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  • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
    by Beth Ridenour 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    This was the best way to enjoy Europe combining bicycling through painting-like landscapes on a well balanced tour of culture, history and fun with a fantastic caring crew and fabulous food! The addition of a dozen Australians made it even better; and barging into Paris on a sunny afternoon with a glass of wine was divine. We're booking again in 2013!

    Boat: Elodie

    Countries: Belgium, France

  • Metz to Cochem or Cochem to Metz
    by Ann Vess 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    If you picked a tour aboard the Merlijn for your next vacation, you made the perfect choice. It is not just a barge, it is a luxury barge. The ride through the Mosel Valley is stunning with the vineyards and quaint towns. But, beyond that it is the specialness of your hosts, Jantien and Henk that make this an outstanding experience. Jantien's warmth, humor and attention to detail is amazing along with the delicious meals she prepares. When you come away from the trip, you are left with wonderful memories and you feel like you were entertained in the home of a close friend.

    Boat: Iris

  • Prague to Dresden (no longer available)
    by Ralph Cohen 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We had a great time and were very happy with local provider, Ruckenwind, organization of the trip. Dieter from Ruckenwind reviewed the route before hand which was very helpful in keeping us on the best paths and he also was very flexible with our desire to use our own pedals. There were a few challenges with bike path construction that probably weren't known but we managed to trek through the construction sites. The only minor issue was whether we could have requested a derailleur bike rather than 7 speed with coaster brake. With cleats on bike shoes, the freewheel type drive train would have been easier to use - a couple of other people on the tour had 21 speed bikes (with cleats) but we didn't know it was an option. I guess I will ask next time. Otherwise, it was excellent. The hotels were lovely, hotel staff all very accomodating. The hotel in Prague was a bit removed from the heart of the city but easily accessible to the tram and convenient for starting the ride. The hotel in Melnik was a few kilometers from the old city but the hotel provided a free shuttle and we enjoyed the walk home (taxis available, too). Overall, very pleased with this tour (our third with Tripsite). Thinking about the next one...

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Paula Wickstrom 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    It was a wonderful bike & barge tour- we biked about 168 miles in 6 days; the trails were great and easy to ride with beautiful scenery along the way. We started out with great breakfasts and ended with fabulous dinners. Met many nice people on the "My Story" barge. Great experience all around.

    Boat: My Story

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Jan Engwer 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    This was a fabulous trip - even better than what I expected. We were able to spend a fair amount of time in most of the major cities and the bike trails took us through some gorgeous countryside, and there were many quaint villages along the way where we were able to shop and dine. The bike trails were wide, paved and level, and a couple of the longer routes offered shorter options by taking a ferry to cut off some of the distance. The entire "My Story" experience was delightful. The captain and all the crew members were very accommodating and friendly, the other guests were fun and young-at-heart, the rooms and beds were comfortable and clean, and the food was exquisite!!! The daily biking trips were well-planned and organized, and the extra tours, particularly the biking tours through Vienna and Budapest, were well worth the money. Even the weather cooperated nicely - we had sunshine every day and temperatures in the 70's (Fahrenheit). Perfect weather for biking.

    Boat: My Story

  • Berlin to Copenhagen
    by Allandra Hyndman 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    What a great trip this was through the old Eastern Germany and into Denmark. We rode through beech forests, beautiful old towns and tasted all the local food delights. Morning coffee and apple cake became a must. The accommodation was top rate and the daily distances just right to take in some sight seeing as well as peddling. Highly recommended bike trip.

    Countries: Denmark, Germany

  • Metz to Cochem or Cochem to Metz
    by Diane Reck 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    This trip is all and more. There is a good balance of seeing nature at it's most beautiful as you follow the Mosel River and you go through many villages and see historic sites, and taste wine. You take many stops and the miles are spread out through the day so it isn't a hard, tiring bike ride either. This is a trip of a lifetime and great staff and people. The food on the boat is out of this world and the dinner table is set so beautifully! The barge is the way to go!

    Boat: Iris

  • Prague to Passau
    by Michael Kieda 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Beautiful routes and towns make this a "must do" tour that exceeded all my expectations. The routes were sometimes quite challenging, as I hoped they would be, but I always arrived in each town with plenty of time and energy to walk around and enjoy the fabulous sights, shops, and cafes. The hotels were all very clean, comfortable, and pleasant. The hybrid bikes are well suited for the route and were equipped with two particularly welcomed features: rear panier bags and a fresh pair of Schwalbe Marathon tires. A couple of absent features that also would have been very welcome are a cycle computer and clear sleeve on the handlebars for the route notes. I recommend bringing SPD clipless pedals and shoes. And I highly recommend allowing two or three extra days in Prague and at least a full day in Passau.

