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Cheb, Czech Republic. Flickr:Berndt Thaller

Spa Triangle & Prague

7 days from €930

5 out of 5

Spa Triangle & Prague

Moderate Bike Tour in Czech Republic, Germany

Come and bike in Prague; the land of healing springs, rich history, breathtaking scenery, and openhearted people. This bike tour in the Czech Republic begins in Western Bohemia, an atmosphere like no…

5 out of 5


Diane I.
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Most memorable: The rolling hills and how all the natural beauty was so breathtaking that I hardly even minded when I had to pedal through the rain.

Suggestions: The provided breakfasts were varied. However, if you're vegan or vegetarian, head to some grocery stores or pack protein bars; it's definitely a country with a meat-based diet.

This is an absolutely gorgeous tour! The route is planned really well to give you a variety of things to do. The scenery is utterly picturesque, full of rolling hills, idyllic pastures full of cattle and wheat and wildflowers. If you're into architecture, you can see Medieval castles along nearly every path and you can marvel at the influence of different cultures when it comes to town centers. Want to take it easy and go to some hot springs for relaxing baths? There's time for that. Don't want to go up some really tough hills? Take a ski lift. What's that? You *do* want more biking? Great, head on Read More