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  • St. Moritz to Innsbruck
    by Bob M. 4 weeks ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This trip reaffirmed by previous experiences that dealing directly with a local provider is the best way to go for overseas bike tours. Although Tripsite was excellent in their pre-trip work, their local partner -- EuroBike -- left a lot to be desired. And, once you are at the site of your trip, Tripsite has nothing to offer, so you are in the hands of their partner. The problems with EuroBike start with this unsolvable fact: They are NOT located in Switzerland. As their name implies, they run trips all over Europe. So when we needed an extra ebike, they couldn't come through. When we had problems with the ebikes we did have, they couldn't come through. The bike mapping they supplied was in German; we speak English. More unacceptable was the fact they were not aware of several sections of the Inn River Bike Trail that had been closed since the huge spring snow runoff had wiped out two bridges and closed several kilometers of trail. Their mapping notes provided NO alternate Read more… route. We spent four hours one morning going less than 5K looking for a route that would avoid a busy highway. They did have an emergency number to call (in Austria) and answered rapidly. But they either said, "Sorry there is nothing we can do" Or "Peter is our man in that area. He will call." Peter never called.

    There were other issues. The ebikes were not the best with the power suddenly cutting off on some climbs; riders with other companies had much better, more current ebikes. They didn't even have water bottle cages on the bikes, so we had to make major stops to retrieve water from the panniers. Riders with other companies had no such problems; they even had bottle holders attached to the handlebars!

    So, we had a great trip in a spectacular area, but that success had little to do with Tripsite's choice of local partner. Hopefully they will do better in the future.

    Bob Marshall

    Countries: Austria, Switzerland

  • St. Moritz to Innsbruck
    by Elyse Jacob B. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Most Memorable Part: The 3rd day of riding downhill.
    Tip: The first two days are difficult. When you train for this trip be sure to train on hills.

    Countries: Austria, Switzerland