Volkach's Marktplatz. Photo via Wikimedia Commons:Matthias Zepper

Rhine River Valley

Nuremberg to Würzburg

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Bike along the Main River

This self guided bike tour in Germany follows the Main River on a beautiful sign posted path through the ever-changing countryside of the Franconian and Hessen regions, passing many historic towns and villages

The adventure begins in Nuremberg (Nürnberg), the “tiny town of cloth and wood”,renowned for its Gothic architecture, old gabled houses and medieval flair. Large town walls complete with 80 towers encircle the historic town, whose locals take great pride in their famous sausages!

The route will continue along the Rhine-Main-Danube canal through idyllic vineyards and various small villages with traditional half-timbered houses.

Your tour will end in Würzburg, Germany’s Baroque city, and the start of the famous Romantic Road bike tour. .


  • Bamberg-World Heritage Site
  • Volkach
  • Maarktbreit
  • Kitzingen-Franconian's wine trading center
  • Kaiserburg (Emperors Castle)
  • Ceiling fresco by Giovanni Battipsta Tiepolo In Würzburg

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Tour Dates

7 Day Tour - Nuremberg to Würzburg: Daily departures from April 9 to October 10, 2017

5 Day Tour - Bamberg to Würzburg: Daily departures from April 10 to October 11, 2017

9 Day Tour - Bamberg to Aschaffenburg: Daily departures from April 10 to October 11, 2017

11 Day Tour - Nuremberg to Aschaffenburg: Daily departures from April 9 to October 10, 2017

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations in good hotels and inns (Cat. A) or comfortable, middle-class hotels in (Cat. B)

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 6 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • 7, 21, or 24-speed hybrid bicycle
  • Luggage transfer
  • Route descriptions & maps
  • GPS data available on request
  • City tour in Würzburg
  • Service hotline

What’s Not Included

Extra Stay

Extra nights in Würzburg and Nuremberg available by request.

TypeSelf Guided
Length5–11 days
From430 Rates
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Skill Level

Easy self-guided hotel tour with daily distances of between 14 to 40 miles with most distances being variable. The tour runs at a leisurely pace with plenty of time for sightseeing.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Nuremberg to Würzburg Map

Day 1: Arrival in Nuremberg.
Day 2: Nuremberg - Bamberg, 42 mi. (67 km)
Day 3: Bamberg - Haßfurt, 23 mi. (37 km)
Day 4: Haßfurt - Volkach, 34 mi. (54 km)
Day 5: Volkach – Marktbreit/Ochsenfurt, 23 or 28 mi. (38 or 45 km)
Day 6: Marktbreit/Ochsenfurt - Würzburg, 14 or 18 mi. (21 or 28 km)
Day 7: Departure from Würzburg.

Tour is also available as 5 days/4 nights from Bamberg to Würzburg, 9 days / 8 nights from Bamberg to Aschaffenburg, or 11 days/10nights from Nuremberg to Aschaffenburg. Please call for details. 

*Distances are approximate.

DAY 1: Nuremberg
Individual arrival in Nuremberg. Use the rest of the day to visit the town with its medieval flair. Substantial town walls with their 80 towers encircle the historic old town, making it perfect for a stroll. Culinary highlights in Nuremberg include their famous sausages, which you can easily sample in one of the pubs. Overnight in Nuremberg.

DAY 2: Nuremberg - Bamberg, 42 mi. (67 km)
Today, you’ll start off riding along the banks of the Regnitz River past the railroad town of Fürth and the University town of Erlangen. Then the bike route will travel along the Rhine-Main-Danube canal towards Forchheim. In every alley and corner of this pretty little town, you will find examples of timber-framed houses, which are typical of the Franken region. This day’s main highlight is Bamberg, where the old part of town has been declared a world culture heritage site. Overnight in Bamberg.

