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  • National Parks of Dalmatia
    by Krystyna s. 5 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    The trip was well organized once we got there. The guides and staff on the boat were great. The booking agent for Tripsite was extremely poor. I had a gluten allergy (I'm a celiac) and I informed her of this allergy 8 months prior to the trip. The month before the trip it became a huge concern that the boat could not accommodate my allergy when your website claims differently. The agent told me that Croatia is not aware of gluten free food and it would be near impossible to help me. As a result I purchased a huge amount of food to bring with me and had to check extra baggage to accommodate this $75 each way. When I got there, I noticed that virtually every food store had a huge selection of GF food, even the smallest ports had GF items. The agent clearly did not know what she was talking about, I am very dissatisfied at the huge grievance she caused me, the extra baggage I had to bring and the hassle and cloud she put on me. I did not appreciate this at all. It is curious to me Read more… that on your rating form you do not provide me with any place to rate the booking experience. That's what needs the most attention.

    Boat: Kapetan Jure

    Countries: Croatia

  • Slovenia
    by Heather H. 5 months ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    From the US it was very difficult, time consuming and costly to get to Radenci, Slovenia and from Lendava back to the airport. Except Lendava, the villages had little to offer for additional tourism and places to eat. The Mineral Spas were mainly full of elderly and some families. Not really an exciting place for 30-40 year olds without kids. The countryside was pretty but in my opinion not worth the extensive travel. I would like to go back to Slovenia but to the west side of the country.

  • Along the Dalmatian Coast
    by Onja B. 2 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    Croatia is gorgeous and the food was great. The cook, ivanna, and the guide, ben, were amazing with understanding the participants skill level and dietary needs. The cycling was not as described or the descriptions could have been better. One full day we were on a pedestrian path with many people to dodge- not fun and not real cycling. Molat was the best route!
    The captain was difficult, drunkenly, egotistical, chauvinist and making lewd comments whenever addressing women.

    Boat: Odisej

    Countries: Croatia

  • Along the Dalmatian Coast
    by Catharine B. 3 years ago         Verified Reviewer

    The bike riding and the scenery in Croatia were stunning. Many interesting things to see and the beaches are beautiful and refreshing after a hot day of bike riding.

    Boat: Odisej

    Countries: Croatia

  • Istria
    by Mike Tansey 4 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Croatia and the scenery were beautiful. However I felt the description of the bike ride was misleading. Most of the trip was on gravel roads, quite a few hills and biking in more traffic than I anticipated. The staff was great and the barge was great.

    Boat: Tarin

    Countries: Croatia

  • National Parks of Dalmatia E-Bike and Boat
    by David Taylor 4 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    Road surfaces were rough. Ride routes were hilly. Brought our own bikes.

    Boat: Princess Diana

    Countries: Croatia

  • Venice to Poreč
    by Magdalena Cheung 4 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    I found the trip operator a bit disorganized. Nobody told us that the tour guides & map etc were put in our room, and we did not know until the briefing time. During the briefing we went through the material kit, but we were not offered any additional info. The options re the accessories with the bike were not chosen by us, but the operator insisted we chose it and refused to exchange reading board for bike bag.
    The map and guide do not always match. We expected bike route would be traffic free and for bike only, but apparently 90% of the time it was not the case. The bike was a bit heavy for me, especially I am only slightly over 100lbs.

    Countries: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia

  • Dalmatia from Dubrovnik Plus
    by Babara Mack 4 years ago     Permalink/Reply     Verified Reviewer

    It's not that I don't recommend this trip, it's that I would recommend it with caveats. The guides were great, the cycling adequate. By this I mean, I found that on some days we started out and then, 25 minutes later, stopped in a city center for maybe 20 minutes. Why? To experience what, in 20 minutes? It would have been better to simply keep cycling. The first day of cycling I found, in particular, to be needlessly short. The barge in general was OK. The seats on the lounge chairs became uncomfortable after a while. Too thin.

    The least satisfactory part of this trip was the food - I thought there would be more fish options, considering we were on the sea. The 2 fish dishes that were served were not good - one was very dry, and the other was smothered in a too-salty sauce. The desserts were memorable - for their lack of taste. The breakfasts were fine. The salads that preceded each main course were also fine. Someone mentioned that it might be worth Read more… your charging a bit more and offering better quality food. I was not the only one disappointed in the food offerings. More opportunities to swim would also have been appreciated, at least by me.
    Actually, upon thinking about this, I probably wouldn't recommend this program, and would encourage others to look for better options.

    Boat: Harmonia

    Countries: Croatia