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Tyrrhenian Sea

Italy Bike + Barge Tours

Bike Italy and the Amalfi Coast! See the country by land and sea…

  • This Italian cycling adventure takes you along the Amalfi Coast and Gulf of Naples, and inland to Pompeii, Sorrento, Ravello, and more.

    The tour in Pompeii is especially profound, as you relive the terrible eruption of the volcano Vesuvius that buried thousands in poisonous ash.

    Atop the majesty of Ravello whose dreamlike gardens inspired Wagner, you will gaze out upon the Amalfi coast. Explore the mystery of the impressive cathedral, the venerable Duomo, dedicated to San Pantaleone whose blood is a treasured relic and according to locals, liquefies every year.

    Stand atop the mountain peak at Cimbrone and feast your eyes on what has been described as the most beautiful sight in all the world. A sight that legend claims was used to tempt Jesus himself.

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Skill Level

This Italy bike tour is considered moderate with daily biking distances ranging between approximately 19 to 25 miles (30 to 40 km). Terrain is hilly and each day there will be climbs to conquer on narrow roadways with traffic. Difference in elevation is between 0 and 650 m per day. This tour requires a very good fitness level and command of the bike.

Where You’ll Stay

Aboard the Turkish gulet, the Derija Deniz. A gulet is the traditional design of a two-masted wooden sailing vessel from the south-west coast of Turkey. Though this is traditionally a sailing vessel, the sails will not be relied upon for wind power but the motor will always be utilized.

What’s Included

  • Accommodation in double cabin with private bath
  • All meals (except 1 x dinner in Amalfi)
  • 21 speed bike rental
  • Italian/English speaking guide

What’s Not Included

  • Transportation to/from harbor
  • 1 x dinner in Amalfi
  • Beverages (including water)
  • Entrance fees and excursions (museums, parks, monuments)
  • Unexpected docking fees due to adverse weather (Approximately €150 to be split among tour participants)
  • Gratuities

Extra Stay

Extra nights possible in Naples

Length8 days
From1395 Rates
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Tour Dates

Departures every Saturday from April 29 to June 24 and from August 26 to October 14, 2017
(specific departure dates under each boat coming soon!)

Tour Boats

Day-To-Day Itinerary

Tyrrhenian Sea Map

Day 1: Arrival and embarkation, Marina di Castellammare
Day 2: Pompeii, 9 mi. (14 km)
Day 3: Sorrento - Positano - Amalfi, 21 mi. (34 km)
Day 4: Amalfi - Minori - Vietri - Cetara or Salerno, 18 mi. (29 km), alternate route: add Ravello, 24 mi. (35 km)
Day 5: Capri
Day 6: Island Ischia, 15 mi. (25 km)
Day 7: Procida and Napoli
Day 8: Departure

*All distances are approximate. The above planned itinerary is subject to change due to changing wind and weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances having to do with mooring requirements, etc.

DAY 1: Arrival and boarding at Marina di Castellammare
Embarkation at 6 PM at the Marina di Castellammare di Stabia. Welcome drink, dinner, and presentation of the program.

DAY 2: Pompeii, 9 mi. (14 km)
You will start in a fascinating way with a tour in Pompeii, the forgotten city. In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted and Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum disappeared from the face of the earth. Gradually grass and vines covered the land where the towns once stood. The local people eventually forgot that these towns even existed. In 1748, Pompeii was rediscovered. Under the ash, everything remained as it was at the time of the eruption which ended the lives of 20,000 Pompeian residents. After returning to the boat, you will set off for Sorrento and spend the night there.

DAY 3: Sorrento - Positano - Amalfi, 21 mi. (34 km)
In the morning, you will visit Sorrento. This small town overlooks steep, white cliffs and offers a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples. It lies on a Tufa terrace and is enclosed by the impressive rocks of the limestone mountains. For 2000 years, visitors from all over the world have been attracted to Sorrento by its breathtaking sunsets and fragrances of orange and lemon gardens. You will cycle along a wonderful road overlooking the sea up to Positano.  You will love the vibrant colors; the white of the buildings, the bright flowers which decorate the houses, and the small artisans' shops with their multihued cloths. After Positano, you will continue cycling Amalfi. You will want to visit the cloister of Paradise and the church and to walk the narrow streets lined with the white houses of fishermen.

DAY 4: Amalfi - Minori - Vietri - Cetara or Salerno, 18 mi. (29 km), alternate route: add Ravello, 24 mi. (35 km)
Leaving Amalfi, you will continue your bike tour of Italy, cycling along the coast on a road that overlooks the sea. You will encounter some ups and downs, passing through the villages of Minori, Maiori, and Cetara. If you desire, you can take an alternate route at this point and cycle towards beautiful Ravello. At the top of the mountain, there is a terrace called "The Terrace to The Infinite", aptly named, as you will see. Back on the road, you will continue along the coast through Vietri to Salerno where you will board once again to spend the night.

