Famous facades of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Photo via Flickr:Andres Nieto Porras

Beautiful Bruges, truly one of Belgium's most enchanting. Photo via Flickr:Andres Nieto Porras
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Bruges to Amsterdam

Belgium, Netherlands Bike + Barge Tours

Bike and Boat on one of Europe’s classic bike routes through Belgium and Holland

  • A bike and barge tour beginning in Bruges and ending in Amsterdam showcases the best of both Belgium and Holland. The motto in Bruges is ‘feel the past under your feet’. The city’s crisscrossing canals and cobblestone streets have seen many seafaring traders since the 9th century. This city retains a lively and invigorating atmosphere reminiscent of one of Jan van Eyck's 15th century masterpieces.

    Leaving Bruges, you will cycle over streams and quiet country roads though a tranquil Flemish landscape.

    Entering Holland, your cycling itinerary will lead to the quaint villages of Goes in central Zeeland and the seaside town of Willemstad.

    Your bike and boat tour will end in Amsterdam and impressively so. With over 6800 historical buildings and an endless array of canals and bridges, Amsterdam is truly a sight to see (along with Rembrandt's famous Nightwatch on display in the Rijksmuseum).


    • Belgium and the Flemish's tranquil landscape
    • The cycling paradise of Holland and the international hot spot of Amsterdam
    • Northern Renaissance architecture
    • Medieval Cathedrals
    • Markt Square with the 272 belfry of the Belfort

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  • 2019

    MagnifiqueMay - SeptemberOctober 
    Twin Cabin £ 1005 $ 1,724 1259 NOK 12065 kr 11137 $ 1,448 £ 942 $ 1,614 1179 NOK 11299 kr 10430 $ 1,356
    Premium Twin £ 1165 $ 1,997 1459 NOK 13982 kr 12907 $ 1,678 £ 1101 $ 1,888 1379 NOK 13215 kr 12199 $ 1,586
    Single Cabin £ 1317 $ 2,258 1649 NOK 15803 kr 14587 $ 1,896 £ 1253 $ 2,148 1569 NOK 15036 kr 13880 $ 1,804
    *Triple cabin £ 966 $ 1,655 1209 NOK 11586 kr 10695 $ 1,390 £ 902 $ 1,546 1129 NOK 10820 kr 9987 $ 1,298
    *Premium Triple £ 1101 $ 1,888 1379 NOK 13215 kr 12199 $ 1,586 £ 1037 $ 1,778 1299 NOK 12449 kr 11491 $ 1,494

    *Triple cabins are limited and available as premium or regular cabin.

    Magnifique IIMay - SeptemberOctober 
    Twin cabin £ 1005 $ 1,724 1259 NOK 12065 kr 11137 $ 1,448 £ 942 $ 1,614 1179 NOK 11299 kr 10430 $ 1,356
    Premium twin £ 1165 $ 1,997 1459 NOK 13982 kr 12907 $ 1,678 £ 1101 $ 1,888 1379 NOK 13215 kr 12199 $ 1,586
    Upper deck suite £ 1365 $ 2,340 1709 NOK 16378 kr 15118 $ 1,965 £ 1301 $ 2,230 1629 NOK 15611 kr 14410 $ 1,873
    Twin cabin for single use £ 1317 $ 2,258 1649 NOK 15803 kr 14587 $ 1,896 £ 1253 $ 2,148 1569 NOK 15036 kr 13880 $ 1,804
    Triple cabin £ 966 $ 1,655 1209 NOK 11586 kr 10695 $ 1,390 £ 902 $ 1,546 1129 NOK 10820 kr 9987 $ 1,298
    Triple suite upper deck  £ 1285 $ 2,203 1609 NOK 15420 kr 14233 $ 1,850 £ 1221 $ 2,093 1529 NOK 14653 kr 13526 $ 1,758

    *Triple cabins are limited and on request, 3 per departure, 1 triple upper deck suite and 2 triple lower deck.

    Magnifique IIIMay  - September October
    Twin cabin £ 1005 $ 1,724 1259 NOK 12065 kr 11137 $ 1,448 £ 942 $ 1,614 1179 NOK 11299 kr 10430 $ 1,356
    Upper deck suite £ 1365 $ 2,340 1709 NOK 16378 kr 15118 $ 1,965 £ 1301 $ 2,230 1629 NOK 15611 kr 14410 $ 1,873
    Single cabin £ 1317 $ 2,258 1649 NOK 15803 kr 14587 $ 1,896 £ 1253 $ 2,148 1569 NOK 15036 kr 13880 $ 1,804
    *Triple cabin £ 966 $ 1,655 1209 NOK 11586 kr 10695 $ 1,390 £ 902 $ 1,546 1129 NOK 10820 kr 9987 $ 1,298
    *Triple suite upper deck £ 1285 $ 2,203 1609 NOK 15420 kr 14233 $ 1,850 £ 1221 $ 2,093 1529 NOK 14653 kr 13526 $ 1,758

    *Triple cabins are limited and on request,  3 per departure: 1 triple upper deck suite and 2 triple lower deck 

    FluviusApril 20 and September 28April 27 - September 21
    Small twin cabin below deck £ 746 $ 1,279 934 NOK 8951 kr 8262 $ 1,074 £ 786 $ 1,347 984 NOK 9430 kr 8705 $ 1,132
    Regular twin cabin below deck £ 786 $ 1,347 984 NOK 9430 kr 8705 $ 1,132 £ 826 $ 1,416 1034 NOK 9909 kr 9147 $ 1,189
    Twin cabin below deck for single use £ 985 $ 1,689 1234 NOK 11826 kr 10916 $ 1,419 £ 1025 $ 1,758 1284 NOK 12305 kr 11358 $ 1,477
    Twin cabin upper deck £ 906 $ 1,553 1134 NOK 10868 kr 10032 $ 1,304 £ 946 $ 1,621 1184 NOK 11347 kr 10474 $ 1,362
    Upper deck double cabin £ 985 $ 1,689 1234 NOK 11826 kr 10916 $ 1,419 £ 1025 $ 1,758 1284 NOK 12305 kr 11358 $ 1,477
    Twin cabin £ 985 $ 1,689 1234 NOK 11826 kr 10916 $ 1,419 £ 906 $ 1,553 1134 NOK 10868 kr 10032 $ 1,304
    Twin cabin/single use £ 1436 $ 2,462 1799 NOK 17236 kr 15910 $ 2,068 £ 1317 $ 2,257 1649 NOK 15798 kr 14583 $ 1,896
    Sailing HomeLow seasonStandard seasonHigh season
    Twin cabin £ 910 $ 1,559 1139 NOK 10915 kr 10076 $ 1,310 £ 998 $ 1,711 1250 NOK 11979 kr 11058 $ 1,438 £ 1086 $ 1,862 1360 NOK 13033 kr 12031 $ 1,564
    Twin cabin/single use £ 1278 $ 2,190 1600 NOK 15333 kr 14154 $ 1,840 £ 1406 $ 2,410 1760 NOK 16867 kr 15569 $ 2,024 £ 1533 $ 2,629 1920 NOK 18400 kr 16985 $ 2,208
    Liza MarleenLow seasonStandard seasonHigh season
    Twin cabin £ 894 $ 1,533 1120 NOK 10733 kr 9908 $ 1,288 £ 982 $ 1,684 1230 NOK 11788 kr 10881 $ 1,415 £ 1069 $ 1,833 1339 NOK 12832 kr 11845 $ 1,540
    Twin cabin/single use £ 1250 $ 2,143 1565 NOK 14998 kr 13844 $ 1,800 £ 1374 $ 2,355 1720 NOK 16483 kr 15215 $ 1,978 £ 1497 $ 2,567 1875 NOK 17969 kr 16587 $ 2,156
    Superior cabin (15 m sq.)/ twin use £ 974 $ 1,670 1220 NOK 11692 kr 10792 $ 1,403 £ 1062 $ 1,821 1330 NOK 12746 kr 11765 $ 1,530 £ 1149 $ 1,970 1439 NOK 13790 kr 12730 $ 1,655
    Superior cabin (15 m sq.)/ triple use £ 827 $ 1,417 1035 NOK 9919 kr 9156 $ 1,190 £ 906 $ 1,554 1135 NOK 10877 kr 10040 $ 1,305 £ 986 $ 1,691 1235 NOK 11835 kr 10925 $ 1,420
    ZwaanLow season
    Twin cabin £ 998 $ 1,711 1250 NOK 11979 kr 11058 $ 1,438
    Friends or family style for twin use £ 998 $ 1,711 1250 NOK 11979 kr 11058 $ 1,438
    Friends or family style for triple use £ 974 $ 1,670 1220 NOK 11692 kr 10792 $ 1,403
    Twin cabin (front) for single use £ 1406 $ 2,410 1760 NOK 16867 kr 15569 $ 2,024
    WendingLow seasonStandard seasonHigh season
    Twin cabin £ 847 $ 1,451 1060 NOK 10158 kr 9377 $ 1,219 £ 930 $ 1,595 1165 NOK 11165 kr 10306 $ 1,340 £ 1014 $ 1,739 1270 NOK 12171 kr 11235 $ 1,461
    Twin cabin/single use £ 982 $ 1,684 1230 NOK 11788 kr 10881 $ 1,415 £ 1078 $ 1,848 1350 NOK 12938 kr 11942 $ 1,553 £ 1174 $ 2,013 1470 NOK 14088 kr 13004 $ 1,691
    Triple cabin £ 803 $ 1,376 1005 NOK 9631 kr 8890 $ 1,156 £ 886 $ 1,518 1109 NOK 10628 kr 9810 $ 1,275 £ 962 $ 1,650 1205 NOK 11548 kr 10660 $ 1,386
    Anna AntalLow seasonStandard seasonHigh season
    Twin cabin/comfort £ 847 $ 1,451 1060 NOK 10158 kr 9377 $ 1,219 £ 930 $ 1,595 1165 NOK 11165 kr 10306 $ 1,340 £ 1014 $ 1,739 1270 NOK 12171 kr 11235 $ 1,461
    Bunk bed cabin £ 719 $ 1,232 900 NOK 8625 kr 7962 $ 1,035 £ 799 $ 1,369 1000 NOK 9583 kr 8846 $ 1,150 £ 866 $ 1,485 1085 NOK 10398 kr 9598 $ 1,248
    Bunk bed cabin for single use £ 902 $ 1,546 1129 NOK 10820 kr 9987 $ 1,298 £ 990 $ 1,698 1240 NOK 11883 kr 10969 $ 1,426 £ 1078 $ 1,848 1350 NOK 12938 kr 11942 $ 1,553

    Low season: July 6, July 20, August 3
    Standard season: May 18, June 8, October 5
    High season: September 7, September 21

    Twin cabin below deck £ 826 $ 1,416 1034 NOK 9909 kr 9147 $ 1,189
    *Twin cabin for single use below deck £ 1025 $ 1,758 1284 NOK 12305 kr 11358 $ 1,477
    **Triple cabin below deck £ 794 $ 1,361 994 NOK 9526 kr 8793 $ 1,143

    *Only one twin cabin for single use available per departure
    **Two triple cabins available per departure

    Clair de Lune 
    Twin cabin £ 754 $ 1,292 944 NOK 9047 kr 8351 $ 1,086
    Single supplement £ 179 $ 307 224 NOK 2147 kr 1982 $ 258
    Twin cabin £ 754 $ 1,292 944 NOK 9047 kr 8351 $ 1,086
    Single supplement  £ 179 $ 307 224 NOK 2147 kr 1982 $ 258

    extra options


    Magnifiques, Fleur, Zwaantje:
    Electric bike rental: £ 76 $ 130 95 NOK 910 kr 840 $ 109 Gluten free or dairy free diets: Supplement will apply, please ask.
    Fluvius and Gandalf
    Electric bike rental: £ 80 $ 137 100 NOK 958 kr 885 $ 115 Helmet rental: £ 8 $ 14 10 NOK 96 kr 88 $ 12 Sailing Home, Zwaan, Liza Marleen, Wending, and Anna Antal:
    Electric bike rental: £ 64 $ 110 80 NOK 767 kr 708 $ 92 Set of maps for self guided option, only with advance reservation and payment: £ 46 $ 78 57 NOK 546 kr 504 $ 66 Gluten free diet: £ 40 $ 68 50 NOK 479 kr 442 $ 58 Child's bike, trailer bike (tag-along), bike trailer, and child seat available on request.

    please note

    If traveling solo, we can try to find a roommate of the same gender on some of the boats to avoid single supplement charge.

