Photo Friday Around Romantic Bruges Tripsite

Photo Friday: Around Romantic Bruges

Hello from Pittsburgh, PA! My name is Carol Frey and I am a contract compliance auditor. Some of my hobbies include cycling, camping, hiking, and spending time with my family and friends.

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This is my second trip with Tripsite. My first trip was last year, in 2016, when I finished my doctorate degree in Business Intelligence. Instead of attending graduation, I planned a cycling trip in the Catalonia region in northeastern Spain. I not only fell in love with Spain but cycling tours in Europe!

Flower field in Spain
Panoramic photo of a flower field in Spain

Tripsite facilitated each of my trips and I will use them again and again. This time, I used Tripsite to find my perfect cycling trip in Bruges, Belgium. Both of my cycling tours were on my own, and I loved every minute of each trip. My favorite tour in Bruges was a photography tour with Photo Tour Brugge. I cannot say enough about how amazing this tour was for me. I learned so much about photography with an amazing instructor in an amazing city!

Bruges is such a beautiful, medieval city with canals, cobbled streets, and friendly people. Every day was filled with amazing sites and the food was just as awesome! The chocolate is a highlight of spending time in the city. After sampling and purchasing some incredible chocolate I would just wander around the beautiful streets and sit by the canals taking in the surroundings. I stayed at the B&B Bariseele, and I could not have been happier. I had the top floor room which was huge and the daily breakfast trays at my door were a culinary treat!

I chose this tour based on the cycling descriptions Tripsite provided. My favorite part of the trip was all of the amazing pictures I got to take of my rides. Every day was filled with amazing sites and the second day I biked the canal right into the Netherlands. One day I cycled along gorgeous canals and had lunch at the North Sea. I can’t really explain how amazing these trips were, especially as an individual traveler. I will never forget the beauty I was lucky enough to experience on these trips. And Tripsite really had everything planned out so well that I never felt alone or uncertain of my activities.

I would recommend both of my trips, as they were definitely highlights of my traveling bucket list.

Photo 1: This is my first picture of the beautiful canals when I first reached Bruges, Belgium. These canals are throughout the city and they make such a peaceful place to stop and appreciate your surroundings.

Canals in Bruges

Photo 2: This is the North Sea. I cycled from Bruge to the Knokke-Heist at the North Sea and took this picture of the coastline. It was a peaceful ride with amazingly beautiful sites.
North Sea near Bruges / Knokke-Heist

Photo 3: This picture is of one of the main canals leaving the city of Bruges, on the way to the village of Damme. Damme is a postcard-perfect village in the northern corner of West Flanders.

Canal and fall colors Around Romantic Bruges

Photo 4: This picture is from a pond on the way to Damme. The owner of the B&B Bariseele took me for a walk around this beautiful area on our way to Damme. He guided me on the first part of my first trip so I understood the cycling system.

Pond on the way to Damme.

Photo 5: This photo was taken on the cycling path from Sluis, the Netherlands back to Bruges.

Bike path in Bruges
Photo 6: This picture was of the balloon ride which I took over Bruges. This was another highlight of my trip! I got to know several people from other countries and see Bruges from the sky. And had a champagne toast after we landed. I would do this again in a minute!

Hot Air Ballon over Bruges!
Photo 7: This is another picture of the canals leading out of Bruges toward the North Sea. Each crossing was so gorgeous I had to keep taking more and more pictures!

Canal leading out of Bruges toward the North Sea.
Photo 8: This is a picture of our hot air balloon’s shadow along the trees. We got to fly so low it was amazing.

View of countryside near Bruges.
Photo 9: This picture is of several farms just outside of Bruges. The countryside was just as beautiful as the medieval city.
View from hot air balloon Bruges
Photo 10: Photo of my first waffle with berries and chocolate! It was delicious and I had one every day!

Authentic Belgian Waffle


William Sowle
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Hi Carol, Looks like a great trip. You indicated a future bicycle trip to Spain. I spent two months there in April and May of 2018 with Tripsite planning three individual routes: Mallorca, Gerona, and along the Ebro River. I also did a week in Costa Brava on my own. Excellent, one of my best ever. I had sent a blog of my trips to Tripsite, but have not seen them posted yet. I also visited (by train) Barcelona, Bilbao, Segovia and Madrid. Amazing places all. All the best, Bill

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