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Feast of Sant'Efis in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. Photo via Flickr:usadifranci 39.239061, 9.077454

Sardinia: Culinary Delights E-Bike Tour

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4.8 out of 5

Sardinia: Culinary Delights E-Bike Tour

Easy Bike Tour in Italy

When you think of a bike tour on Sardinia, you think of mountains, right? It is true, Sardinia is an island of stones, rocks...and majestic mountain ranges, stretching into the distance as far as the…

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4.8 out of 5


Bob Holliday
1 year ago

Verified Reviewer

We went on this tour in mid-October of 2022. Stayed in Cagliari before the tour and saw a professional triathlon. We watched the women's race - have never seen anything like that. Sardinia is wonderful. We only had one sort of gripe - the company that handled the tour (Rotalis) is German and we were the. only non-Germans on the tour. Had a few uncomfortable initial moments, but it eventually became a nothing burger. I was fluent in German as a kid and saw a lot coming back. It would have been nice to know about this sooner.

The tour was beyond excellent. First, Sardinia. It's incredibly beautiful. Lots of hills and forests. Marvelous downhills. Being able to cycle through an alpine environment in shorts and short sleeves was special. Alenka, the tour guide was quite good. She dealt with the German speakers initially then translated into English - hers was quite good. Dieter, the van driver was a gem. He took care of the support van and provided Read More

Linda G.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The Tripsite Culinary Sardinia E-bike tour was one of the most unforgetable experiences I've ever had!
The route was well-planned and offered variety in landscape, routes and hotels..... the breathtaking coastline with it's spectacular views of natural beauty and pristine blue waters will remain as some of my favorite memories.
The equipment was well-maintained. Our guides, Michaele and Lukas were professional, caring and competent. They went the extra-mile for everyone to make sure our trip was the ultimate biking-experience from beginning to end...no one was left behind, neither in biking nor with special needs and requests.
Our interests were in the foreground with short refreshment breaks, a coffee when needed, wonderful gourmet lunches featuring local specialties ( including good wines) and wonderful dinners. The combination of biking, short guided cultural tours, beach stops and culinary delights were a perfect combination. Thank you very much for this unforgetable experience. I would look forward to another Tripsite adventure!

Holly B.
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The uphills were challenging even with an ebike, and the downhills were intense. Not “easy” but definitely exhilarating!!