Danube River through the Wachau Valley, Lower Austria. Photo via Flickr:Tom Walk

Bratislava Castle along the Danube in Bratislava, Slovakia. Photo courtesy of Donau Touristik

Along the Danube - Passau - Vienna - Budapest aboard the Primadonna

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Cycle along the Danube River between four countries on the famous Danube Bike Path

Get ready for a treat! This bike and boat tour along the mighty Danube is similar to our other Four Country Tour but is offered on a premium ship! The Primadonna is a top class river cruiser and combines luxury with all the benefits of a typical bike and boat tour. Because we are active vacationers, yet enjoy a touch of class as well, we feel this offering satisfies even the most discerning. The Danube landscape is unsurpassed and remains one of the top European destinations and on this tour, superb cuisine will top off your day. The chef and staff pride themselves on using organic ingredients and presenting top rated cuisine.


  • Accommodations on the luxury river boat, the Primadonna
  • Cathedral tour in Esztergom
  • The Wachau wine-growing region
  • City tours of Bratislava and Budapest
  • Cycling the beautiful Danube Bike path through four countries
  • World class cuisine with specialties of the Danube countries, especially Viennese Cuisine. Primarily prepared with organic ingredients

There are two different itineraries offered for this tour. One is the standard itinerary and the other, is a more "relaxed" itinerary which includes a massage, a few drinks with lunch and dinner, a full day in Vienna and a full day in Budapest.

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Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations on board the comfort plus boat, the Primadonna

What’s Included

  • Standard tour:
  • Accommodations for 7 nights in booked category
  • Welcome snack
  • Daily american breakfast buffet with organic food corner
  • Daily 3 course lunch or packed lunch for cyclists
  • Daily afternoon coffee/tea and cake
  • Daily 4 course dinner
  • Daily midnight snack in the panoramic bar
  • 7 or 21 speed hybrid bicycle with saddlebag (please specify preference at time of booking)
  • All harbor dues
  • Daily personal route information for the following cycling day
  • On board tour representative
  • Guided cathedral tour in Esztergom
  • Comprehensive route description & cycling maps
  • Relaxed Tour
  • Accommodations for 7 nights in booked category
  • Daily american breakfast buffet with organic food corner
  • Daily 3 course lunch or packed lunch for cyclists
  • Daily afternoon coffee/tea and cake
  • Daily 4 course dinner
  • 2 drinks each (0,5 liter beer/non-alcoholic drinks, 1/8 liter quality wine, etc.) for lunch and dinner
  • All harbor dues
  • On board tour representative
  • Detailed route description & cycling maps
  • Guided tour cathedral Esztergom, entrance castle Schloss Hof
  • 3 nights on board entertainment
  • 2 concerts in Ybbs and Linz
  • City tour by bus in Budapest
  • 1 partial body massage and one shave per cabin
  • 7 or 21 speed hybrid bicycle with saddlebag (please specify preference at time of booking)

What’s Not Included

  • Entrance fees and excursions not mentioned
  • Gratuities
  • Bicycle protection
  • Trip insurance
TypeSelf Guided
Length8 days
From816 Rates
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Tour Dates

Standard itinerary: Fridays: May 19, July 7, July 14, August 11, 18, and Sept 29, 2017

Relaxed itinerary: Fridays: April 28, May 5, May 12, June 23, June 30, July 21, September 8, October 6, and October 13, 2017

Skill Level

This is an easy self-guided bike and boat tour with average daily distances between 22 to 35 miles (35 and 56 km).You’ll be following the mostly flat Danube Cycle path.

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Standard tour:

Day 1: Arrival in Passau
Day 2: Schlögen - Linz, 33 mi. (53 km)
Day 3: Tulln - Vienna,  22 mi. or 32 mi. (36 or 52 km)
Day 4: Komárom – Esztergom, 35 mi. (56 km)
Day 5: Sightseeing in Budapest and cycling tour to Szentendre, 24 mi. (38 km)
Day 6: Sightseeing in Bratislava and cycling Bratislava - Hainburg, 22 mi. (35 km)
Day 7: Cycling tour Krems to Pöchlarn, 30 mi. (48 km)
Day 8: Departure from Passau

*All distances are approximate.

