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Half-timbered houses in Miltenberg, Germany. Flickr:Carsten Frenzl

Cologne to Bamberg

11 days from €2085

4.9 out of 5

Cologne to Bamberg

Easy Bike + Boat Tour in Germany

This is an active vacation by bike and boat in Germany along the banks of the Rhine and Main River. Your adventure begins in Cologne, Germany's oldest city, overseen by the towering Cologne Gothic…

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4.9 out of 5


Jeff G.
1 month ago

Verified Reviewer

Crew Competence and friendliness. Cruising on the portions of bike baths through tunnels of trees on stretches, immediately next to the river, especially in the morning.
--Bike guides should wear helmets. They're role models for the guests, some of whom aren't fully aware of the frequency with which helmets save lives. The silent message from our bare-headed guides was that it's perfectly fine, and maybe more 'cool,' to go without helmets.
-- Move to earlier starts in very hot weather. Riding in the morning was heaven. Riding in mid-afternoon was unpleasant.
--Getting left at the end of the trip at a barren concrete outpost far from town was not elegant. It would leave a better last impression to spring 100 Euro for a van to take us the 5 miles to the town center or train station.

Grace F.
6 years ago

Verified Reviewer

Overall, the trip was good. There was, however, a disconnect among what our trip itinerary described and what the guide and the captain thought in terms of mileages and what entrance fees were included. The guide used the corner system. That means that the entire group has to ride together and do the same mileages each day. The trip description notes that each participant will receive maps and be able to ride on their own. We did not receive maps and therefore it made it impossible to ride on our own.