    Please note that pricing for Wending, Zwaan, Sailing Home, and Anna Antal is based on current fuel price, March 2019. If the fuel price increases more than 5%,  our local tour operators have informed us that they will be forced to charge a supplement even for reservations already made.

    Single cabins only by request and for supplemental fee.

    Discount for triple & quad cabins may be available.

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly into and out of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or fly to Brussels Zaventem Airport. You can depart from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or return to Brussels at end of tour.

    Local Travel

    From the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can purchase train tickets to Bruges at the TICKET COUNTER in the “Arrivals Hall” of the airport. From there you just go down the escalator to the train terminal. The train to Bruges takes approximately 4 hours and costs about €43 (a more expensive, faster train is also available). From the Brussels Zaventem Airport, you can take the train to Bruges Central Station. The railway station is located under the airport building at level 1. The train departs every hour and the ride takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes - cost around €20 per person. The ride requires one connection.


    Check local weather conditions prior to departure. Average high/low temp in °F for Amsterdam is: 53/40 for April; 61/46 May; 66/52 June; 69/55 July; 70/55 August; 64/51 Sept; and 57/46 for October.


    Electric bicycle available aboard the Anna Antal, Sailing Home, and Zwaan. Please be aware you will be part of an international group of people, but your tour guide and crew members will always speak English.

Tour Dates

On the Comfort plus class boats:

Magnifique: Saturdays, May 11, May 25, July 6, July 20, August 3, August 17, August 31, September 14, September 28, and October 12, 2019
Magnifique II: Wednesdays, May 29, June 12, July 24, August 7, August 21, September 18, October 2, and October 16, 2019
Magnifique III: Saturdays, June 1, June 15, June 29, July 13, August 10, August 24, September 7, September 21, and October 5, 2019
Fluvius: April 27, May 25, June 8, June 22, July 20, August 3, August 17, and August 31, and September 28, 2019
Fleur: May 11 and October 12, 2019
Sailing Home: 
Low season: Saturdays, July 13, October 12, and October 26, 2019
Standard season: Saturdays, June 15, August 17, and September 28, 2019
High season: Satrudays, September 14, 2019
Liza Marleen:
Standard season: Saturday, August 31, 2019
High season: Saturday, September 21, 2019

On the Comfort class boats:
Low season: Saturdays, May 18 and July 27, 2019
Standard season: Saturdays, June 1, June 15, September 28, 2019
High season: September 7, 2019
June 29 and August 17, 2019

On the Standard Plus class boats:
Anna Antal:
Low season: Saturdays, July 6, July 20, and August 3, 2019
Standard season: May 18, June 8, and October 5, 2019
High season: September 7 and September 21, 2019
Clair de Lune: July 6, 2019
Tijdgeest: June 29, August 3, August 31, and September 14, 2019

Click the link to see the tour and dates for Amsterdam to Bruges

Where You’ll Stay

Different class boats are available for this tour. See dates and pricing. Click here for detailed barge information.

What’s Included

  • Accommodations for 7 nights
  • Breakfast, 6 picnic lunches, and 6 three course dinners (Dinner is not included in Bruges and Antwerp)
  • Welcome drink and tour presentation on the first evening
  • All bed linens and towels (daily change of towels on request)
  • Light daily cleaning of cabins
  • Two tour leaders with daily briefings of bike tours, some short city tours, guided bike tours, applicable for bookings of 18 or more
  • Detailed maps and tourist information (one set per cabin)
  • 7 speed hybrid touring bike rental with hand and pedal brakes, pannier, helmet and water bottle
  • Free WiFi throughout ship
  • Complimentary coffee and tea
  • Visit Kinderdijk mills
  • Entrance cathedral in Antwerp
  • Canal trip through Gent
  • Accommodation for 7 nights on board ship
  • Climate controlled cabin
  • Breakfast, 6 packed lunches, and 7 three course dinners
  • Welcome drink and tour presentation on the first evening
  • All bed linens and towels (daily change of towels on request)
  • Light daily cleaning of cabins
  • Two tour leaders with daily briefings of bike tours, some short city tours, guided bike tours
  • Detailed maps and tourist information (one set per cabin)
  • 7 speed hybrid touring bike rental with hand and pedal brakes, pannier, and water bottle
  • GPS tracks on request
  • Fees for ferries
  • Helmets on request. Surcharge applies.
  • Complimentary coffee and tea till 4 pm
  • Accommodations for 7 nights on board ship
  • Breakfast, 6 picnic lunches, 6 three course dinners (Dinner is not included in Antwerp)
  • Welcome drink and tour presentation on the first evening
  • All bed linens and towels (daily change of towels on request)
  • Light daily cleaning of cabins
  • Tour leader with daily briefings of bike tours, some short city tours, guided bike tours
  • Detailed maps and tourist information (one set per cabin)
  • 21 speed hybrid touring bicycle with hand brakes and pannier
  • Complimentary coffee and tea till 4 pm
  • Accommodations for 7 nights on board ship
  • Breakfast, 6 packed lunches, and 7 three course dinners
  • Welcome drink and tour presentation on first evening
  • All bed linens and towels
  • WiFi
  • GPS tracks on request
  • Fees for ferries
  • One cleaning of cabin
  • †Guide support (please see note below)
  • Route descriptions and detailed maps for daily bike tours (1 set per cabin)
  • 7 speed hybrid touring bicycle with hand brakes only and pannier
  • Complimentary coffee and tea between 3 and 4 pm
  • †This tour is not a fully guided bike tour but rather supported by a guide who ensures the safety of riders and takes care of mechanical issues. The guide is cycling the route and can be reached by cell phone for quick assistance.
  • Accommodations for 7 nights on board
  • Breakfast, packed lunches, and 6 x three course dinner
  • 24 speed hybrid bicycle with water bottle and pannier bag
  • Coffee and tea on board
  • Ferry fees en route
  • Harbor fees and tourist taxes
  • 7 nights accommodations on board
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 5 packed lunches
  • 6 3 course dinners (1 x on own account)
  • 8 speed Gudereit hybrid bike with pannier bag, water bottle, and helmet
  • Coffee and tea on board
  • Travel guide ( from 18 pax 2 guides !!!)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Daily cabin cleaning
  • Welcome drink
  • Canal trip in Ghent
  • Beer tasting on board
  • 7 nights accommodations on board
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 5 packed lunch
  • 6 x 3 course dinners (1 x on own account)
  • 11 speed Gudereit hybrid bike with pannier bag, water bottle, and helmet
  • Coffee and tea on board
  • Travel guide ( from 18 pax 2 guides !!!)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Daily cabin cleaning
  • Welcome drink
  • Canal trip in Ghent
  • Beer tasting on board
  • Accommodations on board for 7 nights
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch/packed lunch, and 7 x three course dinner
  • Tour guide
  • 7 gear hybrid bicycle with pannier bag
  • Several city walks
  • Information booklet and maps
  • Train ride on day 7
  • Bicycle protection
  • Transfer back to Amsterdam on day 8
  • Entrance fee to Kinderdijk
  • Accommodations on board for 7 nights
  • Full board (7 x breakfast, 6 x packed picnic lunches, and 7 x three course dinners
  • Coffee and tea on board
  • Tour guide
  • 24 gear hybrid bicycle with pannier bag
  • Helmet (2019)
  • Minimum three city walks with tour guide
  • 1 x road book per cabin
  • Ferry fares en route
  • GPS tracks

What’s Not Included

  • Dinner in Antwerp on the Magnifiques
  • Entrance fees and excursions (those not mentioned under "Included")
  • Fees for ferries (approx. €5) and Waterbus (approx. €4)
  • Beverages (incl. alcohol), available on board
  • Helmets on the Fluvius, available for surcharge, see pricing and please reserve at time of booking
  • Wifi, Fluvius, unlimited data package payable on board: €10
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Dietary requirements on request/surcharge may apply
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
  • Dinner in Antwerp
  • Entrance fees and excursions
  • Fees for ferries (approx. €5) and Waterbus (approx. €4)
  • Beverages (incl. alcohol), available on board
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Dietary requirements on request/surcharge may apply
  • Helmets on request
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
  • Beverages (incl. alcohol), available on board
  • Museum entrance fees and other excursions not mentioned above
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Dietary requirements on request/surcharge may apply
  • Helmets available on request and with surcharge
  • Bicycle Protection (mandatory on the Elodie)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Entrance fees and excursions
  • Fees for ferries (approx. €5) and Waterbus (approx. €4)
  • Beverages (incl. alcohol), available on board
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Dietary requirements on request/surcharge may apply
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Helmets available (limited) on request at time of booking
  • Travel Insurance
  • Beverages (incl. alcohol), available on board
  • Museum entrance fees and other excursions not mentioned above
  • Gratuities (at your discretion)
  • Dietary requirements on request/surcharge may apply
  • Maps for self-guided option (see pricing)
  • Limited WiFi, more than 100 MB there is a surcharge
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
  • Other excursions and entrance fees not mentioned
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuities
  • Drinks on board
Length8 days
From934 Rates
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Skill Level

An easy guided tour. Areas are predominantly flat with average daily distances of about 35 miles over good asphalt roads with little traffic.

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Bruges to Amsterdam Map

Each boat has a slightly different itinerary. If you do not see your boat listed below, we will be happy to send you the specific itinerary. 

*All distances are approximate. Itinerary is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstance, including but not limited to weather, last minute mooring changes, and restructuring of locks or bridges.

**We have dates/pricing for 2019. Itineraries may vary slightly. As much as possible we have made notes of changes directly in the itinerary. We will keep updating itineraries so please make sure you check back frequently or ask us for the 2019 itinerary.

Day 1: Bruges - Aalterbrug - Ghent, 13 mi. (21 km)
Day 2: Ghent - cycling to Dendermonde - sailing to St. Amands, 29 mi. (47 km)
Day 3: St. Amands - Antwerp, 24 mi. (40 km)
Day 4: Antwerpen - sailing to Kreekrak locks - cycling to Willemstad, 34 mi. (56 km)
Day 5: Willemstad - sailing to Werkendam - cycling to Gorinchem, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 6: Gorinchem - cycling to Vianen - sailing to Utrecht, 30 mi. (50 km)
Day 7: Utrecht - sailing to Breukelen and cycling to Amsterdam, 24 mi. (40 km)
Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam

DAY 1: Bruges - Aalterbrug - Ghent, (21 km)
Embarkation at the latest by 2 pm at the Buiten Katelijnevest near the Bargeweg (1 km from central train station). You can drop your luggage off at 10 am.  Once  you arrive on board the ship you can put your luggage away in your cabin and then enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. It is also a good moment to become acquainted with the guide, skipper and crew, and of course your fellow passengers.

At 2 p.m. the boat will navigate from Bruges to Ghent. Cycling, you will mostly follow the canal between Bruges and Ghent to Aalterbrug, which offers a beautiful, peaceful route. After dinner you will have enough time to discover the old and characteristic city center.

The city of Ghent is proud of its rich past, but is much more than just a museum town. This lively city with its numerous squares and cozy pubs is an excellent mixture of medieval architecture, stylish shopping streets, splendid mansions, and busy little squares with outdoor cafés.

DAY 2: Ghent - cycling to Dendermonde - St. Amands, 29 mi. (47 km)
Early Sunday morning you will cycle through the old center of Ghent. After coffee you will leave for a nice day along one of the most beautiful rivers of Europe, the Schelde.

After approximately 20 km, in Wetteren, you can take a break in a real Flemish ‘staminee’ and in Berlare you will have a Belgian beer with your lunch. Next, cycle through Dendermonde, the city of the legend of the Beiaart, where you can see the magnificent city hall that is still standing. Near the small, quiet village of St. Amand, you will spend the night.

DAY 3: St. Amands - Antwerp, 24 mi. (40 km)
From St. Amands the cycle route leads you along the river and past nature reserves like the mudflats of Durme and Schausselbroek. The mudflats
of Durme are worth mentioning because it's one of the last fresh water marshes along this tidal part of the river and therefore has a unique flora and fauna. You continue your tour through Bazel, one of the most beautiful villages of Belgium. For an escalator the wooden moving stairs in the St. Anna tunnel under the Scheldt is a unique experience before entering the city centre of Antwerp. Highlights of the historical centrer of Antwerp are worth a visit, here you'll find: the Onze-Lievevrouwenkerk and the Rubenshuis.In the Willemsdok, near the Museum for Modern Art (Museum Aan de Stroom) you will find the barge.

