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Liza R.
3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

It's hard to name a single thing as the trip was great. The crew was so friendly and had a great sense of humor, the food was great and our guide was wonderful. The group of passengers were so fun. The riding was flat and easy. The routes were fairly well planned. A few were on roads with traffic but it tured out ok.
The change in direction of the barge three weeks before the start of the trip was a little challlenging considering we had travel plans made already. I do understand why that happened and it turned out ok. Due to a drop in reservations, they also combined two boats into one but chose to move everyone to the boat with a non working HVAC system. The rooms were hot and they wound up buying fans for the rooms which helped a lot. Despite all of this, it was a great week.

June Hearne
1 year ago

Verified Reviewer

I'd recommend this tour 100%. Well organised and quite luxurious. I was on the Ava Maria and found it very comfortable. Every afternoon on our return to the boat, we would all sit on the top deck with a canopy over (this was July) and were served cold drinks, watermelon and a selection of refreshing fruits. Meals were superb. I'm a novice cyclist but the tour catered for everyone. A flat course, which is why we chose it.

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