhagen - Vedbæk, 16 mi. (26 km)
Day 3: Vedbæk - Snekkersten, 14 mi. (23 km)
Day 4: Round trip in Sweden and Helsingør, 21 mi. (35 km)
Day 5: Snekkersten/Helsingør - Hillerød, 25 - 32 mi. (41- 51 km)
Day 6: Hillerød - Copenhagen. 24 or 10 mi. + train (38 or 18 km + train)
Day 7: Departure

All distances are approximate.

Day 1: Arrival Copenhagen
Copenhagen is known as "The Bike Capital of the World" and is the cultural and geographic link between mainland Europe and Scandinavia. Noteworthy is the Nyhavn (New Harbor) a 17 century waterfront, the Royal Castle, Christiania, the "free town" alternate society, and Tivoli Gardens.  Overnight stay in the center of Copenhagen.

Day 2: Copenhagen - Vedbæk, 16 mi. (26 km)
Cycling through the vibrant city of Copenhagen will prove to be a fantastic start to your tour. One of the famous sights along the route is the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid, designed by Edvard Erikson, poised on a rock by the waterside at the Langelinie promenade. The route then leads north towards prosperous Hellerup and Klampenborg. Cycling alongside the famous beach, “Bellevue” on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, is a pleasure with the blue- striped lifeguard towers designed by Arne Jacobsen. In Dyrehaven, the Royal hunting grounds, peaceful lanes surrounded by century old trees comprise the route. “Bakken”, one of the oldest amusement parks, is located here and is a good stop for refreshment. You then follow Strandvejen, along the coastline, before reaching Vedbæk, on the shore of Øresund. Tonight's accommodation is close to the marina where you can enjoy a magnificent view to Sweden. 

Day 3: Vedbæk - Snekkersten, 14 mi. (23 km)
Continuing north, following Strandvejen, the coastal boulevard, you will be rewarded with beautiful views over Øresund,  the strait that separates Zealand from the southern Swedish province of Scania. You will see impressive houses, small boutiques, and many quiet places to stop and relax. At Rungsted, you can visit the home of the Danish author Karen Blixen (famous for “Out of Africa”) and in Humlebæk, visit the Museum of Modern Art “Louisiana”, famous not only for its exhibitions but as well for its beautiful architecture and location. Tonight's stay is in Snekkersten, a former fishing village. Snekkersen is only 2 km from the center of Helsingør, so after an easy day on the bike, you may also wish to spend the afternoon visiting the old borough with the impressive Kronborg Castle ("Hamlet's Castle" from Shakespeare). There is also an opportunity to visit anoa\ther beautiful castle; Fredensborg, which will extend the tour  app. 12 km/7 mi.  It is a beautiful “fairytale palace” with a unique interior. Overnight stay in a former manor house in Snekkersten or in Helsingør.

Day 4: Round trip in Sweden and Helsingør 21 mi. (35 km)
If you missed Kronborg yesterday, there is still plenty of time for a visit today. Another option is to take the ferry (runs every 15 minutes, the price is approximately €8 round trip) to Sweden and to cycle the wonderful bike lanes in and around Helsingborg. 

In Denmark, continuing north and westward along the coast, there are excellent beaches and cozy restaurants or picnic areas for a relaxing respite. For decades, the northern coastline has attracted poets and painters who are inspired by the sea and the unique light.  Overnight stay near Hornbæk.

Day 5: Snekkersten/Helsingør - Hillerød, 25 - 32 mi. (41- 51 km)​
Today you can visit 2 of the most beautiful Danish castles. You start along the coast to Hornbæk, a small fishing village with tempting places for ”time outs” and a sea bath. Thereafter you bike along one of the deepest lakes in Denmark towards Hillerød. If you want to visit The Queen’s summer residence Fredensborg Castle, you can extend the tour by adding approximately 10 km/6 miles. Take a walk in the park, if the Queen is not there. It is a beautiful “fairy tale palace” from the 18th century with a unique interior.

On your arrival to Hillerød, you go along the lake to Frederiksborg Castle with its perfect location at the lakeside. Overnight stay near the historical center in Hillerød.

Day 6: Hillerød - Copenhagen. 24 mi. (38 km) or 10 mi. (18 km) + train
Heading South towards Copenhagen you pass idyllic sceneries, lovely forests and wetlands with a rich birdlife. You will be impressed by the rich nature in a densely populated area close to the capital. You will be amazed how easy it is by bike to cycle from the green northern Zealand to the capital of Denmark. While the first 18 kilometres towards Farum are on winding paths and smaller roads, the last 20 kilometres are along the new ”supercykelsti” (Super cycle path), that brings all the commuting cyclists to Copenhagen. When you come to Nørrebro, which is one of the most colourful neighborhoods in Copenhagen, you have to slow down and be part of all the different cyclists heading towards the city center.

Overnight stay in the center of Copenhagen.

Day 7: Departure
Individual departure.


Day 1: Arrival Copenhagen
Day 2: Copenhagen - Vedbæk, 16 mi. (26 km)
Day 3: Vedbæk - Snekkersten/Helsingør, 14 mi. (23 km)
Day 4: Round trip in Sweden and Helsingør, 21 mi. (35 km)
Day 5: Snekkersten/Helsingør - Gilleleje, 18 mi. (30 km)
Day 6: Gilleleje - Hillerød, 19 to 30 mi. (30 to 48 km)
Day 7: Hillerød - Copenhagen, 24 mi (38 km) or 10 mi. (18 km) + train
Day 8: Departure

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Customer Feedback

  • James L. 1 month ago

    The scenery was excellent. The 4th leg from Helsinger to Hillerod was a very demanding trail, off beaten paths, steep hills, and the markings and mileages in the booklet directions were not accurate. Several of the bikers we talked with had the same problem. We biked as a group of 7, with 5 of us being on our third Tripsite European bike trip. If not for this leg, the rating would have been higher.
    Also, at the assignment of equipment, there was a lack of organization, no checklists as to who requested what equipment, and at the end, there was also no checking.

  • Lisabeth C. 2 months ago

    Tip: Be sure to visit Karen Blixen's House and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

  • Jane S. 1 year ago

    We really enjoyed riding bikes through the countryside of Denmark. There are bike trails everywhere. The scenery was spectacular. Our favorite moments were those when we stopped by a lake for lunch and saw a bald eagle which we were told by the birdwatchers who had gathered there that a bald eagle is a rare sight in Denmark.

  • A. Cooper 1 year ago

    Great trip. Some of the accommodations were a bit shabby but other than that is was great.

  • Christopher Elliott 2 years ago

    Much fun. Very relaxing and enjoyable although professional in every way. Would highly recommend.

  • Kerry Howard 2 years ago

    Fantastic trip! We made many lifetime memories! Thank you!

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