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Metz to Cochem - Marktplatz in Bernkastel-Keus, a famous wine-growing region on the Mosel River in Germany. Flickr:Frans Berkelaar Metz to Cochem Bike & boat through three countries along the Moselle River!France, Luxembourg, GermanyPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€14544.9/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022 2023544.9 out of 5EasyMetz to Cochem
Provence - Wilderness of Camargue - Wildhorses at the Camargue in southern France. Flickr:Wolfgang Staudt Provence - Wilderness of Camargue A bike & boat tour through Provence, the region of Van GoghFranceBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€11254.4/5Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022 2023714.4 out of 5Easy–ModerateProvence - Wilderness of Camargue
Champagne Tour - Opera House in Paris, France. Flickr:alainlm Champagne Tour A bike & boat tour in France from Paris to Épernay or Épernay to ParisFranceElectric Bike, Food + Drink7–8Guided€11904.5/5May, Jun2023214.5 out of 5ModerateChampagne Tour
Bruges to Paris - Medieval Gothic City Hall in Oudenaarde, Belgium. ©TO Bruges to Paris Bike & Boat in Belgium & France!Belgium, FranceBike + Boat15Guided, Self Guided€20604.8/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct2022 2023734.8 out of 5Easy–ModerateBruges to Paris
Luxury Rotterdam to Paris - Bruges, Belgium! ©Hollandfotograaf 51.209391, 3.224998 Luxury Rotterdam to Paris Cruise & bike the best of Europe- Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Auvers sur Oise + moreNetherlands, Belgium, FranceDiscounts + Special Offers, River Cruises, Bike + Boat, Luxury15Guided, Self Guided€9500 May, Jun, Oct2022 2023Easy–ModerateLuxury Rotterdam to Paris
Montargis to Paris - Relaxing in Paris, France. Flickr:Steven dosRemedios Montargis to Paris Bike & Barge in France in the Seine ValleyFranceBike + Boat8Guided€15044.1/5Jul, Aug, Sep2022 2023104.1 out of 5Easy–ModerateMontargis to Paris
Nancy to Cochem - Trier, Germany. Flickr:JOSE ANTONIO SERRA Nancy to Cochem Three countries in one tour! Bike & Boat the Saar & Moselle Rivers!France, Germany, LuxembourgPremier Collection, Bike + Boat8Guided€1740 Oct2023Easy
Seine River Valley E-Bike & Boat - Famous cliffs in Étretat, Normandy, France. Unsplash:Ilnur Kalimullin Seine River Valley E-Bike & Boat Paris into NormandyFranceDiscounts + Special Offers, Electric Bike8Guided€2640 May, Jun, Aug, Sep2022 2023Easy
Rhine River Valley E-Bike & Boat - Along the Lauch River, Colmar is part of the <i>Alsatian Wine Route</i> in France. Flickr:Kiefer 48.079051, 7.358235 Rhine River Valley E-Bike & Boat Bike the Middle Rhine Valley, Alsace, Breisgau & the Swiss foothills of the AlpsGermany, France, SwitzerlandElectric Bike8Guided€2660 Jul, Sep2022 2023Easy
Burgundy & Provence E-Bike & Boat - Avignon, France. CC:OT Avignon Burgundy & Provence E-Bike & Boat Rhône & Saône River ValleysFranceElectric Bike8Guided€2435 2022 2023Easy–Moderate
Mainz to Strasbourg - Old Bridge over the Neckar River in Heidelberg, Germany. Flickr:Alex Hanoko Mainz to Strasbourg Bike & boat the Rhine & Neckar RiversGermany, France8Self Guided€10443.8/5Jun, Sep, Oct2022 202343.8 out of 5EasyMainz to Strasbourg
Strasbourg to Nancy - Bike rest in Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France. Flickr:Juergen Adolph Strasbourg to Nancy A bike & boat tour in the Alsace region of FranceFranceBike + Boat8Guided€11803/5Jun, Jul2022 2023EasyStrasbourg to Nancy
Loire Valley Bike & Boat - Old gate in Nevers, region Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France. Flickr:Daniel Jolivet Loire Valley Bike & Boat Bike the Garden of FranceFranceBike + Boat, Loire Valley Bike Tours8Guided€11902/5Aug, Sep, Oct2022 2023Easy–ModerateLoire Valley Bike & Boat
Northern Burgundy - Biking among the vineyards in Burgundy, France. ©TO Northern Burgundy Bike & Barge tour in France in Northern BurgundyFranceBike + Boat8Guided, Self Guided€15344/5Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2022 202344 out of 5Easy–ModerateNorthern Burgundy
West Flanders & Bruges - Ypres in West Flanders, Belgium. Flickr:Paul Arps West Flanders & Bruges Bike & boat through Belgium & WW I historyBelgium, FranceBike + Boat8Guided€1065 Jul, Aug2022EasyWest Flanders & Bruges
Luxury Northern Burgundy & Paris - Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, Burgundy, France. ©TO 48.565845, 2.714117 Luxury Northern Burgundy & Paris Wine, dine, & explore in the enchanting Seine & Yonne River RegionsFrancePremier Collection, Food + Drink, Bike + Boat, Luxury7Guided, Self Guided€55005/5May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep2022 202315 out of 5Easy–ModerateLuxury Northern Burgundy & Paris

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