DAY 4: Antwerp, sailing to the Kreekraksluizen - Willemstad, 34 mi. (56 km)
This morning you’ll sail through the big harbor of Antwerp, a big difference with the nature reserves and quite villages of yesterday. But due to the big sea going vessels and large harbour cranes it’s a fascinating journey which brings you to Holland where you start your bike tour at the Kreekrak locks. By bike you will make a beautiful tour over the ‘Brabantse wal’ a sand wall dating back from the times when Mammoths roam the area. Today you won’t find any big elephants but the area seemed to be perfect for strawberry and asparagus fields. So be here at harvest time (depending on the weather: around June). From the woodlands around Bergen op Zoom you continue through a polderlandscape to the old fortified town of Willemstad, near the Volkeraksluizen (locks) at the Haringvliet, the busiest locks of Europe.

DAY 5: Willemstad, sailing to Werkendam, cycling to Gorinchem, 28 mi. (45 km)
The barge leaves early so you can make a beautiful tour from Werkendam where you go ashore to continue your tour by bike through the land of Heusden and Altena. Along the Bergse Maas, the south border of the land of Heusden and Altena, you continue your tour along the fortified town of Heusden. From here another river, the ‘Afgedamde Maas’ leads you back to the river Waal where you started your tour this morning. Here you’ll find another beautiful fortified town, Woudrichem. A ferry brings you to the other side of the river where you’ll board the ship.

DAY 6: Gorinchem, cycling to Vianen, sailing to Utrecht, 30 mi. (50 km)
From Gorinchem you will follow the meandering river Linge through the Betuwe. This area is known for the large amount of orchards and therefore will be covered with blossoms in the months april and may. Along the city of Leerdam, famous for its glass, you continue your tour in northern direction towards Utrecht. On your way toward Utrecht you’ll pass the so called ‘Wiel van Bassa’ the biggest dike burst hole in the Netherlands and another relic of the everlasting battle against the water. From Vianen you sail to Utrecht. After dinner you can take a public bus to the old centre of Utrecht.

DAY 7: Utrecht - Amsterdam, 24 mi. (40 km)
During breakfast you will sail to Breukelen from where you will cycle to Amsterdam along the two most beautiful rivers of Holland, the Vecht and the Amstel.

Along the route you will find the magnificent country houses and mansions from the 18th century with their splendid, well-kept gardens. After dinner you have the option to take a canal cruise through the canals of Amsterdam.

DAY 8: Departure from Amsterdam
The mooring place of the barge in Amsterdam is the Oosterdok (near Science Center NEMO, Oosterdok 2), located 1.2 km/.75 miles from the Central Station in Amsterdam.
There is a direct train that leaves 6 times per hour from Amsterdam Central Station to Schiphol Airport . Travel time is about 16 minutes.

If you flying out of Brussels Airport you can take the international train (Intercity). Travel time is 3 hours.

(The Magnifique II tours start and ends on WEDNESDAYS and the tours with the Magnifique I and III start and end on SATURDAYS)

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges
2019: 6 mi. (11 km)
Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  34 mi. (56 km)
2019: 21 or 36 mi. (35 or 57 km)
Day 3: Gent - Dendermonde/St. Amands, 24 or 32 mi. (40 or 53 km)
Day 4: St. Amands/Dendermonde - Temse - Antwerp, 28 or 35 mi. (47 or 59 km)
2019: 19 or 31 mi. (40 or 53 km)
Day 5: Antwep - Kreekrak locks | Kreekrak locks - Tholen - Willemstad - Dordrecht, 20 or 26 mi. (34 or 43 km)
2019: Antwerp - Kreekrak locks | Kreekrak locks - Tholen | Tholen - Willemstad - Dordrecht, 13 or 23 mi. (20 or 36 km)
Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdijk – Schoonhoven – Vianen, 30 mi. (50 km) 
2019: 19 or 36 mi. (32 or 57 km)
Day 7: Vianen – Breukelen | Breukelen – Amsterdam, 28 mi. (46 km)
2019: 23 or 28 mi.  (36 or 46 km)
Day 8: Amsteram 

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges
Arrival and embarkation in Bruges. You can embark between 1 pm and 5:30 pm. One of the MS Magnifique's awaits you in the Bruges harbour. It is possible to bring your luggage on board at 9:30 am but do note that your  cabin will not be ready. You will have plenty of time to discover the UNESCO World Heritage-listed historical city of Bruges, aptly named the “Pearl of Flanders”, during the afternoon and in the evening. While you are there make sure you visit one of Bruges many museums or simply take in the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city from the comfort of a sidewalk café. The barge remains in Bruges overnight.
2019: Opportunity for short test ride on your bike.

Day 2:  Bruges - Ghent, 34 mi. (56 km)
Your cycle tour starts early today on the outskirts of Bruges following the distribution of bicycles after breakfast. You will start your first day of cycling by pedalling towards Ghent through the beautiful Flemish landscape along the Ghent canal. On arrival in Ghent make sure you make the effort to discover the best of what this historical city has to offer during an afternoon stroll. Ghent’s town centre features lovely illuminated streets that are a must to explore, while the architectural richness in the historical centre of the city has to be seen to be believed (during the Middle Ages Ghent was the 2nd largest European city after Paris). One of the MS Magnifique'swill dock for the night at the Merelbeke lock, in a suburb of Ghent and approx. 15 cycling minutes to the city center.
2019: 21 or 36 mi. (35 or 57 km)

Day 3: Gent - Dendermonde/St. Amands, 24 or 32 mi. (40 or 53 km)
After breakfast in Ghent you will cycle downstream through a diverse landscape along the tidal Schelde River to Dendermonde located at the junction of Dender and Schelde Rivers. There is only one way to describe the landscape along the Schelde and that is “magnificent”. It is without doubt one of the natural highlights of the tour. During this section of the Schelde the speed of one of the MS Magnifique's will be determined by the height of the tide. You will travel from Dendermonde to St. Amands by either bike or barge depending on the tides. Your floating hotel will be docked for the night in St. Amands.

Day 4: St. Amands/Dendermonde - Temse - Antwerp, 28 or 35 mi. (47 or 59 km)
You will follow the Schelde River further downstream through the Temse region to Antwerp. Over the centuries the Schelde River has held strategic importance for the Romans, Vikings, Spanish and Napoleon… today it is a beautiful waterway just perfect for bike and barge holidays!  Antwerp, your destination for the day, is a harbor city famous for handling up to 80% of the world's rough diamonds and as the birthplace of the famous painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens. There are many highlights in the city to discover including the City Hall, one of several majestic buildings constructed during the Renaissance period, the historical City Square, Grote Market, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral, and the medieval Steen Castle. Dinner will be in town in a restaurant of your choice (recommendations available on board).
2019: 19 or 31 mi. (40 or 53 km)

Day 5: Antwep - Kreekrak locks | Kreekrak locks - Tholen - Willemstad - Dordrecht, 20 or 26 mi. (34 or 43 km)
The MS Magnifique's will sail this morning along the Schelde-Rhine Canal and over the huge Kreekrak lock system to Tholen, a former fishing village in the Dutch province of Zeeland. From Tholen you will have the opportunity to see the impressive Volkerak lock system, the fortified town of Willemstad and then you will cycle on to Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and your destination for the day. The skipper will discuss with you in the morning which parts of the tour will be covered by barge or by bicycle.
Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak locks | Kreekrak locks - Tholen |
Tholen - Willemstad - Dordrecht, 13 or 23 mi. (20 or 36 km)
This morning, the ship will sail along the Schelde-Rhine Canal and over the huge Kreekrak lock system. Here your bicycle tour starts through the beautiful “Wouwse Plantage” forest to Tholen, Tholen once was an island in the middle of the large Zeeland streams, where many people fished for their living. Nowadays Tholen is connected to the mainland in various ways. But it is still a picturesque village with many relics of an eventful past. From Tholen you will join the ship again for a nice afternoon sail to the city of Dordrecht. Halfway the ship will pass the impressive Volkerak lock system.

Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands is your destination for the day. The guide will take you for an evening walk and tell you about the history of the Netherlands.

Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdijk – Schoonhoven – Vianen, 30 mi. (50 km) 
Today you will start your tour with the “Waterbus”, a fast ferry that will take you and your bike in just 10 minutes to Alblasserdam. After just a few minutes of cycling you will reach Kinderdijk, a village famous for its impressive row of 19 UNESCO cultural heritage-listed windmills – one of which you can visit (don’t forget your camera!). The windmills were constructed in the 18th century to pump water out of the low Alblasserwaard polder (a polder is a low-lying tract of land enclosed by embankments). You will then continue to cycle via Schoonhoven to Vianen, a small fortified town on the river Lek (where you will be moored for the evening and where you can explore at your leisure after dinner).
2019: 19 or 36 mi. (32 or 57 km)

Day 7: Vianen – Breukelen | Breukelen – Amsterdam, 28 mi. (46 km)
During breakfast the MS Magnifique's will cruise to Breukelen where you disembark to start your final day of cycling. Ride along the Vecht River in an area famous for its beautiful mansions, small castles, impressive houses and their large gardens. After cycling through the villages of Nieuwersluis, Loenen and Vreeland you will arrive at Nigtevecht where you can visit a traditional cheese farm. Continue cycling through the historical town of Muiden and on to Amsterdam where you will meet the barge for the final time in the Amsterdam harbour.
2019: 19 or 36 mi. (36 or 46 km)

Day 8: Departure
Disembarkation by 9:30 am.

Parts printed in italics will be covered by the ship.

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges, boarding begins at 2 PM
Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  34 mi (56 km)
Day 3: Ghent - Dendermonde | St-Amands, 24 or 32 mi (40 or 53 km)
Day 4: St-Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 28 or 35 (47 or 59 km)
Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak Locks  | Kreekrak Locks - Tholen |Tholen Dordrecht:  20 or 26 mi (34 or 43 km)
Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdink Schoonhoven - Vianen, 33 mi. (55 km)
Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen | Breuken - Amsterdam, 28 mi (46 km)
Day 8: Depature from Amsterdam, 10 am

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges, boarding begins at 2 PM
Arrival and embarkation in the early afternoon in the beautiful city of Bruges, also called “Pearl of Flanders”. The crew will welcome you. You will have plenty of time to discover the beautiful historical city of Bruges. Afternoon and evening with city tour in Bruges.

Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  34 mi (56 km)
Today, your day starts on the water and the barge will leave Bruges early. Just outside the city, your first bike tour will lead to Ghent through the flat land of West-Flanders will start. Your destination today is the historical center of Ghent. Enjoy the beautiful parts of Ghent during an afternoon stroll. The barge is docked in the city center of Ghent.

Day 3: Ghent - Dendermonde |St-Amands, 24 or 32 mi (40 or 53 km)
Today, the barge will sail over the river Schelde to Dendermonde, a nice town at the conjunction of the rivers Dender and Schelde. The bike tour leads along one of the most beautiful parts of the Schelde, a tidal river. You will follow this beautiful tidal river downstream. The departure time will be set by the skipper and is depending on high or low tide. The tide has affect on the speed of the barge. By bike or by barge from Dendermonde to St. Amands. Night in St. Amands.

Day 4: St-Amands - Temse - Antwerp, 28 or 35 (47 or 59 km)
Today we will follow the Schelde further downstream over Temse to Antwerp. There is a beautiful cycling track along the river and the scenery is magnificent. Harbor city Antwerp whit it’s beautiful inner city is well known as diamond city and the city where the famous painter Rubens was born. Dinner in town in a restaurant of your choice (not included). On request, you will receive some restaurant recommendations on board.

Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak Locks| Kreekrak Locks -  Tholen | Tholen Dordrecht:  20 or 26 mi (34 or 43 km)
The barge will cruise over the Schelde-Rhine Canal to the huge Kreekrak locks. Here starts your bike tour. You will cycle through several estates along Bergen op Zoom and Halsteren to Tholen, a former fishing village amidst the large streams of the province of Zeeland. The barge is waiting for you to sail along the impressive large Volkerak locks to the fortified town of Willemstad, then further to end in Dordrecht, one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands. Today, the skipper will discuss with you which part of the tour will be covered by bicycle.

Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdijk Schoonhoven - Vianen, 33 mi. (55 km)
Today you will start your tour with the “Waterbus”, a fast ferry that will take you and your bike in just 10 minutes to Alblasserdam. After just a few minutes of cycling you will reach Kinderdijk, the most famous windmills in the Netherlands with 19 windmills in line (don’t forget your camera!). The windmills were constructed in the 18th century to pump water out of the low Alblasserwaard polder. You can visit one of the windmills. Then bike tour via silver city Schoonhoven to Vianen, a small fortified town on the river Lek. In the evening you can explore this town.

Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen| Breuken - Amsterdam, 28 mi (46 km)
First the ship cruises to Breukelen, where you disembark and your cycling tour starts. Ride along the small Vecht river: this area is well known for its beautiful mansions, small castles and beautiful houses with large gardens and parks. Over the small villages of Nieuwersluis, Loenen and Vreeland to Nigtevecht, where you can visit a traditional cheese farm. Continue cycling through the historical town of Muiden and on to Amsterdam where you will meet the barge for the final time in the Amsterdam harbor.

Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam, 10 am

Parts in italics covered by ship.

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges, boarding begins at 1 pm
Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  34 mi (56 km)
Day 3: Ghent - Dendermonde | St . Amands, 24 or 32 mi (40 or 53 km)
Day 4: Dendermonde| St. Amands - Antwerp, 34 mi. (55 km)
Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak Locks | Krekrak LocksTholen, 13 or 23 mi. (36 km or 20 km) | Tholen - Dordrecht
Day 6: Dordrecht - Alblassderdam - Alblasserdam - Kinderdijk - Schoonhoven - Vianen, 36 mi. (57 km)
Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen | BreukelenAmsterdam, 24 mi. (38 km) or 29 mi. (48 km)
Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam

Please note that those cyclists who choose the shorter option will miss some of the highlights that can be seen on the longer cycling routes.

Parts in italics covered by ship.

Day 1: Arrival in Bruges, boarding at 1:30pm
Day 2: Bruges - Ghent,  14 or 25 miles
Day 3: Ghent - Middelburg, 33 miles
Day 4: Middelburg - Zierikzee, 6 or 35 miles
Day 5: Zierikzee - Willemstad - Dordrecht, 12 or 38 miles 
Day 6: Dordrecht - Vianen, 17 or 34 miles 
Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen - Amsterdam, 24 or 34 miles
Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam


Day 1: Boarding in Bruges at 1PM.  Bruges - Ghent, 10 mi. (15 km)
Day 2: Ghent - Dendermonde, 25 mi. (40 km)
Day 3: Dendermonde - Antwerpen, 19 or 35 mi. (30 or 55 km)
Day 4: Antwerp - Tholen, 22 mi. (35 km)
Day 5: Tholen - Willemstad - Dordrecht, 22 mi. (35 km)
Day 6: Dordrecht - Vianen, 22 or 35 mi. (35 or 55 km)
Day 7: Vianen - Amsterdam, 28 mi. (45 km)
Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam

Day 1: Arrival in Ghent
Bus transfer from Schiphol airport to Ghent included (meeting time is 12 noon). Embarkation and checking in aboard the hotel barge. The tour leader will invite you for a walk across the wonderful town center.

Day 2: Ghent, train to Bruges.  Free day in Bruges. In late afternoon train to Dendermonde & short bike ride, 9 mi. (15 km)
By train you go to Bruges and your tour leader will make you acquainted with this unique town. Until mid afternoon you are free to explore Bruges. By train you go to Dendermonde where the barge will stay for the night. In the evening there’s a short test ride in and around Dendermonde.

Day 3: Dendermonde - Antwerp, 32 mi. (50 km)
From Dendermonde you ride through the pretty Flemish countryside alongside the river Schelde to Antwerp.
In the afternoon your guide invites you for a short city walk and afterwards you have free time to explore the town centre. In the evening you may wish to visit some bars and have a good taste of Belgian beers.

Day 4: Antwerp Kreekrak Locks - sailing to Willemstad, 28 mi. (45 km)
In the morning, cycle from Antwerp over the Belgian-Dutch border to the large Kreekrak locks. From there a sailing trip over the wide waterways of Zeeland takes you to the beautiful walled town of Willemstad.

Day 5: Willemstad - Gouda, 25 mi. (40 km)
The first stretch of today's route is by boat. On bike you visit the beautiful old Dutch town of Dordrecht and the world famous windmills of Kinderdijk. The overnight stay is in the cheese town of Gouda, where you may wish to join your tour leader for a short city walk in the evening.

Day 6: Gouda - Oude Wetering, 16 to 28 mi. (25 to 45 km)
You enjoy an easy bike ride right through some real Dutch meadowlands and end your trip in a small village called Oude Wetering. You may enjoy the quietness of the rural Dutch countryside before you arrive in busy Amsterdam tomorrow.

Day 7: Oude Wetering - Amsterdam, 28 mi. (45 km)
On the banks of the river Amstel you cycle in the direction of and then across the Amsterdam town centre to the mooring place of your barge. In the afternoon there’s time to explore the lively Dutch capital and do some shopping. In the evening there’s a city walk and you may wish to make a roundtrip of the famous Amsterdam canals.

Day 8: Departure from Amsterdam 
End of your bike and barge tour and check out.

Important note for Passengers aboard the Tijdgeest and Clair de Lune: Due to restrictions by Belgian naval authorities, passengers are no longer allowed to remain on board while the barge motors the Belgian waterways. Non cycling participants will be required to take a taxi or public transportation at their own expense. The tour leader will provide details on board.


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Customer Feedback

  • April S. 2 days ago

    Awesome experience...biked along canals, by windmills and visited cities...literally smelled the roses. Must do!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Krystal W. 3 days ago

    It’s really hard to choose just one memorable experience. Everything was amazing, but I’ll narrow my favorites down to two. Riding through Kinderdijk area and hanging in Ghent was amazing. I would have liked to have had more time to explore the windmills at Kinderdijk. It would have also been great to have more of a selection for our lunch packets. Otherwise everything was amazing.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Maricar K. 3 days ago

    The staff made the trip memorable by going the extra mile. I loved the side tours and friends we made. They made you feel like you were on the Queen Elizabeth liner. A tip is to go with the flow and don’t race to your next destination. Stop and smell the flowers.

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • John G. 3 days ago

    The camaraderie is what we will remember most on the Bruges to Amsterdam tour. For the third consecutive tour we were the only Americans and loved the company of our Canadian and Australian fellow- travelers as well as the Dutch crew. (If we wanted to be with other Americans we could stay home).
    The actual touring was pleasant rather than spectacular on this our fifth bike and barge trip booked with Tripsite. No Pont du Gard, Bridge of Sighs or Eiffel Tower but there were the Dutch Alps which was a reference to the many canal bridges in the Netherlands. The red soccer shirts adorning the statues of Belgian royalty and heroes reflected local support for their World Cup team.
    I like to refer to these trips as "making best friends we'll never see again"

    Boat: Zwaan

  • Ross M. 1 week ago

    This was truly an amazing adventure with great people from around the world. We are now Bike vacation people for life. Can't wait for our next booked trip to start!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Adele S. 2 weeks ago

    Biking on paths that were mostly not too crowded. The architecture was so different from the U.S. I really enjoyed seeing the neat homes with lots of flowers still in bloom in late Sept. The small towns full of beautiful old buildings and churches. Our guide did a great job of teaching us the history of the area.

    Boat: Wending

  • Kevin H. 2 weeks ago

    My partner and I are experienced cycle tourists who have had to take a few years off. We expected to enjoy it, but not as much as if we were rising independently. We couldn't have been more wrong! Maybe we just struck it lucky with our particular group, but we found them all interesting and nice to spend time with, the crew were all amazing, bikes ideal for the purpose and route well-selected and interesting. What I have also found myself raving about is value for money. For this kind of organized trip my expectation was that we would be paying a premium for not having organized everything ourselves: in fact we couldn't possibly have organized anything like this experience for less cost - the value was exceptional. We will certainly be back.

    Boat: Anna Antal

  • Sue D. 1 month ago

    We thoroughly enjoyed our barge/cycle tour from Bruges to Amsterdam. We were lucky that the weather was cool and mostly dry with light to moderate winds behind us most of the way, thankfully. We had a fun mix of travelers from Denmark, Canada, the US and Australia and our 2 guides led us on some interesting and informative tours of towns and villages along the way. We all enjoyed the quality and variety of the evening meals and were able to set off each day after a hearty breakfast with plenty of lunch and snacks in our saddle bags. We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the barge, the Fluvius. The dining area was modern and had ample room for relaxing and dining and lots of guests enjoyed the top deck area after a long day riding. We were on the lower deck with 2 single beds and our own ensuite. It was large enough for two people and had ample storage for our suitcases and bike gear. A lockable safe and hair dryer were in each room. The cycle itself was very easy as Read more… the countryside, while beautiful, is very flat. Having said that, the ride was varied as we were sometimes following rivers or canals and at others riding through forest or farmland, though tiny villages or into incredible cities such as Ghent or Antwerp. I would thoroughly recommend this cycle to others. It was our second barge/cycle tour and we can't wait to plan another.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Harold S. 1 month ago

    All days, with one exception, were beautiful, pleasurable, interesting, refreshing. The one exception day, that was actually most memorable, had very strong headwinds and some driving rain. It was the one day that added a sense of reality to this fabulous biking adventure.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Rhonda L. 1 month ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was meeting and traveling with people from around the world and learning about the the two fascinating countries on our tour--Belgium and Holland. The Magnifique's atmosphere and crew were wonderful, too!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Murray B. 1 month ago

    What made our trip memorable were the outstanding guides we had, Arie and Andre. They were fun loving, knowledgeable, complimentary and very patient. They responded quickly and decisively during two minor crises that befell our group. Kudos to them and to the entire staff of the Magnifique II.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Pat M. 2 months ago

    The Bruges to Amsterdam BOAT-BIKE tour created memories that will last a lifetime! We really enjoyed the people we met. The staff was very welcoming and accommodating. The guests were interesting and fun to get to know - we hope to keep in touch with several of the couples that we met. The cycling was at a good pace and the frequent breaks for coffee and regional treats added to the experience. We toured through a nice mix of historical sites and local neighborhoods. After cycling, arriving back at the boat to have a glass of wine while dinner was prepared was the ultimate in being pampered. We will definitely book another tour through Tripsite.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Ross M. 3 months ago

    Great experience, highly recommend this trip. You have made us bike and barge travelers TIP: Bruges to Amsterdam is with the wind recommend this direction.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Holly B. 3 months ago

    Most memorable part? All of it. Loved everything about it. Loved the cities and biking through the beautiful bike trails and seeing the countryside.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Alice C. 3 months ago

    Loved the whole experience - the scenery, everything about the ship (comfort and food), and the people on the tour. The staff was outstanding the entire time. I had such a great time that I'll be doing another bike tour next year! This was my first, and the Magnifique II sets the bar so high that it'll be tough to meet, never mind beat, that! My suggestions are primarily around the bike itself, which could be better. It was really old and rusty in some places, and the gear indicator was so smudged that I couldn't tell which gear I was in. Also, was not convinced that the lowest gear on the bike was actually the lowest, as it felt harder than the 3rd gear on my bike. I had no previous experience with bikes with paddle brakes, so it took some getting used to, especially with starting and stopping, since I couldn't kick up the paddle on my starting foot to push off and mount. I'm very, very glad I brought my own saddle. I know the rental ones bothered at Read more… least one of the more experienced cyclists on the tour. Tripsite was not entirely helpful in this regard, and told me I'd have to bring my own tools to switch out the saddle. However, as I suspected, that was not necessary at all. The tour staff had the necessary tools and then some in order to make bike adjustments. I picked the direction (Bruges to Amsterdam) to avoid strong headwinds, and it mostly worked out. Did experience some, especially on the last day riding into Amsterdam. I trained for it, so it wasn't an issue. It bothered some of the folks, so you'd want to be prepared (or get an ebike). Finally, if you go during the rainy season, be prepared. We rode most of the 36 miles on the first day through rain, which was at times heavy, and had to sit out a thunderstorm for a while on another day. None of the above took away from the great trip I had. Just offering some tips for trip preparation and what to expect. I highly recommend this tour!

    Boat: Magnifique II

    • Carla from Tripsite 3 months ago

      Hi Alice - Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed your tour so much.
      Regarding the saddle issue - the boat's policy is to ask guests to bring their own tools to install just in case they are not able to do this. In any case, glad it all worked out. Thanks again!

