Famous Old Town Square in Prague, Czech Republic. Flickr:amir appel
Prague Old Town's famous Astronomical Clock. Photo via Flickr:Moyan_Brenn

View of Prague from St Wencesias vineyard, Czech Republic. Photo via Flickr:Abeeeer
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Wine Trail between Prague and Vienna

Austria, Czech Republic Bike Tours

Bike, wine, and history on the Iron Curtain Trail

  • If you love wine, history, and beautiful landscapes, then this bike tour in Austria and the Czech Republic is the perfect choice! You will visit ancient wine regions steeped in two thousand years of wine-making tradition. Get a glimpse into the lives of local wine producers in picturesque villages, which always have two centers, the residential, and the wine making, and, you will be able to taste and compare exceptional wine and local specialities.

    While biking on border roads between Czech republic and Austria, it is hard to believe that at one time, this beautiful region was called, "no man's land", dividing the free world from communism by the monstrous iron curtain. Though the cold war is now part of history, you will find traces today!

    Highlights of this tour include:

    • Prague
    • Vienna
    • Local culture, wine, cuisine
    • History and Iron Curtain Trail and Museum
    • Castle complex of Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape
    • And so much more!

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  • Self-guided
    Standard Hotels: £ 601 $ 1,211 695 NOK 6660 kr 6148 $ 799 Single supplement: £ 112 $ 227 130 NOK 1246 kr 1150 $ 150

    Premium Hotels: £ 726 $ 1,464 840 NOK 8050 kr 7431 $ 966 Single supplement: £ 117 $ 235 135 NOK 1294 kr 1194 $ 155

    High season supplement (April 15 - June 15 + September 1 - October 15): £ 9 $ 17 10 NOK 96 kr 88 $ 12

    Guided: £ 774 $ 1,559 895 NOK 8577 kr 7917 $ 1,029 Single supplement: £ 112 $ 227 130 NOK 1246 kr 1150 $ 150 High season supplement (April 15 - June 15 + September 1 - October 15): £ 9 $ 17 10 NOK 96 kr 88 $ 12

    extra options

    Electric bike £ 61 $ 122 70 NOK 671 kr 619 $ 81

    Extra nights
    Low season (June 16 to August 31):

    Standard accommodations: 
    Twin/double: £ 35 $ 70 40 NOK 383 kr 354 $ 46 Single:  £ 65 $ 131 75 NOK 719 kr 663 $ 86  
    Premium accommodations: 
    Twin/double: £ 54 $ 110 63 NOK 604 kr 557 $ 72 Single: £ 81 $ 164 94 NOK 901 kr 832 $ 108
    High season (April 15 to June 15 + September 1 to October 15):
    Standard accommodations: 
    Twin/double: £ 43 $ 87 50 NOK 479 kr 442 $ 58 Single:  £ 82 $ 166 95 NOK 910 kr 840 $ 109   Premium accommodations: 
    Twin/double: £ 62 $ 125 72 NOK 690 kr 637 $ 83 Single: £ 98 $ 197 113 NOK 1083 kr 1000 $ 130

    Standard accommodations: 
    Twin/double: £ 43 $ 87 50 NOK 479 kr 442 $ 58 Premium accommodations: 
    Twin/double: £ 69 $ 139 80 NOK 767 kr 708 $ 92

    Dinners included in standard hotels: £ 62 $ 125 72 NOK 690 kr 637 $ 83

    Dinners included in premium hotels: £ 99 $ 199 114 NOK 1093 kr 1008 $ 131

    Bike tour of Prague:
    2 people: £ 39 $ 78 45 NOK 431 kr 398 $ 52 4 people: £ 35 $ 70 40 NOK 383 kr 354 $ 46 6 people: £ 30 $ 61 35 NOK 335 kr 310 $ 40

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    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

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  • Travel

    Fly to Prague

    Local Travel

    Taxi to first hotel


    Average high temp in °F for Prague is: May 64º, June 69º, July 72º, August 73º, September 65º, and October 54º.


    Extra nights in Prague!


    It is possible to extend your trip with extra nights! You can also add a guided tour of Prague. Please ask us for additional details!

Tour Dates

Self-guided tour: Arrival possible daily between April 1 and October 30, 2019
Minimum number of 2 bookings required to confirm a request.  If travelling alone, tour could be confirmed but with addtional supplement.

Guided tour: June 23 and August 18, 2019

Skill Level

This is an easy to moderate guided or self-guided bike tour with average daily distances between 19 and 38 miles (30 and 62 km). Three days of this tour make a loop so you can choose your daily biking distance. On those days, you can opt to do a hiking tour instead of biking. The cycling routes run through a scenic, slightly hilly countryside, lined with vineyards and showcasing beautiful nature!

Where You’ll Stay

Accommodations in 3 star hotels (standard version) or 4 star hotels (premium version).

What’s Included

  • Hotel accommodations for 6 nights
  • Breakfasts
  • Detailed maps and route descriptions
  • 24-speed bicycle with helmet, handlebar bag, pannier, mud guards, and bike bell
  • Luggage transportation
  • Telephone support
  • Ticket from Znojmo to Vienna
  • Guided Tour only
  • Dinners
  • Tour guide
  • Support vehicle

What’s Not Included

Extra Stay

Extra nights are possible.

