Mosel Bike Tour

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Bike in France and Germany in the footsteps of the Romans!

Ann H.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Wine, good food and laughter with good friends at the end of the day each day. I loved the City of Trier, the hotel we stayed in in Piesport- Wiengut Lehnert-Veit, and the Eltz Castle outside of Trier.

Alden G.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

I felt strongly the pull of the Mosel River as it flows across 2,000 years of history, spanning the Roman Empire, centuries of struggle between France and Germany culminating in World War II, and the formation of the European Union in 1985. From the bike saddle, we observe workers pruning vines and collecting grapes, children attending school and residents running daily errands. The experience unfolding before our eyes is enhanced by knowing a bit of that local history -- imagining Roman life here from 2,000 years ago, contemplating daily life in a medieval castle in the 16th century, and understanding World War 2 and postwar efforts to establish the European Union and the Euro common currency. All these historical events shaped life along this river; the evidence surrounds you, from Roman ruins, to castles, farms, footpaths, commercial barge traffic, and agriculture. Part of this journey is taking note of the layering of the modern world over deep historical foundations.

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