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  • Prague to Budapest
    by Pamela B. 10 months ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    This was a wonderful tour with many interesting & historic stops along the way. The portion in the Czech Republic included challenging terrain while the ride from Vienna to Budapest was fairly flat. The hotels were all unique and very different, from botels to spas to penzione. Locations were great, had delicious breakfasts and were clean with the exception of the last one, which I'll discuss later. This trip would have been perfect if a few simple things had occurred: we received detailed information for the trip the day we left for Prague. Since there were some modifications, I lost half a day in Prague getting those worked out. That easily could've been taken care of before we left if we had the detailed info sooner. When we arrived in Prague, the cycling company sent Maps.me files to load. Because of the types of phones we have, it again took some vacation time to figure out how to download. We discovered that these were imperative to smooth navigating along the routes so I recommend that those files be sent in advance. The only other disappointment was that the hotel in Budapest was very dirty with mold all over the shower floor and walls. We had been told we'd be in a much nicer hotel, but i'm assuming they were unable to book it. Fortunately, we had booked our extra nights elsewhere. Bottom line, I would recommend this trip with the modifications above.

  • Prague to Krakow
    by Armando A. 2 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    My wife and I did the 13 day Prague to Krakow self guided cycling tour the last week of August thru the first week of September 2017.
    We both enjoyed it immensely. Europe Bike Tours spent a couple hours with us reviewing the trip material. The paperwork Vitek went over with us included:
    A contact list and program itinerary.
    A description of the day, route description, problematic turns/crossroads/tips, highlights, bike repair shops, medical care, places to eat, plus a graph showing distance and climbed meters.
    Turn by turn directions for each day.
    Regional maps with the trip route highlighted.
    Plus a map of the town we were staying in each night.
    Hotel vouchers
    A GPS route was also available which we used and highly recommend.(It makes the biking more care free as you do not have to reference maps constantly, which saves a lot of time.)

    We were provided with hybrid (crossover) bikes which were very comfortable and suitable for the terrain. The terrain varied immensely from paved trails to rough trails through the woods.
    The bikes held up well. We had no flat tires or any other mechanical issues. The bikes had a bag on the front to hold what you needed during the day plus a cover in cased it rained. Helmets’ were also provided.
    We chose the standard hotel accommodations. They were all good and some were exceptional. The hotel location was always great; right in the center of town.
    The luggage transfer was great. Our luggage was at the next accommodation by 4pm or earlier each day.

    We purchased the half board dinner option which we would not recommend. Although the food was good to excellent in all the locations except for two, I was led to believe that we would receive 3 main course options and this was not true. You took what you got. We do not feel there were any benefits with this option. There were plenty of restaurants available to choose from for the same cost where you could select from a full menu.
    Prague and Krakow are both beautiful cities, with incredible architecture and history. Both cities have stately market squares, bridges spanning the rivers which run through them, plus numerous parks, cafes, restaurants, cathedrals, clock towers, castles, palaces, etc. We added four extra days to our trip giving us 2 extra days in both cities which allowed us time to explore them, which was totally worth it.
    The cycling route takes you through beautiful towns and countryside. It follows rivers where ever possible.

    Overall I highly recommend Europe Bike Tours. Vitek took very good care of us ensuring all went well.

    Countries: Czech Republic, Poland

  • Prague to Budapest
    by Annette Weaver 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    A fabulous tour. Friendly countries to cycle in, great history and a variety of terrain. Would recommend an extra night in Znojmo to give you a chance to go discover the catacombs.and a chance to enjoy the magnificent view , wine and delicious food from the local winery. Would check with the tour company to ensure that the bikes will be delivered the night before so they can be checked out.
    The Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia were places we had never been to and they exceeded my expectations hugely. Accommodation was chosen well and the bike company was very helpful.

  • Golden City of Prague
    by Jan M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Boat and crew were great. Biking and shore excursions were confusing. Explanations not always clear in English.

    Boat: MS Florentina

    Countries: Czech Republic

  • Prague to Dresden (no longer available)
    by Mei Regan 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    We were told the distances we would ride each day but these did not match the GPS we were given. Each day was longer and harder than we were led to believe. You need to make it clear that the ride is not for beginners as there are many hills and long distances most days. I would rate this as a medium ride, not an easy/medium ride. Our group could not complete the ride as it was too hot.

    Countries: Czech Republic, Germany