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  • Mark Hensien 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We had a great family adventure. We all enjoyed seeing and exploring new things while staying active. We really liked the self guided option, because it let us control the schedule and select what we wanted to see and do.

  • Doug Okey 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Have recommended the 2 trips we did to all our friends and they are very keen to go.

    Boat: My Story

  • Michael Sudheer 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    A wonderful experience made even better by the friendly and so very helpful staff. Thank you!

    Boat: My Story

  • Steve Slinkard 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Guides should have provided a little more detail (distance between turns, landmarks, areas to pay extra attention, etc)

    Boat: Normandie

  • Michele Forsberg 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was our first European experience, and we enjoyed every minute of it! What a great way to get to know the countries we went to and engage with the locals. Our bike trip took us off the beaten path and in to the old tiny villages and backcountry of Switzerland and Austria. It was a trip we will never forget. From the first day we arrived at our hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, with the exception of a flat tire, everything went off without a hitch. Thank you Tripsite!

    Countries: Austria, Switzerland

  • Cecil Harris 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    One of our hotels was not up to our expectations or the trip rating. Most of our maps/directions were good but missed a detour/construction.

  • Art Shotwell 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    My wife & I had a wonderful four country bike-boat trip on the Danube. Saw wonderful little towns, met good friends on the trip, and enjoyed good food and wine.

    Boat: My Story

  • Gail Black 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    I enjoyed staying put at night better than the barge moving at night. We have done both and I enjoy walking around in the evening.I also would not have so many ferry crossings in the next trip. Puts a time factor in the ride.

    Boat: Normandie

  • Sandra Stocks 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Despite nasty weather conditions, which no one can control, the crew made our trip fun and exciting.

    Boat: My Story

  • Kristi Sinkus 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    AC did not work
    BargeBoat needed updating
    Crew was accommodating
    but moody
    Overall my biking experience was terrific!"

    Boat: My Story

  • Rafael Camarota 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    My wife and I enjoyed eating off the boat. It was our choice to have more local flare and maximize time off boat. It did feel wasteful. It would be great if there was a reduced meals option or an option to "donate" meals or value of meals to charity.

    Boat: My Story

  • Gary Saelens 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Great bike/boat trip along the Danube!

    Boat: My Story

  • Mary Anne Gilbert 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This trip is for the person who does not want any surprises. There was nothing wrong with the food or the bikes or the staff. However there was also no sense of discovery, as every detail of your day was planned out for you, what to order when you stopped for lunch at the only place recommended, what sights to see in the cities, etc. I personally like to explore along the way and take my time in the countryside. This is the only Tripsite trip I have taken that has left me feeling a bit let down, and I have taken several.

    Boat: My Story

  • Heidi Coleman 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The route descriptions were mixed. Some were excellent. Some were not. But our overall experience was wonderful. When the route descriptions were not as good, it added to the adventure and, as a result, we met additional people, who were generally warm and helpful.

    It would be most helpful to have both detailed instructions (which are confirmed, e.g., make sure there's a street sign if the cue is to turn at a street or provide odometers if the cue is the travel a certain distance), and also decent maps."

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Kathleen Josten 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The captain crew and trip leaders all went out of their way to make us feel at home and special. The bikes were ready when they needed to be. The dinners were ready on time. We were prepared for the next day's ride. I could not ask for a better experience! The My Story crew and Lesley as trip leader were the best!

    Boat: My Story

  • Sandra Dusseault 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The guide was awful. We would only stop when he wanted to, and that was on the side of the path so that he could have a cigarette. When we suggested a stop in a small village, or somewhere interesting, he would say no. When I told him that I was going to go ahead on my own, he spoke to me like I was a child, telling me I was to stay with the group. The route descriptions in the evening were excellent...the main guide was fantastic, it was just the guide that we paid extra for that soured our trip.
    The boat was great, the staff was phenomenal. Our rooms were really good, an incredibly clean.

    Boat: My Story

  • S. Rishe 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Starting with Carla whose patience and friendliness and kindness enhanced the reservation process, through the gorgeous boat, great bikes, incredible food, fun fellow guests of several nationalities, friendly and cheerful staff and the utterly delightful Dietmer our trip guide, we were thrilled.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

    Countries: Austria, Germany, Slovakia

  • Joseph Rine 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Boat and staff were fantastic. Daily rides were good, but routes could have been better. The Devlin loop circled us around several gravel dikes for about 10 miles. Trails were rough and not well marked. But there were miles of great bike paths along the Danube that we motored past on the boat....

    Boat: My Story

  • Kathryn Smith 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The tour guide, Jan (not sure of the spelling) was amazing! He was funny, helpful and friendly. All the logistics with the bike stuff worked very smoothly.

    Boat: Normandie

  • Paul Finger 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We couldn't be happier. Everyone from the trip "arrangers" to all the personnel on the barge could not have been more helpful. This was our first trip like this, everything was superb.

    Boat: My Story

  • Susan Joe 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Would have been nice to have a guide but our trip was the last of the season so no guide was available.

    Boat: My Story

  • Jill Roach 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We loved everything about this trip. The bikes were in excellent condition, the cruise director was very helpful, the boat's staff was super attentive. The boat is definitely older but it was very clean and we loved having drinks on the top deck every night under the stars. My two teens had a great time as well and the staff was wonderful to them. The scenery was incredible and the tour excursions were a great value and well worth it.

    Boat: My Story

  • Diana Collins 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Even with the age of the boat (1970's!!), we totally enjoyed the cruise. The staff was great and the food was wonderful. The bikes were comfortable and in good repair.

    Boat: My Story

  • Brent McLean 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Would be nice to sit with other people at meals. Everyone was great and it felt like we were on a camping trip.

    Boat: Normandie

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Hong Gao 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    It was a great trip, thank you.

    Boat: Normandie

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Maureen Molony 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We had a great time, the staff worked very hard to please, and it was a very good trip.

    Boat: My Story

  • Janet Creighton 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Everything was great. The only thing we didn't like was the guide we had for our guided tour. All other staff were fantastic.

    Boat: My Story

  • Lois Farmer 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    At times the trip leading gave incomplete information regarding routes, detours and conditions although the German speaking people received better information - he should use a specific outline when giving such information to be sure it is complete.

    The food was great except for the Wiener Schnitzel which was not interesting at all. A real disappointment in fact. (I have traveled to Austria often and know a less than impressive meal when I receive it.)

    I had booked an extra night in Passau but could not use it due to airline delays. I called Tripsite which could not reimburse me, which I understand. However, I have twice requested a statement from them that I cannot be reimbursed so that I can use it for my trip insurance - I still have not received it.

    Boat: Normandie

  • Don Beck 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Trip of a lifetime! My Story boat a bit dated, but the entire staff was wonderful!

    Boat: My Story

  • Lori Cicero 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We enjoyed our trip immensely and recommend it to everyone! The boat was nice, just vintage. The bike routes were well thought out, relatively easy and well marked. Some meals on the ship were good and a couple were not. We preferred eating out on the sightseeing days anyways. Overall it was a great value for the overall price. Can't wait to do another one in a different country!

    Boat: My Story