Day 1: Arrival in Passau
After arrival on board, welcome refreshments are offered beginning at 4 p.m. The captain's welcome dinner, featuring a 4-course a la carte menu will take place at 8 pm. During dinner, the boat will set off to Schlögen.

MS Primadonna: departure Passau 8 pm/ arrival Schlögen 11:30 pm

Day 2: Schlögen - Linz, 33 mi. (53 km)
Following breakfast, your rental bikes will be distributed. The cycling tour takes you through the uninhabited narrow valley near Kaiserau to Ottensheim and then further on to Linz.
MS Primadonna: departure Schlögen/Obermühl 12 pm / arrival Linz 5:15 pm/ departure Linz 8:30 pm

Day 3: Tulln - Vienna,  22 mi. or 32 mi. (36 or 52 km)
You can enjoy an optional visit of the museum of Egon Schiele and garden exhibition (with 65 gardens) in Tulln. Afterwards, you cycle fromTulln (city of flowers) with a wonderful view of the foothills of the Wiener Wald, past Klosterneuburg to Vienna. You can begin sightseeing on your own or you can take a city tour by bike with 95 % on dedicated bike paths. You will find the maps and route description on board. Optional: After dinner at aprox. 8:30 pm city tour by bus “Vienna by night”.

MS Primadonna: arrival Tulln 7:30 am / departure Tulln 10 am / arrival Vienna 12 pm / departure Vienna 10 pm

Day 4: Komárom – Esztergom, 35 mi. (56 km)
Departing from Komáron, you'll cycle on the left bank through quaint villages on the beautiful and well maintained bike path. Cycle to Esztergom via Moca. At 5 p.m., there is a tour through the third largest cupola cathedral in Europe, which houses one of the largest altar pieces in the world. Cycle over the Gisela Bridge to Sturovo, directly opposite Esztergom.

MS Primadonna: arrival Komárom 9 a.m / departure Komárom 12 pm / arrival Esztergom- Sturovo 4 pm / departure Esztergom-Sturovo 87pm/ arrival Budapest 11 pm

Day 5: Sightseeing in Budapest and cycling tour to Szentendre, 24 mi. (38 km)
In the morning, there is an optional city tour of Budapest. You can meet the group directly at the boat landing station. The tour takes approximately 3.5 hours. The tour ends in the city center giving you some time to explore and then return tranfer to the boat. In the afternoon,  by ship (departing at 2 pm) to the artists’ island Szentendre. Another option is to cycle through the Danube knee from Vac to Visegrad (16.5 km)

MS Primadonna: departure Budapest 4 pm / arrival Szentendre 5 pm / departure Szentendre 6 pm / arrival Visegrad 7 pm / departure Visegrad 8 pm

Day 6: Sightseeing in Bratislava and cycling Bratislava - Hainburg - Bratislava, 32 mi. (51 km)
Optional: In the morning, a guided city tour is scheduled through the historical center of Bratislava.  Next, you'll ride along the Danube cycling route and also cycle a short stint on a back road to Devin/National memorial of Slovakia. The route takes you over the new cycling bridge to Austria, to the magnificent palace Schloss Hof. Here you can learn about the rich history surrounding the palace and enjoy Baroque gardens, grand staterooms, and the Manor Farm. 

MS Primadonna: arrival Bratislava 9 am / departure Bratislava 5 p.m / 

Day 7: Cycling tour Krems to Pöchlarn, 30 mi. (48 km)​
Follow the Danube cycling path from Krems, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, via Dürnstein to Melk and further on to Pöchlarn.

MS Primadonna: arrival Krems 8 am / departure Krems 11:30 am / arrival Pöchlarn 3:30 pm / departure Pöchlarn 5:00 pm

Day 8: Departure from Passau
Arrival in Passau around 8:45 am If you've booked a bus transfer back to the main station, it will leave at approximately at 9:30 am.

