Cliff-high monasteries marvel here in Meteora, Greece. Photo courtesy of the Tour Operator (TO).

Aerial view overlooking Meteora, Greece. Photo courtesy of TO.

Meteora, Undiscovered Greece

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Experience Magical Meteora

  • This unique and fascinating bike tour in Greece showcases a region that is off the normal radar. Greece has been, and always will be, a classic travel destination, possessing unmatched natural beauty and cultural heritage, but this tour will showcase the magical.

    One of the most ancient places of Greece is a plain called Thessaly, located at the center of the Greek peninsula. It was the land of the Centaurs and the great heroes like Jason and the Argonauts. Olympus the mountain of the twelve gods casts’ its shadow over the plain to the northeast.

    Meteora is situated at the heart of this ancient land. The name, Meteora, literally means 'hovering in the air'. What created this rare geological phenomenon is one of the mysteries of nature. But as amazing a marvel of nature as these giant rocks are, the monastic buildings perched on top are a marvel of man. Mostly dating from the 14th to 16th century, these monasteries were built by hermit monks who once lived in the caves. It took years and sheer determination to carry the construction material to the top of rocks, using ropes, folding ladders, nets, and baskets. At one time, there were twenty-four monasteries. Only six remain today.


    • Legendary landscape
    • Regional cuisine and wine showcased by locals
    • Active vacation combined with magic, mystery, and ancient history

    We invite you to experience this awe-inspiring destination on this multi-adventure tour.

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  • 2019:
    Option A (Truffle hunting and wine tasting): £ 819 $ 1,405 1026 NOK 9833 kr 9076 $ 1,180 Option B (Meteora Food and Wine): £ 722 $ 1,238 904 NOK 8663 kr 7997 $ 1,040 Option C (Meteora Half Day Monastery Tour): £ 698 $ 1,197 874 NOK 8376 kr 7732 $ 1,005

    Single supplement: £ 120 $ 205 150 NOK 1438 kr 1327 $ 173

    extra options

    Extra nights:
    Athens: £ 48 $ 82 60 NOK 575 kr 531 $ 69 Single room: £ 80 $ 137 100 NOK 958 kr 885 $ 115 Meteora: £ 32 $ 55 40 NOK 383 kr 354 $ 46 Single Room: £ 56 $ 96 70 NOK 671 kr 619 $ 81

    Upgraded train tickets:
    First class  from/to Athens: £ 12 $ 21 15 NOK 144 kr 133 $ 17
    Acropolis, city tour and Acropolis: £ 43 $ 74 54 NOK 518 kr 478 $ 62 Athens food tour: £ 38 $ 66 48 NOK 460 kr 425 $ 55 Athens Cooking lesson: £ 50 $ 86 63 NOK 604 kr 557 $ 72 Children's discounts available for excursions


    From/to Hotel Athens/Train Station, per transfer:
    Up to 3 people: £ 24 $ 41 30 NOK 288 kr 265 $ 35 Up to 5 people: £ 40 $ 68 50 NOK 479 kr 442 $ 58 Up to 8 people: £ 56 $ 96 70 NOK 671 kr 619 $ 81

    From/to Athens airport/Athens hotel, per transfer:
    Up to 3 people:  £ 52 $ 89 65 NOK 623 kr 575 $ 75 Up to 5 people: £ 68 $ 116 85 NOK 815 kr 752 $ 98 Up to 8 people: £ 84 $ 144 105 NOK 1006 kr 929 $ 121


    please note

    Rates are per person based on double occupancy.

    Information to read before you book.

    We recommend purchasing bike trip insurance.

    Please see our FAQ.

  • Travel

    Fly to Athens

    Local Travel

    You will spend the first part of your tour in Athens, followed by a train ride to the mystical land of Meteora. Train tickets included in your tour price.


    Please search local conditions before you arrival! A good website to explore regional weather including average high/low temperatures, average rainfall, and more is

Tour Dates

Marrch 1.  March 8, March 15, March 22, April 10,  April 19, April 26, May 3, May 10, May 17, May 24, May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2, August 23, August 30,September 6, September 13, September 20, September 27, October 4, October 11, October 18, and October 25, 2018

Where You’ll Stay

3 and 4 star hotels and boutique accommodations

What’s Included

  • Accommodation in Athens and Meteora for 6 nights (BB basis)
  • The tours as described with all the necessary transportation
  • Round trip train ticket from/to Athens
  • All taxes
  • English speaking guides for the tours

What’s Not Included

  • Excluded
  • Lunch and Dinners that are not in descriptions
  • Entrances fees for the archaeological sites and monasteries (8 euros/person)
  • Transportation/transfer within Athens (airport-hotel, hotel-train station, train station-hotel, hotel-airport)
  • Bicycle Protection
  • Travel Insurance
Length7 days
From874 Rates
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Skill Level

This is an easy guided tour in which you can choose what activities you would like to participate in.

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Day 1:  Arrival Day
Day 2: Explore Athens 
Day 3: Travel from Athens to Meteora by train, Sunset tour in the evening
Day 4: Guided mountain bike tour at Meteora, 15 km
Day 5: Three options are offered on this day: (please see pricing!)
Day 6: Meteora hiking tour, 7 km
Day 7: Departure by train from Meteora to Athens

*This tour offers great flexibility and will be tailored to your wishes in regards to the difficulty level.

