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Sicily and the Aeolian Archipelago

Italy Bike + Barge Tours

Bike and Boat in Sicily!

  • Let yourself be enchanted by this spectacular bike and boat tour in Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. Comprised of a number of satellite islands and archipelagos, Sicily, though part of Italy, seems a world apart. Conquered and influenced by one invader after another, it has emerged with a unique and distinct blended culture.

    On this adventure, on board a traditional Turkish Caïque, by bike and boat, you will explore the extraordinary Aeolian Islands, a volcanic archipelago, comprised of the "seven sisters"; seven inhabited islands that are now part of the Unesco World Heritage List.

    It seems the Gods have bestowed their blessings here and the wonders of nature abound. The volcanic origins have left a dramatic legacy of black-sand beaches, smoldering craters, and splintered, rocky coastlines with breathtaking views and the myths and legends remain! It was here that Dionysus discovered the vine and Hephaestus forged thunderbolts from Etna's molten lava. Aeolus, the God of the Winds, lived here, and Ulysses battled the monstrous Polyphemus and his companions, the followers of Vulcano, God of the Fire!

    Highlights include but not limited to:

    • Creeks of Vulcano
    • Cave of the Cavallo
    • Pool of Venere
    • Valle Muria beach and Stacks Menalda (only reachable by boat)
    • Sciara del Fuoco
    • Panarea's rocky ridges

    This is not a passive exploration by any means, but a truly active journey, combining boating and cycling tours deep into the wonders of the Aeolian Islands.

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  • 2018 Pricing

    Double bed cabin: £ 1312 $ 2,041 1355 NOK 13776 kr 12716 $ 1,653

    Single cabin supplement: £ 702 $ 1,092 725 NOK 7371 kr 6804 $ 885

    extra options

    Electric bike rental: £ 87 $ 136 90 NOK 915 kr 845 $ 110

    please note

    Rates are based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Catania Airport

    Local Travel

    Collective transfer at 3:00 pm to Milazzo Harbor at Catania airport. Plan your airfare accordingly and due note that transfers are only available on embarkation and disembarkation days.


    Please check local conditions before your arrival! A good website to research weather in the area of travel is Here you can view average daily high/low temperatures, average rainfall during your time of travel, and more!

Skill Level

Easy to moderate guided bike and boat tour with average daily distances between 15 and 35 km. Change in elevation between 0 and 600 m per day.

Please note: This tour is rated "Easy-Moderate" with ebike option and "Moderate-Difficult" (depending on conditioning) for regular bike option.

Where You’ll Stay

Aboard the Turkish Caïque, the Sundial. Turkish caiques are constructed of solid wood and differ from the "gulet" because the foremast is higher than the stern.Though this is traditionally a sailing vessel, the sails will not be relied upon for wind power but the motor will always be utilized.

What’s Included

  • Transfer to and from Catania Airport on arrival and departure days
  • Accommodations for 7 nights (6 nights in port and one night in roadstead)
  • Breakfasts, packed or on board lunches, 6 x dinners
  • Bike rental
  • Tour guide
  • Sheets and towels (1 change per week)

What’s Not Included

  • 1 x dinner in Lipari
  • Beverages
  • Entrance fees
  • Gratuities
Length8 days
From1355 Rates
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Tour Dates

2018 Dates
Saturdays:  May 26, June 9, June 16, June 23, August 25, September 1, September 8, September 22, 2018

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Sicily and the Aeolian Archipelago Map

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Milazzo, 9 mi. (14 km) +/- 100 m
Day 3: Vulcano, 11 mi. (18 km) +/- 400 m
Day 4: Panarea and Stromboli, 3 h 30 min. walking, +/- 400 m
Day 5: Stromboli – Panarea (2 h 30 min. walking, flat) – Salina 
Day 6: Salina, 14 mi. (22 km cycling), +/-300 m – Lipari 
Day 7: Lipari, 16 mi. (25 km) +/- 600 m
Day 8: Departure

The captain and the guide reserve the right to make alterations to the itinerary, depending on wind, sea and weather conditions or organizational requirements. 

Day 1: Arrival
Individual arrival at Catania Airport from which there is a collective transfer at 3:00 pm to Milazzo Harbor at Catania airport. Plan your airfare accordingly and please note that transfers are only available on embarkation and disembarkation days. Embarkation will be on the Sundial at 6:00 pm at the Marina di Nettuno in Milazzo (Me). After settling in, you will enjoy a complimentary drink. Dinner will follow and presentation of the program. Night in the port of Milazzo. 

Day 2: Milazzo, 9 mi. (14 km) +/- 100 m
Departure by bike to reach Capo Milazzo (Milazzo Cape). Possibility of bathing in the wonderful “Venus Pool”, a protected natural sea pool at the very end of the cape. Return to Milazzo and possibility of visiting the Castle and its ancient bourg. Return to the Marina of Milazzo, dinner and night in port. 

