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5 out of 5


Nancy M.
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

We had done 2 boat and bike trips before doing this hotel to hotel trip. We knew the mapping system so could take the daily maps and go with it. Had it been our first trip it might have been hard. That said, it was our best trip yet!

Patricia Hart
9 years ago

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We had a fantastic time on this trip. There is so much good to say. The hotels were great, the breakfasts were fantastic, and the luggage was always already there waiting when we arrived. The routes selected were just beautiful and had a varied type of sights. We saw charming villages, beautiful landscapes of different types, and cycled along polders and through some forests and dunes. There were ferries and drawbridges and all sorts of amazing water engineering feats. We left our hotel vouchers home, and called the emergency number on Sunday morning. The person immediately picked up, and told us a full package with vouchers was waiting for us at our first hotel. Perfect! The Dutch people were very friendly and welcoming, and we did not have one single negative encounter with anyone. We learned some polite phrases in Dutch before leaving, and people seemed to appreciate that. The ONLY criticism I can make was that the directions were sometimes a little confusing, and the Read More

Melissa Briggs
10 years ago

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We biked around the IJsselmeer in September. We made the mistake of booking our airline tickets prior to the bike tour. As a result, some hotels that were normally used for this trip were already booked. Staff did a superb job working around our schedule, changing things up just a bit, to make this happen for us. I really felt like we got top notch service. Very much enjoyed the route and all the scenery. Along the lake can be quite windy! Lodging was all very nice and the Dutch are very friendly people. I think we ate apple cake and had coffee every afternoon! I would definitely recommend Tripsite and especially the Netherlands.

Judith Goldstein
11 years ago

Verified Reviewer

My 15 year old son and I biked around the IJsselmeer in April. We had a fantastic time. The Netherlands is gorgeous then and the weather was virtually perfect. We saw incredible water fowl, many sweet little lambs, gorgeous wisteria climbing up quaint old houses everywhere and beautiful fields of tulips and wildflowers. We stayed at very nice places, in historic, wonderfully preserved towns. We rented e-bikes, as I was concerned that, otherwise, some of the distances might be too much for my son. This was a great choice, even for me as some days the headwinds were strong, but when we used the bikes with the power off, they were just fantastic that way also.

I will not go on and on as I'm sure my son, will want to post a comment and give you more details from his perspective. I will tell you though that approximately every half hour, while we were biking, he shouted out "I love Holland!" and I completely agreed.