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Danube Bike Path - Vienna to Budapest

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4.7 out of 5

Danube Bike Path - Vienna to Budapest

Easy Bike Tour in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia

Following the flow of the Danube, along the Danube Bike Path, an indescribably beautiful and varied scenery surrounds you through three countries and three capitals. Between the Austrian and…

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4.7 out of 5


Paula P.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

We very much enjoyed this trip but it was a real adventure. At times I felt we were filming an episode for the Amazing Race! The maps we were provided with were very confusing. For example, we were not made aware that we had to make a detour as portions of the National Park were closed. Google Maps wasn't much help as they do not provide bicycle routes for Slovakia and Hungary. Fortunately, other cyclists told us to download the MAPS.ME app and this was a real life saver. I would advise anyone doing this trip to use this app or have some sort of GPS. We encountered other cyclists that were travelling with other companies that were provided with far more detailed maps, yet they too had difficulty. A GPS is a must.

We were dismayed that on a couple of occasions our luggage left unattended in the lobby area of hotels. I feel the luggage should always be stored in a secure area.