  • Salzburg & the Bavarian Lakes (no longer available)
    by James Umpherson 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Traversing the Bavarian Alps is excellent. The highlight of the trip was the Hotel Jagerhof in Bernau. Willie was awesome. He gave us great tips for cycling around the region, his cooking was wonderful (he made us venison), and the service was superb. A truly accommodating cycling hotel.

    Lake Chiemsee is the highlight of the trip. We cycled around the lake. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy and cool so we didn't take the ferry to the island. A good ride, all the same.

    The biggest disappointment was Berchtesgarden. The hotelier wasn't very accommodating and because of the timing and duration of stay, we couldn't visit the Eagles Nest. The community itself, including shopping and sites is worth the visit.

    If I had the choice of either the Bavarian Lakes or Salzburg and the 10-Lakes, the Austrian version is the preferred choice.

    Tripsite was great. They helped us with some minor challenges.

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Salzburg & the 7 Lakes
    by James Umpherson 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The Austrian people are friendly, helpful, and accommodating. We enjoyed the food, the scenery, the various communities, and the cycling. An awesome time.

    If you do the trip, make sure to upgrade to the 4-star hotels. They are excellent, especially, the Holiday Inn in Salzburg,and the hotel in Mondsee. Both the service and support were superb.

    There is a lot to see, experience, and take in. The cycling is challenging but fun. You traverse some nice locations with minimal road usage.

    We will be back.

    Countries: Austria

  • Kvarner Bay Plus
    by vincent zuellig 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Just returned from a wonderful experience. Kvarner bay was wonderful. Beautiful sites, wonderful people, lovely boat and great challenging rides. I would recommend this trip to anyone.

    Boat: Andela Lora

    Countries: Croatia

  • Famous Villages of Provence
    by Andy and Lynn 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    This was our second trip with Tripsite. We did this trip to Provence in early September and it really was magnificent. The local tour organizer had a well prepared and thought out package with easy to follow directions for the most part. The cycling with the accompanying scenery was beautiful. The accommodations and food were well selected. We can't recommend a trip more highly than this (except possibly the trip to the Netherlands we did last year) or this group.

    Countries: France

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Sailing on the Iris from Bruge to Amsterdam 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We booked our bike and barge trip with Pack and Pedal. We wanted a comfort plus barge and the Iris was recommended. The entire experience on the Iris was excellent. The staff were very competent and friendly, food was excellent, the guide was a great bike leader and was very knowlegable about the history and architecture of the areas we visited. I would highly recommend the Iris and Pack and Pedal. Carla at Pack and Pedal was very courteous and efficient. Booking the trip and making the trip was a top notch experience for us. We will use them again.

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Rhine Romance
    by Kirrin 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Hi Mary,

    My husband and I recently completed the Rhine Romance cycle tour in Germany and at the time of booking you asked for feedback so I thought I'd drop you a line now we are home.

    We both really enjoyed the tour - the hotels were of a better standard than we expected and were in locations that were easy to find and close to the major sites we wanted to see. The breakfasts provided were great and the delivery of our luggage was always prompt. The cycles provided were of good quality and the local contact was friendly and helpful, although his English language skills were not fantastic we still understood the brief he provided. The tour itself went through some amazing towns and the pack provided sufficient information on the key sites to see in each. The only negative aspect of the tour was the quality of the written directions. They were very unclear and caused some frustration. Luckily the local signs were frequent and provided an alternative for us to navigate by. At first we thought the problem was that the directions were translated into English however another couple doing the tour at the same time said their German language directions were similarly confusing and frustrating.

    Despite the minor frustrations with the quality of the directions we successfully found our way and on the whole we had a fantastic time. We would recommend your tours to others, noting that they might want to take additional maps to supplement the written directions.

    I hope this feedback is useful. Thank you for your assistance in organising the tour for us at short notice.



    Countries: Germany

  • Multi-Adventure Tour from Trogir
    by Ann Marie Lemass 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Fabulous holiday - organisation super - tour guides top class - couldn't rate it highly enough.

