Amsterdam to Bruges - 11 days

Netherlands, Belgium Bike + Boat Tours

Delta Works in Holland, Flanders Fields in Belgium, & so much more

Robin F.
4 weeks ago

Verified Reviewer

Our bicycle tours led us through beautiful countryside, small seaside towns, farm land, medieval fortified towns, and city centers, all on designated bicycle paths. I loved the custom, belt-driven bikes, the cultural tours, the scenery, and back on the boat, the food was amazing! Co-captain and chef extraordinaire Christina fed us a wide variety of gourmet dinners, complete with a reasonably-sized, fabulous dessert. People with birthdays received whole, hand-made cakes to share. I felt thoroughly well-taken care of at all times. Also, the new bathrooms were quite nice— and the entire ship was cleaned to a fastidious degree every day!

Tripsite Staff
1 year ago

Tripsite Staff

Thanks for the review! The Quo Vadis is indeed being sold but will be upgraded this winter so it will be back bigger and better for next season. Stay tuned for that update and thanks for your business.

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