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    by LEONIDAS ROUSSINOS 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    We have completed many boat and bike tours all through TripSite who have always done an outstanding job to make sure the customers get their information on time. Carla and her team do a great job.
    The North Holland tour is the least desirable tour to choose for a number of reasons.
    The De Holland boat is the least agreeable thing to ever float on a river, a box with no charm at all. On the other hand the cabins inside even though they are small, they are clean and the bathrooms are fitted nicely and roomy. It also has a decent deck from where to enjoy the view when in port or sailing.
    The administration of this company are not doing themselves any favours. They have cut down the crew to the level that they are unable to properly serve their customers. The persons working as crew on this boat are killing themselves to provide the best service possible without much success most of the time. Just not enough people to do the jobs. Furthermore if you plan to charge for WiFi Read more… service you are simply daft by asking for the 10 euros for the week. Just up the trip price and tell everyone WiFi is FREE. What a a bargain! Nickel and dimeing your customers is a poor way of doing business. Also changing the itinerary in order to save fuel is a disservice to your customers. The excuse that the boat is not able to dock at Ouderchild on Texel is rubbish as they have been doing it before and cycling through the harbour there, we saw no difference to facilities or space than all the other docking places we did dock at. So boat wise and management wise this trip is poor.
    However, the guide person was outstanding. She knew everything about the area and the routes and she was soooooo patient she was great! The day (Day 3) of cycling the dunes east of Alkmaar can easily be deleted. There is little to see and of very little interest to almost all the riders we spoke with. It is far more interesting to cycle in Alkmaar city and explore the city museums and other historical venues than riding the dusty windy dunes. The most interesting cities visited are Alkmaar, Enkhuisen and Volendam.
    The food on board was adequate but nothing special or even Dutch. Not a single Dutch meal or treat was offered during the week. Then the issue with the coffee and cake time upon return after a day of cycling. Are they nuts or what? One day coffee time is 4 to 5 pm. The next day 3:30 to 4:30 and the next day different again. Get real and set the time 3:30 to 5:00 and get on with life. No need to confuse things and have people expect a cup of coffee and then find out that the time was earlier today. Really?
    Asking for ice in the water was like asking for gold plated silverware. One napkin per person like napkins are a euro each. Are you kidding? Put a napkin holder on each table like every where else. What is this 1910 world paper shortage or are you pretending to be the world leader in paper napkin savings??
    The bikes were of top quality and well maintained. The crew that was looking after the bikes were there when you needed them and helped everyone to make sure the bikes were set up properly and safe for them. First Class service.
    What is great about these trips? The people you meet and the fun things that happen during the tour. The fun places you meet strangers and have lunch with, the help you may get or give on the way to a destination and memories that stay behind. I am afraid to say this trip was short on great memories, but some nevertheless. Perhaps another boat and this trip could have been a better one.

    Countries: Netherlands