DAY 5: Capri
You will start your day with a boat to Capri, a beautiful island with beaches to take swimming breaks on. The boat will anchor at the Marina Grande, from there you can explore the island on foot. The Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) is here. It is known throughout the world for its size, the intense blue tones of its interior and the magical silvery light which emanates from the objects immersed in its waters. You will return to the ship and cruise around the island to reach the famous 'faraglioni'. Faraglioni are three large blocks of jutting rocks which have survived coastal landslides, erosion by the sea and all manner of atmospheric corrosion.

DAY 6: Island Ischia, 15 mi. (25 km )
Cycling from Ischia port you will cross by bike the west part of the island among the scents and flavors of the Mediterranean sea, crossing little villages with the possibility of visiting little museums along the stage. Overnight in the thermal village of S. Angelo.

DAY 7: Procida and Napoli
From Ischia, you travel on board up to Procida. You can enjoy a walking tour of the town and the San Michele Abbey. Continue on to  Naples where you will disembark and visit the city. Starting from Spacca Napoli, the old quarter and heart of Italy, dense, dark and intoxicating, its ancient Greek streets teem with tourists, scooters, shrines and secret hidden treasures. Walking the narrow streets, you will see baroque churches and palaces, the San Carlo theater, and the Plebiscito Square.

DAY 8: Departure
This cycling adventure will end after breakfast.

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Customer Feedback

  • T. Petersen 9 months ago

    Loved our guide, the food quality and variety was the only disappointment.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • W. Watkins 10 months ago

    We had the time of our life and look forward to our next bike and boat tour. Thanks so much for everything!

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • M. Hunt 11 months ago

    We had a long line of riders of various abilities even though it was basically a flat ride. There should have been an official sweeper at the end of the line. Our guide was a great guy but seemingly casual in this regard. Toilets on the boat needed continual tweaking - a bit unnerving. Loved the crew- all hard working, super upbeat and friendly.

  • E. Greer 11 months ago

    Everything did not go perfectly all the time but we had a great time and the guys from Girolibero were always doing their best to help out when needed.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • V. Milner 11 months ago

    Well organised overall. In honesty the food was at times ordinary with great emphasis on fish & pasta. Bit more variety would have been good. Riccardo (tour guide) was excellent - he really made the tour worthwhile with his enthusiasm and knowledge. Not all staff on board were as friendly or able to communicate which did make a big difference to the overall atmosphere on board. We did have some difficulties with the booking process initially which remained unresolved in that we were unsure of why someone was phoning us from US.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Jane Boyers 1 year ago

    Our trip was for very good/strong bikers unless you got the electric bike which was great! The scenery was spectacular along the Amalfi coast!

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Lee Beamish 1 year ago

    Alex was amazing. She was so informative, hard-working and enjoyable to be around. The staff on our boat were excellent as well.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Marilyn McDowell 1 year ago

    The Amalfi coast section of biking was along the main roads driven by large local buses and the other tourist traffic was very heavy - although the drivers were not mean or aggressive, it was very unnerving to be biking on such busy roads. The guide seemed to be surprised that the traffic was still so heavy the 2nd week of September.

    The boat anchored in Amalfi on the 3rd night, in an unprotected harbor - the boat rocked and banged all night long, no one including the crew was able to sleep, and apparently this was not an uncommon experience when in the Amalfi harbor.

    On day 4, after an extremely hot day of biking we reached the boat in Cetara. For some reason, the boat was anchored along side the sister boat, not next to the pier. The crew made us wait in the hot sun until the bikes were hoisted on to the sister boat, then situated the bikes on our boat before allowing us to get on our boat to shower or get something to drink. AND since we were not next to the pier, to get from the sister boat to our boat the crew had us step up on the railing of the sister boat then step on the railing of our boat then down to the deck. Although they were assisting us, it was definitely an accident waiting to happen and totally unnecessary. On our Croatian trip in the Dalmation Islands, this type of parallel boat anchoring was common, but the boats utilized the openings in the railings to allow us to walk through the boats...

    The captain fell and injured himself during this bike hoisting situation, and was certainly in pain when we finally got on the boat, but he was very rude to another passenger who commented about the inappropriateness of loading the bikes first and the ""rail balancing"" access to the boat.

    Capri was a crowded disappointment, not worth the stop. Naples was also not worth the stop, large, dirty, crowded, the walking tour was not very interesting. On the positive side the Amalfi coast was absolutely beautiful and we really enjoyed the islands of Ischia and Procida with their quiet roads and small peaceful little towns.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Frank McDowell 1 year ago

    "The ""recommend this trip (Tyhrennian Sea)"" question is a difficult question to answer. Scenery is great. Pompeii great. Guide good. Some passengers had issues with the Capt. At the end of our third day out we were secured to our sister boat in such a way that we had to walk across the railings (not on deck) to transfer to our vessel. It was unsafe, and honestly, uncomfortable for the women. When a few of our female passengers shared their opinion with the Capt he dismissed their concerns. In fairness, he had slipped and broken several ribs while handling bikes and was probably not in the best mood. When we finished biking on this same day (very hot) the crew/guide made all of us wait while they loaded the bikes. We all thought that was odd. They did not offer an explanation. The scenery was very good, guide was a nice guy and very knowledgeable. The crew was mixed. Cook & first mate great. Barista not so much. Capt....I don't know. After his accident he left to recover. Forgot about our second night. The harbor was unprotected from the prevailing wind direction and we rocked on 2-3 waves all night. No one slept-crew included. I told Marilyn if we encounter another night like that I was getting a room. It was miserable. The rest of the anchorages were fine. After writing this I changed my survey answer from Yes to No. I would send them to Metz if they want easy biking and Croatia for difficult.