Day 1:  Arrival Day
Individual arrival to Athens and check-in to your hotel. 

Day 2: Explore Athens 
You will have the whole day to explore on your own the historical center of Athens. Perhaps  you would like to visit the Acropolis and the new Archeological Museum of Athens. Optionally,  you may book a guided tour to have a complete experience of this historically important city. You might consider either a  walking tour or a culinary tour. There is more than one possibility to explore this ancient city, just ask!

Day 3: Travel from Athens to Meteora by train, Sunset tour in the evening
In the morning at 8:30 am, you will depart from the Larissa train station in Athens to Meteora. This journey by train, all part of the adventure,  will take approximately 5 hours with expected arrival time in Kalampaka at 1:30 pm. You will follow the same line opened back in 1898, partially modernized only a few years ago, crossing deep gorges and steep mountains with the aid of bridges and tunnels.  Next to the bridges you can observe some relics of the cold war, hundreds of bunkers made back in 1947 by the Greek army to protect the lines of communication from the sabotage of communist insurgents during the civil war. After you arrival, you will explore the hidden gems of Meteora on a  Sunset Tour and enjoy incredible views from the most panoramic spots as the day draws to a close.  As the sun slowly begins to descend, you will go higher up on the rocks to enjoy the captivating sunset. You will be accommodated in the town of Kalampaka, the gateway to Meteora.

Day 4: Guided mountain bike tour at Meteora
This day will start with a guided mountain bike tour of Meteora. You will start from the center of Kalampaka and within minutes you will find yourself cycling on a beautiful trail enjoying unique sceneries. You will visit the 14th-century monastery of Ypapanti, constructed inside a large cavity of a rock.  In the afternoon you will have free time to explore the town of Kalampaka and the village of Kastraki.

Day 5: Three options are offered on this day: (please see pricing!)

Option A: Meteora-Metsovo, Truffle hunting and wine tasting:
This option combines adventure, food, and wine. First, you can explore the surrounding mountains and the picturesque village of Metsovo. In the heart of the forest, you will have an opportunity to go truffle hunting.  The flavorful underground mushrooms very popular in Europe and has been used as a gourmet food for centuries.  The truffles sprout grow underground and for that reason is very difficult to find them.  

Next on the list is the Averoff’s winery which you will taste some of the best wines of Greece.  Its history began in the late 1950s when Evangelos Averoff planted Greece΄s first Cabernet Sauvignon vines on the steep slopes of Mount Pindus!

 Your day will end at a traditional restaurant for a sampling of local food!

Option B: Meteora Food and Wine Tour
Another culinary experience, Option B begins with  short walks in the town of Kalambaka with transportation via a mini-bus to visit various delicatessens, groceries, restaurants, dairies, sweet and pie shops, as well as a nearby winery to taste the most traditional local flavors of Meteora. Taste homemade traditional spinach pie, bougatsa, herbs and spices, yogurt with honey and nuts, and locally produced sausages and cheeses. Visit a nearby local family estate winery to learn about the local grape varietals and to taste 5 local labels. The tour also includes a visit to the local museum of Natural History and Mushrooms to taste dishes made out of indigenous varieties of mushrooms. The Mediterranean diet incorporates not only the basics of healthy eating but also an intriguing blend of tastes, flavors, and cultures that combines dishes of ancient Greece, Italy, the Balkans, and the Near East. The traditional Greek cuisine is one of the best representatives of the Mediterranean diet. It relies heavily on the use of nuts, olive oil, legumes, succulent herbs, fresh vegetables and a variety of different cheeses and wines. English speaking guides will walk you through the rich local flavors and the long history and the culture of Meteora. Numbers are limited to 16 people, ensuring a personalized experience on this tour.

Option C: Meteora Half-Day Tour and the Monasteries
Opportunity to visit two of the main monasteries of Meteora and discover the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of this area. This morning tour will take you back to the dark ages and the story of the first hermits and monks who laid the foundations of what later became the monastic community of Meteora. What was the  true motivation behind the monks’ decision to try to climb the steep rocks of Meteora and build the monasteries there? Also included is  guided visit to Theopetra prehistoric cave and step back to prehistoric dawn. You will have the opportunity to enter the prehistoric cave and discover all the astonishing findings made by the Greek archeologists after painstaking excavations that lasted for nearly 20 years which forever changed the perception of the prehistory of Meteora. 

Day 6: Meteora hiking tour, 7 km
The guide will pick you up from your hotel for a morning hike to follow the footsteps of the monks on the ancient trails of Meteora. Enjoy captivating views of the rock pillars and the monasteries with this morning activity. The hike begins from the foothills of Doupiani rock, beneath the old ruined monastery of Pantokrator. It then crosses through the immense rock formations to reach the northern side of Meteora, away from the beaten tourist paths and lasts for roughly 5 hours. With this hike, you will have the chance to visit the most important monastery of all, the “Great Meteoron”. 

Day 7: Departure by train from Meteora to Athens
Your Meteora unique experience will come to an end in the morning of this day by taking the train back to Athens.

Please ask us if you would like us to book accommodations in Athens for you at the end of your tour.

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