    Boat: Princess Diana

    Countries: Croatia

  • Tuscany Road Bike Tour
    by Greg McPhee 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We did this tour in July and it was fantastic. The tour was very well organised, good directions and signposting. The weather was hot as you would expect and the ride challenging. I would recommend that people to some hill training before undertaking this ride. All the villages were on hilltops. Great scenery, food, wine - all that you would expect in Tuscany. The only downsides were that the tour does not in fact go through Lucca as the guide indicated. Also there were 3 of us and the bikes ranged from Dura-ace equipped carbon frame bike to a heavy aluminium frame bike with a granny gear. Other than that it was well worth it and certainly lived up to our expectations. The Italian drivers were also very respectful of cyclists.

    Countries: Italy

  • Dali’s Country Road Bike Tour (no longer available)
    by Mary Becker 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Our family of 3 teenagers and 2 adults just did this trip in June. We had a fantastic time. Roads were in excellent condition. The auto drivers were safe and considerate (unlike the US!). The routes were challenging; the bikes to die for. We loved Girona and Calella. Farmhouse overnight was charming. Food and scenery were incredible. We can't wait to go back!

    Countries: Spain

  • Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
    by Alan Fahrenholz 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We loved the trip from Mantova to Venice. The crew on the Ave Marie was great. We convinced two other couples to join us this year since we had such a good time in the Netherlands last year. By the second day they were already wanting to plan next years bike/barge trip.

    Boat: Ave Maria

    Countries: Italy

  • Along the North Sea (no longer available)
    by Lisa Herrick 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    I did this trip in August 2012 with my husband and two 20-something children. We all said it was one of the best vacations we'd ever had. The lodging was varied from quaint to elegant but always wonderful, the bikes were great, and the country was amazing. We loved the combination of small villages, cities, countryside and seashore. The directions and maps were a bit hard to follow at times, but the Dutch people are nothing if not friendly and helpful - several kindly folks rode their own bikes out of their way to guide us to where we had to go next. It was a fantastic adventure and we want to do another bike trip next summer. Everything that Pack and Pedal arranged went off without a hitch.

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Brussels to Bruges (no longer available)
    by Diane 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    This tour was phenomenal! My boyfriend and I had no idea what to expect since we booked it rather last-minute. Carla took care of everything and all we had to do was show up!

    The bikes are typical city hybrid bikes that rode just fine. Some people on the tour brought their own bikes, too, so that's an option.

    It was completely self-paced and you can linger in the cities you pass through or stop for lunch whenever you please. We usually kept running into the same cyclists, but it was never as though we all had to stick together in a herd.

    We were booked into some very nice hotels and what a treat that they schlep your luggage from place-to-place for you. One less thing to worry about! Given that you're on your bike for a good portion of the day, it's good to know that you will have a comfy bed waiting for you at day's end.

    The map is helpful. I will say that the directions in English started off well, but there were a few glitches along the way. Particularly if your odometer isn't working or if you wander around a bit (and you will because the cities you pass through are really beautiful!), you get thrown off-course. Thankfully, Belgians have to be the most incredibly helpful and friendliest group of people we have ever met; if we were ever lost, there was always someone willing to help us get where we needed to go.

    If you're worried about the difficulty, don't be. My boyfriend is a seasoned rider; my longest rides prior to this were about fifteen miles. The route is all pretty much flat (even on Day 1 when there are supposed to be hills to tackle). If you leave just after breakfast, you will arrive at the next destination with time to explore and relax.

    If you're worried about safety, also have no fear here. Belgium has the equivalent of an intrastate highway system for bikes. In big cities, bike lanes are clearly marked and people heed to them. The pace of life is much different than back in the States and drivers are incredibly patient around cyclists.

    This was so much fun and we are definitely looking forward to another trip!

    Countries: Belgium

  • Southern Dalmatia
    by Elize Steyn 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Our extended family of 7 did the cruise/cycle trip on the Romantica for a week in July. We all agreed this was one of the most successful family holidays we have ever enjoyed. Our boat, crew and Captain were wonderful. The guides were entertaining and always helpful and the bikes very well maintained. The food was excellent and much better than we expected. The wine was expensive and the variety limited. Since we sailed in very hot weather I think some salad lunches would be a good idea, instead of hot meals most days. The afternoon snacks were great. We quickly made good friends with other people on board. The cycling was not really tough, but we all cycle regularly. A lot of climbing and descending. We did get frustrated sometimes at the long waits in the middle of nowhere for some slower riders to catch up and our guide requesting us not to go ahead on our own, which we could have done quite easily. The white water rafting was a highlight. The views were amazing and the water clear and perfect for swimming. The little towns were lovely. The Croatian people were friendly. Overall this trip is good value for money and a perfect activity laden family holiday, also good for a group of active friends. We would all ike go again. THANK YOU SO MUCH CAPTAIN JURE and the crew and Elvis and Zlatko.