Day 3: Vulcano, 11 mi. (18 km)+/- 400 m
Breakfast and navigation towards the island of Vulcano, the “Sulphur Island”. Today you will discover by bike the hinterland of the island towards Piano Grillo, ideal place to admire an amazing panorama. The afternoon provides plenty of free time. We suggest one of the following activities to discover the volcanic activity of the island: you can walk up to the crater of the volcano (400 m.), you can have a mud bath in the sulphur beach of the island, or you can swing among underwater fumaroles. Dinner on board and overnight in port in Vulcano. 

Day 4: Panarea and Stromboli, 3 h 30 min. walking, +/- 400 m
After breakfast the ship navigates towards Panarea and will stop for a swim close to the little islands of Lisca Bianca, Bottara, and Dattilo. The volcanic activity is still clearly visible and vapors rise up through the cracks between the rocks. Once you've arrived in Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, you stop for a lunch break at anchor in a nice bay. Navigation towards Stromboli with a superb view on the Sciara del Fuoco. In the late afternoon, take a walking tour (about 400 m) above sea level to admire the volcanic explosions at dusk. Dinner tonight is a picnic that offers nice panoramic views. Return on board, overnight in roadstead in Stromboli. 

Day 5: Stromboli – Panarea (2 h 30 min. walking, flat) – Salina 
After breakfast on board, you will have free time in the morning to visit the little village of Panarea, the Drautto beach, and the prehistoric village. Lunch will be enjoyed on board as the boat navigates up to the Island of Salina. Disembark in Salina and visit a local wine shop. Overnight will be in the port of Salina.

Day 6: Salina, 14 mi. (22 km cycling), +/-300 m. – Lipari 
Depart from the port of Salina and cycle on the biggest island of the Aeolian Archipelago. From Santa Marina on the East coast you will reach Pollara, a panoramic point on the western coast. Also on the agenda is a visit to the lake of Lingua and Pollara, with the possibility to taste the very good “granita” of Alfredo. Return on board and the boat navigates to Lipari. Dinner is on your own this evening. Overnight in the port of Lipari. 

Day 7: Lipari, 16 mi. (25 km) +/- 600 m
After breakfast you begin a fantastic coast to coast by bike. Starting in the village of Lipari, you pass along the beautiful village and beach of Canneto. Reach the pumice quarries and the nice beach of Acquacalda (a swim is possible). After a picnic lunch at the panoramic point of Quattrocchi, return back to the historical center with many shops and restaurants to visit. After your return on board the boat takes you to Milazzo. Dinner on board and overnight in port. 

Day 8: Departure
Disembark at 9 am, after which there is a collective transfer to Catania airport. Arrival at the airport at approximately 12 pm.

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Customer Feedback

  • David M. 1 year ago

    My grades given to this trip show my displeasure with several items encountered while on our trip. First, the pickup at the airport was bungled by "Pepe" our guide. He did not have a sign for us to recognize the tour! It was a miracle he finally found us. The boat was laid out well, the crew was very pleasant, however none of the 3 crew members spoke fluent english (necessary for the Americans, Canadians, Dutch, and German passengers). My major complaint was regarding the cabin Air Conditioning. The captain only turned on the AC from 6PM to Midnight. In August, the temperature was in the mid 80's - too hot to sleep in an enclosed cabin after midnight! I would discourage any potential guest not to take this trip unless the captain changes his AC rules and provides cooling throughout the night!
    The food was OK with little variation from day to day but the last "onshore meal" at a local restaurant was inedible!! Skip the restaurant meal and eat onboard (not a current option) or give the guests an upscale restaurant or eliminate the meal altogether and each guest is on their own for the last supper.

    • Jehiel 1 year ago

      Hi David,
      Since our return from this trip, changes have been made to the difficulty rating as well as the tour page and travel documents to better represent the tour. We are also working with our local partner to make improvements based on your input. Thanks for sharing this feedback. It was very nice meeting you and Susan!

  • Ross D. 1 year ago

    The Aeolian Archipelago Trip was sold as easy/moderate and as a result there were several people that probably should not have been there. As a consequence the guide was indecisive most days how to deal with the itinerary and as a consequence kept adjusting and shortening the rides. As for my wife and I we traveled all the way from Canada to enjoy the boat, scenery and riding as a total experience.

    Because of the constant changing of the daily itinerary and shortened rides we became somewhat dissatisfied with the total experience.

    • Jehiel 1 year ago

      Hello Ross,
      Thanks for sharing this feedback. As a result, we have changed the rating and recommended the ebike option less experienced riders. We have also been in contact with our local partner to ensure the itenerary is presented in full and is followed.
      I had a great time meeting you and Donna on this trip and hope to help you plan your next one!

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Sicily and the Aeolian Archipelago Boats + Barges

Sundial Photo

Sundial Italy Comfort Class Boat The Sundial is a comfort class Turkish Caique, constructed of pine and mahogany in the Vedat Sungul Shipyard in Bodrum, Turkey, using the ancient art of Turkish shipbuilding still in use. The boat has a spacious dinette, large solarium with comfortable beach mattresses, and on the stern deck, a wide and elegant lounge. Catering on board is an excellent combination of fresh seafood and vegetables, pasta and meat, seasoned with Mediterranean herbs.