Lake Constance - Highlights & Hinterland

Germany, Austria, Switzerland Bike Tours

A guided or self-guided boutique tour around Lake Constance

Denise V.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

The scenic views were the most beautiful I experienced in our 5 bike trips.
The hotels were great as well as breakfast.
In my opinion this ride was more challenging then lead on to believe. The hills were steep.
We had a oroblem day one with hotel.
Left 2 hours late dud nit have the combination to the bike. Did kit have any maps, any welcome package.nothing.
Also we had mostly rain , would have needed a map peotector for our bikes. The maps were useless in the rain.

Sally H.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

Great hotels which were distinct from each other. Quality bikes with comfortable seats and smooth gear changing.
The bikes were all locked when we arrived. It took far too long for someone to find the lock codes. There were no welcome packets/route maps and general information for the group of 12 and little help from the hotel who had apparently, all the information we needed. Unfortunate and unprofessional. The local people were apologetic but it should never have happened.

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