Length7 days
From695 Rates
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Day-To-Day Itinerary

Wine Trail between Prague and Vienna Map

Day 1: Arrival in Prague
Day 2: Transport to Moravia - Lednice - Valtice Cultural Landscape, 19 mi. (30 km)
Day 3: Břeclavsko + Iron curtain trails, 30 mi. (48 km)
Day 4: Pálava Hill + Mikulov, 30 mi. (48 km)
Day 5: Mikulov - Znojmo, 41 mi. (66 km)
Day 6: Podyjí NP, 32 mi. (52 km)
Day 7: Vienna (Austria)

*All distances are approximate. One of the biggest advantages of this tour is its flexibility, allowing you to decide how you'd like to spend your days according to the current weather conditions or amount of cycling you wish to do. Want time off your bike and still be active? On days 2,4, and 6, it is possible to hike.

Day 1: Arrival in Prague
Arrival to Prague, check-in to your hotel. This day is up to you to explore Prague by yourself, relax, or have a unique Prague by bike tour. This tour is guided by Prague natives who truly love the city and are knowledgeable about much more than just tourist highlights (not included in the tour price.) Finish the day with a mug of good beer and authentic dinner. Extra nights in Prague are always recommended giving you the opportunity to fully explore the hidden corners of this beautiful city! 

Day 2: Transport to Moravia - Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, 19 mi. (30 km)
In the morning, you will be transferred to Southern Moravia by car (3.5 hours). Spend all day exploring the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape – a castle complex that used to belong to the family of Lichtenstein. Under the care of this single family, the swampy area was transformed into a well thought out combination of castles and parks, sometimes also called “The Garden of Europe” or “The Garden Paradise”. You will have a chance to explore the castle and grounds, which is an outstanding work of human creativity. Since the complex is very large, a bike is the perfect mode of transportation because it allows you to experience this exceptional cultural site and get a good workout in the process. Enjoy the botanical garden, taste a few of the best wines of Czech Republic in Chateau wine cellar in Valtice, or visit one of many architectural wonders that make this day one of the highlights of the whole trip!

Day 3: Břeclavsko and Iron Curtain Trails, 30 mi. (48 km)
The first part of today's biking stage leads through beautiful deep woods along the Dyje river exploring remaining parts of Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. Visit the town of Breclav with a restored synagogue and castle ruin. Only a few kilometers downstream you'll find the beautiful Pohansko chateau hidden just near the Austrian border. The second part of a day you follow iron curtain roads on the border between Austria and Czech republic. Those interested in Cold war history can visit the Iron curtain museum. The day ends in the town of Mikulov which will welcome you with its Baroque castle, historical town square, unique old synagogue and a local curiosity, a giant wine cask. The route today is mostly along bike paths.

Day 4: Palava Hill Loop, 30 mi. (48 km)
Today you explore Pálava hill and its surroundings. Due to a unique combination of vineyards, castle ruins, and limestone formations, it is named on the UNESCO biospheric reserve list and earned the nickname, Mediterranea of Czech Republic. Cycle uphill for amazing views of surrounding area. If the sky is clear you can see the Czech - Austrian - Slovakian border. The small town of Pavlov will be your first stop. The town is “guarded” by the Devin castle ruin. Take a break and walk through the traditional village or climb up to the castle ruins for an amazing view at Nové Mlýny water dam. After that continue through the village of Dolni Vestonice, which is known for its rare archeological find, the Venus of Vestonice. To get back to the town of Mikulov, you will continue through the vineyard region and around the Palava Hills venturing as far as the border crossing near Nový Přerov. The last part will easily meander towards Mikulov giving you some of the best views of it with the castle nesting majestically above the town. If you wish to hike instead of cycle, this day offers the opportunity! You can hike across Pálava hill visiting three castle ruins, cave complex, and traditional villages.

Day 5: Mikulov - Znojmo, 41 mi. (66 km)
Today you start cycling to the west crossing the border to Austria. The first stop is an Austrian iconic wine cellar “village”, Wildendürbach. This picturesque place has numerous wine cellars covering a small hill that creates the look and feel of a village but it has no permanent inhabitants. From here, you bike through the countryside to the spa town of Laa, where you can stop for an early lunch. After this, cross the border back to the Czech Republic and bike along the Greenways bike trail, Prague to Vienna. The next stop is a small town of Jaroslavice with a renaissance chateau, and the historical Slup watermill, a historical landmark. The day ends in Znojmo. This old royal town welcomes you with panoramic views of Podyjí NP, a lively and well-preserved old historical town center and a castle.

Day 6: Podyjí NP loop + Znojmo, 32 mi. (52 km)
Today you can choose between biking or hiking. The bike option takes you through the small villages to the west all the way to Čížov. This little village treasures one of the last preserved barbed wire lines and border guard towers of the original Iron Curtain. Further south is a breathtaking view over the border to the smallest town in Austria, Hardegg. To finish the loop, turn back to the East and continue again along the national Park to Znojmo. If you'd like to bike a little more, you can turn to the scenic Šobes vineyard, once awarded as one of the best vineyards in the world and Šatov historical village! The hiking option can start either from the town directly towards the national park or by a short bus transfer. A hiking option this day can start either from the town directly towards the national park, or by a short bus transfer.

Day 7: Vienna (Austria)
In the morning, you'll be transported by car or train to the city of waltz, opera, and famous coffee! The capital city of Austria is your final destination. Of course, you can always extend your stay in Vienna to explore the UNESCO protected city center, the Schönbrunn Castle, and many other sights that are too beautiful and unique to be missed. Extra nights, guided city tours, and transfer back to Prague can be arranged!

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Customer Feedback

  • Brandan Hardie 3 years ago

    Tough for an American who doesn't speak German... Our shortcomings, and the only reason I might not recommend it but nothing wrong with the trip.

  • Wallace Rowe 3 years ago

    It was a tremendous trip in a place where we encountered NO other Americans--still clean and wholesome. The trip company was stellar!

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