Merzig to Cochem

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Bike & boat along the Moselle & Saar River

David W.
6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

This itinerary was a perfect combination of good bike rides on excellent pathways, interesting towns and villages and stunning scenery at every bend in the Mosel river.
The daily plan allowed for ample time to visit and explore towns along the route and the overnight stops. The fact that harvest was in full swing added an interesting insight into the central industry of the Mosel.

Eric D.
6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

The Mosel valley is a wonderful cycling locale. There are few hills, endless "cute" (ie scenic) storybook towns and villages, and of course vineyards climbing every hill in a patchwork quilt. There are hills on both sides of the valley, so it is protected from strong winds and the climate is very mild - after all, that's why the Romans lived there for hundreds of years and even moved their capital from Rome to Trier. As a North American I had never heard of the starting and ending towns, but they turned out to be easily accessible by rail from major cities. Being there the first week of September coincided with the wine festivals in pretty much every town. This was my second time cycling along the Mosel; there was little overlap between the two cycling holidays as the itinerary was quite different. And the boats were very different too. Even when we visited the same towns we saw different things. And we cycled one day from a volcano caldera down a rail-to-bike-path trail that descended 1000' in 55km, including almost-one-kilometre long stone tunnels through mountains. It is such a relaxing trip I would consider doing it again.

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