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4.5 out of 5


Amber E.
3 weeks ago

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The scenery was incredible

2 years ago

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My wife Clara and our daughter Stephanie did this tour in the fall of 2019. Tripsite was once again outstanding in providing service and information and all the GPS files for the bike route. The hotels were all top quality and friendly service with the best ones in Innsbruck and at the hot baths of Padua. I was at first worried about the quality of the bike paths as we have done a dozen or more trips (10 through Tripsite) through the Netherlands and Germany where the paths as excellent. To my and everyone else's surprise the bike paths were well marked and of great condition with a few not-so-great patches here and there but great overall. We made good friends on the trip and we cycled alone and with others on some days and typically had meals with others in the group of 12 or 14 people. The sights are panoramic. I must note that we started on September 5th from Innsbruck at -2 degrees Celsius and snow on the very first day and ended in Venice with +30 Celsius on the last day. Read More

Kathy Feeley
4 years ago

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We found the signage very poor on this tour especially getting out of Verona.We ended up out in the suburbs for 3 hours and wasted half a day,getting tired and frustrated.Please improve this ,it would make the trip more enjoyable.Green arrows need to be much more frequently placed.Sometimes we got to a T intersection and even with the instruction book had no clue which way to turn.
Bikes were great!
Hotel in Padua was not in a nice area,though close to the station.Did not feel safe at night given all the refugees hanging around outside the hotel
Generally the hotels would be better if they were closer to the town center in each city
Scenery lovely ,some great countryside and villages.Enjoyed the trip but stressed out looking for green arrows that we often could not find.Definitely need GPS.