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  • Bolzano - Mantova - Venice
    by Daniel G. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We did the 3-day self-guided tour from Bolzano to Lake Garda to Mantua first and that was a great adventure for us. The food and people we met on the boat was also a wonderful experience.

    Countries: Italy

  • Auxerre to Paris and Paris to Auxerre
    by Janet E. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    I am a tag-along non-bicycler, but I was really happy on the barge reading, drinking coffee and watching the enchanting scenery.

    Countries: France

  • Munich to Vienna (no longer available)
    by Evan C. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    A big thank you to all your staff and to Austria for making my journey a wonderful experience.

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Sicily and the Aeolian Archipelago
    by Ross D. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The Aeolian Archipelago Trip was sold as easy/moderate and as a result there were several people that probably should not have been there. As a consequence the guide was indecisive most days how to deal with the itinerary and as a consequence kept adjusting and shortening the rides. As for my wife and I we traveled all the way from Canada to enjoy the boat, scenery and riding as a total experience.

    Because of the constant changing of the daily itinerary and shortened rides we became somewhat dissatisfied with the total experience.

    Countries: Italy

    • Sicily and the Aeolian Archipelago
      by Jehiel 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

      Hello Ross,
      Thanks for sharing this feedback. As a result, we have changed the rating and recommended the ebike option less experienced riders. We have also been in contact with our local partner to ensure the itenerary is presented in full and is followed.
      I had a great time meeting you and Donna on this trip and hope to help you plan your next one!

      Countries: Italy

  • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
    by Tony Davies 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We did the bike barge trip from Bruges to Paris on the Zwantjie. We would absolutely recommend the trip. Our comments are:
    1. While the cabins are small, they are still adequate and good layout in the bathroom ( each cabin has it's own) . They are kept very clean. They all have AC as the porthole does not open.
    2. The rides was rated easy to moderate. It was MUCH harder than Bolzano to Venice so be prepared. I would say it should be rated moderate. The second week is easier than the first - perhaps due to improved fitness but also l think there are less hills.
    3. Meals were good and wholesome.
    4. Staff were incredibly obliging. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you Martyn ( the Captain ), Michael ( mechanic ), Chris ( chef/cook ), Gosha ( amazingly efficient at serving meals/alcohol and cleaning the cabins ) and our great guides, Christain and Elia.
    5. Size of about 24 riders is excellent. For us, better than say 30-40 as on the Ava Maria. You get to know all the riders are we had a great group of people, Australians, Americans and Poms.
    6. When we stayed in Perrone we went to Villers Bretonneux. This is particularly relevant to Australians - whose troops saved the town from the Germans in WW1. A stunning memorial site -very moving. We also rode through a number of memorials to WW1 victims. Also quite moving.

    Boat: Zwaantje

    Countries: Belgium, France

  • Golden City of Prague
    by Jan M. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Boat and crew were great. Biking and shore excursions were confusing. Explanations not always clear in English.

    Boat: MS Florentina

    Countries: Czech Republic

  • Loire Valley Bike and Boat
    by Jennifer M. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We knew the barge was old, but weren't prepared for the very tiny, cramped cabin space which was definitely not the one advertised!
    Most of the bicycles were in fairly good condition, but my husband got one on which the chain kept coming off and had a fall because of that.
    The barge operators, Stephan and Florence, were lovely and worked very hard to provide a good experience, cooking traditional French meals each evening complete with dessert. The tour guide, Jan, did an excellent job keeping the cycling group on track and adjusting our days to accommodate the extreme temperatures during the hottest week of the summer!

    Boat: Anna Maria IV

    Countries: France

    • Loire Valley Bike and Boat
      by Jehiel 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

      Hi Jennifer!
      Thank you for sharing feedback for this tour. I'm sorry you found the cabins too small for your liking but we mention on the boat page that the "...ship is especially suited to motor the narrow French" and provide pictures of the cabins and dimensions. I am glad you had a great trip and enjoyed Stephan, Florence, and Jan. We hope to help you orgainize your next trip!

      Boat: Anna Maria IV

      Countries: France

  • Bike and Sail the Zuiderzee Coast
    by wayne lavender 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    My wife and I did this sailing biking trip 14 months ago ,loved the ship and family owner operation -great staff -great evening meals -also liked that it wasn't crowded so could enjoy other people on board. biking was great -rented e bikes and it was a lot of fun
    I would recommend the tour

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Lorraine Tour
    by Susan W. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The boat was well maintained. Beds were comfy for bunks. Our cabin [#9] had huge bathroom. With the hot Aug temps, a fan would have been appreciated. Bring a small personal 4" or 6" USB fan if you can find the space in your luggage. A small soaking pool on the deck was a welcome relief from the heat.

    Meals were basic, but tasty and filling. Els did a nice job of accommodating my dietary restrictions. Ample cooler filtered water was available on the boat - remember your water bottle. Lunches were packed in zip lock baggies. Bring your own insulated lunch bag / Tupperware to keep your lunch fresher.

    GIANT bike were like new and well maintained. I was disappointed we could not use the bikes during the city stops that were part of the day trips or after dinner when we returned to the barge. Even though the bikes have locks, Sander and Els don't allow this to minimize theft risk. Besides my husband and I, all participants were in there mid-60s to mid-70s and didn't seem to mind.

