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  • Bruges to Amsterdam
    by K. Hadley 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Some wait staff could have been more accommodating. We seemed burdensome at times. Running out of food & then having to wait for more or not refilled at all was an annoyance.

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Belgium, Netherlands

  • Holland Southern Tulip Tour
    by S. Breaugh 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Overall I really enjoyed our trip. However, our guide Piet left a lot to be desired. He got us from the boat and back each day but that was about it. We had very few stops during the day for water breaks or photos. He did not provide any "tour guide" type of information like history or pointing anything out of interest, or even a clear idea of the details of the following day. While we got to all the towns on the itinerary, everything was pretty much closed after dinner so we couldn't do any sightseeing in towns on our own. The guide on our sister ship "Liza Marleen" did much more with her group.

    On the plus side, the barge Sailing Home was excellent and the crew was great - very friendly and helpful. Our chef Markus was amazing.

    I had an electric bike and I loved it. It made the trip much easier and enjoyable. Highly recommend it for inexperienced bikers.

    Boat: Sailing Home

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Tulip Tour - 5 day
    by P. Shackleton 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Absolutely fabulous people(both tour guide & barge owners), amazing routes and clean accommodating facilities. The food was plentiful and some of it quite good. Some meals were a bit thin and breakfast & lunch too much the same stuff. However, for the cost of this trip it was very satisfactory; I have recommended the Fleur d Bell and thank all organizers for a smooth and memorable trip!

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Alentejo Vineyards
    by J. Sheldrick 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    The accommodation was excellent! (although we weren't very please with the location of our room in Evora at the Pousada Convento dos Loios as we were right next to the eating area which was occupied by diners from 7 am for breakfast and up to 10 pm for dinner)

    However, there are two things something that could easily have made the trip more enjoyable: putting kick stands on the bikes and improving the maps and written directions.
    It was incredibly annoying not to be able to stand the bikes up as we stopped frequently for pictures and most of the time, there wasn't anything to lean the bikes against. Having to lay them down on the ground sometimes resulted in the rear pannier getting knocked off centre which then meant readjusting it.

    Even though a gps was provided and was invaluable, we found the maps to be very poor most of the time, one time even the local tourist office couldn't help us! It would be very helpful if simple written directions were included on how to best leave the hotel and / or town to start the day's journey.

    We were impressed with the care and attention given to the safety aspect with the tools and equipment provided including a phone. We very much appreciated being picked up by Francisco at the train station in Pinhal Novo and also by Sofia who drove us from Evora to our hotel in Sintra. Thanks again!

    Countries: Portugal

  • Along the Danube - Passau to Vienna
    by E. Heide 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    We would have like more written details of the areas we were seeing. We also would have liked a stronger wifi connection. Food and service was excellent.

    Boat: Normandie

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Tulip Tour - 5 day
    by L. Epstein 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    More hot breakfast food. The route was semi-urban and suburban and that could have been made clearer beforehand. I liked doing one or more interesting stops each day. Keukenhof day was terrific, including cycling by tulip and hyacinth fields.

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Andalusia - Seville to Granada
    by B. Carrigan 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    We were looked after by our guide and the route was good. Spanish drivers were very considerate.

    Countries: Spain

  • Tulip Tour - 8 Day
    by Susan B. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Super trip. I was a inexperienced bicycler and the ebike made the journey very enjoyable.

    Boat: Quo Vadis

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Tuscany - Florence, Siena, and the Chianti
    by mary 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    This is Mary from Tripsite and this was my very first Tripsite tour back in 2010, I believe. I was traveling alone and self guided so flexibility was required, not to mention that my first cycling day was the coldest on record for years! ( I was cycling in early April.) I did get turned around a few times as I learned to read the route descriptions and follow the maps but each Tuscan hilltop was a reward in and of itself. From this tour I learned that when cycling self guided do expect: 1. To get turned around at least once or twice 2. That the Italians will always tell you to go straight 3. That the ancient streets many times do not have their names clearly visible 4. That most of the towns are located on a hill. 5. That Tuscany is simply stunning! Highlight: seeing Florence from afar from a hilltop and then cycling down and into the ancient city itself. I also learned that some of the best experiences happen when you least expect it! I am giving this a four star because personally I felt the bike was very heavy (but thankfully geared low enough for the hills!)

    Countries: Italy

  • Costa Brava - Dali’s Country
    by mary 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Mary from Tripsite, here! I biked this tour about four years ago, shortly after we began to offer it. I had lived in Spain during my college years and it was wonderful to return! I will not rate this tour 5 star because I found the welcome meeting to me inconvenient for me. I was combining two days into one and wanted to get on the road but the pickup location for the bikes is an actual bike shop which happen to be busy and I did not get started until much later than I would have preferred. There was also a point on the Greenways where I became very confused and ended up off track by several kilometers. This tour now includes GPS devices and tracks and I think that is the way to go. Bikes are very good, accommodations are lovely and unique....overall, a great tour.

    Countries: Spain

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Vivien Watts 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Overall great trip, really loved it. Did feel the duration and arrival time in Vienna was disappointingly limited - nowhere near long enough to see sufficient in daylight hours.

    Unfortunately one major problem became apparent. The tour director was charming and affable when presenting to an audience, but his manner often vacillated (changed) when talking with individuals. On many occasions he was rude and dismissive, including sometimes making derogattory comments. Due to his public persona (welcoming and friendly), I was really shocked by this. At times he gave the impression that he was putting on an act, that he really did not like or enjoy his job and the guests were an infuriating annoyance to him. Even allowing for tiredness and stress, I do not think there is any excuse for rudeness to friendly (and paying) customers. I was not the only one to observe his changeable attitude or bear the brunt of his dismissive rudeness. As it wasn't possible to pick what his response would be (ie positive or negative), I only spoke to him when spoken to. I shudder to think of his treatment of the genuinely lovely and diligent cleaners and kitchen staff. Perhaps it's time for Leslie to retire.

