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  • Cheryl W. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Mostly we enjoyed the country side. We did not have the greatest weather but we made the most of it.

  • Rebecca V. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Biking thru Wachau valley. Our guide, Hugo, was not real informative. We had to drag info from him. He was better later in the week when we kept asking. Wine tasting was fun. Loved quaint villages.

  • Sandra L. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Everyone was amazing: Welcoming; friendly; accommodating; delicious food and informative.

  • Mele M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    I organized a trip with 20 friends and family to take the boat and bike trip up the Danube. I was a bit concerned because my co-travelers varied in age and fitness. I was delighted to find that with the option of the electric bikes and choices of long or short bike paths, everyone was accommodated. The entire group had a magical time. They loved the boat, the staff, the food, and particularly enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment after cycling through gorgeous towns and scenery.
    I have organized many group trips in the past, and this one allowed me to enjoy myself more fully because I knew that the crew was taking care of my friends and family's needs, and I didn't have to be dealing with questions or problems. Because we had such a large group, we could all break up into smaller groups and enjoy the sights, knowing that we would all converge later on the boat and share our stories from the day.
    Even though we already had a large group, we all made new friends Read more… on the boat.
    I take an international adventure trip every year, and I would put this one among the top of my list!

  • Peg H. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Klaus, Jantien and Henk!!!! This is a fantastic bike and barge trip. The rooms were the best we have ever had (this is my 3rd bike and barge trip). Very spacious bathroom and lots of storage in the room. Klaus, our guide, was the main reason I loved this trip. He didn't just cycle along the river trail. He took us through villages, back alleys, cobblestone streets, pastures, and hillsides. We never knew what adventure the day would bring. LOVED IT!! We learned about the history, geography and economics of the area. Jantien, our angel of the Merlijn, made every day fun and prepared wonderful meals. Henk capably mastered all the locks and made us laugh frequently! The level of cycling is very easy and can be accomplished by anyone. Miles and miles of vineyards, castles and churches. DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Gordon M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The e-bike option really made the trip for me. It allowed me to bicycle each day, get plenty of excercise, and not overdo it. As a result, I was able to enjoy the sites and experience much more.

  • Shannon P. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The incredible countryside through which we traveled both by boat and on bike as well as the wonderfully hard-working, pleasant and attentive staff who made my trip so memorable. Lastly, the food was fantastic!

  • Carolyn Gammel 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This trip was FANTASTIC! As first time bike travellers, we elected to book the guided tour and it exceeded our expectations. Lukas and Honza were knowledgeable guides who attended to our every need. Cycling through the Czech and German Countryside was breathtaking and we learned so much about the history of the countries/regions. Cycling was broken up with other activities - hikes, boat rides, sight seeing excursions/activities. Our hotels and meals were spectacular -( we stayed one night in an 18th Century Chateau), the wine and beer - second to none, and the laughter and companionship was memorable. Would HIGHLY recommend this tour and this tour company.

  • Elizabeth G. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    All of it was memorable - the scenic routes through lovely towns, stopping at wine tasting, castles, cathedrals, the day in Vienna. Lovely wait staff, house keeping and front desk!! Top award goes to the extraordinary chef -- who listened attentively to my request for whole foods, plant based and each evening created an extraordinary delight of color and tastes -- wonderful food combinations, spices, herbs.

    Boat: Theodor Körner

    Countries: Austria, Germany, Slovakia

  • Carla 3 years ago     Staff

    Hi John,
    Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm forwarding to the cruise director - it sounds like he needs a refresher on the route. This winter we'll be working on getting these route descriptions updated and improved.
    Thanks again!

  • John F. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The ride through the Wachau valley was by far the most memorable. We were happy with the overall trip. The staff were very helpful and cheerful. The one disappointment was with the info from the cruise director on the trip. At times it was inaccurate. This trip could be improved by updating the notes in the bike route, providing information and maps on side trips to the villages we biked through. Many bikers were concerned to vary from the route to find other attractions for fear of getting lost. One section of the trail was on a small sidewalk yet the cruise director and the printed information did not mention this. A lot of bikers were confused. It seems like the cruise director never biked the route or it has been too long ago.

  • Peter N. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Great Trip, Great Barge, and Great Staff. This is a very scenic trip along the Mosel and Saar. The vineyards make the view even better. The staff was very helpful and friendly and helped make the trip even better. I highly recommend this trip to everyone.

    Boat: Zwaan

    Countries: Germany

  • Sally S. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was the BEST bike trip! Lake Constance is a beautiful setting, lodging was terrific, loved my e bike and food was good. Thanks to you and Radweg-Reisin for making the arrangements.

  • Steve & Jan C. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Extremely happy with our trip. There were a couple of times where maps or detailed instructions would have been helpful, eg. How to get to the boat in Passau and more detailed directions to get to our accommodations. The other part of the trip that proved difficult was getting from the train station to our hotel (Novotel Suites) in Vienna. The biking through the city was a bit dicey.
    Each accommodation and restaurant knew who we were and was expecting us. The luggage always arrived before we arrived. The bikes were comfortable and worked well (after using our own tool to adjust a dragging brake which wasn't discovered until after the first day). You offer a great service and were very helpful answering our many questions prior to the trip.

