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Feniks in Paris - Bike & Boat Tours


Belgium, Netherlands, France

4.3 out of 5

Comfort Class Boat Sails on 5 Tours

This comfortable little vessel is the pride and joy of its captain/owner, Marius. As is true for many of our boats, the Feniks was originally built as a freighter, but then converted into a hotel passenger ship in 1992. Since then, she has undergone several renovations. Wearing her history well, you will find a welcoming atmosphere on board, a crew ready to serve, and great food showcasing local cuisine featuring fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the market to the table.

Fluvius | Bike & Boat Tours


Belgium, Netherlands

4.1 out of 5

Comfort Class Barge Sails on 3 Tours

We are pleased to announce, during the winter of 2023/2024, the Fluvius will undergo many renovations. These will include a new air filtration system, new air conditioning units, remodeled bathrooms, new flooring and ceilings in all the cabins, new beds, as well as several updates to the salon area. The MS Fluvius accommodates 44 guests. With a large common area, complete with lounge, bar, & dining area, and a lovely partially covered sundeck, there is enough room on board for everyone to comfortably recreate and relax after your day of cycling.

Gandalf | Bike & Boat Tours


Netherlands, Belgium

5 out of 5

Standard Class Barge Sails on 3 Tours

The Gandalf is a small passenger "green" barge with a delightful home-like atmosphere that is largely powered by the sun. Accommodating up to 20 passengers, it sails under the Dutch flag and has been drifting through the canals and waterways of Belgium and the Netherlands for many years.

Lena Maria

Belgium, Netherlands

4.8 out of 5

Comfort Class Barge Sails on 4 Tours

The barge Lena Maria is a former freight ship rebuilt in 2004 into a comfortable cruise barge. In 2020, owners Eelke and Carlijn renovated the main gathering spaces, bringing a fresh and modern look to the space. They will continue to update this vessel into 2023, the cabins will have air conditioning which will result in the Lena Maria moving up to the premium class. There is a lounge for relaxation with many windows to create an open atmosphere and allows for a nice view while motoring. There is an outside sundeck with chairs. Each cabin has two low single beds and can accommodates two people comfortably.

Junior Suite Cabin

Magnifique I

Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France

Deluxe Class Boat Sails on 5 Tours

The totally renovated Magnifique I will join our line-up in 2024, joining her sisters the Magnifique II, III, & IV!

Magnifique II | Bike & Boat Tours

Magnifique II

Belgium, Netherlands

4.7 out of 5

Deluxe Class Barge Sails on 4 Tours

In 2016, we saw the launch of a new premium barge, the Magnifique II, to wonderful reviews. The ship boasts a classical style with an emphasis on superior comfort. This ship has earned the deluxe designation!

Magnifique III - Bike & Boat Tours

Magnifique III

Netherlands, Belgium

4.6 out of 5

Deluxe Class Barge Sails on 6 Tours

Following the success of her sister ships, Princesse Royal and the Magnifique II, Magnifique lll was launched in 2018, adding to her owner/captain's portfolio of designing and constructing deluxe ships. The partially covered sundeck with sun loungers and a hot tub provide is the perfect spot for relaxation. The tastefully decorated lounge with large panoramic windows, located on the upper deck is wonderfully inviting and the combined light-filled restaurant, bar, and lounge adds to the ambience.

Magnifique IV | Bike & Boat Tours

Magnifique IV

Netherlands, Belgium

4.7 out of 5

Deluxe Class Barge Sails on 3 Tours

Following the overwhelming success of the premium barges Princesse Royal, Magnifique II (2016), and Magnifique III (2018), we are proud to now offer a new addition, the Magnifique IV.

Merlijn in Haarlem - Bike & Boat Tours


Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland

4.8 out of 5

Deluxe Class Barge Sails on 7 Tours

"The Divine Miss M" as we lovingly call the Merlijn is a diva, for sure. What can we say? Is it the luxurious cabins with the most comfortable beds you have ever slept in? Is it the lovely dining area with the large windows and skylight that let the air, light, and sun pour in? Or perhaps it is the sun deck, where you can relax with newfound friends, sharing good wine and good conversation. We think you will find it is the entire divine package! Step on board and discover for yourself!

Sailing Home | Bike & Boat Tours | Holland & Belgium

Sailing Home

Netherlands, Belgium

4.7 out of 5

Premium Class Boat Sails on 2 Tours

Constructed in 2001, the Sailing Home was designed specifically for bike and boat vacations.

Sarah | Bike & Boat Tours


Belgium, Netherlands

4.7 out of 5

Standard Class Boat Sails on 3 Tours

After years of use as a cargo ship, the Sarah was transformed into a passenger boat in 2002. The interior has been designed to take full advantage of the space with an emphasis on comfort.

Zwaan | Bike & Boat Tours | Holland & Belgium


Belgium, Netherlands

3.8 out of 5

Comfort Class Barge Sails on 7 Tours

Once a cargo boat, the Zwaan (Swan) was completely renovated and converted into a comfortable passenger barge. On board you will find seven comfortable cabins allowing a total capacity of 16 passengers.

Zwaantje | Bike & Boat Tours


France, Netherlands, Belgium

4.7 out of 5

Comfort Class Barge Sails on 5 Tours

The MPS Zwaantje, which means "Little Swan", is a wonderful comfort class barge. The boat has 10 cabins with twin beds and 2 cabins with double beds. A large common room with heating, air conditioning, large panoramic windows, a restaurant area, lounge corner, and a small bar are on the upper deck.

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