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4 out of 5


Maria L.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The best part was the Tirol, and the lakes were amazing.

Susanna from Tripsite
4 years ago

Tripsite Staff

If I have to describe this tour in a few words I would say: Green landscapes, horses, Beer gardens, Rivers&Lakes with mountain views. Through every forest, I rode through, I was surrounded of beautiful melodies of singing birds. The beautiful landscapes are filled with horse ranches, hayfields, and rivers. As further south you go the mountain range starts appearing at the horizon that boarders with Austria. The locals are very friendly and the hotel staff was always helpful with local recommendation.
I also loved my bicycle with its NuVinci internal gearshift, it made it so much easier to shift on the uphill terrain.
All of my hotels were clean and comfortable. I especially enjoyed the hotels run by its owners in the smaller towns.
The map and route booked is a great help but you want to ask for the GPS-tracks. I got lost 2x because I wasn't paying attention on the maps. I strongly recommend downloading the GPS-Tracks on your smart device or GPS device.
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Patsy and John V.
4 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Most Memorable Part: Getting lost!
The Bavarian Lakes region is lovely and not many travelers that I know have been there. Despite a cool rainy spell, we enjoyed our ride. When it was pouring rain for 2 days, Eurobike transferred us with our luggage and we were quite happy that they allowed this. The lakes and historic old towns were interesting and the countryside was outstanding. September may be a little late in the season to do this ride; the temperature was in the 50's and 60's and the rain was a problem.