  • Houry S. 4 months ago

    I loved the biking through the country roads and the small towns that we stopped at were awesome!! This trip allowed us to visit and see places that the average tourist doesn't experience. Loved it!! Can't wait for another trip.

    Boat: Zwaantje

  • Doug K. 4 months ago

    The staff on the barge were always very helpful and friendly.

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Jackie S. 4 months ago

    Our guide, Geert, would take us on an after dinner historical walking tour of each town where we were staying the night. Geert was extremely knowledgeable about every place we went. Between all we saw during the day while we were biking, and the after dinner walking tour, we learned so much! If Geert is your guide, don't miss a minute of his walks!

    Boat: Zwaantje

  • Kim C. 5 months ago

    The trip, from start to finish, far exceeded our expectations. We were welcomed aboard by a very lovely crew and shown to our cabin. Accommodations, while "cozy" were clean, attractive and storage spaces were very thoughtfully planned; it never felt claustrophobic. Meals were as good as any four star restaurant and my gluten free needs were met without any problems. I cannot say enough about the crew and our guides; they were outgoing, caring, accommodating and fun to be around. I can say as much for the guests. I felt as if I was with old friends (not just the "old friends" with which we were travelling.) The bikes were in good condition and guides made sure everyone had a bike to fit their size. The tour, scenery, quick visits to churches and castles, even the little unexpected things, like vending machines filled with chilled strawberries, remain fixed in my memory as the most special experiences. We were very lucky that the weather was perfect each day. Read more… The ride and short stops in beautiful little towns added to this wonderful trip, and our guides, Tom and Hilko made each stop interesting and fun. I could go on, but suffice it to say, this will not be our last trip with Tripsite!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Jo-Anna K. 5 months ago

    The whole trip was fantastic. The food was amazing, staff was wonderful and the barge was comfortable and gorgeous. Bruges and Ghent were our favorite stops.

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Ellen R. 5 months ago

    The entire barge and bike trip was superlative! But what impressed me the most biking and barging aboard the Magnifique besides the excellent accommodations, great and varied food, breathtaking scenery, and cultural stops, was the professionalism of the staff. The Bruges to Amsterdam crew of six were constantly working to make our week safe, enjoyable, and deplete of any hitches. If you have never even thought of a trip like this because you deemed it too adventurous, please reconsider! The 30 miles per day of riding were pretty easy even for a casual rider, and for anyone who has concerns about “keeping up” or has some physical limitations, e- bikes were available that leveled the playing field. I think that biking through a country really gives you an appreciation and in-depth feeling you would never get by touring more traditionally. And all those calories burned allows more ingestion of Belgium’s famous chocolates and fries! Absolutely loved this Read more… trip!

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Carol K. 5 months ago

    Magnifique III was so much better than imagined. Great looking barge inside & out! Dining room glowed, friendly bar, wonderful creative chef. I’m a “foodie” and never expected such fresh delicious meals. Room accommodations small neat clean would have liked little more room so 2 people could unpack their suitcases.
    Staff was friendly attentive and did their jobs efficiently. Bike trip was well planned, I personally would have liked to have been able to stop a few more times to enjoy scenery surroundings & picturesque small towns.
    I recommend a bike/barge trip through Tripsite... I would consider another!

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Paul M. 5 months ago

    Great ship, staff and scenery.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • VeeAnn C. 5 months ago

    Everything was fantastic. Each day they gave route instructions. I tried to follow along with the instructions with the ride, but in reality, I would have missed several turns if I had not stayed with the group. So even though theoretically, you can do self-guided, I think in reality it would have been a mistake. I believe the first day the route guidance indicated some photo places that we did not stop at. Either the guide didn't want to, or we had gone a slightly different route. I do think the guides modified the routes slightly based on wind, riders etc. But all in all FABULOUS trip - thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Rhoda S. 5 months ago

    Our bike and barge trip with Tripsite from Brugges to Amsterdam was a wonderful trip we will remember always! The Magnifique II was luxurious, the food was amazing, the scenery was gorgeous, and our bike guides were fantastic. Overall we would recommend this company to all our friends and we are already planning our trip for next year!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Ruth W. 5 months ago

    Most Memorable Part: The lovely scenery and the excellent condition of all the bike paths.

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Jacky H. 6 months ago

    Most Memorable Part: Sharing the beautiful scenery while biking with great friends

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Michelle P. 6 months ago

    The barge staff, tour guides and fellow bike riders were the best part of this tour! Please know that this is definitely a bike tour. We zipped through towns at a steady pace but it wasn’t unbearable for a novice bike rider like me. However there wasn’t much time to visit any towns and do some sightseeing.

    Boat: Magnifique III

  • Jeffrey W. 6 months ago

    Most Memorable Part: Riding through the Belgian countryside

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Ann A. 6 months ago

    The Brugge to Amsterdam trip was a very flat, easy trip and we recommend it for beginner barge and bikers. Our main criticism was that although the guides were very nice and helpful, we would have liked more information and history on the sights along the way, and more picture stops.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Janet M. 6 months ago

    The guides were truly terrific.
    The routes and stopping cafes were wonderfully thought out. Bathrooms at stops were very clean. Pace of rides was perfect for a first time experience.
    The food on board was outstanding. Chef Alex was sensational!
    The lunch meat, cheeses,and bread selections were great for making our road food.
    This was our first Bike and Barge experience. It was wonderful!
    Thanks to everyone!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Maria C. 6 months ago

    I enjoyed the countryside trails most. The trip was really totally good. As a biker whose biking skills are a bit rusty, it was a challenge, and I am glad I could do it!

    Boat: Liza Marleen

  • Michel D. 6 months ago

    We were very happy with the biking experience, the food, the scenery, our new biking friends, our wonderful guide and the rest of the employees on the boat. We were disappointed at the end of the trip when we were advised that we had possibly been exposed to bed bugs. Adding to the disappointment, ship staff blamed us for having brought the bed bugs aboard the ship.

    Other than this issue, we had a wonderful trip!

    Boat: Liza Marleen

  • Annie & Steve F. 6 months ago

    We had a fantastic time on our Bruges to Amsterdam bike and barge. The boat was just lovely and the cabins beautiful and crisply clean each day upon our return. The chef did outstanding food, especially the barbecue evening with a meringue cake to die for! Our guide Hugo was such fun and passionate about the land and history. Great energy! The best part were our fellow bikers that became friends by the end of the week. A great experience.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Wendy S. 6 months ago

    I loved this trip from Bruges to Amsterdam! The guides were very good and ensured we were all safe and all together. The bike paths were flat, very well marked and easy to follow when we went out on our own. The guides made sure we had our maps and emergency tools and our phone numbers in case of emergency. The scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed the countryside with farm fields, flowers, horses, sheep, birds, rivers and lakes. The rooms on the barge were bigger and better than I expected. We had a cabin on the upper deck which included a large window which was nice. The food was simple, plenty and good. It was good to be prepared for all weather types when riding. Riding gloves helped with cooler days as well as preventing blisters from the bike handles.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Barbara O. 6 months ago

    We travelled from Bruges to Amsterdam. Stunning scenery, lovely accommodations, competent staff, outstanding guide. It was an excellent way to visit major cities and sleepy villages lost in time. We were impressed with the history of the Netherlands and got to see exquisitely beautiful buildings and works of art. By the end of the week, all bikers knew each other, so the sense of camaraderie was very comfortable. Can’t wait to plan another trip.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Janet C. 6 months ago

    Our guides were terrific, funny and knowledgeable. The choice of our route was very interesting. Also our waiters Stephan and Naomi were delightful.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Charlotte G. 7 months ago

    Most memorable was biking through the peaceful countryside, getting lost (not with the guides, but when we ventured out on our own), finding a real working windmill, and being invited inside by the owner. Lunch selections could have varied more but dinner onboard was always wonderful. Staff was also on point and always ready to help.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Barbara N. 7 months ago

    A great balance of activity, wonderful scenery, and interesting towns and culture. Lovely!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Corri & Tom H. 11 months ago

    FOOD & staff aboard the Gandalf were amazing and loved Ghent!!!!

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Michael P. 11 months ago

    I enjoyed the whole trip. The pace was perfect, fast enough to be interesting, with constantly changing scenery and a mix of cities, villages, and farmland, and yet slow enough to enjoy and savor the experience. Our travel guide and the staff on the Gandalf were fantastic and looked after us almost like royalty, but still with a casual and friendly approach.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Ed W. 11 months ago

    Bike , boat, staff and fellow travelers all great fun. Memorable trip for me and still talking about to my mates at home in Australia.

    Boat: Fiep

  • Carmen P. 11 months ago

    The barge is beautiful & clean. The food fantastic! I totally enjoy the countryside & the cities we stopped at. I always recommend this trip from Bruges to Amsterdam.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Jim W. 11 months ago

    Beautiful scenery. If you are an experienced cyclist, consider splitting off with a smaller group. The group was too large with varied skills, making the ride less than it could have been.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Warren S. 11 months ago

    Our first bike tour. It was a very enjoyable experience. Friendly, professional staff. Great accommodation, food and customer service by all the staff. Cycling is a great way to leisurely enjoy all that the local countryside has to offer. We’ll be back!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Mark M. 11 months ago

    Our guide on the bike trips (Jack) was friendly, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond our expectations, even taking us on evening walks after dinner.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Laurie P. 11 months ago

    There was so much about the trip, starting with the wonderful food, great staff and our tour guide, along with the wonderful sights along the way!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Marianne B. 11 months ago

    Best trip I have been on to date and we typically take three vacations per year for the last thirty years!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Debbie S. 11 months ago

    Our guide Tom was amazing, he guided during the day and walked around towns and visited places in the evening. fantastic trip, we are doing it again next May in Provence.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Freddie O. 11 months ago

    I actually crashed my bike at the end of the first day, tried riding an ebike the next day but found it too painful. Therefore I spent the remainder of the trip on the barge, totally loved it. My suggestion for others would be to make sure to train, most of the people on our trip felt that they were being pushed and that the distance biked each day was too far. Also, for myself I felt that the bike was just too big for me and that contributed to my accident. Our guide (Fred) was delightful as were the crew of the Gandalf and the meals were fabulous. So, overall a great experience in spite of the spill.

    Boat: Gandalf

    • Jehiel from Tripsite 11 months ago

      Hi Freddie,
      We are sorry to hear about your fall but are happy you still enjoyed the rest of your trip. We do our very best to prepare our clients for the daily biking distances by listing them on the the tour page in the "Skill Level" and "Day to Day Itinerary" sections. We also recommend taking the bike for a short ride when being fitted so that the bike hand can make adjustments if needed. A properly fitted bike is very important!
      Glad you are ok and we hope to help you plan another trip soon!

  • Joanne R. 11 months ago

    Cycling through Belgium and Holland was fabulous. Looking forward to Paris to Bruges trip in future.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Kim F. 11 months ago

    Cannot recommend this trip highly enough. What a perfect way to discover a new place. The staff and the food were outstanding!!

    Boat: Elodie

  • Francine G. 12 months ago

    Most Memorable Part: The people and the beer!!

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

  • Angeliene B. 12 months ago

    As a 69 year old female I was thrilled to be able to have an active vacation , biking and then relaxing on board after a day of cycling. I hope to be able to do another bike/barge trip in 2018. Lovely to meet so many like minded people from many different backgrounds and places where they live, loved the trip!!!

    Boat: Lena Maria

  • Debbie S. 12 months ago

    Our guide Tom was amazing, he guided during the day and walked around towns and visited places in the evening. Fantastic trip, we are doing it again next May in Provence.

  • Linda P. 1 year ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was the people! The time spent with our small group from all over the world was so unique and enjoyable. The staff made everything feel like home and were just as much a part of our group as the other guests were. I will definitely book again with Tripsite!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Greg G. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: Biking the Belgian countryside

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Linda M. 1 year ago

    The tour guide was great. He took us to wonderful little locations for coffee & lunch breaks while biking. He clearly had built relationships with people at the stops. He took us for walks into town in the evening and knew history of buildings &/or towns.
    The bikes were in great condition.
    The captain (& his dog) were great, circulating and getting to know the passengers.
    The food was very good and the young crew worked very hard.
    I would go again with this barge, captain & tour guide in a heartbeat.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Nancy S. 1 year ago

    Hard to pick the most memorable part, I continued to be awed every single day! The food was amazing kudos to the chef for sure! The staff on the Fluvius were so hard working and made sure everything from our rooms to our social times were perfect. absolutely amazing!
    The tour guides were so helpful, patience and lots of fun, to say the least!
    Tripsite made every step from the booking to the beginning of the adventure so easy, keeping us informed, answering all the questions etc., etc. (And we had many!)
    Can’t thank you all enough!
    Looking forward to my next trip with Tripsite.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Bruce H. 1 year ago

    I enjoyed the bonding that occurred with our fellow travellers over our shared biking experiences. The pathways and route were amazing. Tips for others: Be prepared to have a great time.

