Halkidiki Peninsula

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Beautiful seaside resorts & exotic beaches of Northern Greece!

Natalia S.
11 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This is a very unique trip and feels like a hidden treasure. It is also very personalized with a "guide" all to your group- this off course dependes on how full it is for the specific week, but it doesn't seem like they carry more than 4 people often.

We were 2 and were able to decide departure times, small detours or stops.
This felt like a luxury!
It starts in the first finger of the Peninsula, with a very nice first ride (on the second day) where you hopefully arrive to Costas apartments who is the nicest host you will meet.

The thermal waters were a nice smelly treat and walking distance - it is a one hour activity as it is not a fully functioning spa.
The second day bike ride is nice, stopping at a unique beach. And then an hour car ride to the second finger.

The third ride is the most beautiful ride of my life, it has some off road. The roads that are just for yourself, don't expect any coffee stops as there is basically Read More

Grant B.
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

This was a great trip! Awesome beaches and food! This is where the locals in Thessaloniki come to relax. The route was pretty flat (days 1 and 4 were somewhat hilly, but totally manageable). Roads were good with wide shoulders and less traffic.

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