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Alentejo Vineyards

7–9 days from €1500

4.7 out of 5

Alentejo Vineyards

Easy–Moderate Bike Tour in Portugal

This is a gorgeous bike tour in the Alentejo region of Portugal, over gentle hills through unspoiled green and gold landscapes. You will visit and stay in several historical castles, palaces…

4.7 out of 5


1 year ago

Verified Reviewer

I would like to say a huge thank you for finding the TripSite website to organize our trip.

Everything happened very precisely, from arrival, where our flight was delayed by 04 hours and even so the transfer was waiting for us.

The bike we chose came brand new and without any problems during the entire 310KM journey in 05 days, it was possible to enjoy everything without any problems with the bikes.

The transport of luggage from one hotel to the other left us free for our adventure and was very safe, our luggage was very well taken care of.

I read some reports of problems with the routes, but for us the routes were perfect, we used both the software indicated by TripSite and we also downloaded the routes in Briton, so it was very safe and when the software lost the signal we used Briton to take us to the destinations.

Well, talking about Alentejo is very easy, we love the trails, side roads, very wooded, with pastures of sheep, cows and other animals. We Read More

Darla Q.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

You will love, love, love the quiet days on the road, the accommodations, the sights and the breakfasts. You may not love the instant coffee in some locations or the fact that the gps system stops talking to you in the towns where you most need it. The Evora loop day was a bit of a disappointment due to travelling on a highway for a good part of it, especially after having so many glorious days prior to that.

Gilberto M.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

This was a wonderful cycle tour through rural areas and medieval cities of Alentejo! For us one of the best spots was the city of Evora! And if you like wines this is the right region!

Peter F.
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The layers of history in a Unesco World Heritage site spanning Neolithic megaliths, Roman temples, Moorish sites, and Christian Cathedrals provides a fascinating backdrop to this tour. The added luxury of staying in 12th - 16th century restored hotels with beautiful grounds really made the tour special. And of course peddling through the vineyards, cork groves, marble sites, makes for a truly unique experience. Sampling the local wines and food provides many unique memories.

Joseph White
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

We had a fantastic trip with some of the best vistas and sites. Roads were quiet one your got off the cobble stone and marble streets of the towns. Hotels were exceptional and a great part of the trip.
The hills are longer than we had expected but it was not a problem. Error on the side of using electric if in doubt
All around great trip with new GPS and Kickstands.

J. Sheldrick
8 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The accommodation was excellent! (although we weren't very please with the location of our room in Evora at the Pousada Convento dos Loios as we were right next to the eating area which was occupied by diners from 7 am for breakfast and up to 10 pm for dinner)

However, there are two things something that could easily have made the trip more enjoyable: putting kick stands on the bikes and improving the maps and written directions.
It was incredibly annoying not to be able to stand the bikes up as we stopped frequently for pictures and most of the time, there wasn't anything to lean the bikes against. Having to lay them down on the ground sometimes resulted in the rear pannier getting knocked off centre which then meant readjusting it.

Even though a gps was provided and was invaluable, we found the maps to be very poor most of the time, one time even the local tourist office couldn't help us! It would be very helpful if simple written directions were Read More