Lindau Island Harbor, Bavaria Swabia, Germany. Photo via Flickr:LenDog64
The iconic lighthouse on Lindau Island in Germany. Photo via Flickr:R.Massi

Stein am Rhein, Lake Constance, Switzerland. Photo via Flickr: Simon Aughton

Around Lake Constance

Austria, Germany, Switzerland Bike Tours

A 3 country Lake Constance cycle tour around the beautiful Bodensee…

To cycle Lake Constance, you must travel through the countries of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The unique location of this bike tour has made it one of Europe's most desirable cycling destinations. Once a Roman fort, then a thriving medieval town, Constance is now a vibrant university town. The city's palatial mansions and colorful gables will immediately impress you.

The route takes you from cycling in Germany over the border into Swiss towns of Stein am Rhein and Ludwigshafen to Überlingen (frequently referred to as the Nice of Germany) and on into Meersburg, where you'll find half-timbered houses with cascading terraces.

Via Friedrichshafen, with its castle church and the famous Zeppelin Museum, the journey continues to the imperial island-town of Lindau, which is known for its lavish gardens, historic medieval town center, and its great location nestled under Pfänder Mountain. From Bavaria into the Austrian town of Bregenz, we highly recommend taking the cable car to the top of Pfänder Mountain, especially on a clear day. Bregenz is world famous for its annual summer music festival, Bregenzer Festspiele that is held on and around Lake Constance. The old Swiss harbor town of Rorschach has perhaps the prettiest Kornhaus in Switzerland. There is also a lovely lake promenade as well as the abbey Mariaberg, and Sulzberg and Wartegg castles. Then via Arbon, the oldest settlement on Lake Constance, and Romanshorn, the route will take you back to the start. Cycling around Lake Constance is a wonderful tour for a cycling enthusiast.

We have many selections of Lake Constance bike tours from which to choose. Although we feature the 7 day / 6 night tour in detail, we can also offer a "sportier" 5 day tour, a longer distance 7 day tour and an 8 day tour. Upon request we can also send you details about a single hotel based tour!

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Where You’ll Stay

Charming 3 and 4-star hotels and guesthouses in Category A or 2 and 3 star hotels in Category B,

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 4 to 7 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • Detailed route descriptions and maps
  • 7 or 24-speed hybrid bicycle
  • Luggage transportation
  • 7 day service hotline
  • 7 day Tour
  • Entrance to Rosgarten museum, 1 coffee incl.
  • Boat trip Wallhausen - Überlingen incl. bicycle
  • 1 bottle of wine (only when booked in Cat. A)
  • 8 day tour
  • Entrance to Rosgarten museum, 1 coffee incl.
  • Boat trip Wallhausen - Überlingen incl. bicycle
  • Boat trip to the Rhinefall rocks
  • 1 bottle of wine (only when booked in Cat. A)
  • 5 Day Sporty Tour
  • Car ferry from Constance - Meersburg incl. bicycle

What’s Not Included

  • Individual arrival to hotel in Constance
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance
TypeSelf Guided
Length5–8 days
From369 Rates
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Tour Dates

7 Day Tour: Daily departures beginning March 28 to October 25, 2015
8 Day Tour: Daily departures beginning March 28 to October 24, 2015
5 day Sporty Tour: Daily departures beginning March 28 to October 27, 2015

Skill Level

Easy, self-guided hotel tour with average daily distances of 13 to 35 miles (20 to 55 km). Route runs predominantly flat, with an occasional rolling hill, and along good asphalt roads and bike paths.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Around Lake Constance Map

7 Day tour:

Day 1: Individual arrival in Constance
Day 2: Constance - Radolfzell - Stein am Rhein region, 29 mi. (45 km)
Day 3: Stein am Rhein region - Überlingen, 29 mi. (45 km) + boat trip
Day 4: Überlingen - Kressbronn region, 32 mi. (50 km)
Day 5: Kressbronn - Höchst region/Rorschach, 22/32 mi. (35/50 km)
Day 6: Höchst region/Rorschach - Constance, 35/22 mi. (55/35 km) 
Day 7: Departure or extended stay in Constance

Day 1: Individual arrival in Konstanz/Kreuzlingen
Take the chance to visit Mainau island or take a walk through the old town of Constance. The aquariums in the Sea Life Center and the Ar­chaeological Museum are also recommended.

