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  • Around Paris
    by Linda F. 6 months ago         Verified Reviewer

    The barge itself, the chef and the captain were great. Unfortunately, the most memorable take away from this trip was the cycling itself. This was a guided tour and our guide was only familiar with the city of Paris. We were to follow the Oise and Seine rivers and seldon rode along the river paths. The first two days were the worst involving a lot of backtracking and nearly impassable trails that seriously impacted the mileage and time in the saddle. One day we arrived at the boat an hour after the scheduled dinner time. Our ride through the city of Paris was traumatizing because of the heavy traffic and crowded bike lanes. Why were we not riding along the Seine??? Perhaps the guide was not totally to blame. Hat tours could have provided him with better maps and information. Whatever the reason, the ten riders paid the price. This was not the tour we signed up for.

    Boat: Clair de Lune

    Countries: France

  • London to Amsterdam
    by Ed Carroll 7 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I did this "guided" bike tour from London to Amsterdam. There are many areas where improvement is needed.

    We weren't given a map or App of the biking route as promised. We rode through many villages, resorts and towns from Dunkirk to Amsterdam but were not told the names of the towns, or the history of the towns - and we stopped only for "coffee breaks". When we asked what town we were in for the coffee breaks the guide was unable to tell us. We either used google maps or asked strangers where we were. Also, we biked past notable places of interest like the beach in Dunkirk where British troops were rescued during WWII - and the Dover Castle - but never stopped - even to take pictures. It was all about getting to the next hotel in time for dinner.

    We weren't told the hotel we were staying in until we arrived at the hotel. We usually arrived at the hotel around 6pm and had little time to turn in our bikes for the night, get our Read more… luggage, unpack, shower, change clothes and get ready for dinner by 8pm which usually lasted over two hours. And then we started early the next day - to get to our hotel for the next night.

    Overall it is a "forced march" from London to Amsterdam. If you want to bike 344Km then I suggest you just go and bike 344Km for the exercise on a route most convenient to you because that is what this is. Or, take the self-guided tour which is cheaper and includes maps and the App and you can sight-see and take time to enjoy the country-side you are biking through.

    The online website says "You will receive a code to download the maps, itinerary, points of interest, services and GPS position on your smartphone or GPS device. The App provides GPS tracks to be used offline. Paper copies of the route are available with supplement of €15." When I asked for the map or the App I was told they were only available to self-guided participants and that I should use GPS to figure out where we were at any given point. But that is not what the website says/said. As it is, we have no map or record of the route we biked or the towns we passed through. I would not recommend this "tour" to anyone.

    PS. Do not interpret this critique as a criticism of the people who guided this tour. The people who guided us were patient, kind, personal, friendly and professional....in my opinion they had/have no impact on how this tour is/was deigned.

  • Loire Valley Bike and Boat - 2019
    by Marilyn P. 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    After having had prior positive experiences, I was very disappointed with this trip. The accommodation on the boat was almost to the point of ridiculous! The upper bunk was almost impossible to get into and getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night was treacherous! The staff were pleasant enough and the food was okay. Peter, our guide, was also disappointing. He really seemed to have little interest in whether we were enjoying our ride. He would often head out ahead of us and then a some point realize that we weren't all there and would stop or go back. He did not wear any kind of identifiable clothing so that we knew who or what to look for if we were further behind. Thank goodness there were enough of us with prior experience that we picked up the slack and made sure the first timers weren't left behind. I invited my sister, a first timer, to join me on this trip and found myself apologizing many times that this trip was less than enjoyable. That being Read more… said we did see some nice scenery and did come across some stores that were actually open. The general comment was "that's just the French" Another thing to note is that finding the bus that was supposed to take us from Paris to meet the boat ended up being a bit of a fiasco! We waited for an hour in the hot sun and the bus had been there the whole time. There was no identifiable sign to let us know that was our bus. Several times members of our group checked with the driver and were told that it wasn't our bus. Finally one of the members of our group who was more proficient in French appeared to ask the right question as it turned out that the bus was actually ours. Not a good omen apparently! All in all I would not recommend this trip to anyone!

    Countries: France

  • Around Paris
    by Elizabeth McCarthy 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    Guides had no map, and got us lost daily. They spoke no French, so could ask no one for help. Because of the getting lost daily, we didn't get to see the towns in which we were moored for the night. Kitchen ran out of bread, so I had to buy my sandwich one day. Rooms were not cleaned except for trash being removed once. Boat was moored in Paris 1/2 hour walk away from where the captain said he would be, with not notifying guests. A complete and total DISASTER!!!

    Boat: Clair de Lune

    Countries: France

  • Montargis to Paris
    by Sharon K. 1 year ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    This trip is not accurately described. Most of our group found the biking to be quite challenging, yet it was rated as "Easy to Moderate". This is a misrepresentation and should be adjusted. On the first day, one our group had to be taken to the hospital due to the heat and exertion. The captain of Le Fleur could use some lessons in hospitality. He and his crew occupied the salon every evening for their meal after we ate, and then they stayed there for the evening. This put the guests out on the back deck as the only alternative -- and then he scolded us when we were laughing due to the noise. The captain did not treat us like guests, but the other team members were friendly. The fact that we sailed with the captain's young daughter and their large dog was a surprise. I would not recommend this boat, but enjoyed the sites and activities. I have taken two other bike and barge tours, and this one did not compare favorably.

    Boat: Fleur

    Countries: France

  • Loire Valley Bike and Boat - 2019
    by Karen T. 1 year ago         Verified Reviewer

    The staff and crew of the Anna Marie were very friendly and helpful but over all, if this was my first bike and barge trip, it would probably would have been my last. The accommodations were small, we knew that going in but because space was so limited, there was nowhere to hang the towels to dry properly so they should have been changed a little more frequently. The mattress on the bunk bed also needed to be changed as it was old and hard to sleep on.
    The food at breakfast was the same for 7 days, as were the luncheon meats. The bread was fabulous but could have been switched up with some protein like eggs to start the day. The dinners were, on most occasions, tasty and delicious but lacked quantity after a long bike ride.
    My biggest complaint was the cost of the water. The days were hot, the stores and restaurants along the way were closed and for the temperature we should have been provided with water or somewhere to fill our bottles. The boat charged too much Read more… for a small bottle and provided only one even smaller bottle for the day.
    Our bike guide did not provided any history of the areas we saw and at night, we were not given any tours of the place we were moored at.
    Last but not least, all the bikes needed to be tuned up, several chains, when changing gears, fell off, some brakes did not work well and some gears would not change properly.
    The most memorable part of the trip were the rest of the passengers, we all enjoyed each others company and had the ability to laugh at some of the situations described.

    Boat: Anna Maria IV

    Countries: France

  • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
    by August D. 2 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    It's a shame that the incompetence and the misogynistic attitude of one person can affect what could have been a fantastic trip, our guide on several occasions got lost and we ended up doing many more kilometres of riding including a very long and steep hill climb that we had to walk in the hot sun.
    I can not praise the Captain and crew of the Zwaantjie more highly it's a shame he has no control over the guides that are allocated to various trips.

    Boat: Zwaantje

    Countries: Belgium, France

  • Provence - Wilderness of Camargue
    by Robert M. 3 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Our bike guide was terrible. He was lost several times each day and didn't the happenings of each town so we all missed the running of the bulls and he shouted & criticized all riders.

    Boat: Caprice

    Countries: France