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5 out of 5


Robin (Rob) S.
2 weeks ago

Verified Reviewer

This was one fantastic trip! Loved every second of it. Did not want to return home. Loved the reliability of Radweg-Reisen. Very professional and helpful. Never worried about luggage getting to next destination. E-Bikes were superb. Plenty of time during the day to stop, relax and enjoy the countryside. Route details were good. GPS was a huge help. Look forward to another trip through Tripsite.

Michael F.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

We started in Thun on the Aare Trail which ends in the city of Konstanz, where the Around Lake Konstanz tour begins. The memories I have of this trip are of how beautiful the scenery was. Also, for attractions along the way, vouchers were provided so we could visit them at no extra cost.

Nancy M.
3 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Loved going around Lake Constance. We experienced three different countries and loved the food in each one.

John and Janet B.
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

The most memorable part was clearly the scenic routes, food, friendly people and cities selected for lodging. Great hotels! Tripsite delivered on services as promised.
We were disappointed/frustrated with the lack of route details and direction into and out of the cities. Despite the network of paved bike trails/paths, we spent too much time confused asking locals for direction to our destination. Perhaps for persons accustomed to biking in Europe, the vague directions presented no difficulty, but for persons from America not familiar with the signage and more accustomed to turn by turn cue sheets, we were frequently challenged to find our path. Asking directions from local residents did give us an interesting opportunity to communicate across languages. We would recommend you add more detailed directions into and out of cities.
Thanks for your arrangements to make our trip possible. We really did enjoy our bike tour around Lake Constance.

Sally S.
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

This was the BEST bike trip! Lake Constance is a beautiful setting, lodging was terrific, loved my e bike and food was good. Thanks to you and Radweg-Reisin for making the arrangements.