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  • National Parks of Dalmatia
    by Krystyna s. 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The trip was well organized once we got there. The guides and staff on the boat were great. The booking agent for Tripsite was extremely poor. I had a gluten allergy (I'm a celiac) and I informed her of this allergy 8 months prior to the trip. The month before the trip it became a huge concern that the boat could not accommodate my allergy when your website claims differently. The agent told me that Croatia is not aware of gluten free food and it would be near impossible to help me. As a result I purchased a huge amount of food to bring with me and had to check extra baggage to accommodate this $75 each way. When I got there, I noticed that virtually every food store had a huge selection of GF food, even the smallest ports had GF items. The agent clearly did not know what she was talking about, I am very dissatisfied at the huge grievance she caused me, the extra baggage I had to bring and the hassle and cloud she put on me. I did not appreciate this at all. It is curious to me Read more… that on your rating form you do not provide me with any place to rate the booking experience. That's what needs the most attention.

    Boat: Kapetan Jure

    Countries: Croatia

    • National Parks of Dalmatia
      by Carla from Tripsite 6 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Staff

      Hi Krystyna,
      I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed your tour!
      I am sorry you were not pleased with my service, however I do not feel your description of our correspondence is accurate. Please review our email exchanges again. I never told you that Croatia was not aware of gluten free meals. We had recently become aware of a serious issue with gluten intolerance, and hence, emailed you regarding your request. I informed you several times that the boat COULD accommodate gluten free meals, however if your disease was serious enough that separate pans and cutlery must be used to avoid residue, we could not accommodate that request.
      My intention was only to be safe and take care of you the best way possible.

      Countries: Croatia