    Our guide, Weiger, did an outstanding job of leading our daily tour as well as guiding us through the cities we were docked in at night. He managed the multiple languages within our group with ease. The participants on our trip were German [6], Spanish [3], Austrailian [2] and American [2-us]. By the end of the week, our group had bonded even though our shared vocabulary was easily less than 50 words!

    The countryside between Thionville and Wasserbillig was very beautiful and what I had envisioned - river and hills covered with vinyards. The other days were nice paved bike trail with the river on one side and trees on the other. I could have taken a picture and convinced friends that I was still in the US Midwest. I guess that is why there are so many French and Germans in Wisconsin and Iowa! I think I would have preferred more time off of the trail and in the countryside, but perhaps if we did do that, the car traffic would cause me to have a different opinion. Certainly the cities we stopped in were old and had a quaint European feel.

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

  • Tripsite Traveler: Cheri Emahiser
    by Sally Snyder 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Enjoyed your blog. I am leaving today for a trip around Lake Constance. Our group of 6 will pedal for 12 days, allowing time for stops and getting lost....
    Will return to Portland in October.

    Countries: Italy

  • Tripsite Traveler - Tulip Tour with Nancy Arehart
    by Sally Snyder 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Loved reading your blog! We took this trip several years ago. Your photos are terrific. We depart this week for the Lake Constance trip, twelve days around the lake Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Auxerre to Paris and Paris to Auxerre
    by Jim E. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Another great bike and barge trip on the Elodie!

    Countries: France

  • Berlin to Wolfsburg
    by Lynne Z. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Second time I have done the Berlin trip (albeit the reverse itinerary and the addition of Wolfsburg ) it was as interesting if not more so the second time. The VW Plant tour was amazing.

    Countries: Germany

  • Berlin to Wolfsburg
    by Regina D. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The wonderful people on the trip & excellent staff made this trip most memorable! Would highly recommend it to friends!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Balearic Islands
    by Robert G. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The best trip ever!!! Hope to do it again!

    Boat: Atlantis

    Countries: Spain

  • Southern Dalmatia E-Bike and Boat
    by Robert G. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Croatia/Dalmatian Coast and islands are a beautiful vacation destination that we highly recommend. However the roads, lack of a shoulder, narrow streets, and lack of safety make it a very difficult and unnerving biking destination. Bikers need to fully understand that this area is not bike friendly.

    Boat: Melody

    Countries: Croatia

    • Southern Dalmatia E-Bike and Boat
      by Jehiel 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

      Hi Robert!
      Thanks for sharing this feedback. You are right that parts of the tour the shoulder and streets can be narrow. This is very common in this part of Europe. I can assure you that we take safety very seriously and work with our local partners to provide cycling routes with your safety in mind. You will also find the terrain and difficulty rating described on this tour page. Both should be taken into consideration when evaluating this tour. Glad you had an enjoyable and safe trip!

      Countries: Croatia

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by David K. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The food was excellent. We also enjoyed the guided tours in the evenings.

    Boat: Fiep

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Pat L. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    The most memorable part was Day 6 Rossatz - Pochlarn was the most scenic part of the trail. Magical small villages - wish the whole route could have been like this. Most of the trail was uneventful, some of the trail was in poor shape and rough riding.
    Unfortunately, there was a language barrier between the Americans and the tour guide, so instructions were not always clear, and we needed to fend for ourselves most of the time. Certain sections of map were confusing and trail was not well marked. We made it though, and enjoyed the adventure!
    Beautiful cities and villages to visit - wish we would have had more time to explore! All in all very good trail ride and good trip!

    Boat: MS Normandie

  • Metz to Cochem or Cochem to Metz
    by Mark G. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Overall a great trip and experience. The Mosel exceeded my expectations.
    Collaborative and friendly staff; very good chef, very good captain and crew. Host was efficient but not overly friendly. Bike tour guide was ok but not very organized.

  • Moravia
    by DeeDee & Steve C. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    We've already recommended this trip and Tripsite when friends and family ask us about our experience.
    We'd also like to complement Bird Service--the Polish bike tour affliate who organized the trip. Bird Service did a great job arranging all transportation, hotels & dinners.

  • Berlin to Malchin and Malchin to Berlin
    by Judith A. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    I feel our guide could have been a little more organised with our daily route but I also have to remember that the biking from Berlin to Malchin is a route that has not been done very often.
    I am unable to pick one outstanding moment. Just being able to bike in eastern Germany & Poland was so outstanding & while biking to think of all the history of the area. It is also wonderful to think that efforts are being made to make a vast ecological area over the next few years in some of the region along canals where we were biking.

    Countries: Germany, Poland

  • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
    by Gloria S. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Accommodations were too small. The rest of the journey made up for lack of space. No room to put our belongings.

    Boat: Elodie

    Countries: Belgium, France

    • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
      by Jehiel 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

      Hello Gloria,
      Sorry to hear the Elodie was too small in your opinion. France is known for it's narrow canals so as a result the ships have to be smaller in order to navigate the waterways. We provide information including dimensions and note "... storage space is limited in the cabins". You can find more information on the Elodie Boat Page.

      Countries: Belgium, France

  • Danube Bike Path - Passau to Vienna - OV (no longer available)
    by Jack G. 3 years agoPermalink/Reply

    Very satisfied with Route, only comment the finish was not as clear a couple times to find the Hotel location.

    The guide needed to be more clear on the final route to hotels .

    Countries: Austria, Germany