Danube Bike Path - Vienna to Budapest

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Three Country Bike Tour along the scenic Danube Cycle Path

Philip C.
3 days ago

Verified Reviewer

We had a great time! As a bike guide in the US myself, I know how these things work. You cannot foresee every situation. And as a guide, we know to be flexible. And because of that we thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Here are some thoughts for improvements for your next guests. These by no means took away from our enjoyment and are meant for future trips.
-- The hotels in general were nice. A few issues here and there (mostly normal stuff).
-- In Hainburg - Altes Kloster - there was no individually controlled AC. It was fine for us because the night was cool.
-- The breakfasts at all the hotels were excellent
-- In Esztergom, the Portobello Hotel was not so great. The hotel room actually smelled bad. My wife says it smelled like old shrimp. They sent someone up with a spray can which they left for us. That "hid" the smell for a while, and you got used to it. But when you stepped back in the room from outside you could clearly Read More

Ruth O.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

Our party of 4 had an amazing time on this tour. We loved the cycling and each day was different. The accommodations that we stayed in were all comfortable and had amazing breakfasts!
You will need some extra Euros for ferries and we crossed the Danube 3 or 4 times and it was not always covered. Also, the stairs at the train stations can be challenging with your bikes, especially for heavier e-bikes. We managed though and had a great time!

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