    Boat: My Story

  • Discover the Dordogne-old version (no longer available)
    by Dianne Cunningham 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Initial bikes provided were in very poor state. They were replaced when we contacted local agent at the end of the first day.

    Countries: France

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Deborah Waldo 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Food was not we are accustomed to on trips of this type.

    Boat: My Story

  • Amsterdam to Bruges
    by Patsy Duggan 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    My sister and I loved the trip and have told many people to book the barg trip. One of the best trips I have had.

    Boat: Fluvius

    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

  • Bordeaux Wine Country
    by Alex Ladouceur 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Some hotels definitely better than others. Also some of the road directions were not translated well. Overall, however, generally satisfied with the trip but the service could use some improvements.

    Countries: France

  • Koblenz to Merzig
    by Chris Pavich 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    One problem became evident at the time of the one significant incident when one client while riding her bicycle down a sloping gravel road ineptly/incorrectly applied her front brake only, and somersaulted, leading to a serious leg injury. The group problem as far as I am concerned was only the lack of easy communication between the cycle group leader and the last riders in the group. The designated last rider needs a device such as a small UHF transceiver, or where mobile phone coverage is a certainty a tested/checked cellphone link, to be able to immediately alert the leader of any problems behind.

    Boat: Allure

    Countries: Germany

  • Bruges to Paris or Paris to Bruges
    by Paavo Kivisto 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Issues related to the boat: bad smell, cabin room was cozier than we would choose in the future. Laundry facilities were inadequate. We really enjoyed the trip, the guide and the experience!

    Boat: Feniks

    Countries: Belgium, France

  • Provence - Wilderness of Camargue
    by Ross Densky 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    This is the second barge and bike trip we took with Tripsite and I would have to say we liked the scenery more on the Taste of Burgundy than we did with Provence. Riding the in the Camargue got a little boring. Other than that we enjoyed the overall trip.

    Boat: Soleo

    Countries: France

  • Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
    by JoAnn Grand 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    The biking was not as scenic as other trips I have been on. However the food, staff and guide were excellent.

    Boat: Vita Pugna

    Countries: Italy

  • South Holland Tour
    by Jeffrey Douglas 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    The trip is excellent and we are now booked for our third time. However, and I know this is out of control of anyone, but our last trip was affected because of the crane accident near Gouda. This caused a rerouting of half the trip and because of that, we missed half of the sites that we wanted to see. On another note, the country should really make it illegal to dump raw sewage from the boats. This is disgusting and makes the waterways unclean. One would think that the government should do something about this and set up pumping stations. Otherwise, we really enjoy the bike/barge rides and will continue to go on them in the future.

    Boat: Wending

    Countries: Netherlands

  • Around Lake Constance
    by Hazem Zayed 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    It was a great trip very well organized the team is very supportive, will definitely repeat with my wife and kids I enjoyed big time.

  • Southern Dalmatia E-Bike and Boat
    by Myra Hollie Nielsen 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Electric bikes, the black ones, were excellent. The food was a bit disappointing.
    The guides were excellent. Cabin was very nice.

    Boat: Princess Diana

    Countries: Croatia

  • Berlin to Copenhagen
    by Caroline Thompson 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    We have taken European trips put together by Pack and Pedal Europe for 12 years and will continue to do so every summer as long as possible. They are always wonderful. I cannot think of any bad experience. I always like the hotels, and their prices are extremely reasonable, a tremendous value! I highly recommend this company for bike trips.

    Countries: Denmark, Germany

  • Provence - Wilderness of Camargue
    by Rebecca Posante 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    My main concern about this particular trip is that we did not know ahead of time that staying on the barge and not biking was not an option unless one was sick. The winds were pretty bad (25-50 miles per hour) so that some of us did not feel up to the rides. On the particularly difficult day, it would have been nice to just remain with the boat.

    Boat: Soleo

    Countries: France

  • Provence - Wilderness of Camargue
    by Robert Burt 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    The Soleo was a disappointment in all respects.

    Boat: Soleo

    Countries: France

  • Camino de Santiago Bike Tour
    by Mary Burkhard 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    I wish I could say more about the route, but unfortunately, because of a biking accident, I was only able to ride the first day. The ebike seemed to be a really good one, but the combination of wet, slippery roads, the boost of power from the ebike, and the urging to use a higher boost mode on the bike was not a good combination. I know it's why I fell.

    Countries: Portugal, Spain

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Steve VanderWeide 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    We did have rain quite a few days on her trip. But we were prepared and so we wore our raingear. Our guide Pieter, was very good at watching the weather and getting us inside or out of the rain if he could

    Boat: My Story

  • Along the Danube - Four Country Tour
    by Patricia Scullin 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    There was a chemical odor in the hallway outside our room, and the food was not good.

    Boat: My Story

  • Mantova to Venice or Venice to Mantova
    by Alfred Lilly 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    Understanding the trip was planned for little difficulty, expected that the terrain would be flat, but was hoping for more scenery and countryside to take in while biking. Perhaps if there was an option of having a sag vehicle for those who couldn't/didn't want more difficult terrain so the option was available for those who could do more ... and see more. Overall great experience, friendly crew and excellent food!

    Boat: Vita Pugna

    Countries: Italy

  • Southern Dalmatia
    by James Purcell 4 years ago     Verified Reviewer     Permalink/Reply

    It was more challenging than expected, but very rewarding. Great value.

    Boat: San Snova

    Countries: Croatia