MS Primadonna: arrival Passau 8:45 am

Relaxed Itinerary:

Day 1: Passau
Day 2: Ybbs - Melk/Dümstein, 28/52 km
Day 3: Bratislava - Devin - Schloss, 38 km
Day 4: Budapest
Day 5: Esztergom - Sturovo - Komárno, 55 km
Day 6: Vienna, 20 km
Day 7: Grein - Linz, 56 km
Day 8: Passau

Day 1: Passau
Individual arrival by 4 pm on board the Primadonna. In the evening, you will enjoy entertainment on board.

MS Primadonna: departure Passau 8 pm

Day 2: Ybbs - Melk/Dümstein, 17.5/32.5 mi. (28/52 km)
Today you will enjoy a cycle tour through the Nibelungengau to Melk. If desired, you can increase your distance and cycle further on through the world heritage region of Wachau (UNESCO), past Spitz and Weißenkirchen to Dürnstein, where you can enjoy the castle ruins, monastery, and baroque center,

MS Primadonna: arrival Ybbs 9:30 / departure 12 pm / arrival Melk-Emmersdorf 2 pm  / departure Melk-Emmersdorf 5 pm / arrival Dürnstein 6:15 pm / departure 10 pm

Day 3: Bratisava – Devin – Schloss Hof, 24 mi. (38 km)
You will pedal along the Danube Cycle Path to Devin whose highlights include a castle ruin and the national monument of Slovakia, and further on along the river March, to the magnificent castle Hof of empress Maria Theresa with it’s lovely gardens. Entrance fee is included with your tour price.

MS Primadonna: arrival Bratislava 7:30 am / departure Bratislava 7:30 pm

Day 4: Budapest, 11 mi.  (18 km)
Today you can take advantage of the city tour by bus (3 hrs) or your can enjoy an indiviudal tour by bike. In the evening, a cruise through the illuminated Magyar-City is on the agenda!

MS Primadonna: arrival Budapest 9:30 am / departure Budapest 10 pm

Day 5: Esztergom-Sturovo – Komárno, 34 mi. (55 km)
Enjoy an included visit to the Esztergom cathedral and afterwards cycle through lonesome riparian forests and small, baroque places to Moca and further on to Komárno, the biggest Hungarian fortress. An evening entertainment program on board will be offered.

MS Primadonna: arrival Esztergom-Štúrovo 7 am / departure Esztergom-Štúrovo 12 pm / arrival Komárno 4 pm/ departure Komárno 6 pm

Day 6: Vienna, 12 mi. (20 km)
Vienna is one of the most cycling-friendly cities in Central Europe. You will enjoy traffic-free cycle patha to the famous ring-street and through the city center! 

In the evening, enjoy after dinner wine-tasting in the on board theater.

MS Primadonna: arrival Vienna 8 am / departure Vienna 8 pm

Day 7: Grein – Linz, 35 mi. (56 km)
Following the Danube you pass by Dornach Castle, the Baumgartenberg Abbey, and the oldest town of Austria til you reach Linz.
In the late afternoon, a concert on a Bruckner organ in a baroque church is on the agenda.

MS Primadonna: arrival Grein 9:30 am / departure Grein 10:15 am / arrival Linz 2:30 pm / departure Linz 10 pm

Day 8: Passau
Disembarkation up to 10:00 am Transfer from the boat to the main station in Passau or parking space.

MS Primadonna: arrival 7:00 am

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Along the Danube - Passau - Vienna - Budapest aboard the Primadonna Boats + Barges

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Primadonna Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary Comfort Plus Class Boat The MS Primadonna is the second largest cruise ship on the Danube. Experience the elegance of the MS Primadonna, with spacious decks, spa facilities, restaurant, bar, atrium and much more, on a cycling holiday without hotel changes! The Primadonna will await you at your destination every day. You can also feel free to spend some of your day stages on board, where you can enjoy the Jacuzzi on the outdoor deck or in the spa area, which is equipped with Jacuzzi, sauna, Kneip basin, etc. All meals on this Austrian cruise line are freshly cooked and have a particular emphasis on regional and organic products.