Day 2: Konstanz - Radolfzell - Stein am Rhein, 29 mi. (45 km)
From Constance you will cycle along the Gnadensee and into the old im­perial town of Radolfzell. You will continue on along good pathways over the Höri peninsula to Stein am Rhein, which is full of beautiful houses adorned with frescoes.

Day 3: Stein am Rhein - Konstanz - Überlingen, 29 mi. (45 km) + boat trip
The start of today‘s tour will lead you through the almost completely preserved medieval town Stein am Rhein. You will cycle along the Swiss shores of the lake back to Constance. In Wallhausen you will board a boat and disembark in Überlingen with its late gothic style cathedral and beautiful health resort park and lake walkway.

Day 4: Überlingen - Kressbronn, 32 mi. (50 km)
From Überlingen you will cycle to Friedrichshafen. You will pass by the baroque pilgrimage church of Birnau and the ancient town of Meersburg on the way. In Friedrichshafen the Zeppelinmuseum is worth visiting.

Day 5: Kressbronn - Höchst/Rorschach, 22/32 mi. (35/50 km)
Today you will travel towards the Bavarian town of Lindau, which is situated on an island. Then you will head on towards Bre­genz. The capital town of Vorarlberg is famous for its annual drama fe­stival on the largest lake theatre in the world. You will then pass through an important nature reserve on the Rhein delta.

Day 6: Höchst/Rorschach - Konstanz/Kreuzlingen, 22-35 mi. (35-55 km)
The last day of your tour leads you through Romanshorn, with most im­portant Swiss harbor on Lake Constance. You will pass many villages full with wooden framed houses on your way back to Constance. You can visit Mainau island today if you haven’t already done so.

Day 7: Individual departure or extension of stay
After breakfast you may return home or extend your stay.

8 Day tour:

Day 1: Individual arrival in Constance
Day 2: Constance - Stein am Rhein region, 29 mi. (45 km)
Day 3: Day trip to Schaffhausen and the Rheinfalls, 32 mi. (50 km)
Day 4: Stein am Rhein region - Überlingen, 29 mi. (45 km) + boat trip
Day 5: Überlingen - Kressbronn region, 32 mi. (50 km)
Day 6: Kressbronn - Höchst region/Rorschach, 22/32 mi. (35/50 km)
Day 7: Höchst region/Rorschach - Constance, 22 - 35 mi. (35 - 55 km)
Day 8: Departure or extended stay in Constance

5 Day Sporty tour:

Day 1: Individual arrival in Constance
Day 2: Constance - Radolfzell - Stein am Rhein - Constance, 50 mi. (80 km)
Day 3: Constance - Bregenz, 42 mi. (65km) + ferry trip
Day 4: Bregenz - Constance/Kreuzlingen, 46 mi. (75 km)
Day 5: Departure or extended stay in Constance.

*All distances are approximate.

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Customer Feedback

  • Chris Prince 8 months ago

    Absolutely the greatest vacation I've ever had. My wife and I did this for our honeymoon- Tripsite made planning this an absolute breeze. Picturesque sights, loads of activities and things to do. This was the quintessential vacation/honeymoon.

  • Clara Kai 2 years ago

    It's nice to jump into the lake after riding the bike under the sun. The beaches were easily accessed. The guesthouse in Arbon was very comfortable. My friend and I enjoyed the tour very much.

  • Maria Aller Huggins 2 years ago

    Beautiful ride for the whole family. Our boys are 8 and 10 and they did great because it was fun jumping in the lake. It was just right for a family of four. A lot of things to see on the way including castles, cathedrals, and the kids got to feed a monkey. The trails were well marked and we did not get lost. The accommodations were wonderful and the people very friendly. I would do this tour with my family again!

  • Donna Buck 4 years ago

    This is a beautiful tour around the lake. My girlfriend and I road this several years ago (2004) and went back to the area for another partial trip around this summer to revisit with more friends. The scenery is beautiful and it is an easy ride with much to see! I love being near the water!

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