Travel agents

We do welcome bookings brought to us by licensed travel agents. In general we pay commission of 5% on the base tour price excluding any supplement such as single, seasonal, or optional services. For bigger groups more commission may be offered, however in general there is no commission AND group discount offered.

The first step, once you have fully informed clients, is to submit a reservation form on behalf of your clients with your contact being primary. Your clients' information will be entered in the "traveling companions" section.

As in all reservations, a credit card will be required to secure the reservation. You can input your agency information or that of the clients. Do note that if you supply the agency information, you will be financially liable. If you have a group booking with multiple payees, then a separate form with corresponding credit card information will be required for each couple/individual.

All correspondence/communication regarding the reservation will be filtered through you. Please advise your client accordingly.

It is imperative that you and your clients read the tour page, visit the boat page if applicable, and understand the booking and payment process.

As the representative of your clients, it is your responsibility that clients are FULLY informed and agree to terms and conditions of booking. Failure to insure full compliance could result in you or your agency's financial liability.

You will note that we accept payments in Euros, USD, or CAD.

Please click here for more information regarding methods of payment and payment schedule.

All terms and conditions of reserving are fully applicable to third party bookings as well as direct bookings.

Commission can either be deducted from final amount due or be issued by check.

*We do not pay commission to agents who contact us during a booking process initiated by a client nor do we pay commission to an agent who is the traveller.