    Elize Steyn

    Boat: Romantica

    Countries: Croatia

  • Andalusia - Seville to Granada
    by Mary Rohde 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Spectacular! Matt of Adventurebug was our guide and an outstanding leader! He took such awesome care of us, the bikes and all the details involved in a cycling trip. The hotels were charming, he made sure we tried all sorts of local produce, wines and cheeses. He was ready with dinner suggestions, took us to a flamingo show , olive oil factory and was a wealth of information on history, local customs and traditions. I highly recommend this trip.

    Countries: Spain

  • Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
    by J. Brown 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    I thoroughly enjoyed my barge and bike trip from Mantova to Venice in July of 2012. I would not change anything about my experience.

    The barge was very comfortable, and Juliano's food was excellent! The roads and paths we cycled on often allowed us to ride and chat alongside one another, which I liked because I was travelling by myself. The cycling was easy, but there were a few instances where we faced strong headwinds. The villages we travelled through were small in the beginning, but got larger as we approached the coast and Venice.

    The entire group interacted as they wished on board the barge and while cycling. The guests and the staff were friendly and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend this trip.

    Boat: Ave Maria

    Countries: Italy

  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by Cheri Emahiser 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Our bike/barge tour to Bruge and Amsterdam in May was fantastic! Our tour leader, Tom, the boat captain, crew and accommodations aboard the Magnifique were terrific. We had a wonderful time with our fellow passengers from Norway, New Zealand, Germany, the East Coast and Switzerland. They were all such fun!

    We've traveled extensively and this trip turned out to be one of the best ever. The weather was wonderful and warm, which made for excellent bike riding and cruising on the boat in the evening. Going from Bruge to Amsterdam requires more cruising and less bike riding, we were told, but we loved every minute of our evenings on the top deck sailing through the locks.

    I hope we can book another trip with your company in the future; though this trip was so perfect, I worry that the next one wouldn't meet our expectations.

    Boat: Magnifique

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Amalfi Coast - Tyrrhenian Sea - Bike & Boat
    by Kate 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    My husband and I enjoyed this trip the first week of September 2011. The weather was hot but it was great to cool off swimming on the beach every day and jumping off the boat. There were gorgeous views of the coast from our bikes and the ride up to Ravello was worth it. We had a great guide and the crew on the boat was fun and very helpful - the evening meals cooked by the chef on board were very good and included lots of fresh fish. Sailing between the islands was definitely a highlight.

    Boat: Deriya Deniz

    Countries: Italy

  • Loire Valley - Châteaux Country (based in one hotel)
    by Jana & Brian 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We had a fantastic time this past June (2012). The routes were level and beautiful. The hotel and restaurant were outstanding. We hope to do this trip again. Many thanks to Hennie and her terrific staff for making our 4th vacation with Pack and Pedal another incredible event.

    Countries: France

  • Limburg Sensation (no longer available)
    by Dave & Genny Vaughan 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We could not believe how well organized the tour was. We found the riding very relaxing with beautiful scenery. The attention to detail by Mart and Miss Ellie was second to none. Thank you for your dedicaton to our great holiday

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Holland Southern Tulip Tour
    by Jill Crair 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Here it is almost 3 months following our trip and I'm just getting around to writing how wonderful everything was. It exceeded our expectations (which were high to begin with). To refresh your memory,we were the Nisky Riders.Our focus of the trip were the flower fields in the Netherlands and they were spectacular. We were on the Zwaan's maiden voyage for 2012 and loved the entire experience of being on the barge. The crew were very endearing, food was delicious (Dorus, the cook, had us hooked on the first dinner). We were accommodated beautifully. I have a gluten allergy and they took great care of me.

     A group of friends is currently on the Brugge to Amsterdam ride and LOVING it.

     We are exploring your site for our 2013 ride,  we would like to plan something for late spring or early summer. So I will be in touch in the near future.

    It all started with you and our experience with you sealed the deal. You added a personal quality that is much appreciated.

    Boat: Sailing Home

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Bolzano - Resia Pass - Mantova
    by Alexander Benediktsson 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Thank you for the great trip! I've already booked another from your company for next year. All of my friend here in Iceland have asked me about your company and I know that some of them have already booked trips for next year.

    Countries: Italy

  • Provence - Van Gogh
    by Bill Fleshman 6 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The accommodations and the dinners provided in the package were excellent. I can speak for all 9 of us that we would certainly use your company again and would recommend it to anyone in search of such a vacation. 


    Thanks for you excellent and prompt service. 

    Countries: France