  • Debra G. 1 year ago

    Staff was fantastic! Amazing overall experience.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Cheryl T. 1 year ago

    Absolutely fabulous trip, even though we didn't see much sun. It seemed the rain always held off until we were sheltered. The clouds added to the beauty of the gorgeous countryside. Our guide, Mike, did not coddle us, so we were able to cycle in our individual comfort zones. The "Dutch Mountains" (head winds) challenged us on a few days, but only added to the flavour of the trip. Mike introduced us to some lovely spots for our coffee/lunch breaks to re-energise.
    Staff on board the Lisa Marleen were delightful & helpful too. Many good memories, but the one that stands out was in the last day when we had, more then usual, rain squalls & intermittent sunshine. This, of course, resulted in rainbows. At least 4! We deemed it "rainbow day". It was a Rainbow of a trip.

    Boat: Liza Marleen

    • Lorrie Gilbert 8 months ago

      I was just reading through reviews as I think about another bike/barge trip for 2018 and saw this one from Cheryl--a trip mate--who writes about our amazing tour in Oct. 2017 on the Liza Marleen. We had a fabulous time aboard this barge. It is cozy, comfortable, clean, and perfect in every way for a small, compact typical Dutch barge. Our crew were kind, generous, inclusive, and organized. Mike Visser, our bike guide is knowledgeable about the terrain and routes, and in a change of weather or route could get us to a great cafe or castle if we so desired. Chef Markus: all I can say is wow! Every meal was a joy and a visual feast. Myrte was an awesome member of the crew, and Jeroen captained our boat with skill and humor. The biking was easy, but the winds made each day a fun challenge. We biked through farmlands, expanses of fields and crops, cattle, canals, windmills, small lovely towns, and great cities. My husband used an e-bike and loved it and felt accomplished Read more… at the end of the trip. That e-bike made it possible for him to do this trip. I can't say enough about how much fun it was! And we were a lucky in that a random group of strangers hit it off so well and laughed, relaxed, danced and toured together--even with the crew. No hierarchy here--just crew and guests working and playing together. Thank you for a great experience! And thank you, Markus, for acknowledging not one but three--mine included-- birthdays uniquely! And yes, lots of rainbows.

  • Andy K. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: Riding through beautiful villages and countryside! We stopped in beautiful places to eat lunch, rest and take pictures. Our guide Alfonse was amazing! Our last night, we took a private boat cruise on the canals in Amsterdam, arranged by our guide! AWESOME TRIP!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Andrea R. 1 year ago

    Most Memorable Part: Riding through area of windmills.
    We were frustrated by the slow pace of our group.

    Boat: Tijdgeest

  • Charlott H. 1 year ago

    Bike and Barge in Belgium and Holland was a whole week of memories and is at the top of my favorite trips! You are surrounded daily by beautiful landscapes and architecture unique to the Netherlands. The bikes are perfect for extended times of riding and you are on bike paths close to canals for most of the trip. This is an active vacation which I prefer but is never too difficult. Everything is done for you so there was never any worries and I was relaxed all week. Meeting people from around the world is amazing. I had the fortunate experience of meeting a special couple from Australia and that was a bonus! I hope to do this trip again in the near future.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Marie B. 1 year ago

    Overall this was a great experience. The boat was clean and the staff friendly. The itinerary and scenery was beautiful. The only negative was that the website had several inaccuracies. For example, the mileage each day was much longer than published. Also, the number of meals provided was less than published.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Jim W. 1 year ago

    Great experience, although a very large group to be riding together. The food was good but not great. Made some friends and really enjoyed the trip.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Bryan F. 1 year ago

    What I enjoyed most about my Boat & Bike trip were the rides through the countryside in the early mornings when it was quiet, and the only sound was the hum of my bicycle. Secondly, were the times we moved the boat during breakfast. I found myself staring out the window at life and business along the canals. Lastly, the new friends we made, from Britain, Australia, and Canada!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Rick C. 1 year ago

    The country side, the guide was very personable and knowable of the routes, sites with a very positive and safety conscious attitude. More time in some of the major centres (Gent, Antwerp) I would recommend that travelers arrive at least one day preferable two in advance of the bike & barge departure and stay at least 2 days afterwards to enjoy the cities of Bruges and Amsterdam. The availability of e-bikes was essential so that those less experienced in pedalling the distances could enjoy the biking part of the trip.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Michael P. 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed the variety of the tour, including bike rides through pastoral countryside and alongside canals, and walking tours through fascinating historical cities and towns. The food and drink were highlights, both on and off the boat, and I really enjoyed traveling with a great group of fellow travelers. The crew and guide were fantastic! The Tripsite guidebook included suggestions for tipping the crew and guide. Our group felt that the suggested tip amounts were not adequate, so we tipped a lot more than what was suggested.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Kevin Armstrong 1 year ago

    I have done this trip from Amsterdam to Bruges as well. I found this version to not be as enjoyable. The reason was there was not as much on the route to see and take in. I think that there are some differences do to which barge you are on which may restrict the routes. Bruges is amazing as was Amsterdam but in between nothing exciting. The barge was amazing (Sailing Home) with a wonderful chef. I love this style of touring and have done 8 of them and will do more!

    Boat: Sailing Home

  • Esti G. 1 year ago

    The group was lovely, the guide knew a lot and explained it very good, (he shouldn't bring his 7 years old son with him!) we think that a biking tour guide must have good, modern flat-wheel repairing set!!!

    Boat: Tijdgeest

  • Dena L. 1 year ago

    The guide was great, the scenery was amazing! Better food for lunch. Screen on the window so the bugs cant get in or put in air conditioning!

  • Kim F. 1 year ago

    Could not be happier with every aspect of the trip. The meals were outstanding and the scenery was beautiful.

    Boat: Elodie

  • Joe B. 1 year ago

    The biking part of the trip takes you through some of the most beautiful countryside in Belgium and the Netherlands. The tour guide is very knowledgeable about the history of the landscape. It's a very casual pace so keeping up is never a problem. There are many stops for coffee, lunch and afternoon breaks while biking.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Deanna G. 1 year ago

    The entire week was fabulous. Loved cycling through the towns and country side. Tom our guide was very nice and an excellent guide. I also enjoyed our evening walking tour, especially when he brought us to the home of an artist and his wife. I bought a few pieces of jewelry.
    We were very lucky with the weather and even ate outside 2 nights.
    Loved that we were a small group and I knew everyone after a couple of days . I enjoyed everything.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Barbara C. 1 year ago

    Most memorable parts: The camaraderie of the group and of course the fabulous meal by Chef Franco.

    Boat: Fiep

  • Marianne B. 1 year ago

    Cycling along canals, stopping at picturesque locations, short tours of historic locations, all with a knowledgeable, patient, funny guide made this a most fabulous way to see the countryside of Belgium and the Netherlands.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Tom P. 1 year ago

    The bikes, barge, food and staff were excellent. The biking distances every day were such that it left very little time for off bike sightseeing , but the bike route was really great. Thanks for a great trip.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Doug P. 1 year ago

    The most memorable parts: The strawberry vending machine. Next was the rude employee on the boat who gave me and my wife a hard time on occasion.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Debbie G. 1 year ago

    Every day was so wonderful, the entire trip was so memorable.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Franziska P. 1 year ago

    Love the boat ride, also liked the bikes and bike riding as well as our tour guide.
    The food was too American, it could have been more European. The scenery was
    lovely and the trails terrific. Weather fantastic. Would do it again.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Linda B. 1 year ago

    Most memorable part: Lovely long days of biking through beautiful countries.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Rinske B. 1 year ago

    It was a wonderful experience! The staff was very friendly especially our guide Tom Stout, and the sailor Joop was a fount of information with regard to ships and harbours.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Elisabeth D. 1 year ago

    Everything was more than I expected, but especially the knowledge and good humor and patience of our guide Tom.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Arden C. 1 year ago

    Most memorable parts: Cycling, getting to know the Yannie our fearless guide, the other guests and crew. Tip: Have a comprehensive wifi connection on your phone or pad.

  • Linda Wilson 1 year ago

    On the Fiep June 3 - 10, 2017. Coba, Gerard, Franco, Karen, Ilse and Laura were our crew and guides. I cannot imagine better. Our passenger group was wonderful. The best vacation ever and I am ready to go again soon.

    Boat: Fiep

  • Bev V. 1 year ago

    The most memorable part of the trip was the camaraderie with staff and participants while riding through beautiful scenery.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Teresa L. 2 years ago

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this trip. I loved biking through different scenery - quaint villages and towns, beautiful forests, farmland and countryside. It is the perfect way to see parts of Belgium and Holland. You can go at your own pace because the trails are so well marked. The barge is beautiful and the rooms are comfortable. I can't say enough about the staff, they were excellent. I definitely recommend this trip and can't wait to do it again!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Arja L. 2 years ago

    The Magnifique II and staff were more amazing than we expected! The bike routes were absolutely beautiful with very well planned and laid out maps. Overall a very memorable experience that I am highly recommending to every one I talk to.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • Cindy M. 2 years ago

    Directions were terrible for Amsterdam and the last two days there were not the number routes we needed on the intersections so was confusing. All hotels were good but one was a dive and not nice. Hotel Piccard.

  • Robert E. 2 years ago

    Most memorable was the friendliness, patience and helpfullness of the staff!

  • Spencer H. 2 years ago

    The barge crew were exceptional. The cook treated each guest as a friend. Accommodated our request for a birthday cake. He even baked it on his own time. The scenery was exactly as anticipated.

  • Margeret M. 2 years ago

    I cannot say enough about the whole trip. The Barge accommodations were perfect for all my needs, the food aboard the MS Fluvius was way beyond what I expected - such a variety and the quality and quantity were superb. The staff on board could not have been more obliging - so eager to help so much fun. Our Guide was just simply the best (Jack/Jacques) knowledgeable and helpful, concerned always for our safety and our enjoyment. All our stops for coffee breaks and lunch breaks were also well planned. Would I recommend this trip to my friends? You Bet!! Look forward to going again - Thanks Tripsite

  • Trudy D. 2 years ago

    The bike-friendly paths through magnificent landscapes in Belgium and the Netherlands was outstanding.

  • Michele Y. 2 years ago

    The most memorable part of this trip was our impromptu swim off the boat. Jumping from the top and getting 22 of us in the water including the Captain.

  • Maria P. 2 years ago

    It was a wonderful way to see the country. Wonderful fellow travelers and the crew couldn't gave been more accommodating . So much fun!

  • Eldon W. 2 years ago

    LIa is the best guide we've ever worked with - well informed, good managing people, qualified in every way; and went well beyond what she had to do in her position. All the riding - even in the rain and varied road surfaces - was extremely pleasant.

    Because Lia is an exceptional guide; on this trip one guide for up to 30 cyclists worked well. In most cases, however, I think having only one guide for this large a group - especially a group with many novice riders - is bad practice. Also, a water bottle cage and a cyclometer on the bike would have been nice.

    Boat: Magnifique

    • Jehiel 2 years ago

      Hello Eldon,
      We are glad that you had a great time and think highly of Lia! We do agree that a second guide, especially for larger groups would be preferable, however, because of the nature of the tour and the fact that many people do opt for the self-guided option, having two guide for all tours isn't always possible.

      Water bottles can be easily stowed in your handle bar bag or panniers. Cyclometers aren't provided on this tour but you are always welcome to bring your own.

      Thanks again for your feedback!

  • Judee W. 2 years ago

    Wonderful staff - the entire trip was just great! Tome, our guide was exceptional.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • J. House 2 years ago

    Everything was A-1. I was totally surprised when our tour guide Tom managed to reunite me with my lost "zebra" luggage on a cobblestone street corner 4 days into the trip! Thanks, Tom!

  • Barbara Kallay 2 years ago

    My husband and I had a great bike trip. Riding through the Belgium/Netherlands was delightful. The staff made the trip most memorable- Jacob (bike guide), Els (boat captain), Thomas (cook).

