Bruges to Amsterdam

Belgium, Netherlands Bike + Barge Tours

Bike & Boat on one of Europe’s classic bike routes through Belgium & Holland

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Margaret H.
1 hour ago

Verified Reviewer

We loved our barge Magnifique III. The staff and food and accommodations were excellent. Of course our biking was beautiful!

Eric W.
2 weeks ago

Verified Reviewer

It would very difficult to limit it to ‘the most memorable part’! The entire trip was magical!
The staff and crew of the Fluvius were super kind and friendly and always willing to help. Big shout out to Robi, Tara and Anita and chef Astrid’s meals were delicious and all beautifully prepared.
What amazed us, coming from the States, was the incredible biking system throughout Belgium and the Netherlands! Our guide, Tom, laid out and explained each day’s planned journey but with the excellent maps and Ride with GPS app, it was almost impossible to get lost, even taking alternative routes or detours into other towns or sites.
Although every cycling day brought new experiences, the last day cycling from Breukelen to Amsterdam was particularly picturesque. And the e-bikes were fantastic!!
We would highly recommend this trip to any one of any age and will most likely plan another bike and barge trip in the future.
Thank you!
Eric & Annie

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