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John W.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

We recall every day was an adventure the huge success was everyone enjoying riding the e-Bikes which made the trip very rewarding.
We are also very proud of the hotel stays as we were always greeted with joyful hotd and hostesses and the breakfasts were very tasty and delicious.
Upon reflection a two day stay in each of the 11 cities would have made the discovery a little more knowledgeable.the guides for the self guided trip were easy enough to follow but a quick review before entering a city is a good idea as the general direction is important. The generalization for the hotels included in the tour guide can be miss leading if you get disconcerted so make 110% you know the name of the Hotel your staying at.
Thanks for all the wonderful folks who did the research for the 11 city biking trip it was fantastic!

Sincerest regards,

John Wynia

Diane K.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

We both enjoyed the coast line part of biking. The least would have been biking through tons of farmers fields, pretty but enough. Tips would be to check your map every morning and your trail numbers. Take your time, we tended to hurry too much. Wanting to get to the next hotel before evening. The distances look long but you eat up the miles quickly on your bike. Beautiful scenery and nice people. Good food at every stop. We recommend bringing skin cream and proper biking shorts. My husband did suffer a little with skin rashes.

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