    Boat: Zwaantje

  • S. Lior 2 years ago

    The most memorable part of my trip were the small towns and villages that we visited. These are places where tourists rarely venture. The people are friendly and open for conversations; willing to share their lives and experiences with us. And curious to know about us as well. I have so many wonderful memories.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • P. O'Hagan 2 years ago

    Having the map to tryi to not get lost was so much fun. Thank you to all the staff for making the bike barge a great activity vacation.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • A & M Decourcy 2 years ago

    Great trip BUT.. We decided to cycle with 6 others because we are experienced riders. We were counting on the signage being much more complete and easier to follow. At times, there was no indication of where to go. Our path just ended! Also, the bigger group, of about 18, had some inexperienced riders and we felt that riding in this large a group could be dangerous...which proved to be the case.
    In one case, a previous rider had taken the liberty to use a marker to write our path number on a sign. Thanks to him/her we were able to continue on without taking out the GPS. Had this been done on several other signs, we would not have had to find our way ...using GPS..on many occasions. There were also 4 other Europeans, who cycled as a group, who experienced the same sense of frustration as us.
    We will forward a photo to the Tripsite website. Thanks for providing a most enjoyable and memorable trip.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • D. Pincar 2 years ago

    I would recommend it, but with reservations. I think there should have been two guides, one to take a faster group and one for a beginner group. A few people on the trip should not have been. They were not comfortable on their bikes, and were a daily danger to whomever they were near. Something should have been done about it.
    I also would have liked to ride faster, and spend more free time in the little towns.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • E. Hull-parsons 2 years ago

    I have planned to contact you with feedback, but haven't. The staff was great except the guide. He was not friendly or helpful. We were all disappointed in his lack of leadership and "guiding". Of the three trips we have taken, this was the least appealing. The route was not attractive, and mostly industrial, urban or rural. We were near places we know were charming and interesting, but did not visit them. I'm left wondering if it is that tour company. For 35 people biking there really should have been more staff on the road with us. Still love you!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • R. Oliver 2 years ago

    We sailed on the Magnifique II from Bruges to Amsterdam, 25 June to 1 July, under the able command of skipper Paul, and ride leader Tom Tiedom. It was a magnificent experience in every way, even though we had a few odd showers to contend with. This is virtually a brand new barge with upscale accommodations and amenities. We had one of the four top-side suites, which are indeed larger, and with view windows that open as opposed to port holes. Tom, the ride leader and guide, was an extremely charming, knowledgeable and humorous fellow. He provided daily briefings on the next day's ride, all of which included ample coffee and food stops, as well as providing historic info. Indeed, the entire crew were extremely courteous and helpful in every respect, and the food delicious.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • J. Backes 2 years ago

    Fabulous trip. Great, hospitable staff willing to please, answer questions, professional, share information. Boat was clean, comfortable, well equipped. Food was excellent and there was plenty to enjoy.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • M. Mathews 2 years ago

    Was a fantastic trip!!! Tom was a great guide and will recommend this to others.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • J. Kister 2 years ago

    When I first heard of a bike & barge trip, I thought I would be sleeping on a cot under the stars! After obtaining more info, I realized we would have a comfortable room but I was very impressed with our accommodations. It was like being on a mini cruise. Food was great, tour guide was personable and entertaining, friendly staff went out of their way to make this trip extra special. We had an arranged canal boat tour complete with champagne after arriving in Amsterdam! I would highly recommend the Magnifique and this crew, for an awesome way to experience Belgium and The Netherlands.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • L. Messing 2 years ago

    Our guide Felix, was fun, knowledgeable and intuitive. His attitude and ease of being with people made even a horrible weather day endurable. The BIGGEST bonus was having Astrid along as a trainee. She added so much to every aspect of our journey and was a treasure trove of regional information.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • L. Pope 2 years ago

    Had a fantastic time, would highly recommend it to others!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • J. Backes 2 years ago

    Exceptional staff, welcoming, friendly, informative, knowledgable. Perhaps on the rides having a buddy system so the guide doesn't need to count all the people to make sure everyone is present would be my only suggestion. I sometimes got the sense that people wanted to stop more often to take pictures and no one told them not to but then it can take time away from getting to visit town at the end of the day. Perhaps that needs to be discussed in more depth. Sometimes some of the breaks were longer than necessary. Again they were fine but took time from visiting a town at the end of the trip.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • R. Wood 3 years ago

    The Merlijn is a very special barge full of character and charm, beautifully appointed and owned and operated by the delightful Jantine and Henk. They along with their crew spoiled us rotten with great food and hospitality. Our bike ride was thru beautiful countryside and expertly guided and interpreted by a delightful Dutch couple, Jack and Marianne. They gave us great local insight. We thoroughly recommend the Merlijn and can't wait to return.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • S. Fryeskul 3 years ago

    The staff at Tripsite were amazing to deal with and very helpful about everything. I would recommend this company and biking trip to anyone.
    Thank you
    S. Fryeskul
    PS: We loved the new Magnifique II !!!

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • W. Staab 3 years ago

    Great bike leader. Have name tags for participants or for bikes to help us w names. Would like to have been brave enough to ride on my own! Some participants were not really regular cyclists. Would have been good to have a briefing re group bike rules, including spacing, passing, signaling, warnings, etc.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • R. Ross 3 years ago

    Loved it! The crew was great, the boat was marvelously beautiful, the food was very good, and the overall atmosphere was perfectly casual and elegant at the same time. But: They should NOT charge for coffee/tea after 4pm. If the Bar Tab could be handled at the end of the trip by credit card it would be a bit more sophisticated, but not a deal breaker.

    Boat: Magnifique II

  • C. Powell 3 years ago

    This is one of the best trips I have ever been on. The boat was very clean, comfortable and new. The steps to the lower level kind of steep but very manageable. The staff was wonderful, especially the chef! and the bike guide! I liked the stops.The bikes were very enjoyable. I think the coffee could have been free all day instead of being charged for it after 4pm. I would love to do another trip!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • D. Yeabsley 3 years ago

    I would have liked for the table assignments to have been mixed up a little bit so we could get to know more people. I also think the sweep should have a walkie talkie so he can let the guide know when he has missed a turn. This was a fabulous trip! The guide, staff, food, tour and accommodations were perfect!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • K. Hadley 3 years ago

    Some wait staff could have been more accommodating. We seemed burdensome at times. Running out of food & then having to wait for more or not refilled at all was an annoyance.

    Boat: Fluvius

    • Jehiel 3 years ago

      Hello K. Hadley,
      We are very sorry to hear this. We have since spoken with our partners on the Fluvius and they have taken steps with their staff to correct this problem. We work very hard with our local partners to provide the best experience for our guests. We hope to help you plan your next trip!

  • T. Rosencrantz 3 years ago

    The Bruges to Amsterdam Bike Barge trip starting May 7, 2016 on the Fluvius was fantastic from the minute we step on the barge in Bruges until the day it was over and departed the barge to take the foot ferry to Central Station in Amsterdam. Our guide Guus and the boat's crew were friendly and helpful 24/7. Loved all our fellow travelers too. The bike trips each day were through beautiful countryside and centuries old cities. The food on the boat was great. The bunks were comfy and the showers always had plenty of hot water. The bikes worked well. Our guide and our maps got us where we needed to go everyday. Even the weather was perfect! Can't wait to do another trip like this!

    Boat: Fluvius

  • C. Fligner 3 years ago

    Fabulous trip. The guide and staff were great. The biking was perfect. I would recommend highly and without reservation. Great trip. Great biking and guide and wonderful staff. The boat was very comfortable and the country was beautiful. I recommend this trip highly and without reservation.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Lynn McCormack 3 years ago

    Thomas our guide was excellent. It is surprising that people go on a bike trip with very little biking ability and poor fitness. We would love to go on another trip with a comparable barge.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Cheryle Cassidy 3 years ago

    It was our first barge bike trip and hope to take another soon. Had a great time.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Earl Degler 3 years ago

    I enjoyed the trip and plan on doing more in the future. The only thing that will keep me from doing more is the current unrest in the world.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Howard Shuster 3 years ago

    Great trip. The owners of the Merlijn were =Spectacular! We hope to find a time to travel with them again. The Barge was amazing for such a compact vessel. The rooms were surprisingly large as was the bathroom. The Barge was immaculate at all times. What a fun trip!!

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Dean Pond 3 years ago

    The above pretty well describes our satisfaction with our trip and we recommended our friends travel through your company which they did. We intend to take another barge/bicycle soon.

  • Philippe Tison 3 years ago

    I think the staff at Tripsite/Dutch Bike Tours should be obliged to do their bike routes once a year to pick up difficult signage. A ferry crossing as part of our schedule was not available on the day of the week we arrived and we had to do a long detour. The ferry never travels on that day at that time of the year and when I phoned the Dutch Tours hotline they didn't even know that. We were not impressed. Also, despite its 'star rating' the Velotel in Brugge is a very poor standard compared to the other hotels we stayed at. Terrible rooms and an awful location for seeing Brugge (but good for getting on the trail).

  • Robin Bagby 3 years ago

    Barge had bugs in drains. Lots in room every night. Aldo specifically booked comfort class boat for the AC. They turned it off before 9pm every night.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Michael and Carol Powell 3 years ago

    We have had a few cycling vacations with the help of Tripsite over the past few years. Tripsite staff has always been accessible and helpful with travel plans and specific information we required. Thanks for making it fun and easy. We'll be back!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Natadha Vickery 3 years ago

    Excellent guide, staff. Very friendly and helpful. No complaints.

    Boat: Tijdgeest

  • Christine Dear 3 years ago

    This was my second trip on the Merlijn. Brought a group with me both times. Everything was fabulous. Jentien did an excellent job as chef and Henk, as the captain, was great. Our guides were excellent and most capable in emergencies. The towns we visited we interesting and our guides were able to fill us in on the history of the area. The bikes were in excellent shape. No flats! Will definitely travel with them again.

    My experience for our group with Tripsite was also the best. Have told many about your wonderful service. Thank you!

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Dick Shover 3 years ago

    Our barge hosts were fabulous, as was our food. Guide on the bikes also was truly wonderful. It was a great experience.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • Mary Knapp 3 years ago

    The trip was great as were the hosts of the boat. Everything was exceptional even though it rained daily, that was not a detriment as everything made up for it.

    Boat: Zwaantje

  • Mary Knapp 3 years ago

    The trip was great as were the hosts of the boat. Everything was exceptional even though it rained daily, that was not a detriment as everything made up for it.

    Boat: Zwaantje

  • Ann Hodgson 3 years ago

    This was actually the second time I took this trip. I went with friends last time and this time took family to share the experience with them.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Kay Howarth 3 years ago

    Bruges to Amsterdam was just wonderful and would recommend the smaller group of people. Just 24 was a good number. All the staff on the Fiep were great!

    Boat: Fiep

  • Natadha Vickery 3 years ago

    Excellent guide, staff. Very friendly and helpful. No complaints.

  • Doug Chittum 3 years ago

    The crew of the Magnifique on the Bruges to Amsterdam barge was fantastic! Have recommended it to others already.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Doug Lay 3 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Bruges to Amsterdam bike/barge trip last spring. From the easy, scenic rides, to the informative, knowledgeable guide to the excellent private accommodations on board the barge, I'm already looking at booking another bike/barge trip with Tripsite!

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Diane Denham 3 years ago

    I had an amazing time. I loved everything about it and I would recommend it to anyone. In fact I have recommended it to many many people.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • David Rossetti 3 years ago

    We were plagued by hot weather in early June. It was pleasant before and after our trip. Not your fault. The rest was great.

  • Allison Cook 3 years ago

    The bikes were a little beat up, but we enjoyed every aspect of the trip. My one complaint about the boat was that they shut off the AC at night and we couldn't open the portholes, so sleeping was not ideal. This year we are heading to Italy with 20 of our closest friends for the Venice to Mantova tour on the Ave Maria!

    Boat: Magnifique

  • James Green 3 years ago

    Barge was exceptionally good. The bike tour had some very good portions and a couple of sections that were not very enjoyable. Overall it was a great trip.

    Boat: Merlijn

  • John Ummels 3 years ago

    Cycling a wee bit fast. Most people were in fifties & sixties and I was seventy-nine.

