Sicily - Syracuse, Noto Valley, & Baroque Villages

Italy Bike Tours

A journey on bike through southeast Sicily

Alejandro E.
3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Ok, ir is a wonderful combination of history, culture, with pretty beach, we are in vacation, all the year use the car, in holidays use the Bike. Was perfect. The GPS trackking that you purpose me was perfect, I i used with and
Never lost.
One suggestions is mark with favoritos the point of interest in the GPS Route. I am not sure, if it is possible.

Lázaro N.
11 months ago

Verified Reviewer

All the trip was memorable. Starting in Pallazolo Acreid, where we saw a unique demontration of the christian faith, on the main church. The next city, Modica is a quiet village, so nice. The biking was allways on the road, with cars besides. No problem, because the traffic was ease. The two most beautiful cities are Noto and, of course, Syracuse; the Archimede’s city. Dont miss the visit to Archimedes museum and the Neapolis, the ancient city of Syracuse.

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