    Countries: Austria, Germany

  • Michael G. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The owners of the barge were outstanding, in every way!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Jehiel 3 years ago     Staff

    Hi Ross!
    Thanks for sharing this feedback. Route markers along the route can be a tricky thing because they can be taken down or moved. However, we have shared your feedback with our local partner and work to make the route easier to navigate. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

  • Ross M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Sometimes we were unsure if we were on the route or not. Maybe could have had some additional signage along route.

    Boat: Normandie

  • Barbara T. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This trip was most enjoyable and the cities and scenery were gorgeous.

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

  • Kristl A. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The scenery was wonderful. We loved going thru the German countryside. The personnel were wonderful, they genuinely like what they do. The tour guide was fabulous! We suggest more attention to bike maintenance and using better bikes. They could have better quality and more attention to fitting bikes would be great! Thanks so much!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Deborah C. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    This was a very nice trip. Scenery, bike routes, side trips were all very good. We had a terrific guide who interacted well with the group. The barge was very nice and the owners/crew were exceptional. The dinners could not have been better - Els is an amazing cook.

    Boat: La Belle Fleur

  • Gregg Z. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Boat staff was terrific.

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Sandra V. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Loved the entire experience. Barge accommodations and food amazing. Staff superb. Lea, our biking guide had such knowledge of area and was an expert at leading a group of different ability bikers. Also solving any problem which would arise. Cannot say enough positive about the Merlijn and her staff. Wonderful trip on so many levels. Kudos to Jantien and Henk for providing me with a trip to cherish!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Cathie C. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    We had a great time!! Our guide was fabulous!! Staff on the boat couldn't have been better. I would definitely recommend this tour. We would go on another trip on this barge in a heart beat!!

    Boat: Merlijn

    Countries: Germany

  • Jeffrey C. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The itinerary times/distances covered was not necessarily followed because of where the barge could dock and time allowed to get through the locks. Minor problem. People should have been given more instruction/introduction for the ebikes. Guide was excellent except he was not always knowledgeable about the route. His first time in that area. Otherwise, my wife and I loved the trip. Extremely difficult if not impossible to name a most memorable part of the trip!

    Boat: Quo Vadis

    Countries: Germany

  • Carol M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The guide, Cornel, was great, despite the fact that this was his first time guiding this route.

    Boat: Quo Vadis

    Countries: Germany

  • Craig M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Great trip but two minor issues
    Room - hopeless shower curtain meant water went all over the floor. Other rooms had screens so why not all rooms?
    Ride into Bratislava is ugly - need to find a better to arrive at this lovely city. A real low point in an otherwise fantastic itinerary - last 3 days were sublime.

    Countries: Austria, Germany, Slovakia

  • Saul L. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The trip overall was great. The boat is showing its age, and the cabins are adequate but not overly comfortable.
    The route descriptions provided by the cruise director could have been much better. Simply using visuals to indicate map directions would have helped a lot. There was some unnecessary confusion on our trip. A friend who took the trip two weeks earlier on the same boat with the same crew made the same comment.
    Overall the lovely scenery, the interesting people on board and the beautiful cities we visited made this trip very worthwhile.

    Boat: My Story

  • Marion M. 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The city maps could be better! We met 2 couples from Australia and teamed up and rode as a group! Great experience. However, on the last day on the boat trip to Budapest, the boat loaded a group of 19 bikes in addition to all the ones on the scheduled trip. When we got to Budapest only 1 in our group were able to unload, before the boat headed to the other shore. That left 5 of us on the wrong side. The last day did not end as planned. There were way too many bikes on the ship!

  • pam 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    The tour we did was aboard the MS Andante in late September. The riding was easy, and for the most part trail was easy to follow. A few times riders had to be rescued by Garrett, our tour leader,as the route had changed. The scenery was beautiful with rolling hills, castles, vineyards, and of course the majestic Rhine. The Andante is an old ship that could really use some refurbishing. The lounge feels like you're in an old Sinatra movie, the dining room is cramped and there's no option of sitting with other passengers. The chef did a very nice job with the dinners, they were not overly elegant but were quite tasty. I can't say the same for breakfast. It alternated between boiled eggs and greasy sausage, to scrambled eggs and greasy sausage. The staff was not overly friendly, the front desk girls seemed more interested in their afternoon smoke, than greeting passengers. The cabins were accessed by treacherous stairs, but once there they were not too bad. The Read more… carpet has seen better days, and the bathroom was shower/toilet combo. Overall, if given the choice I would definitely do this cruise again, but might look into a different ship.

    Countries: Germany

  • pam 3 years ago     Verified Reviewer

    Two ladies and I ( all in our 60's) just finished this tour on My Story. Having no experience with bike/barge I was not sure what to expect. What we got was a fabulous trip through some of the most scenic and beautiful country I've ever seen. Our tour guide, Stephan, was charming and informative. This tour was run by Rad and Reisen. They did a great job of marking the routes, although a few times we did get a little turned around. The food was top-notch and the staff did an excellent job of entertaining the travelers. I was impressed by the over-all professionalism. The riding was easy and on mostly asphalt with very few inclines. Only draw back was the size of the cabins. The pictures are a little misleading. When the second bed was lowered there was almost no room to walk by each other. You needed to be a contortionist to use the bathroom. But, since you really didn't spend a lot of time in the room it was tolerable. All in all would highly recommend Read more… this trip.

    Boat: My Story