    Boat: Wending

  • Joanne Ross 3 years ago

    Fabulous experience. Can't wait to go again.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Dave Holmes 3 years ago

    The stars were the staff of the Elodie. Just wonderful.

  • Margo Barber 3 years ago

    We've recommended this trip to lots of people. Would love to do another bike/barge trip.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Beda Casstevens 3 years ago

    Enjoyed every aspect of the trip.

    Boat: Zwaan

  • Richard Kurtz 3 years ago

    Cabins were nicer than I expected. We stayed with the guide as found the routes hard to navigate and the guide knew all the great stops. Dinners were good, breakfast and lunches needed more variety by the end of the week. We had fabulous weather and loved the route. Lots to see.

  • Lynn McCormack 3 years ago

    We really enjoyed our trip, our guide Thomas was excellent. As always with group travel, the mix was interesting and generally older than us and less fit. We have travelled with a group before but usually we are the oldest so this was different dynamics and did set the tone somewhat. Would look at a trip again when we are older or with our own group to fill the barge.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Joel Benedito Junior 3 years ago

    1) In the boat is possible to rent helmet for EU$ 5/week. This renting is good for travelers that spend more time in Europe. I'm not sure if this information is available in the Tripsite's site.

    2) I ordered a E-bike for my wife. In the boat I saw that 2 kinds of E-bike are offered to the customers. My wife would love bike in a more comfortable E-bike.

    3) According to the staff of the boat, I should speak German. I don't know the source of this information. This information is used to organize the passengers in the restaurant.

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Karen Thomas 3 years ago

    We enjoyed ourselves so much that we are already planning another bike and barge trip. It would have been nice if there were a better split in English speaking guests as most of the guests spoke German and we didn't get a chance to mingle much. Tripsite was very good to work with and we would use this company again. "

    Boat: Fluvius

  • Diane Denham 3 years ago

    We had a fantastic trip we loved everything about it. I would recommend this trip to anyone. The people we met were so nice and helpful and friendly. Our Polish chef on the boat was fantastic.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Rachel Rulmyr 3 years ago

    My husband and I(in our 60"s) were on the Sailing Home a month ago with 6 friends from Bruges to Amsterdam. We had the most wonderful time. Everything about this trip exceeded my expectations. The boat, our accommodations, the food, the crew were all excellent and I can't say enough about our guide Hugo. He was amazing and really made our trip memorable. He was funny and very knowledgeable about everything we saw so we got info about the countries and the politics. I highly recommended this fun trip for all ages and biking abilities.

  • Daniel Edwards 4 years ago

    we just returned from our trip. Brugges to Amsterdam. It was AWESOME. We had such a great time on the Gandalf with Hans. Els was our biking guide. She was terrific. It was fabulous and a great way to spend my 50th birthday!

    Thank you for everything you did to arrange this trip for us. We will be back on some other trip in the future.

    Boat: Gandalf

  • Bonnie Johnson 4 years ago

    Not too sure what I can say that the above feedback haven't already said. We travelled as a group of 6 on the Magnifique from Brugge to Amsterdam May 31st to June 7th, 2014. Everything and everyone was top notch. We started out with Carl as our Captain but due to holidays the barges owner, Walter, took over. Not only can he handle the barge but he does a mean BBQ. Our guide Tom was perfect. With a great sense of humour and and sweet personality. There was not one person who did not get along with him. Meeka, bar tender, server, cleaner, and Peter the amazing cook finished off the crew. The barge itself was fantastic. No complaints there. The beds are extremely comfortable.

    Unfortunately one of our group was not able to complete the trip but we did meet a great group of people from all over the world.

    I am not the greatest biker but thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey and would do it again.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Victoria Diehl Levesque 5 years ago

    My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our Sept trip from Bruges to Amsterdam on The MS Magnifique, booked through Tripsite.com. Comfortable cabin, great food, hot tub wonderful after long days of biking! Crew easy going but always helpful and attentive. Multi national fellow passengers all good company. Definitely encourage bringing your own gel seat cover! I had an electric assist bike which I'd highly recommend if in any doubt about managing the occasionally challenging distances. Already thinking of booking another similar trip next year.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Loretta Dobson 5 years ago

    My husband and I did the bike and barge tour from Bruges to Amsterdam Jun 29/2013 - and had the most amazing time!! Right from my first contact with the folks at Tripsite to the end of our tour - everything was perfect. Carl the Captain, Tom the guide and all the rest of the hardworking fun loving crew were amazing. We cycled some of the most beautiful countryside, Tom was very funny and looked after everyone - the ages on our tour were 16 to 77 - and we all felt comfortable. You can go at your own speed or go strictly with the group. The Magnifique was a beautiful and very comfortable boat - I loved it and I would be very hard pressed not to choose her again for our next trip - we are hoping to do a trip during the tulip season and maybe one in the early fall:) I actually wanted to book the return trip when we cycled into Amsterdam - but we were going to a friends wedding in Italy so had to continue on:) I really can not say enough good things about Tripsite on the organization Read more… side (friendly, knowledgeable and efficient; and the the crew of the Magnifique - they were all Magnifique!!!! Can't wait to go again.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Larry Schmidlin 6 years ago

    Just got back from this tour yesterday and wish that I could do it all again tomorrow! Went from Brugge to Amsterdam on the Manifique. Outstanding crew with Carl as the Captain and Tom as the guide. Tom has a great sense of humor and related to everyone on the tour, with an awesome biking experience and even walking tours in the town most evenings. The folks at Tripsite was great - with lots of communication. I felt very prepared prior to leaving. I enjoyed working with Tripsite and greatly enjoyed the entire experience. Highly recommended.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Ruyter Aquino 6 years ago

    Travel quite different from the usual, fantastic landscapes. Traveled on the MS Magnifique, excellent service and facilities. The group guide (Tom) is attentive and competent. So you can be conducting another tour. Congratulations.               Ruyter Aquino.

    Boat: Magnifique

  • Sailing on the Iris from Bruge to Amsterdam 6 years ago

    We booked our bike and barge trip with Pack and Pedal. We wanted a comfort plus barge and the Iris was recommended. The entire experience on the Iris was excellent. The staff were very competent and friendly, food was excellent, the guide was a great bike leader and was very knowlegable about the history and architecture of the areas we visited. I would highly recommend the Iris and Pack and Pedal. Carla at Pack and Pedal was very courteous and efficient. Booking the trip and making the trip was a top notch experience for us. We will use them again.

  • Cheri Emahiser 6 years ago

    Our bike/barge tour to Bruge and Amsterdam in May was fantastic! Our tour leader, Tom, the boat captain, crew and accommodations aboard the Magnifique were terrific. We had a wonderful time with our fellow passengers from Norway, New Zealand, Germany, the East Coast and Switzerland. They were all such fun!

    We've traveled extensively and this trip turned out to be one of the best ever. The weather was wonderful and warm, which made for excellent bike riding and cruising on the boat in the evening. Going from Bruge to Amsterdam requires more cruising and less bike riding, we were told, but we loved every minute of our evenings on the top deck sailing through the locks.

    I hope we can book another trip with your company in the future; though this trip was so perfect, I worry that the next one wouldn't meet our expectations.

    Boat: Magnifique

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Bruges to Amsterdam Boats + Barges

Anna Antal Photo

Anna Antal Netherlands Standard Plus Class Boat The Anna Antal is a former shuttle barge converted into a motor passenger ship in the winter of 1994-95. In 2012, the salon and cabins were renovated. The sailing area of the Anna Antal includes all Dutch, German and Belgian waterways in so far as a ship of this size can sail. She also sails on the Waddenzee, IJsselmeer and Zeeland. The Anna Antal is built according to the rules of Maritime laws and holds a valid certificate for the Rhine.

Clair de Lune Photo

Clair de Lune France Standard Plus Class Boat In May 2014, Marco Pouw and his wife Astrid assumed ownership of the ship Clair de Lune. In the winter of 2014, the ship was renovated and made ready for a new bike and boat adventure in and around Paris, launching in the spring of 2015. Marco has great experience as a skipper on freighters in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and looks forward to this venture with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

Elodie Photo

Elodie Netherlands, Belgium, France Comfort Plus Class Boat The Elodie was built in 1931 and has been completely refurbished into a luxury holiday ship. The ship has a saloon and sundeck and all of its cabins come with air-conditioning. The saloon of the Elodie is furnished in ship-style by using various types of wood in the finishing.

Fiep Photo

Fiep Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat The Fiep was converted from a cargo ship into a modern and spacious passenger ship, specifically designed for bike and barge tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. The ship has recently been renovated. There are two decks on board. On the upper deck is a lounge, a spacious seating area, a cozy bar, and a large sundeck. The dining room is located on the lower deck.

Fleur Photo

Fleur France, Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat The Fleur was first put into service in 2002. The owner, Jossie, had the beautifully-lined barge converted into a comfortable passenger ship, according to her own design. Her female touch is definitely recognizable by the tasteful interior and her sharp eye for detail. The whole barge radiates a homelike atmosphere.

Fluvius Photo

Fluvius Belgium, Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat The MS Fluvius will accommodate 44 guests in 2018. The salon with a bar is a large room for common use and has a semi-separate restaurant area. On the large, and partially roofed sun deck of the 70-meter long ship are comfortable tables and chairs along with a storage room for the bikes. The ship sails under the Dutch flag and has been sailing in Holland and Germany for many years.

Gandalf Photo

Gandalf Netherlands, Belgium Comfort Class Boat The classic MS Gandalf is a comfort class passenger ship that can accommodate 20-22 guests. Almost everything on this barge is on one level, including the comfortable salon which has scenic panoramic windows.

Liza Marleen Photo

Liza Marleen Comfort Plus Class Boat The Liza Marleen is a luxury motor passenger barge that was completely refurbished in 1998. This robust barge is ideally suited for trips on the wider waterways. It has a beautiful salon area and spacious deck.

Magnifique Photo

Magnifique Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat The boat is 63 meters long and accommodates maximum of 30 guests, sailing under the Dutch flag and management. Other features include a beautiful salon with a spacious bar, a sun deck equipped with comfortable chairs, and a small whirlpool to relax in at the end of a long day of cycling. Delicious meals are served daily in the restaurant area.

Magnifique II Photo

Magnifique II Belgium, Netherlands Comfort Plus Class Boat In 2016, we saw the launch of a new premium barge, the Magnifique II, to wonderful reviews. The ship boasts a classical style with emphasis on superior comfort. Highlights of the barge include 4 upper deck suites, with cozy seating area, and lovely large panoramic windows. This ship has earned the premium designation!

Magnifique III Photo

Magnifique III Netherlands, Belgium Comfort Plus Class Boat A new ship in our program. Following the success of her sister ships, Magnifique I and Magnifique II, this deluxe vessel, launched in 2018, has not diappointed!

Sailing Home Photo

Sailing Home Netherlands, Belgium Comfort Plus Class Boat Built in 2001, the Sailing Home was designed specifically to provide a more attractive hotel ship during your carefree vacation. It was built to meet the latest wishes and ideas with respect to comfort and service. The experience of a lifetime: cycling through the most beautiful spots within the Netherlands while residing on a very comfortable, newly built and well-furnished ship.

Tijdgeest Photo

Tijdgeest Belgium, Netherlands Standard Plus Class Boat Built in the year 1897, the Tijdgeest was one of the first passenger barges on the river Rhine in Germany. More than 100 years later, in 1998, the ship was completely renovated and rebuild into a hotel ship. On the lower deck you’ll find the cabins, all with private facilities. A number of cabins have twin beds, while others use bunk beds. On the upper deck you'll find a very spacious living/dining room with panoramic view. An on-board computer is available for you to use.

Wending Photo

Wending Netherlands Comfort Class Boat The Wending is a former freight barge that was converted into a luxury passenger motor barge in the early nineties and completely redecorated in 2002. The barge has a spacious salon equipped with a television and music installation. It is a great place to relax after a strenuous day of cycling.

Zwaan Photo

Zwaan Belgium, Netherlands Comfort Class Boat Once a cargo boat, the Zwaan (Swan) was completely renovated and converted into a comfortable passenger barge. On board you will find seven comfortable cabins allowing a total capacity of 16 passengers.

Zwaantje Photo

Zwaantje France, Netherlands, Belgium Comfort Plus Class Boat The MPS Zwaantje, which means "Little Swaan", is a wonderful comfort plus barge. The boat has 10 cabins with twin beds and 2 cabins with double beds. These cabins also have a bunk bed but cannot be used as a triple. Each cabin has private facilities.