    On the plus side...The Metz (Merlijn 2013) & So Dalmatia tours (San Snova 2015) was excellent in every way. Crew, boat, scenery, guides. We'll return to Europe but events in Paris probably have many of us thinking about different options.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Brian 2 years ago

    As Jana said, Riccardo from Verde-Natura was the first bike guide we've had and he made things so much easier and enjoyable. He was constantly checking on all the riders and never seemed to mind going back downhill to check on slower riders. Everyone on the Deriya Deniz went to great pains to make sure each of us had what was needed - even supplying food for our picnic lunches. The last evening, we all got a wonderful surprise that was so much fun...but I'll not divulge their secret! The crew really was remarkable. For instance, we had an early morning flight from Naples to Palermo on the last morning of the trip. In order to get to the airport at the proper time, we had to wake at 4:30 am. Every single crew member plus Riccardo got up to see us off at 5:00 am making sure once again, we had what we needed or desired. I cannot imagine a better experience in this singularly beautiful location and highly recommend this trip!

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Jana 2 years ago

    Incredible! This was our sixth bike trip and our first guided bike and boat trip, and it wins the prize. Our Italian guide, Riccardo, was informative, kind, patient and always looking out for our safety, (He also knew the best places for gelato, gratina, pizza and of course, beautiful off the beaten path trails, parks and picnic spots.). The boat was gorgeous (immaculately clean) and our cabin much roomier than I anticipated. The captain was awesome (the epitome of the leader of the vessel, but also with a sense of humor); first mate truly did everything from helping unload bikes to driving us on the dinghy to shore; the chef prepared marvelous dinners, and Olga did everything else to ensure a great trip. Then, there is the biking! Wow! I have never had such exhilarating rides as on the Amalfi Coast. Words and photos simply cannot convey the majesty and overwhelming beauty. The other islands visited were also lovely. And, even though the water was cold, swimming off the boat while anchored at the Isle of Capri is a memory I will never forget. Our fellow travelers were from Switzerland, Germany, Phillipines and Canada and we so enjoyed their company. Thank you to our wonderful boat crew, Riccardo, our guide from VerdeNatura, and Mary from Tripsite for providing an adventure of a lifetime!

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Lindsay (from Canada) 2 years ago

    My dad and I did this trip together in May 2014 - we both love cycling and being outdoors! The views were breathtaking.. breakfasts on board were superb with tons of espresso. The extra uphill biking in Ischia with the guide - totally worth the views at the end! Plus we got to relax at the top with an ice cold bottle of peroni. Boat is the best way to travel, by far, but bring some earplug in case it's noisy at night!! Every night I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, from long days of biking and exploring. The crew on board was helpful and courteous - our guide was amazing and very knowledgeable (a Quebec native who now resides in Italy). We used TripAdvisor for tips on a good hotel to stay at to fly in & out of Naples (Napoli). It was an amazing experience, and I fell in love with the culture of Italy. I loved the country so much, we extended our trip and went to Rome and Florence on our own after the bike tour was done! I can't wait to do another bike tour.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

  • Kate 5 years ago

    My husband and I enjoyed this trip the first week of September 2011. The weather was hot but it was great to cool off swimming on the beach every day and jumping off the boat. There were gorgeous views of the coast from our bikes and the ride up to Ravello was worth it. We had a great guide and the crew on the boat was fun and very helpful - the evening meals cooked by the chef on board were very good and included lots of fresh fish. Sailing between the islands was definitely a highlight.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

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Tyrrhenian Sea Boats + Barges

Caique Mariagiovanna Photo

Caique Mariagiovanna Italy Comfort Class Boat Mariagiovanna is a caique; a traditional Turkish vessel built with mahogany wood. It has all the functionality of a modern boat but the antique charm of an “ancient vessel”. At the stern and the bow there are large, soft cushions ideal for guests who wish to enjoy the amazing landscapes in the glittering sunlight, read a book, or sunbathe. The boat can acommodation 10 guests in five comfortable cabins (2 double cabins that can be made into a triple and 3 twin cabins), air conditioning, and private facilities on board provide guests with the maximum level of comfort.

Deriya Deniz Photo

Deriya Deniz Italy Comfort Plus Class Boat Deriya Derniz is a solidly built gulet, finished with precious mahogany woods. Great care was taken in designing the interiors and external areas to provide charm and comfort. All cabins have complete bathrooms with separate showers and 1/4 tub, air conditioning with independent regulation, and portholes that can be opened to enjoy the sea and air. There is a spacious dinette with bar on board. Guests can also take advantage of a large solarium complete with beach mattresses to relax, lounge and take in the sun and sea. There is a covered back deck as well with a table for breakfasts and dinners.