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Lowell Snow
1 year ago

Verified Reviewer

Island of Crete

We just finished this tour of Crete, and for context I should say we are both in our 70's and ride quite a bit. So, Crete: The scenery, mountains and beaches are beautiful, the people are friendly, warm and accepting, the food is out of this world, and the biking was great for us. Some thoughts about the bike tour itself:
We were provided with new Ideal eBikes that were exceptional.
The routes were varied and generally perfect for us.
Routes were described adequately, but GPS directions were great.
Total elevation gains were substantial, but ok with eBikes.
We were driven to each daily tour starting point, generally at high elevation.
Our driver driver was excellent and extremely helpful.
The price of the tour was very reasonable.
We should have upgraded the hotels - some were minimally adequate.
Overall we give the tour a thumbs-up and are very glad we went. The operator is very competent and provided a wonderful experience.

Annette K.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Love Boat Central Greek Aegean Sea

An amazing experience with great friends

Bryan L.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Elara 1 Central Greek Aegean Sea

The rides were the most memorable, very enjoyable and scenic. However there were a few issues. Disappointed with the bikes, for example the rubber on the pedals were so worn that my shoes constantly slipped on the exposed metal of the pedals. One of the guides switched his pedals with my bike, the guides seemed aware of the problem and it was obvious this issue had been raised before. Our toilet was leaking when we first arrived on the boat and we had quite a bit of water on the floor of the bathroom. Also the generator of the boat was switched off at night making the rooms uncomfortably hot. I don't understand why shore power wasn't utilized.

Catherine G.
2 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Panagiota Cyclades Islands

The boat was very tired. In our room the sink tap was not connected the pipe letting water into the toilet tank fell off the wall. The porthole wouldn’t open. Very few of the lights in our room worked. There was no comfortable seats on the boat, and we did not go where the tour was supposed to go because of the boat not being able to handle the weather. The crew was great.

Rolf Lange
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Love Boat South Greek Aegean Sea
Greece, Turkey

Most everything was perfect, especially our guide Lars for both trips. Only problem was lack of AC on boat so sleeping not easy.