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UPDATED: 4/6/21

Your health and safety is our top priority

We are all too familiar with certain safety measures we now follow in our everyday lives to keep us safe, from social distancing and mask-wearing while in public spaces, to hand washing and sanitizing everyday objects. During your trip, you can expect these same measures and the highest standard of cleanliness to be met.

Our goal, besides offering you a memorable trip, is to keep you safe and healthy.

The following information is only meant to provide a general idea of what things may look like during your travels. Detailed tour information will be sent to you approximately one month before your tour date.

Before you travel

You may be asked to fill out and submit a questionnaire and register your trip with the country or countries you are visiting. Be sure to check the guidelines and regulations as each country is different. We encourage you to check the websites of sights and attractions prior to your trip. Many remain open but are limiting the number of visitors to encourage social distancing and ensure proper cleaning in between visitors. You may need to make reservations in advance or purchase tickets.

Planes, trains, and automobiles

Transportation is an integral part of travel. Airlines, trains, and transfer services are abiding by strict sanitation protocols.


Health authorities, including the CDC, maintain that the risk of infection on airplanes is low. Despite what many people believe, cabin air quality is less of a concern; virtually all commercial airlines are outfitted with HEPA Filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) that purifies the air, blocking 99.7% of airborne microbes. The air is also purified vertically, from ceiling to floor every couple of minutes. The misconception that the air is just recirculated and dirty air blows out of the AC unit is simply false. In addition, airplane cabins are scrubbed down with anti-microbial disinfectants between flights and many airlines provide a personal hygiene kit with a mask and sanitizing wipes. You are encouraged to check with your specific airport/airline about mask-wearing and seating as it adheres to social distancing.

Trains + Transfers

There is little evidence that mass transit poses a risk of infection especially when certain safety measures are followed. Wearing masks and social distancing are two of the most important considerations. Also, refraining from touching high-touch surfaces is advised. When this cannot be avoided, using hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes is recommended. Arranged transfers during your tour adhere to strict sanitation protocols. High-touch surfaces are cleaned often and before each use.

Most services are going touchless and are requiring you to use your debit or credit card or purchase tickets in advance. For example, on busses throughout the Netherlands, it is no longer possible to buy a ticket from the bus driver. You need to ‘check-in’ and ‘check out’ with a public transport pass (‘OV-chipkaart’), which is suitable for trains, busses, and metros. An anonymous transport pass can be bought at vending machines at stations, some supermarkets, and some book shops.

If bringing your own bicycle, please check the regulations for the country/countries that you are visiting. Some railways are requiring you to pre-register your bike.

Accommodations during travel

Whether you are participating in a boat and bike tour or you are staying in hotels during your trip, things will be done a little differently than what you may be accustomed to.

  • Most hotels will not offer a buffet breakfast, but instead will either serve breakfast at an assigned table or in your room. You may be asked to eat breakfast at a pre-arranged time to avoid big crowds in the dining room. These rules will differ per hotel and you'll be informed of protocol at check-in.
  • Some hotels will not clean your room during your stay. If you are staying at one hotel for several nights and need something like towels, soap, shower gel, coffee, or tea, you can indicate this at reception so that it can be arranged for you.
  • Many restaurants are now operating by reservation only to ensure proper distancing and to provide time for cleaning after each table.
  • Bikes are thoroughly cleaned after each use.
Bike and Boat Tours
  • The crew members on our boats are maintaining a rigorous cleaning routine to ensure that all public areas are thoroughly disinfected.
  • Air conditioning filters are being cleaned and replaced regularly.
  • All meals will be served in shifts with time for sanitizing in between each shift.
  • The kitchen crew is paying careful attention to food preparation by wearing gloves and masks.
  • The bikes are regularly disinfected after each day.

While things may be different, this doesn't mean that it will be less enjoyable! In fact, with limited crowds, now is the perfect time to plan your European vacation and we are here to help when you're ready!


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