DAY 3: Bamberg – Haßfurt, 23 mi. (37 km)
This stretch of the tour is short, so you will have plenty of time to explore Bamberg properly during the morning. The largest remaining ancient town quarter in Germany has over 2000 individual monuments. The former fishing settlement, affectionately called “Little Venice”, and the picturesque old town hall on the bridge are the town’s most famous landmarks. Today you will cycle through the hilly, wine-producing part of Franken to the tranquil town of Hassfurt. The rectangular city is limited by two substantial towers. The city church has interesting figures of Tilman Riemenscheider. The Gothic knight chapel of bright sandstone, which was established in the 15th century, is well worth visiting as is the delightful Renaissance city hall from 1514. Overnight in Hassfurt.

DAY 4: Hassfurt – Volkach, 34 mi. (54 km)
Today you’ll travel via Schweinfurt to a scenic highlight, namely the loop in the Main River at Volkach. Then, you’ll ride through picturesque vineyards, orchards and idyllic river meadows on your way to the quaint wine village of Volkach. This village lies on the edge of the loop in the Main River and is seen as the quintessence of the joie de vivre in the region of Franken. Overnight in Volkach.

DAY 5: Volkach – Marktbreit/Ochsenfurt, 23 or 28 mi. (38 or 45 km)
Today, you should have enough time to explore the heart of Franken’s wine region. This relatively short stretch takes you to the lively little town of Kitzingen, which claims to own the oldest wine cellar in Germany. A further highlight is the historical town of Marktbreit, which is one of the region’s most beautiful villages with its pretty alleys and splendid houses. Overnight in either Marktbreit or Ochsenfurt.

DAY 6: Marktbreit/Ochsenfurt - Würzburg, 14 or 18 mi. (21 or 28 km)
Ochsenfurt is another highlight in typical architecture from the Main-Franken region. Then, after cycling a few more kilometers, you will reach the splendid regal city of Würzburg.  You’ll have plenty of time for some great sight-seeing like going for a visit to the famous Marienberg Fortress. Of note is the three-winged Baroque palace that is surrounded by gardens and contains a unique stairway room with a gigantic ceiling fresco by Giovanni Battipsta Tiepolo Overnight in Würzburg.

DAY 7: Würzburg
Individual departure from Würzburg following breakfast.

Tour is also available as:

5 days/4 nights from Bamberg to Würzburg

Day 1: Bamberg
Day 2: Bamberg  - Haßfurt, 37 km
Day 3: Haßfurt - Volkach, 54 km
Day 4: Vokach - Würzburg, 65 km
Day 5: Departure

9 days / 8 nights from Bamberg to Aschaffenburg

Day 1:  Bamberg
Day 2:  Bamberg – Haßfurt, 37 km
Day 3:  Haßfurt – Volkach, 54 km
Day 4: Volkach – Würzburg, 65 km
Day 5: Würzburg – Lohr/Sendelbach, 54 km
Day 6: Lohr/Sendelbach – Wertheim, 41 km
Day 7: Wertheim – Bürgstadt/Miltenberg, 35 km
Day 8: Bürgstadt/Miltenberg – Aschaffenburg, 41 km
Day 9: Individual departure

11 days/10 nights from Nuremberg to Aschaffenburg

Day 1: Arrival in Nuremberg.
Day 2: Nuremberg - Bamberg, 67 km
Day 3: Bamberg - Haßfurt, 37 km
Day 4: Haßfurt - Volkach, 54 km
Day 5: Volkach – Marktbreit/Ochsenfurt, 38 or 45 km
Day 6: Marktbreit/Ochsenfurt - Würzburg, 21 or 28 km
Day 7: Würzburg - Lohr am Main/Sendelbach, 54 km
Day 8: Lohr am Main/Sendelbach - Wertheim, 41 km
Day 9: Wertheim - Bürgstadt/Miltenberg, 35 km
Day 10: Bürgstadt/Miltenberg - Aschaffenburg, 41 km
Day 11: Departure

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  • William Osborn 3 years ago

    Just back from Germany yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you for helping with the arrangements for the trip. We really enjoyed ourselves. Everything worked out perfectly for the bikes, hotels, and transportation.

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