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Guilherme G.
6 months ago

Verified Reviewer

Amsterdam to Bruges Bike Tour
Netherlands, Belgium

Maps must be improved.
We got lost more than one time.
The signs are very poor in many places.
Local people are not used to the signs used in the bike route used in the maps. So they could not help us.

The first day of the trip is too long. It would be better to do it in two days.

The normal package hotels are not good. For few cities we payed for upgrade hotels. This ones were very nice.

Judy L.
7 months ago

Verified Reviewer

  Sailing Home Bruges to Amsterdam
Belgium, Netherlands

Coming around a corner in rural netherlands and seeing a tradition windmill complete with thatched roof! Beautiful!

Elizabeth T.
8 months ago

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Road of 100 Castles - Münsterland
Germany, Netherlands

1. There were only about 10 castles on the tour. Most of the castles were not open to the public to visit.
2. The maps and written instructions given to us upon arrival were in German which we do not know. There was an option to download these instructions onto a smart phone but we were not given this information until on day 3 of the tour. We had made no provisions to attach a smart phone to our bike and protect it from the weather.
3. The scenery was pleasant for a few days but became boring as there was not much difference each day.

8 months ago

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North Holland Tour

We have completed many boat and bike tours all through TripSite who have always done an outstanding job to make sure the customers get their information on time. Carla and her team do a great job.
The North Holland tour is the least desirable tour to choose for a number of reasons.
The De Holland boat is the least agreeable thing to ever float on a river, a box with no charm at all. On the other hand the cabins inside even though they are small, they are clean and the bathrooms are fitted nicely and roomy. It also has a decent deck from where to enjoy the view when in port or sailing.
The administration of this company are not doing themselves any favours. They have cut down the crew to the level that they are unable to properly serve their customers. The persons working as crew on this boat are killing themselves to provide the best service possible without much success most of the time. Just not enough people to do the jobs. Furthermore if you plan to charge for WiFi Read More

Andrea R.
3 years ago

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  Tijdgeest Bruges to Amsterdam
Belgium, Netherlands

Most Memorable Part: Riding through area of windmills.
We were frustrated by the slow pace of our group.

Cindy M.
3 years ago

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Bruges to Amsterdam
Belgium, Netherlands

Directions were terrible for Amsterdam and the last two days there were not the number routes we needed on the intersections so was confusing. All hotels were good but one was a dive and not nice. Hotel Piccard.

Fiorindo Sinibaldi
5 years ago

Verified Reviewer

  Tijdgeest Tulip Tour - 4 Day

Holland is beautiful. The bike route goes through too many urban areas and not enough countryside. The groups are too large. Our group had 28 people and only 1 guide. It was impossible for him to keep an eye on all the people. As an example, it would take 3 or 4 light changes for the group to all cross a main road. Sometimes the group would be spread out as much as 1 kilometer. My wife fell off her bike and broke her hand because the group was always speeding up and slowing down. One day we even lost a rider for a while. The tour guide seemed very informative, but did not explain much, and seemed cold most of the time. That is my honest opinion. Thank you.